Granite Chopping Board

Looking for a chopping board? In that case browse through these photos – they present granite chopping boards which will suit different tastes. Many people have become inspired by this variety and what do you think? All these models are elegant, durable and really functional so choose the right design, colour and size for yourself.

Extra large granite chopping board

Simple kitchen accessory that enhances some activities associated with preparing meals. This square granite chopping board is thick and resistant to wear caused by frequent use. Its neutral color and simple lines match any kitchen design.

Granite chopping board

Rectangular chopping board with a durable granite construction. It is resistant to chopping and it also increases decorative value of kitchen indoors. This chopping board offers very long service life.

Granite chopping board 2

A granite chopping board is a very practical gadget for your kitchen. It features a smooth texture which is very easy to keep it clean. Plus, a black and grey combination of colors looks very elegant on a kitchen countertop.

Marble worktop saver

Whether you’re looking for a way to spice up your kitchen counter and give it a modern, unique look or you rather prefer to give your workshop more workspace and utility, a granite top is a perfect, all-around choice!

Granite chopping board uk

This chopping board is a rectangular element finished in neutral black color. Its granite construction is not only durable, but also very attractive. This board offers long life and its stylization is suitable for any kitchen.

Marble chopping board large

Extra Large Heavy White Marble Board

Extra large new rectangular black quality granite chopping board worktop

Extra Large New Rectangular Black Quality Granite Chopping Board Worktop Saver
Chopping board in rectangular shape. It is made of high quality granite. Handy gadget for each kitchen. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Black granite chopping boards

This sophisticated Granite Chopping Board brings a touch of class to kitchen surfaces.

Granite Cutting Board, Pastry, Meats, Fruits

Handy and modern addition to any kitchen, bound to add a contemporary detail to the room – a rectangular cutting board made out of granite, which fits in nicely with kitchen counters made from stone.

Granite chopping board 3

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Marble cutting board large


Granite cutting boards

Chop Chop Marble Cutting Board, 17 Made-in-Italy Kitchen Essentials | Remodelista

Extra large worktop saver

Chopping board in traditional form. It is made of high quality marble. Handy gadget for any kitchen.

Cutting boards instant counter glass cutting board granite

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Extra large glass chopping board

need new chopping board to protect knives from granite counters

Large worktop protector

Grey Granite Chopping Board by Kitchen Prep on #zulilyUK today!

Oval finished edge granite cutting board

Oval Finished Edge Granite Cutting Board

Granite chopping block

Endgrain Oak Chopping Board Edmondson Interiors

Marble cutting boards large

Using different countertops. I like the end of the island having a walnut wood space for a cutting board

17" Rectangle Chopping Board

17" Rectangle Chopping Board
Aesthetic rectangular chopping board made of beautiful white marble and having an acacia wood handle with a cut-out. It has a smooth anti-microbial surface. It's easy to hand cleaning with cool water.

Bamboo Chopping Board

Bamboo Chopping Board
It is a chopping board that is made of bamboo and naturally durable material. It is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. If you looking for a great chopping board you need to choose this one.

Granite worktop saver

The Oni-no-Manaita Stone (The Devil’s Chopping Board) is on a small hillside just above the Oni-no-Settchin Stone (The Devil's Privy). It’s an enormous granite rock of approximately 4 meters in length, 2 meters in width and with a thickness of 1 meter

Black and white glass chopping board

arabescato-Carrara, patina with butcher block. So I think this might be a really good consideration and I've seen it in other photos, to integrate a specific chopping area on your kitchen island for prep. This is just an active way of managing the marble.

Black marble cutting board

Dining Room | Kitchen Building - Part 3 Like the butcher block tied into the island with sink.

Galaxy 12" Round Cutting Board

Marble chopping board 9

Elegant combination of marble and wood. This chopping board includes a durable construction finished in white color. Its acacia wood handle includes a letter. There are different letters available for different users.

Granite cutting board

granite Chopping Board homemaker

Marble chopping board 8

Solid and attractive marble chopping board in neutral white color. This element of equipment features a nice rectangular shape. It is resistant to damage caused by cutting and other negative mechanical factors.

Granite chopping board 4

Add extra work space and counter space to your kitchen and serving experience. It's easy to clean granite counter top is perfect for chopping, cutting and setting hot pots a top of it. It's roomy storage allows you to store small pots and appliances. Expa

Extra large wooden chopping board

Wonderful chopping boards in granite and steel.

Marble chopping board 4

Small, but functional chopping board. This marble construction is resistant to wear and damage caused by knife. It is finished in neutral white color, so it looks great in different kitchen stylizations.

Granite chopping board 5

Custom made granite and marble serving platters of all sizes~Freeze your piece before each use and keep wine, cheese and grapes chilled at your next event! Great gift idea! A good friend of mine makes these! Facebook: Granite Rocks Megan Derrick

Marble chopping board

Gorgeous, stylish design for a contemporary addition to a modern kitchen – a sophisticated chopping/cheese board made with a marble cutting and display surface and a contrasting handle made out of classy cedar wood.

Marble chopping boards 1

An attractive wooden kitchen stand in white. Drawers have rectangular pulls, shelved full door cabinets - mushroom pulls. A top with a backsplash is of marble in white and greys with brown wooden boards on sides. A rectangular sink is of metal.

16" Marble Pastry Board

16" Marble Pastry Board

Granite chopping board 8

Kitchen designer: Darren James Cabinet company: Porters Cabinetry: Shaker door, MDF substrate Countertops: Calacatta marble with honed finish from Finestone Granite & Marble; butcher's block:Australian hardwoods Backsplash: Marble tiles in brickwork p

Creative Home Creative Home Green Marble 12 x 18 Pastry Board

Handcrafted and carved from genuine natural marble, that helps to keep the board sturdy and increases its stability, this 18 x 12 z 0.75 inches Marble Pastry Board provides an excellent surface for rolling out your pastry dough.

Granite Cutting Board

Granite Cutting Board
If you're looking for stylish equipment in the best quality, this amazing granite cutting board is gonna be an interesting opportunity for you. Check it out and enjoy its highest funtionality and an awesome design!

Marble Pastry Cutting Board

Marble Pastry Cutting Board
Aesthetic rectangular cutting board made of white polished real marble with bluish veins. It is non-porous so moist-proof and dirt-proof, keeping always cool temperature. It is easy to hand cleaning. It can be used as a decor even when not used.

Stone Serving Tray / Cutting Board - chiseled from reclaimed granite

This lovely cutting board provides a design that comes unique with each slab and is made of reclaimed granite diverted from a landfill. It can be used to display and serve cheese, fruit, sushi or as a trivet.

The Byzantine Marble Pastry Board in Champagne

The Byzantine Marble Pastry Board in Champagne
Aesthetic rectangular chopping board made of real polished marble in creamy shades. It is non-porous and moist-proof, keeping always cool temperature. This board is easy to hand cleaning. It can serve as a decor even when not used.

Index Advance 5 Piece Chopping Board Set

Index Advance 5 Piece Chopping Board Set
Pretty modern set of 4 quite large colour-varied chopping boards. They're manufactured of durable plastic, marked with tabs and designed with an intention to prevent cross-contamination food. They have grooves and are machine washable.

Granite chopping board 1


Black granite cutting chopping pastry board 40 x 30 x

Black Granite Cutting / Chopping / Pastry Board 40 x 30 x 1cm

Carioca gold

Carioca Gold

Marble chopping block

Light cream stone for entry exterior and floor to ceiling for the fireplace. (this is not the exact stone but a similar stone to what is selected.)

The Byzantine Marble Board in Fossil

The Byzantine Marble Board in Fossil

Granite chopping board 3

Clive Christian Victorian Kitchen in Classic Cream.

Granite like Solid Surface Lifetime Cutting Board. Made from the same popular material used for counter tops.

Granite chopping board 6

A large issue with low-cost worktops is that they will certainly mark fairly quickly. Whether it's from hot pans being left next or from a blade which has slipped off the chopping board while you are preparing food, a laminate worktop will note pretty eff