Large Rustic Chandeliers

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Give your home something that is both wild and elegant with one of our collection offerings of large, rustic chandeliers. These will make a fantastic and fascinating addition to your home. They give off a tremendous amount of light and are perfectly capable of accenting your unique style. See collection for more details.

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Laila Six Light Chandelier in Rustic Antique Bronze

Laila Six Light Chandelier in Rustic Antique Bronze

This charming and stylish chandelier is gonna bring you a huge dose of original and incredible style in a perfect quality. Place it wherever you want and enjoy an amazing and intriguing design in your house!

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Marseille 20 Light Large Chandelier

Marseille 20 Light Large Chandelier

This intriguing and stylish light chandelier is gonna provide you not only an awesome and charming design, but also the highest functionality! Check it out and enjoy a dose of perfection in your house.

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Large rustic chandeliers 16

An impressive traditional rustic style chandelier with a frame crafted of black wrought iron. It's built of 3 ornate diameter-varied rings, numerous curved beautifully scrolled arms in tiers, chains and a stem adorned with intricate scrolls.

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Large rustic chandeliers 7

Resembling an atom, this large rustic chandelier is a proposition for those who like sophistication in their interiors. Featuring 10 candle lights, it will add a unique, romantic glow to the space.

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Large rustic chandelier

Large Rustic Chandelier

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For additional rustic chandeliers visit our iron catalog too 1

For additional Rustic chandeliers - visit our Iron Catalog too!

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Large rustic chandelier lighting feiss adan 6 light chandelier in

Large Rustic Chandelier Lighting ~ Feiss Adan 6-Light Chandelier in ...

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Large rustic chandeliers 33

Extra-large chandelier with a three-tier rounded design and a superb rustic appeal. Constructed from metal, the chandelier is finished in a neat industrial black coat and fitted with dozens of tiny lamps on each tier for excellent lighting in any space.

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Large rustic chandeliers 43

Well-built rustic chandeliers with a rounded metal frame and several support wires designed to strongly hold the piece on the ceiling. The chandeliers also come with dozens of lights neatly attached around its circumference and a nice industrial black finish with excellent farmhouse appeal.

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Large rustic chandeliers 2

Give your home the ultimate lighting with this rustic high-quality chandelier. The piece is super large too and comes with dozens of lamps, neatly attached to a metal frame for proper illumination. The chandelier is great for any farmhouse-inspired décor.

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Large Rustic Chandeliers

Buying Guide

What type of interior will a large rustic chandelier match?

A large rustic chandelier will mostly match with any interior that features stone, brick, and wooden elements, be it window frames, the panel on the ceiling, or furniture pieces.

That said, your home doesn’t necessarily have to be country for a rustic chandelier to look good in it. Chandeliers in this style are super versatile and can fit a wide variety of interior designs including modern, transitional, contemporary, farmhouse, and many more. Besides, a large rustic chandelier will always make a statement whether your home decor is minimalist or maximalist.

How high should a ceiling be for a large rustic chandelier?

Large rustic chandeliers can work with ceilings of different heights, so the best way to ensure a good result is to measure the height of the actual chandelier in relation to the room:

  • In rooms that are up to 8 feet high, consider between 2.5” and 3” of chandelier height for every foot of your ceiling’s height (for example, between 20 and 24 inches in height is perfect for a standard 8-foot room)
  • If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, consider only 2 inches for every additional foot (over 8’)
  • However, if you’re planning on placing your large rustic chandelier over a dining table, then the best measure to consider is the space between the bottom of your new lighting fixture and the table’s surface (around 30-36”)

How to match your furniture with a large rustic chandelier?

It's not that hard to match your furniture with a large rustic chandelier. You need to start by identifying your basic decor style and then choose your chandelier accordingly. While large rustic chandeliers are best suited to interiors featuring wooden elements and stone, that's not to say that they cannot be paired with other styles.

In fact, rustic chandeliers are incredibly versatile and complement various interior designs, including a transitional, farmhouse, modern and contemporary design. However, if you prefer, you can choose to build a theme around your chandelier, especially if it's something you really like and want to keep for many years.

Therefore, depending on your large rustic chandelier features, bring in pieces of furniture gradually to complement the same style and tone.

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