Mission Cabinets

Mission cabinets are designed to with simple lines to really allow the natural grain of the natural wood to shine through. Stain it in a color to match your aesthetics and your new kitchen will be the envy of all your neighbors. Clean lines and options that include glass see through panels will give you enough options to design the kitchen of your dreams.

Best Products

Craftsman Style

Craftsman Style
Kitchen cabinets for storing tableware and others necessities. Construction is made of wood. Provides saving space in any kitchen. Traditional form and elegant design.


An exquisite mission cabinet that boasts of geometric lines and natural beauty. Crafted of cheryy-finished hardwood, the unit includes a large granite top, utensil drawers, and door cabinets with shelves behind them.

Circa 1890s to 1900 victorian antique

Circa 1890s to 1900 victorian antique
This solid wood filing cabinet is suitable to store your documents in every room of your house. It has four drawers closing with the key. This piece of art is a Victorian Antique from circa the 1890s to 1900s.

Luke Corner Cabinet

Luke Corner Cabinet
A perfect option for all those, who want to best accommodate their interior decor - this corner cabinet is the most suitable choice for all those, who need a boost of storage options and a nice way of displaying your knick knacks and decorative items.

Samuel Pottery Pantry Cabinet

Samuel Pottery Pantry Cabinet
It is a pottery pantry cabinet that has got a candleberry green finish with premium grade eastern white pine. If you looking for stylish cabinet, you need to choose this one. It is a very good choice.

Mission kitchen cabinets

A beautiful kitchen set, maintained in contemporary style and bathed in a cherry finish. The set offers capacious cabinets with inside shelves, utensil drawers, a copper-finished sink and faucet, and granite countertops.

Mission cabinets 3

Mission style has many interpretations. It is characterized by angular shapes, warm and quiet interiors. Very domestic - mostly wood. That's how are mission cabinets in this kitchen, made of icicles modern and minimalist.

Our advice Buying Guide

Do mission cabinets work with minimalist decor?

Mission cabinets pair perfectly with minimalist decor due to their similar design philosophies of less is more.

With minimalist decorating, the number of items in a space is limited. Each piece of furniture selected is strategically placed to provide impactful lighting and spacing within the room. Only the most necessary, functional furniture is included, and it is most often left in its natural state.

Mission-style design features straight lines and little to no additional decorative elements. Look for mission cabinets crafted out of oak, including American white oak, if it matches the colors in your room. Other wood types to consider are cedar and cherry.

Since these cabinets are typically handcrafted, the natural wood colors are kept or stained to bring out deeper hues. The most common color is warm honey.

Expect long use of mission cabinets because they are built for durability, adding one more complementary element and reason to pair with minimalist decor.

Do mission cabinets match with any home style?

Mission cabinets can match any home style, but they are easiest to integrate with more rustic or country-inspired decor. This is because most mission cabinets have squared-off edges and accents that give them an old-fashioned look.

Traditional mission cabinets are simple in their silhouette and trim, so they might appear out of place against upscale contemporary kitchen decor or ornate French country designs. However, they pair well with basic steel countertops or other surfaces featuring hard angles and minimal detail.

Because of the visible wooden texture on mission cabinets, they add plenty of visual interest to kitchens. They work well with simple kitchen countertops and barstools regardless of the color scheme.

What is the best wood type for mission cabinets?

There are a variety of wood types that work best for mission cabinets. These include oak, poplar, mahogany, maple, or plywood. Oak is a great wood type because it is hard, strong, heavy, and dense. It has a very close grain and high tannin content, making it resistant to insect infestations and other forms of bacteria. It is also durable and can resist everyday wear and tear while still presenting natural beauty versatile enough to fit in any home style. Poplar is an excellent choice because of its fine textures, and it is straight-grained. It can take nails without splitting, and is easily polished, painted, and stained.

Mahogany wood is light and solid and has excellent corrosion resistance. It resists wear and tear and cannot be deformed easily. Because of its good preservation, mission cabinets made from mahogany can last for hundreds of years. Maple wood is also solid, making it another popular mission cabinet material choice. It can be easily stained, so it complements all types of decor. Plywood can also be used to make mission cabinets due to its moisture resistance ability. It can withstand damp and humid conditions and is exceptionally durable.


Mission cabinets

An exquisite set for contemporary kitchens, consisted of well-made mission cabinets, designed of solid oak and bathed in a cherry finish. The set includes several storage drawers and inside shelves, adorned with clear glass fronts and powder-coated pull-rings.

Mission cabinets 31

Transform your kitchen into a farmhouse-inspired masterpiece with these beautiful wooden cabinets. The pieces run from floor to ceiling and their stunning glass doors combine perfectly with the intricate crown moldings at the top to deliver impeccable stylish appeal.

Mission cabinets 1

Boasting of functionality and attractive appearance, this set of kitchen cabinets comes with granite tops and aesthetic craftsmanship. Made of sturdy wood in a cherry finish, the set offers several capacious cabinets and storage drawers - all aquipped with metal pulls.

Mission cabinets 25

Smart kitchen storage arrangement that uses mission cabinets and pull out rack for cleaning supplies. Everything is successfully concealed when not in use! The kitchen looks clean, sleek and not cluttered at all!

Mission cabinets 7

With those fine mission cabinets, you are getting a durable and attractive addition for contemporary kitchens. Wood-crafted and finished in cherry, the cabinets comes with a black granite countertop, inside shelves, and brass-finished metal locks and hinges.

Mission cabinets 22

High-end wall mounted mission cabinets made from wood. The cabinets feature several closed cabinets, some with plain wooden doors, and others glass. They are finished in a light wood stain and accentuated with metallic knobs for incredible visual appeal.

Arts crafts kitchen with ellsworth door kitchen new york crown

Arts & Crafts Kitchen with Ellsworth Door - kitchen - new york - Crown Point Cabinetry

Mission cabinets

Stylish cabinets in missionary design are an excellent choice for kitchen appliances. Beautiful wooden construction, functional counters, and stylish top of the cabinets create a functional and very elegant whole.

Mission style kitchen 3

Mission Style Kitchen

Mission cabinets 4

We looked for just right Mission cabinet for our kitchen. We found this one: very solid, durable, walnut piece of furniture with storage spaces for kitchen accessories.

Room in arts crafts craftsman mission style lantern and voysey

Room in Arts & Crafts/Craftsman/Mission Style - lantern and Voysey inspired mantel with flat screen TV doors over fireplace: Debey Zito Fine Furniture and Design - stained glass in lantern: Ted Ellison - wallpaper: Bradbury & Bradbury - tiles: Stuart Com

Mission oak kitchen cabinets

Craftsman-style kitchen cabinets, ideal for cosy, warm kitchens. If your kitchen is of a traditional, cottage or rustic style, then such cabinets will complement it great. Not to mention they are entirely practical!

Shaker cabinets 33

Welcome to the mission style kitchen. Oak wooden mission cabinets, hand-crafted without any exaggeration are example of great joinery.In this style fits well the mullions and the white marble tile backsplash.All emphasizes simple horizontal and vertical lines.

Mission cabinets 12

Vanity with Ellsworth door (U.S. Design Patent #US D668,082 S) in Antique Chestnut with a natural finish - Arts & Crafts Designer Series - CrownPoint Cabinetry

Mission cabinets kitchen

The impressive combination of kitchen cabinets with a large sink combined with a granite countertop makes the kitchen an exceptionally elegant and attractive style. Finished in pleasant color, it brings warmth to the decor.

Mission cabinets 23

Laurelhurst Craftsman Bungalow: Bedroom Built-Ins

Mission cabinets 3

quarter sawn oak kitchen color concept - beautiful! maybe a bit dark for you? Queen Anne Mission - traditional - Kitchen - Seattle - collaborative interiors

Stonefield s701 design in select premium grade quarter sawn red

Stonefield S701 Design in Select / Premium Grade Quarter Sawn Red Oak - Applied Mullion (Muntin) Cabinet Door Style -

Mission cabinets 26

#Kitchen of the Day: Timber frame home, craftsman cabinets by Crown Point: Log Home Kitchen #17 (Crown-Point.com, Kitchen-Design-Ideas.org)

Mission cabinets

Pretty traditional kitchen units of warm brown-finished wood. Wall units have crown tops, glazed door cabinets with lattice inlays, full door cabinets. Floor units with drawers and full door cabinets match well darker brown granite countertops.

Mission cabinets 10

Stickley Mission Kitchen Island - You can get this with a butcher top!

Mission cabinets 15

I wish I saw this before I finished my house. This craftsman style vanity is so pretty.

Mission style paint schemes craftsman style kitchen cabinets image 781

Mission Style Paint Schemes | Craftsman Style Kitchen Cabinets Image 781 Craftsman Style Kitchen ...

Mission cabinets 2

Traditional kitchen cabinet made of high quality wood. Great for storing tableware, spices, food and more. Provides space saving in any kitchen.

Arts and crafts design kitchen check out the floor

Arts and Crafts design kitchen. Check out the floor

Mission cabinets 24

Craftsman style built-Hmmmm... I wonder if this like what grandma removed, according to her, the mirror slid up to allow pass through of food from the kitchen~SR

Mission cabinets 2

Mission style cupboards and marble countertops - I especially love the plant shelf at the window and all the light!

Mission cabinets 8

My "dream" Mission-Style kitchen

Mission cabinets 11

Return to manual hand-making, so that furniture is no longer just factory waste. This is clearly visible in the simple but impressive fronts of these wooden kitchen mission cabinets. They were made of mahogany and cherry wood.

Mission cabinets 32

Mission Cabinet

Mission cabinets 19

Mission style cabinets, tile in front of sink, wood floors

Stickley kitchen look at the doors on the cabinet cross

Stickley kitchen - look at the doors on the cabinet....cross.....look up Stickley.....

Create a beautiful mission style bathroom for two with recessed

Create a beautiful mission style bathroom for two with recessed doors accented with brushed satin hardare and classic crown molding.

Mission cabinets 14

mission kitchen cabinets-- green in back!

Nice misson american shaker style vanity

nice misson/american/shaker style vanity

Mission cabinets 1

Kitchen cabinets for storing tableware, dinnerware and others needed stuff. Construction is made of high quality oak wood. Elegant and functional design for each home.

Mission cabinets 6

The unusual combination of wooden mission cabinets and granite countertops makes the kitchen take on a unique expression. The whole has a lot of storage space and creates a single whole in every interior.

Mission cabinets 20

Mission kitchen: soapstone countertops, dark stained cabinetry, and green walls. Perfection.

Mission cabinets 30

#Kitchen of the Day: Light shaker cabinets with mission style details give this Crown Point kitchen its historic feel (Crown-Point.com, Kitchen-Design-Ideas.org)

Mission cabinets 16

Arts and Crafts Kitchen

Library storage cabinet

Arts and Crafts Style Built-In. I probably have pinned this before. Deserves a 2nd pin.

Finally i have found the look i want for my

Finally! I have found the look I want for my bathroom.