Granite Cutting Board

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Non-porous and durable, a granite cutting board is what you need if you’re looking for an alternative to plastic and wood boards. Because of its characteristics, it is also hard-wearing and can stand up to sharp objects. It’s easy to clean and provides a hygienic surface for your food preparation. Lastly, they can withstand warm temperatures, making them ideal for cutting hot food items. So if you’re ready to make the switch, here are some recommended options by our design team. 

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Updated 20/07/2022
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Natural Granite Board

Natural Granite Board

Durable and can withstand wear and tear, this white granite chopping board offers both elegance and hard-wearing functionality. Made of natural material, you are assured that you won’t have the same item as the others. Equipped with non-skid bottoms to protect your countertops.

Designer Advice:

A well-loved piece that brings a decorative aspect to your working kitchen. It helps keep your counter from getting stained while subtly coordinating with your kitchen’s aesthetic. Apart from its functional aspects, you can also use this piece to hold your pastries, food, and charcuterie. Its sophisticated appeal will surely enhance your food presentation when entertaining friends and family.

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Black Cutting Board

Black Cutting Board

Sleek and modern, this granite cutting board has a stylish look brought about by its gray and black palette. Its rounded corners help prevent chipping while its EVA base will secure this piece to your countertop. Thick and will last a lifetime.

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Patterned Cutting Board

Patterned Cutting Board

This marble chopping board will excite you to prep your meals with its stylishly chic appeal. Its oval-shaped white marble surface is accented with gold stripes and gray marble in geometric layouts. Installed with a rubber base to make it non-skid on smooth surfaces.

Designer Advice:

Undeniably stunning, this piece will look great in the kitchen, especially when coordinated with gold and brass cookware. With its attention-grabbing design, we recommend using this as a centerpiece board when serving food and drinks. This is also the perfect housewarming gift that you can give to your friends and family as it has substantial dimensions and durable qualities.

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Marble Chopping Board

Marble Chopping Board

Clean and straightforward, this large marble cutting board provides generous space for different tasks. It can withstand daily cutting and chopping, and can also be used for rolling dough. Easy to clean and maintain with thorough hand-washing.

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Gray and Black Chopping Board

Gray and Black Chopping Board

Featuring dark tones with specks and veins of soft gray, this granite cutting board is such a delight to look at and use. It is durable and easy to clean and is safe to clean for both dishwashing equipment and handwashing methods.

Designer Advice:

Its rich and classic look will work so well, especially on countertops with light or white colors. Durable enough as a low riser for hot pans and as a board for warm food. When it comes to cutlery, we recommend pairing this with stainless steel for a modern look. Use with gold or brass knives and utensils if you’re aiming for a transitional aesthetic.

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Granite Cutting Board

Buying Guide

The best size of granite chopping board is going to be approximately 16 inches wide, 12 inches long, and 1.5 inches deep. This shape results in the most easy handling, versatile use, and simple storage for the average user. However, you’ll want to take the specific constraints of your space into account! Make sure to measure the place that you’ll be using it most, and use those measurements as your upper limits when searching for a beautiful, useful chopping board.

You can chop all food on a granite chopping board thanks to its hard, non-porous surface. Granite is a hard stone that stands up well to knives and other sharp objects so that you can feel safe chopping everything from meats to vegetables on it. Just be aware of the damaging effects it can have on your knives and avoid hard chopping whenever possible.

Due to the non-porous nature of granite, its smooth surface is resistant to bacteria build-up. Raw food fluids and juices cannot seep into the interior, and their odors cannot become trapped. Prepare your raw fish or meat without worry; just be sure to clean your chopping board after each use.

Best Ideas

Extra Large New Rectangular Black Quality Granite Chopping Board Worktop Saver

Extra Large New Rectangular Black Quality Granite Chopping Board Worktop Saver

Chopping board in rectangular shape. It is made of high quality granite. Handy gadget for each kitchen. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

The Byzantine Marble Pastry Board in Champagne

The Byzantine Marble Pastry Board in Champagne

Aesthetic rectangular chopping board made of real polished marble in creamy shades. It is non-porous and moist-proof, keeping always cool temperature. This board is easy to hand cleaning. It can serve as a decor even when not used.

Granite chopping board 2

A granite chopping board is a very practical gadget for your kitchen. It features a smooth texture which is very easy to keep it clean. Plus, a black and grey combination of colors looks very elegant on a kitchen countertop.

Granite chopping board

Rectangular chopping board with a durable granite construction. It is resistant to chopping and it also increases decorative value of kitchen indoors. This chopping board offers very long service life.

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17" Rectangle Chopping Board

17" Rectangle Chopping Board

Aesthetic rectangular chopping board made of beautiful white marble and having an acacia wood handle with a cut-out. It has a smooth anti-microbial surface. It's easy to hand cleaning with cool water.

Marble chopping board large

Extra Large Heavy White Marble Board

Granite cutting boards

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For chopping fruit vegetables and meat granite cutting boards

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Large worktop protector

Grey Granite Chopping Board by Kitchen Prep on #zulilyUK today!

Granite Cutting Board, Pastry, Meats, Fruits

Marble chopping board 8

Solid and attractive marble chopping board in neutral white color. This element of equipment features a nice rectangular shape. It is resistant to damage caused by cutting and other negative mechanical factors.

Creative Home Creative Home Green Marble 12 x 18 Pastry Board

Handcrafted and carved from genuine natural marble, that helps to keep the board sturdy and increases its stability, this 18 x 12 z 0.75 inches Marble Pastry Board provides an excellent surface for rolling out your pastry dough.

Marble chopping board

Gorgeous, stylish design for a contemporary addition to a modern kitchen – a sophisticated chopping/cheese board made with a marble cutting and display surface and a contrasting handle made out of classy cedar wood.

Granite cutting board

granite Chopping Board homemaker

Marble chopping board 9

Elegant combination of marble and wood. This chopping board includes a durable construction finished in white color. Its acacia wood handle includes a letter. There are different letters available for different users.

Extra large wooden chopping board

Wonderful chopping boards in granite and steel.

Granite chopping board 5

Custom made granite and marble serving platters of all sizes~Freeze your piece before each use and keep wine, cheese and grapes chilled at your next event! Great gift idea! A good friend of mine makes these! Facebook: Granite Rocks Megan Derrick

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White granite cutting board 12 x 16 kitchen tool food

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Large black kitchen granite speckled stone cutting

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Home basics granite cutting board cb44370 the home depot

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Home basics granite cutting board cb44371 the home depot

Home Basics Granite Cutting Board-CB44371 - The Home Depot