Small Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

A fireplace installation is no longer a tremendous chore or undertaking. These days, it's as easy as hanging a family photo. Small wall mounted electric fireplaces can be hanged anywhere, are self contained, and aesthetically flawless. They run on ethanol and burn clean and smoke free. An interesting idea for something new to add to your wall decor.

Best Products

Teva arch top wall mount fireplace

Teva arch top wall mount fireplace
Small-sized, electric wall mounted fireplace with a neutral black frame. This item is able to enliven any living space. It is very small, so it can be hung very easy just like in case of wall pictures.

Carreon Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Carreon Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
This ultra-modern wall mount electric fireplace is sleek and minimalist. It comes with mounting hardware to make installation simple and a remote control allows for convenient operation. The front stainless steel panel adds contemporary flair to your living room and the adjustable flames emit up to 5110 BTUs to warm up your home.

Laurent Custom Designer Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Laurent Custom Designer Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
This chic, modern electric fireplace stands out with its unique circular shape and bold red coloring. Featuring a screen and remote control for convenience, this is a safe yet artistic option for a wall-mounted electric fireplace that can heat a space up to 150 sq. ft. It arrives fully assembled, just mount and plug it in.

Bettis Driftwood Log Display Vertical Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Bettis Driftwood Log Display Vertical Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
This gorgeous, vertical wall mounted is ultra- modern with a stunning metal exterior. Available in a black or white frame, the LED flames inside the fireplace can be adjusted to your liking with colors including blue, green, traditional orange flames and more. The curve of the tempered glass panel allows you to enjoy the electric flames from multiple angles.

Byrns Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Byrns Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
This sleek horizontal wall-mounted fireplace is ventless and smokeless to make your home feel cozy without the hassle of traditional wood burning. Enjoy 3 different heat settings on the adjustable thermostat and a timer with automatic shut off, programmable from 30 minutes to 7½ hours.

Coronado Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater

Coronado Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater
This heater is a stylish product that provides warmth and increases the level of elegance in any room. It is a modern, wall-mounted heater with a fireplace stylization. It looks like a flat TV and it is made of tempered glass and plastic.

Houston Wall Mounted Electric Fuel Fireplace

Houston Wall Mounted Electric Fuel Fireplace
Not every house architecture allows to have a fireplace, but this electric piece looks like real. It may be mounted on any wall. It features realistic flame effect and heats the room. It is controlled with a remote.

Our advice Buying Guide

Small wall mount electric fireplaces are the best when it comes to creating stunning focal points in rooms with restricted floor space. As a matter of fact, they are also known as "stunning art in motion." If you are thinking of getting a unit for your home, you would be required to make several decisions from size to color and features.

To make the selection process a breeze and enjoyable, check out our buying guide below:

Where to place a small wall mount electric fireplace?

You need to remember that a tiny electric fireplace can't be expected to heat up massive rooms or an entire home. If you require a heating appliance for a small room like a bedroom, condo or apartment, then you can go ahead and purchase a small fireplace.

The room where you'll be adding an electric fireplace into should have an outlet that can carry the electric load of an electric fireplace. We suggest you consult with an electrician and have the professional produce a dedicated circuit to ensure your appliance doesn't overload the existing circuit. Although it is not necessary, it's a wise move to check with the professionals before making a purchase.

After you've decided that you want an electric fireplace, the first thing you need to do is measure where the appliance will reside. Don't just consider the spot where it'll sit. Instead, check the furniture that will be in the same room. What you don't want is your room to look and feel cramped.

What are the most useful features of wall mount electric fireplaces?

To avoid such scenario, here is a list of the most useful features of wall mount electric fireplaces:

  • Adjustable Thermostat - An adjustable thermostat works like the thermostat for ordinary air conditioners. It allows you to adjust the rate of the heat that's released into your space.
  • Brightness Control - Perfect for people who enjoy taking a quick nap by the electric fireplace, a brightness control feature will give you the ability to control the dimness or brightness of the flames projected onto the screen to ensure it's suitable to whatever you are doing. This will prove to be useful when you read a book by your electric fireplace.
  • Flame-Only Operation - This may be a feature you already know of as it's pretty common for quality electric fireplaces. As its name implies, it will only project flames without giving off actual heat. This is for users with centralized heaters but who wish to enhance the ambiance of their living spaces.
  • Digital Controls - You may think that this will take away the charm of traditional fireplaces. But, think again as digital controls offer the utmost convenience. Yes, there are electric fireplaces available that come with their own remote controls!

Nowadays, even small wall mount electric fireplaces come with myriads of features that ensure energy efficiency, safety, and convenience of users. Because of this, it's so easy for you to get overwhelmed with the choices available which result in you skipping features that you actually are in need of.


Warm house wall mounted electric fireplace heater with remote

Warm house wall mounted electric fireplace heater with remote
An elegant modern wall mounted electric fireplace heater with a rectangular frame in black and warm browns. It's remote-controlled, equipped with a.o. a heatproof safety glass panel, an automatic shutoff, LED fire effects, regulated heating power.

Small wall mount electric fireplace

Contemporary electric fireplace designs with TV above for small living room

Small wall mount electric fireplace

A fashionable and captivating decoration for living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. This electric fireplace brings modern warmth and elegance, along with a durable case, wall-mount design, and easy cleaning.

Small fireplaces

The modern design of this wall-mounted electric fireplace is a spectacular way to create a unique interior design. Beautiful details and impressive form delight and makes a unique atmosphere. Perfect solution for living room.

Contemporary cupola fireplace from vauni

Contemporary Cupola Fireplace From Vauni

Small wall mounted fireplace

Wall-mounted, these designer projects of electric fireplaces will add eclecticism to any kind of interiors. Unique in their form, they allure with curved, smooth silhouettes.

Wall mounted fireplace lowes

Bring modern charm and flawless elegance into your living room, with this astonishing fire place that even that's electric, it will fill your room with warmth and intimate ambiance. It's wall-mounted, and equipped with clean glass panels to admire the flaming effect.

Wall mounted electric fireplace heaters 20

If you live in an apartment and cannot install a real fireplace, take a look at this gorgeous, modern vertical electric fireplace, which not only looks great at the wall with its animated flame, but also gives off heat.

Fireplace in bathroom wall

New technologies are very helpful, also in giving us fire. Who wouldn't want to sit at the electric fireplace, mounted on the wall, staring at the flames, on his couch!It has a metal, silver frame, so it will fit into any wall color.

Dimplex 23 inch convex black wall mounted electric fireplace vcx1525

Dimplex 23-Inch Convex Black Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace - VCX1525

Small fireplace ideas

This small wall mount electric fireplace with a remote constitutes a smooth proposition for contemporary living rooms. It allows to create easily a warm, yet refined appeal.

Small wall ideas

Electric fireplace designed for wall mounting. This item decorates indoors and saves a lot of space. Its rectangular frame features a grey color that is neutral and matches any type of interior stylization.

Are you limited on space this unique vertical convex electric

Are you limited on space? This unique, vertical convex electric fireplace can be mounted flat against the wall or in a corner to make the most of a small area. #homedecor #interiordesign #contemporaryfireplace #fireplace #ventlessfireplace #ventless #mode

Cheap fire places

Wall mounted fireplace that serves for decorative purposes. Its durable frame features an original shape and it is finished in gray color, so it plays decorative roles in many types of modern indoors.

Electric fireplace small

Small, elegant wall mount electric fireplace that will effortlessly enhance the atmosphere in your house. Its modern design and minimalistic construction carry a timeless appeal. The combination of stainless steel and glass won’t let you down.

Dimplex lacey electric fireplace

Suitable solution for smaller living rooms that emanate with modern flair and impeccable aesthetics. This 16'' x 41'' electric fireplace is wall-mounted, easy to clean, and it gives a spectacular flame effect, beauitfully emphasized by the black front panel.

Thin electric fireplace

Electric fireplace that is decorative and practical. This glass mosaic tiled fireplace is a very stylish addition to any interior stylization. It looks very nice with a wall mounted TV. Black colors and simple rectangular shape are the main advantages of this decor.

Wall mounted fireplace ideas

This small wall mount electric fireplace will add charm and warmth to your space, while not covering half of the wall with its surface. An awesome example of the contemporary trends in design.

Wall mounted fires with surround

The small wall mount electric fireplace. If you dreamt about having the fireplace at you home all your childhood and finally you have no place for the chimney construction - it could be a compromise for you.

Small fireplace designs

Akdy Az520al Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Control Remote Heater Firebox Black by AKDY,

Electric kamin maxx small decorative fireplace wall mounted photo 3

... Electric - Kamin Maxx Small Decorative Fireplace - Wall Mounted photo

Small room fireplace

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace is a beautiful, 50" wide, electric ...

Pictures of wall mounted fireplaces

A fireplace can be installed in literally any apartment or room - as long as the fireplace is electric. This contemporary wall mounted sleek black fireplace is rather small, so it should fit in with any interior.

Thin wall fireplace

Let's invite the heat of the wood burning, to the center of our home with a bit of technology and modern solutions.Small wall mounted eletrick fireplace has a metal frame and grey background. It doesn't require a chimney or any other form of venting.

Ecosmart fire ghost ecosmartss sleek fireplaces were designed with the

EcoSmart Fire Ghost EcoSmarts's sleek fireplaces were designed with the urban dweller in mind, though they will preform just about anywhere. Whether you choose a wall-mounted model for your living room, or a freestanding outdo

Monaco LED Fireplace with Remote Control

Monaco LED Fireplace with Remote Control

16 x 41 wall mount electric fireplace

16" x 41" Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces cheap

If you’re looking for a clean and easy way to install a fireplace in your living room, take a look at this contemporary, modern design for a cozy gel fireplace, which doesn’t need a ventilation system and doesn’t smell bad.

White wall mount electric fireplace vcx1525wh modern fireplaces

... White Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - VCX1525WH modern-fireplaces

Wall hanging electric fireplace 1

wall hanging electric fireplace

Cool modern fireplace for small spaces like chicago apartments mount

Cool modern fireplace for small spaces, like Chicago apartments. Mount anywhere in the home without chimneys or gas lines.

Wall mount electric fireplace ideas

Yosemite Home Decor Electric Fireplace

Beautiful living room design with electric wall mounted fireplace and

Beautiful Living Room Design With Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace And White Wall Paint Featuring Pendant Lamp And Glass Dining Table Combine With Laminated Wooden Flooring of Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Design Ideas Small Wall Mounted Fireplace Elec

Ndent flame effect is ideal for placing beneath a wall

ndent flame effect is ideal for placing beneath a wall mounted television. The striking white pebbles sit on a textured charcoal finish bed,...

See the small card with the code on it the

See the small card with the code on it? The seller printed that out ...

Electric fireplace ideas with tv above

Imagine the nice evening next to this wall-mounted electric fireplace heater. It can be used at the living room, family room, entertainment center and bedroom. What do you think?

Hanging electric fireplace 6

A cool compact modern wall-mounted electric fireplace. It has a rectangular frame of grey finished heatproof materials with a heat-resistant transparent glass panel. It's remote controlled, equipped with regulated heat power and flame effects.

Wall mounted electric fireplace ideas

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace, 35" $100.00

Vine wall mount fireplace

Vine Wall Mount Fireplace

Small wall mount electric fireplace best buy

Small Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace - Best Buy

Small wall mounted gas fireplaces small gas fireplace

Small Wall Mounted Gas Fireplaces | Small gas fireplace ...

Small wall mount electric fireplace best buy 1

Small Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace - Best Buy

Best pictures electric fireplace home depot tips boyel

Best Pictures Electric Fireplace home depot Tips Boyel ...