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If you want a chandelier and do not want the typical style you have been seeing in most catalogs, then you are in luck. We have a collection of gothic chandeliers that are remarkably interesting and will cater to the more eclectic nature of your personality and decorative style. These are handsome and well made. See collection for more in our gothic chandelier offerings.

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Gothic Chandelier

Gothic Chandelier

A touch of Gothic stylization indoors. This chandelier features a durable metal frame in nice gold finish. Its lamp shades are finished in stylish green color. The whole set is suitable for ceiling mounting.

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Gothic chandeliers

An extraordinary chandelier in a Gothic style. It's fully made of glass in a pure black color and it features plenty of intriguing icicles. The chandelier will be a perfect decoration for a Halloween party.

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Black gothic chandelier 1

The stereotypes of dark bats are delusional, but they actually add gothic, slightly dark style, being the main motif of the presented gothic chandelier. Their wings connect with chains and meet with iridescent glass, painted to resemble blood.

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Stunning Antique Vintage Style Art Deco Gothic Gargoyle Cast Iron Chandelier

Stunning Antique Vintage Style Art Deco Gothic Gargoyle Cast Iron Chandelier

Old-fashioned sculptural chandelier in Gothic style with modern light bulbs. It is made of lead and it is decorated of griffin figurines. It isn't fit to every interior, but it will be ideal to very luxurious living-room.

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Gothic chandelier 2

Great piece for Halloween decoration! A rustic, ceiling-mounted chandelier made out of wrought iron with a plenty of little bat figurines and lights shaped as vintage, antique lanterns. Amazing detail and design!

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Gothic chandelier 26

Octopus Chandelier by Daniel Hopper Design

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Gothic 8 Light Chandelier

Gothic 8 Light Chandelier

If you're looking for some extraordinary stylish and intriguing decorations, this amazing and unique chandelier is gonna be more than enjoyable for you. Check it out and fall in love with its charming design!

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Gothic chandelier 28

Octopus Couture - Gothic Squid Fashion is Complete with Tentacles (GALLERY)

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Gothic chandelier 5

Antique Gothic Wrought Iron & Stained Glass Lantern | Antique Lighting |

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Gothic chandelier 6

gothic chandelier

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Gothic Chandelier

Buying Guide

The way you light a gothic chandelier will vary depending on how much light you need in the room in question and the specific make of your gothic chandelier. However, to get the right type of vibe that matches the aesthetic of your gothic chandelier, a great option is to use candles. As wax candles with a real flame might not be practical or safe for your home, consider purchasing faux candles with flickering LED lights, instead. This will allow you to retain the ambiance you want and still have a good amount of control over the type of lighting you have.

For a balanced feel, a gothic chandelier shouldn’t really hang any lower than 7’ above the floor.

However, if it’s going to be right above a specific piece of furniture like a table, you have a little more freedom. In that case, the recommended sweet spot is between 2.5 and 3’.

Best Ideas

48 light three tier hand crafted gothic chandelier

48 Light Three Tier Hand Crafted Gothic Chandelier

Gothic chandelier 10

painted paint floor wood tile design interior decor pink yellow green blue diy

Gothic chandelier 21

light falling on chandelier To go with Tale of Despereaux

Gothic chandelier 7

Antique gothic chandelier 6 branch

Gothic 3 Light Chandelier

Gothic 3 Light Chandelier

If you're looking for some intriguing and stylish solutions for your living room or bedroom, check out this amazing chandelier! It's gonna bring you not only a unique design, but also the highest functionality.

Victorian interior hey b i know this is too much

Victorian interior... Hey B, I know this is too much color for you... but maybe not too much embellishment?? You with your pink crystal chandelier!

Gothic chandelier 39

Reverence For Raven Chandelier by Jason Tennant by jasontennant, $3200.00

Gothic chandelier 14

Secretly, I've ALWAYS wanted to have my front room decorated in a bold Victorian era boudoir inspired gothic style. An opulent black crystal beads chandelier would be indispensable here, naturally. And a black sofa, and a black wallpaper...!

Gothic bedroom 1

gothic bedroom

Gothic chandelier 2

Gothic Chandelier

Gothic chandelier 7

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Stunning purple chandelier

Stunning Purple Chandelier

Gothic chandelier 22

gothic lighting I like the dark but detailed on it , it would be a good feature light

Gothic chandelier 9

Modern Gothic. Taking architectural elements of structure and composition to apply to a modern lighting fixture.