Bird Chandelier

This is a series of chandeliers like no other. The entrancing beauty of our collection of bird chandeliers will catch the eye and such a way you might not be able to stop looking at it. Dozens of tiny crystal birds dangling below the light source add a sparkle to any room. The chandeliers well look beautiful in just about any decorative scheme. Take a look at our extensive collection and see what you think.

Best Products

6 Light Bird Brass Chandelier

6 Light Bird Brass Chandelier
It is a six light bird brass chandelier that is perfect for dining room and living room area. It adds light, elegance, beauty and style to any home. You will be surprised how amazing this chandelier is.

Turn of the Century Metal Birdcage 4 Light Chandelier

Turn of the Century Metal Birdcage 4 Light Chandelier
This chandelier has got a metal birdcage and four lights. It has got an amazing look and is great for your stylish living room, dining room and bedroom. Everyone will tell you how beautiful it looks in your home.

Bird chandelier lighting

Being an awesome theme for a wedding or other glorious occasions, this origami crane chandelier will create a magical glow. A unique inspiration, that shall appeal to shabby chic enthusiasts.

Birds nest chandelier

Richly decorated chandelier decorated with bird theme. Frame is made of metal and finished with crystals. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior.

Bird built chandelier factory we appreciate and reward workplace

... Bird-Built Chandelier Factory, we appreciate and reward workplace

Bird chandelier 19

Resembling a birds' nest, this unique chandelier will add a designer, eclectic appeal to your living spaces. It comprises multiple tiny lights, which create together a marvelous glittering experience.

Bird chandelier 12

A truly enchanting idea, this bird chandelier not only brings light, but also a lot of warmth and charm to the room. Its intricate finishing, with lot of subtle details compliments greatly with the crystal lights.

Our advice Buying Guide

How to incorporate a bird chandelier in my decor?

If you want to incorporate a bird chandelier into your decor, you need to keep the theme consistent. Whether you love these creatures or want to create the feeling of spring inside your home all year round, bird chandeliers are a great way to bring daylight into your home.

Some ways to achieve this consistent decor theme are creating a featured wall with a bird decal on it, hanging up some frames with bird pictures, or displaying some charming bird ornaments around the room on dining tables, credenzas, or entrance hall tables. If it's a kids' room, hang some cheerful paper machete birds from the ceiling or stick some 3D bird wall art around the room.

How to clean a bird chandelier?

When cleaning a bird chandelier, the first thing you should do is lay a cover or blanket on the floor below. This catches the dust and dirt and prevents any pieces from breaking if parts were to accidentally fall.

Before you begin to clean, turn the chandelier off to avoid injury. Then, make a solution of 4 parts water and 1 part isopropyl alcohol. Put on some gloves to avoid transferring your fingerprints onto the chandelier pieces, and if necessary, climb a ladder to reach the light.

Next, spray your solution onto a clean cloth and gently wipe each piece of your bird chandelier. Once you’ve cleaned each piece with the solution, wipe again with a damp cloth to remove any remaining residue. To avoid water stains and marks, use a dry cloth to wipe each piece immediately.


Anthropologies sublime chandeliers

Anthropologie’s Sublime Chandeliers

Bird chandelier 47

large tifffany chandelier bird lighting item qmgy8+4+1

Regina andrew bird chandelier

Regina Andrew Bird Chandelier

Where women create 197

Where women create 197

Chandelier with birds

The lamp imitating the bird nest. Some people would like to have such one, because they think that it will be a symbol of the connection with nature. I prefer more having something like this in the natural environment.

Bird chandelier 24

A colorful and adorable wind chime with decorative figurines of birds sitting on a branch on top. The chimes themselves are made out of green-colored, acrylic glass which gives them a distinctive appearance.

Bird chandelier 13

Dove ChandelierLaura Kirar for Arteriors #DK89951 H: 38in Dia: 34in "This 8 light brushed brass chandelier was directly inspired by my jungle garden". The 18 mouth blown glass birds seem to be perched on the undulating horizontal ring and each can be turn

Bird chandelier 48

Romantic bird chandelier. Cute! In a bedroom, nursery room or modern boudoir. White birds sit on curvy branches entwined around the frame with 5 candle lights. Clear crystal beads hand from the chandelier.

Bird chandelier light


Bird nest chandelier

diy butterfly chandelier-- I wonder if my granddaughters would like these hanging in their bedrooms. And change it to brilliant hues and the shapes to airplanes or animals

Another spectacular chandelier

Another spectacular chandelier.

Vintage cream bird chandelier 6 light

Vintage Cream Bird Chandelier - 6 light

COUNTRY metal CHANDELIER antique white BIRDS electric

Antique take on a decorative metal chandelier, made out of wrought iron with a silver coat of distressed paint. The chandelier has crystals hanging from the bottom and is fitted with electric candle replacements.

Bird chandelier 27

what fairytales are made of

Bird chandelier 42

Monarch Butterfly Chandelier Mobile Easter Sundae by Belles Nursery Decor

Sebastian errazuriz xl bird chandelier designboom

sebastian errazuriz XL bird chandelier designboom

Vintage bird chandelier with blue birds on by cynthiajoyceramics 165

Vintage Bird Chandelier with Blue BIRDS on by CynthiaJoyCeramics, $165.00

Bird chandelier jpg


Bird chandelier 20

Vintage Style White Hummingbird Ceiling Pendant Light Lamp Shade Bird Chandelier | eBay

Bird chandelier 11

Make a charming Shabby bird chandelier tutorial and 45 BEST Shabby Lifestyle Decor & Accessory DIY Tutorials EVER!! From

Chandelier bird created by tuckinator

Chandelier Bird - created by Tuckinator

Bird chandelier 17

Rollins's Bird Room features restored painted Chinese wallpaper, Oscar de la Renta upholstered benches, and a delicate filagreed bronze chandelier.  -

Sebastian errazuriz perches taxidermied birds on a chandelier designboom architecture

sebastian errazuriz perches taxidermied birds on a chandelier - designboom | architecture #design #lighting

Bird chandelier 23

Though green is a tricky hue to mix and match, this chandelier took on a new life with its new spray paint finish in luscious green. A bevy of yellow birds huddles on its top, abounding in swirls and scrolls accents.

Louis xv style bird cage chandelier french 20thc

Louis XV Style 'bird-cage' Chandelier - French 20thC

Bird chandelier 46

Bedroom. Tree Branch Chandeliers and bed frame. Astro turf!

Bird chandelier 4

Bird chandelier:

Bird chandelier 5

Bird chandelier:

Bird chandelier 3

Bird chandelier:

Bird chandelier 36

Bromeliad: DIY birds and butterflies wallpaper, paper chandelier, magazine stool and tufted headboard - Fashion and home decor DIY and inspiration

Bird chandelier 45

Bird chandelier mobile

The tutorial is here:

Bird chandelier 16

Ribbon Chandelier..instructions on how to make. They also have a great pic of one with green ribbons and white flowers.

Bird chandelier 38

blowdryer chandelier!!! this is so cool

Bird chandelier 39

FMIL is making us 1000 paper cranes. Possible use of them?

Bird chandelier 43

PB Basic Silk Chandelier Shade, Set of 3 6" diameter, 5" high 100% silk. Fitted with clips that work with any 25-watt chandelier bulb. Sold as a set of 3. $59

Maleficent 12 Light Crystal Chandelier

Maleficent 12 Light Crystal Chandelier

Bird chandelier 44

I really like this one; I'm always on the lookout for a feeder with multiple food ports like this...

The single white bird cage chandelier 30cm high and 30cm

The single White Bird Cage Chandelier 30cm High and 30cm Diameter ...

Bird chandelier 49

chunky elegant lighting- tracy porter-xx-poetic wanderlust-xx-via-- Bohemian Wornest:

This might make a beautiful bird feeder lilac planter chandelier

This might make a beautiful bird feeder! Lilac Planter Chandelier

Bird chandelier 52

umm... this is one of the most fabulous upcycled home project i've seen. not crazy about the choice of teacups but the concept is KILLER

Bird chandelier 51

Repurposed chandelier bird feeder

Twig and glass chandelier with birds

twig and glass chandelier with birds