Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

A fireplace is an essential part of creating a cozy and comfortable living room. Electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular and are a cleaner, low-maintenance alternative to traditional wood-burning models.

The main benefits of electric fireplaces are their low cost and easy maintenance. Electric fireplaces have low installation costs, and they use less energy to heat a room than a central heating system. You also don’t have to worry about cleaning ash and soot. With a simple click on a remote control, you can relax with a book in a pleasantly heated room.

The designs of electric fireplaces have also improved dramatically in the past years. The flames have a more realistic flicker and crackle, perfectly imitating a natural wood fire. If you are looking for wall mounted electric fireplaces, here are some excellent ideas for your home. 

Mahalick Electric Fireplace with Cool Glass Feature

Mahalick Electric Fireplace with Cool Glass Feature

What we like: large fireplace and touchscreen controls

What we don’t like: slight buzz with heating option 

This fireplace wall unit is perfect for placing under a wall mounted TV. Its long, narrow shape beautifully complements a large flat-screen, and its contemporary faux-stone design adds a sophisticated and sleek touch to a living room. 

When looking for a wall mounted electric fireplace, opt for a fireplace with a cool glass feature. Electric fireplaces draw in cool air from a room, heat it with a heating coil, and spread it out with a fan. With the chic 3-sided cool glass feature, this unit never gets hot enough to cause burns, making it a safe choice for homes with small children and pets. 

Ultra thin Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Ultra thin Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

What we like: ultra-thin design and many customizable settings 

What we don’t like: no space to place books or pictures

This ultra-thin fireplace wall unit offers an attractive contemporary look that is versatile and beautiful. With an insert depth of just 3.86” you can place this fireplace in almost any location, and the front panel sits flush with the wall for a sleek, modern aesthetic. 

The flame color is customizable and comes with five different dimmer settings so you can adjust the ambiance to suit your mood. It features two heating settings: warm and hot. The hot settings offer approximately 10,000 BTU output, so this unit is suitable for heating mid-to-large areas and open plan spaces. 

Delaine Wall Entertainment Center With Fireplace Included

Delaine Wall Entertainment Center With Fireplace Included

What we like: large entertainment center with ample storage space

What we don’t like: relatively small fireplace

This large entertainment wall unit with a fireplace has a modern and stylish design. With this entertainment unit, you can keep your living room warm while giving it an incredible look. 

The unit has light blue neon lights, which look great in the dark, and the flames can be set to three different colors. The entertainment set comes with two large cabinets with closed and open storage spaces, perfect for keeping all your movies, CDs, vinyls, video games, and books. A media unit with a fireplace like this one has everything you need to create a cozy and fun space. 

$1759.99 $1899.99

Chandara 26'' Electric Fireplace With Glowing Embers

Chandara 26'' Electric Fireplace With Glowing Embers

What we like: glowing embers design and compact size

What we don’t like: no remote and few adjustable features 

You don’t need an extra-large fireplace wall unit to heat your home. Large designs can look great under a TV, but smaller models can provide heat for a medium-sized room of about 300 ft², ideal for a master bedroom, games room, or den. 

Unlike many other wall units with fireplace models, this piece features glowing logs and embers rather than flickering flames for added coziness. It is CSA-certified for safety and features an automatic shut-off and thermal overload protection to reduce the risk of a fire hazard or short circuit. 

Lauderhill Electric Fireplace With Large Wide Frames

Lauderhill Electric Fireplace With Large Wide Frames

What we like: elegant design.

What we don’t like: it takes a bit for the engine to heat a room. 

This piece is ideal if you want to combine a TV wall unit with electric fireplace. This electric fireplace has an elegant design with beautiful wide frames and a narrow, elongated shape to fit perfectly underneath a floating shelf or wall mounted flat screen.

It comes in four different frame finishes, from sleek black and modern stainless steel to glamorous mirrored glass and crisp white. Contrast the frame with the background wall color for a stylish effect. It also comes with convenient technology features such as cool-touch glass and a simple plug-in system, so no hardwiring is necessary. If you are looking for a fireplace to add some glamour to your home, this sophisticated design is a great choice. 

Sargent Oak Terrance Electric Fireplace With Large Mantle

Sargent Oak Terrance Electric Fireplace With Large Mantle

What we like: nice mantle for placing music speakers or decorating with pictures. 

What we don’t like: no remote

Decluttering and organizing your living room can change the whole vibe, and an entertainment unit with a fireplace can help you store digital players and multimedia discs neatly and stylishly. 

This unit comes with a stunning shiplap mantle on which you can place pictures, candles, and other objects to decorate your home, in addition to storing DVDs and CDs. You can also place speakers on the mantle and a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall for cozy and exciting movie nights. This fireplace’s natural wood design is available in four different finishes to add an elegant touch to your home. 

Gray Friddle Large Wall TV Stand With Fireplace Included

Gray Friddle Large Wall TV Stand With Fireplace Included

What we like: a large stand with enough room for a large TV and other equipment 

What we don’t like: relatively difficult to install

This floating TV wall unit with fireplace is a stylish choice for any modern home, with reflective high-gloss cabinet doors and a contrasting fireplace insert frame. The unit can support up to 70 lbs. and accommodates a flat-screen up to 88” wide. 

The fireplace insert comes with a remote control that offers a timer setting, dimmer switch and allows you to choose between three flame colors. An entertainment stand like this one provides enough space to place DVDs, music speakers, or several keepsake items.

$489.99 $699.99

Amantii Small Cube shaped 19,62'' W Electric Fireplace

Amantii Small Cube shaped 19,62'' W Electric Fireplace

What we like: creative design that can go in many rooms

What we don’t like: slightly intrusive so someone could easily bump into it

This small wall mounted fireplace in the shape of a cube is highly versatile and can be placed in numerous rooms in your home, from the kitchen to a home office. A small fireplace like this one could be great for warming up a studio apartment.

Capable of heating up to 500 ft², this fireplace features a 2-stage heater and alluring Fire and Ice® flame set, allowing you to switch between traditional yellow and orange flames to blue and purple flames. The set comes with a six-piece log set for a realistic glow, which you can enjoy through the 3-sided glass firebox.

One possible disadvantage of this fireplace is that it sticks out from the wall several inches. Someone could bump into it if it’s attached to the wall in the wrong place. 

$1349.99 $1499

Traditional Style Electric Fireplace Wall Insert

Traditional Style Electric Fireplace Wall Insert

What we like: elegant traditional design

What we don’t like: very thin mantle

If you prefer the look of traditional wood fireplaces, you can mix the convenience of an electric fireplace with a traditional-looking frame. A white frame like this one provides a nice contrast with the dark colors of the electric fireplace insert.

The fireplace insert offers three different heat settings, three flame colors, and five brightness intensities, so you can customize the look of your fireplace to suit your style. The resin logs on the interior provide a cozy glow and provide enough ambient heat via the fan to heat a 400 ft² space.

Small Round Laurent 22,44'' W Electric Fireplace

Small Round Laurent 22,44'' W Electric Fireplace

What we like: unique round design 

What we don’t like: only heats a small room of 150 ft²

This small fireplace wall unit has an attractive round design. Since most fireplaces have square or rectangular shapes, a small round electric fireplace can add a unique and creative touch to your space. 

This type of design is perfect for a small room, living room, or kitchen. The red-colored frame provides a charming contrast with the background wall color. The unit is easy to install; it’s a plug-in unit that requires no hardwiring. The heat is emitted from a small aperture in the top of the unit, so the fan vents don't disrupt the bold mod aesthetic.

Our advice Buying Guide

A wall-mount electric fireplace can be added to any home or office. It provides an enchanting bed of embers that are glowing with a flame that looks surprisingly realistic. Nearly all models come with supplemental heat sources that are not dependent on a flame when operated. Since a wall-mount fireplace needs to be electric, you can simply plug yours into any electrical outlet and Voila! It's ready for use.

What are the major styles of electric fireplace wall units?

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces have two variants: recessed and flush-mounted. They both require hardware and brackets for the installation. A flush-mounted unit can be installed flat against any wall, may it be outdoors or indoors. A recessed unit, on the other hand, requires a wall section to be cut so it can sit in the opening. If you're not construction-savvy, we suggest you hire a professional to assist you during the mounting of a recessed unit.

All models come with instructional manuals that discuss the installation procedures using directions and diagrams that are easy to understand. You'll be glad to know that you won't need an electrical contractor as an electric fireplace plugs into a 120-Volt outlet. What most homeowners love about wall-mounted units is the fact that they liberate valuable floor space.

Where are heating fan vents located in standard electric fireplaces?

Heat delivery vents of wall-mounted fireplaces can either be at the top or bottom. It is, therefore, required that you consider what you prefer between the two before you purchase a unit. You need to consider any furniture, plants, as well as other items within the area of your fireplace. There are fireplaces that have TVs mounted at the top or bottom of the heating devices. Typically, there should be a 3-ft gap in between a flat-screen TV and an electric fireplace.

How to ensure the quality of an electric fireplace?

Buy only from a reliable and reputable seller. The best manufacturer is one that has a reputation for features, characteristics, and quality. You have to remember that there are certain brands that hype up their products and spend tons of money on marketing without even improving the quality of what they produce. Look for discounts, special deals, and the best prices to save money. But, never sacrifice quality especially when you're buying an electric fireplace.

How to determine the right dimensions for an electric fireplace wall unit?

Rooms vary in shape and size. The heat that's needed varies as well depending on the specific area that's frequently occupied. A dining area with 15- to 20-ft walls can benefit from an electric unit that's shallow. A shallow fireplace can extend up to 5 feet lengthwise. For a small area like a bedroom, what's appropriate is a 3-ft wide wall-mounted electric fireplace.

There are walls that aren't deep enough for an electric fireplace to be accommodated. For thin walls, a shallow fireplace model can work. For thick walls, large units can be utilized. If you aren't sure of the thickness of your walls, we suggest you seek the help of a handyman.


Built In Electric Fireplace

Built In Electric Fireplace
The fireplace is an element that can change the interior of the unrecognizable. This gorgeous brick-built fireplace incorporates an incredibly atmospheric vibe into the decor. Beautiful warm flame delights.

Synergy great room modern family room portland

Synergy great room modern family room portland
I just love electric fireplaces, for they have all the assets of standard fireplaces, minus their drawbacks. This one here is as modern as they get. Polished steel casts beautiful reflexes, further illuminating the room.


Modernize your living zone with the electric fireplace wall unit, which help you to create the homelike atmosphere. The simple, contemporary, rectangular shape fits to any style and decor.

Legends furniture joshua creek 84 tv stand with electric fireplace

Legends furniture joshua creek 84 tv stand with electric fireplace
It is a very solid piece of furniture that can be used as a TV stand. This product features a fireplace and many storage and display shelves. The whole construction is based on high quality and durable wood.

Legends furniture berkshire fireplace wall console in distressed cherry

Legends furniture berkshire fireplace wall console in distressed cherry
This electric fireplace wall unit is a proposition for those, who enjoy traditional interiors. Built-in the dark, wooden armoire, it is placed under the TV set, creating a warm and cosy entertainment space.

White Antique Wood Electric Fireplace Mantle Media Heater Lcd Tv Storage Stand

White Antique Wood Electric Fireplace Mantle Media Heater Lcd Tv Storage Stand
It is with that the warmth of the whole house will be concentrated. The electric fireplace wall unit - has 3-part white structure with floristic very delicate decorations. In addition, the sides have a total of 6 shelves, ideal for photos and family souvenirs.

G1200 w fresno fireplace by real flame

G1200 w fresno fireplace by real flame
Put this electric fireplace TV stand in your contemporary home and watch as it fills up your room with warmth and elegance. Created of white-finished wood, it offers 6 open shelves for AV components and a smooth top for flat screen TVs.

Chateau Electric Fireplace

Chateau Electric Fireplace
This electric fireplace is meant to give your house that warm atmosphere if you can't have a real fireplace due to your living conditions. Its frame is made with a mix of natural and manufactured woods. A remote control has been included.

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
Wall mounted electric fireplace which can be controlled with a remote or soft touch control panel. Additionally, it features 3D patented flame, full metal construction with glass front and built in 1400W heater.

Belvedere cherry media console fireplace

Belvedere cherry media console fireplace
A very useful, decorative and solid piece of furniture used in living rooms. This is a media console that features a durable construction that is able to hold flat panel TVs up to 46 inches. It has got one media shelf, two side cabinets and four adjustable shelves.

Fireplace wall unit

Thanks to this wall unit you can surround your electric fireplace with your favorite decorations and precious collectibles. The whole unit is crafted of wood and bathed in white, offering 2 two-door cabinets with shelves, and multiple open compartments.

Wall unit fireplace

A wall unit made by the Amish of brown stained wood. A large central part has 2 open shelves, 2 glazed door cabinets, an inbuilt electric fireplace. Each of 2 recessed and lesser side parts has 4 shelves. All parts have crown tops and fluted corners.

Electric fireplace wall unit 1

Spacious electric fireplace wall unit with two flanking cabinets and a large mantle to show off collectibles. Colored white, it blends well with any interior's color palette. Each cabinet features two adjustable shelves and a fixed bottom one.

Ideas for contemporary fireplace with built ins and tv nook

Ideas for contemporary fireplace with built-ins and TV nook.

Electric fireplace wall units

The heat of the home life comes from the electric fireplace. But it will also enjoy the company of white wooden wall unit, which creates the necessary segment of shelves and cabinets, connecting with the home fire.

Wall unit with fireplace

This captivating electric fireplace is a beautiful way to warm up the interior. Captivating design with warm flame introduces coziness and warm character to the interior. The fire fits nicely into the modern décor of the living room or bedroom.

Built in tv wall units with fireplace

This stunning electric fireplace sports the design that comes with the charming, matching bookcase to complete the look of your wall and comes in the cream finish to allow your interior to shine with warmth and brightness.

Gas fireplace wall unit

Built a perfect space around your fireplace with this amazing wall unit that has the room in the middle for the crackling fire to burn and plenty of shelves and compartments for either books or knick-knacks.

Fancy electric fireplace 1

The electric fireplace is a perfect idea to bring warmth and heat to the interior. A beautiful combination of stone bricks on the wall introduces the style and fantastic character ideal for the living room or entertainment room.

Fireplace and entertainment center designs

With an electric fireplace as a central point, this wall unit enchants with its cosy, yet elegant appeal, bringing in lots of warmth to the living room. Along with the TV set above and bookcases surrounding, it can be a cool entertainment center.

Lcd electric fireplace

modern media wall unit

Unique home architecture

Unique Home Architecture

Electric fireplace wall unit 2

Image detail for -Wall Units, Fireplace Mantels

Whole wall tv unit

A functional choice for larger living rooms. The tall corner shelving unit is characterized by wood construction with an espresso finish, including spacious cabinets, and several open shelves with a built-in lighting system.

Modern stone fireplace media wall

Modern Stone & Fireplace Media Wall

Family room built in bookcase 2

Family Room Built In Bookcase

Entertainment furniture gamble 5 pc fireplace wall unit 2

Entertainment Furniture-Gamble 5 Pc. Fireplace Wall Unit

The brick wall units

A magnificent idea to accommodate your modern living room with a bit of electric warmth. The electric fireplace is mounted on a wall and embedded in a shiny brown frame, giving a spectacular effect even during daytime.

Fireplace tv wall unit

This electric fireplace wall unit will be a perfect way to add charm and warmth to your contemporary living room. Fitted in smoothly into the multimedia cabinet, it will make your evening chillout more pleasurable.

Entertainment wall units with electric fireplace

Image detail for -Wall Unit, Fireplace Mantel, in Cherrywood, by Reece's Fine ...

Built in electric fireplace ideas

I know that a mix of fireplace and flammable books on the same wall is not a perfect idea. But when you decide to choose the electric one, you keep your home safe and also gain the special chance for a nice view.

Best of 2012 award winner

Best of 2012 Award Winner

A stylish multipurpose basement for less than half the usual

A stylish multipurpose basement for less than half the usual cost? See the budget-saving tricks that helped this underground space

Synergy electric fireplace wall mount

Synergy Electric Fireplace Wall-mount

Built in fireplace entertainment center

An elegant contemporary white-finished wall unit with a built-in fireplace. Each of 2 bookshelves has 3 open shelves, a 2-door cabinet and features a dark (like a fireplace is) countertop. A fireplace and a TV shelf above are framed by wide pillars.

Built in wall unit mark udell custom woodworkmade with poplar

built-in wall unit : Mark Udell Custom WoodworkMade with poplar and MDF. Cabinet features include beaded face-frame, 4" thick gables, full fireplace surround, upper display cabinets with puck lights and crown painted to match.

Wall unit with electric fireplace

Wall Unit with Electric Fireplace

Modern flames electric fireplace modern fireplaces new york 1

Modern Flames Electric Fireplace Modern Fireplaces New York

Wall units electric fireplace wall unit

Wall units - electric fireplace wall unit

Napoleon 32 inch curved black wall mount electric fireplace efc32h

Napoleon 32-Inch Curved Black Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - EFC32H

Custom wall unit with electric fireplace for a condo living

Custom wall unit with electric fireplace for a condo living room. Fireplace insert is Dimplex DF3033ST.

Electric fireplace wall unit 3

After: Painting the brick facade white started the process of bringing this fireplace back to life. A wood surround enhances the look. Classic-lined built-ins integrate the fireplace, bookshelves, and an entertainment unit. The surround, built-ins, and w

Classic Flame 23DE8202-E451 Oakfield Dual Entertainment Mantel, 23-Inch

Lexington 35 inch built in ventless heater recessed wall

Lexington 35 Inch Built-in Ventless Heater Recessed Wall ...

Electric built in fireplaces electric wall fireplaces

Electric Built-In Fireplaces | Electric Wall Fireplaces ...

Real flame brighton slim line wall hung electric fireplace

Real Flame Brighton Slim Line Wall Hung Electric Fireplace ...

Real flame frederick 72 in freestanding electric

Real Flame Frederick 72 in. Freestanding Electric ...

Electric fireplace with cubby for tv just missing the

Electric fireplace with cubby for TV, just missing the ...

Real flame grand tracey entertainment unit electric

Real Flame Grand Tracey Entertainment Unit Electric ...