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Shaker style lighting is a fun and clever way to illuminate your home. It fits into just about any home decor and all of our shaker style lighting options will not only enhanced the space, but also give it a grander level of aesthetic charm. Take a look at our collection and see for yourself. Perhaps we have shaker style lighting that you will want to incorporate into your home to illuminate the space.

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What is the most visible part of the kitchen? Kitchen cabinets that decide on its style. The style uses simple solutions and emphasizes the utility of the kitchen. Stainless steel,that cabinets are made of is combined with wood and light colors.

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Nickel bar stools

Stylish bar stool made of high quality stainless steel and reinforced with solid supports. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine. Contemporary design for the kitchen, dining room, bar and more.

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Emeco bar stools 1

The shaker style was developed by shakers - an American association that grew up on Protestantism. It has evolved to such an extent that its brightness is dazzling, as in the case of this white, nickel-shaped triangular hanging lighting in a shaker style.

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Shaker style lighting

Play it bright with a kitchen that soaks in sleek, light tones. Unique geometric pendants lining the kitchen island, though unobtrusive in any other environment, are a hit in a white kitchen with light beige stone backsplash.

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Hardwood cabinets

A beautiful pendant lighting that will quickly illuminate your bright kitchen, thanks to its strong, white light. The hand-blown shade is quite large, made of clear glass, and easy to clean.

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An exquisite mission cabinet that boasts of geometric lines and natural beauty. Crafted of cheryy-finished hardwood, the unit includes a large granite top, utensil drawers, and door cabinets with shelves behind them.

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White kitchen pendant lights shaker style cabinets central island bench

White Kitchen, Pendant Lights, Shaker Style Cabinets, Central Island/Bench

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Shaker style lighting

Modern decorative and functional bathroom mirrors featuring safe-edge backing and finely polished edges. Each mirror comes with an easy-cleat mounting system for adjustments and easy mounting closer to the wall. The decorative mirror provides a more affordable way to customize your bathroom.

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Shaker style lighting 2

The delicate kitchen stylization basing on the fair colours. The snow-white cupboards had been paired with the concrete countertop. It looks amazing because there is a lot of light provided through the big windows.

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Progress Lighting P4008-20 5-Light Chandelier, Antique Bronze

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Shaker Style Lighting

Buying Guide

Before examining Shaker Style lighting, it is a good idea to take a look at the Shaker lifestyle and its legacy.

The Shakers, more properly styled the United Believers in Christ’s Second Coming was led by such notables as Mother Ann Lee, Mother Lucy Wright and Jane Wardley, dedicated themselves to a life of celibacy and service. There are several fine books written about the Shakers and the Shaker lifestyle. Louisa May Alcott’s parents, Bronson and Abby May Alcott were considered to become members. Bronson was intrigued, Abby May put her foot down and they did not join the group.

In the years between its founding in 1747 and the flight of its members to the New World in 1774, they were both admired and denigrated. They were known for their tendency to tremble in ecstasy during worship, their celibacy, their interest in taking in orphans, and their many, many excellent inventions, as well as their fine craftsmanship in many different areas, but especially in woodworking and furnishings.

The Shakers had no aversion to technology, unlike some similar groups. They felt that if it would speed up the work and make it happen more efficiently, technology would leave them more time to worship. It is out of that desire for efficiency, cleanliness and simplicity that grew many of their lovely designs and labor-saving devices. These included spring clothespins, paper packages for seeds, circular saws, and lights on pendants or chains that brought the illumination closer to workspaces, making it more efficient. If the lines are simple, clean and the workmanship excellent, there is a good chance that you are looking at designs that originated with the Shakers. When it comes to the design for living quarters, they were the original minimalists.

Shaker style lights will be on a pole or chain that will bring the lighting fixture closer to the work area. The terminating fixtures tend to be simple in design, with minimal embellishment. The focus is on having something that has clean, clear lines, but most of all on having a lighting fixture that makes it easier to carry out necessary tasks. It should also be easy to clean and care for since the focus of Shaker style is toward clean, clear lines, excellent workmanship, and simplicity. If you have ever heard or read the lyrics to the hymn “Simple Things,” it is an excellent expression of the Shaker philosophy.

Legislation affecting the adoption of children and ownership of property slowed new members of the Shaker organizations to a trickle. Eventually, the existing Eldresses announced that they were closing their branch to new membership. Today, only two of the original Shaker communities remain alive. Only one community accepts new members. Even so, we are left with a legacy of space and timesaving devices such as folding chairs and beautiful, supremely efficient lamps that place the illumination near the work surface.

Best Ideas

Shaker style lighting

The modern and exceptionally impressive kitchen is functionality and style. The combination of the cabinet with drawers with marble top and attractive shaker style lighting delights and is very contemporary.

Shaker kitchen lighting

Chic shaker lighting style is a perfect combination of beautiful craft and style. Allure brings to the decor a delightful atmosphere and beautifully combines with vintage and contemporary elements.

Fusion Aero 4 Light Chandelier

Fusion Aero 4 Light Chandelier

Shaker style lighting

How to create a unique, fashionable for many seasons, based on simplicity shaker style - in your kitchen? You can choose a long white kitchen island with shaker style lighting. Traditional wood is conected to the marble shining countertops.

See the modern martha stewart living tipton kitchen in our

See the "Modern: Martha Stewart Living Tipton Kitchen" in our Select Your Kitchen Style gallery

Shaker style lighting 10

farmhouse kitchen

Marble chopping board

Grey open-plan Shaker-style kitchen. The blue chairs-- what a perfect touch

Small shaker kitchen

If you like the rustic charm and warmth of wooden furniture, take a look at this kitchen decor proposition. Comprising bright wood panels, it creates a traditional kitchen set, surmounted with an awesome lighting set.

Shaker style lighting 1

Now you can illuminate your contemporary kitchen with this fabulous shaker style lighting. The set consists of 3 beautifully-shaped shades - each designed of clear glass and suspended from the ceiling using a steel chain.

Like the small cabinets over the normal kitchen cabinets rather

Like the small cabinets over the normal kitchen cabinets rather than having a space to collect dust.

Maple cabinets 25

Love the countertops, the pendant lights, and the color of the cabinets. IMHO, white is not a good cabinet choice, because if you cook a lot, they look dirty too quickly. I think that the backsplash needs to be a different color, something darker, to ja

Shaker style lighting

The modern kitchen in grey and white shades. The golden knobs are the outstanding element, which build the glamourous look of this space. The kitchen looks really beautiful, but is also very useful, what should be a most important feature for such a room.

Shaker style lighting 2

IKEA kitchen Get the look: Modern country Classic Shaker-style kitchen cabinetry. Sleek dark grey quartz countertops. Country elements, such as an apron-front sink, used sparingly. Crisp white finishes mixed with warm greys. Modern accents like bold

Cabinet pulls for shaker cabinets

To create a unique contemporary space would be great take advantage of the heritage, of shaker style. Shaker cabinets have delicate gray color, and are hand painted. Travertine accent tiles, with marble tops on high gloss are playing here with lights.