French Empire Crystal Chandelier


A grandiose chandelier is such an opulent way to really bring up a room is elegance and style. These french empire crystal chandeliers are an amazing addition to any home. Look into the selection below to choose the best options for your home.

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Our Picks

Large french empire chandelier antique

Large french empire chandelier antique

Dreamlike chandelier mounted on metal frame with antique finish. Lampshade is decorated with glass beads and gives warm tone of light. Adds freshness and elegance to each place. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

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French empire style crystal chandelier 1

French Empire Style Crystal Chandelier

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19th c french empire crystal chandelier 14 19th c french

19th C. French Empire Crystal Chandelier 14" 19TH C. FRENCH EMPIRE CRYSTAL CHANDELIER 14" $1195 Special $825 In the early 17th century, chandeliers such as this cast light over French nobility and later sparkled throughout Morocco. We've recreated the Nor

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Vintage french empire style fountain or

Vintage french empire style fountain or

Being an example of the French Empire style, this glamorous chandelier will enchant all, who love the intricacy and splendour of antique furniture. Its fountain construction, full of crystal tiny elements will create a great sparkling experience.

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French empire crystal chandelier 4

French Empire Crystal Chandelier

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French Empire 9 Light Crystal Chandelier

French Empire 9 Light Crystal Chandelier

This crystal chandelier has got a sophisticated and glamour look. Everyone will tell you how beautiful this chandelier is. It has got a nine lights and French Empire design. You need to have it.

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French empire chandelier lighting

Vintage French Empire Crystal Chandelier FLUSH Basket Ceiling Light Fixture $199

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French empire chandelier medium

French Empire Chandelier, Medium

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French empire crystal chandelier 13

Illumination and decoration in one element. This crystal chandelier represents a beautiful French stylization. It features a solid metal frame with attractive gold finish. Shiny crystals provide enhanced aesthetics.

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French empire chandelier 25

Sophisticated chandelier inspired of vintage French style. It has brass, gold-plated construction decorated of crystals. This hanging lamp will play its role perfectly only in very luxurious interiors, especially in living room or guest bedroom.

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French Empire Crystal Chandelier

Buying Guide

You can hang a crystal chandelier anywhere; however, traditionally, it is placed either over a dining room table, in a large bedroom, or above a staircase or entryway. Be sure you have a high enough ceiling wherever you place it, so it hangs down at the proper level. This will be somewhere between 30” to 32” above a piece of furniture.

The most obvious placement of a traditionally crafted or french empire crystal chandelier is in a formal dining room. Here it adds a touch of elegance to the room permitted it matches the design style and decor surrounding it.

Another popular place for a crystal chandelier is in an entryway or within a stairwell, where it becomes a showcase feature of the home and is inviting to guests and residents. Also, consider hanging one in a bedroom for additional ambiance and romance.

Those who prefer a non-traditional look can hang these chandeliers in more offbeat locations such as living rooms or home libraries.

The easiest way to clean a French Empire crystal chandelier is to rig up a ladder or scaffold (there are also ingenious lowering devices, but they need to be installed when you put in the light fixture) and dust each piece of crystal, clean it with a glass cleaner, and polish it as a final step.

The hotter the water, the fewer spots on the individual pieces of crystal. It’s also a wise tactic to clean your French Empire crystal chandelier starting early in the morning on a sunny day so that the elements can air dry quickly.

To prevent any crystal pieces from dropping and shattering, roll out a thick blanket or comforter underneath your work area. Work from the top-down and from the inside out to clean your French Empire crystal chandelier.

Best Ideas

French empire chandelier 33

A touch of French stylization in dining rooms and other indoors. This large chandelier includes a durable and decorative frame that provides space for faux candles. It also includes some crystals for extra aesthetics.

French empire crystal chandelier 2

Attractive French stylization indoors. This chandelier features a durable metal frame and attractive crystals that look very nice with golden accents. The whole chandelier provides illumination and attractiveness.

Empire chandeliers

Antique French Empire Crystal Chandelier w Austrian Crystal Strands

French empire crystal chandelier 7


French empire crystal chandelier 35


French empire crystal chandelier chandeliers h40 x w30 traditional

French Empire Crystal chandelier chandeliers H40" X W30" traditional ...

French empire crystal chandelier 3


19th c french empire crystal chandelier 21 1

19th C. French Empire Crystal Chandelier 21"

French empire crystal chandelier 5

French Empire Crystal Chandelier Chandeliers Lighting H26" X W23 ...

French empire style crystal chandelier at 1stdibs 7

French Empire Style Crystal Chandelier at 1stdibs

19th c french empire crystal chandelier chairish 1

19th C. French Empire Crystal Chandelier | Chairish

19c french empire style crystal chandelier rockwell

19C French Empire Style Crystal Chandelier | Rockwell ...

French empire chrome crystal chandelier crystal chandelier

French Empire Chrome Crystal Chandelier | Crystal chandelier