Wood Chandelier Lighting


Lighting is an important part of home decoration and a wooden chandelier is sure to make a big impact. The natural look and plenty of character fill the room with unique ambience. Check my collection below and get truly inspired.

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Our Picks

Wood chandelier lighting

This fabulous chandelier in a beautiful form is an excellent way to perfect the interior. Beautiful design with candle lamps captivates and introduces a pleasant ambiance to the decor. Ideal light for the kitchen or living room.

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Wood chandelier lighting 10

Bringing in a lot of warmth and cosiness to the space, this wooden chandelier lighting complements greatly the wooden beams, creating together a nice rustic or cottage decor proposition.

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Steampunk urban loft light chandelier repurposed rustic cabin hanging light

Steampunk urban loft light chandelier repurposed rustic cabin hanging light

Rustic lamp inspired of late-medieval style. It is composed of wooden, unlacquered stillage hanged on metal chains. There are three light bulbs inserted in metal cages. It can be used as a chandelier or wall lamp.

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Salento Six Light Chandelier With Wood Country Home Baroque Rococo Style Mediterranean Chandeliers New York

Salento Six Light Chandelier With Wood Country Home Baroque Rococo Style Mediterranean Chandeliers New York

Provide the perfect lighting for your interior with this amazing chandelier that will easily transform your space into a more elegant and sophisticated one. It comes with the unique wooden structure to make the room pop with style instantly.

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Reclaimed wood light fixture

Looking for a chandelier different than all the others? Check out this carved wood one. Gorgeous little floral patterns on the side. Let's also mention that it's not something that's gonna be hard to replace if you get bored with it!

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Grand Bank 6 Light Candle Chandelier

Grand Bank 6 Light Candle Chandelier

This chandelier entices with minimal design that is however beaming with chic and style! Six candle shades made of textured glass are mounted on a black round base and supported by three dramatically curved elements.

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Wood chandelier lighting 15

This wooden chandelier lighting fixture will be a perfect complement to the country style decor. It corresponds well to the traditional chairs with X-cross backrest and a densely grained, wooden table.

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How to make a wooden chandelier

We love wooden accent pieces, they make the restful and homelike atmosphere in any home. The wooden chandelier light is an extraordinary addition to living zone, entryway, bedroom and more.

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Wood beam light fixture

Trying to find the interesting, nicely finished and accomplished chandelier? Try this one! It features the wooden construction, distressed finish and French country style. So divine!

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Wood chandelier lighting

An original light fixture that makes a great alternative to traditional chandeliers. The lights dangle loosely from a simple, wooden base. It will look perfect in spaces with high ceilings and other wooden accessories.

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Wood Chandelier Lighting

Buying Guide

Wood chandelier lighting adds distinctiveness to any interior because it’s less common than metal or glass lighting. While it can express elegance, it is often used to convey a rustic sensibility, so it may well be used in an elegant dining room, a country kitchen or a hunter’s cabin if it has a distressed finish.

Most wood chandelier lighting also uses other materials. Thin, wrought-iron-looking or scroll-like metal can give it an elegant look. Some of the most sophisticated examples of this kind of lighting have wood beads as pendants. Others may be encased in a filigree design, which adds a high-end touch.

A more casual look for wood chandelier lighting happens when the details are bolder/thicker. These include pseudo shades made from individual slats of wood or exposed lamps/LED lights. Chandelier lighting made from wood fits well in rooms where wood rafters are visible. On the other hand, some lamps that are camouflaged by a candle-mimicking tube complete with a circular base add sophistication because they harken back to a bygone time.

You want to size wood chandelier lighting appropriately because if it is too small it may be overlooked, and if it is too large, it may dominate a room or space. The general rule of thumb is that the diameter of the chandelier should be one-half to two-thirds the width of the table over which it is centered. An alternative way of measuring suggests that the diameter for the chandelier be approximately 12 inches less than the width of the table.

The general rule is to hang chandelier lighting 30 inches to 36 inches above the table if the ceiling is 8 feet high. For higher ceilings, hang the fixture 3 inches higher for each additional foot of ceiling height. It’s suggested that for ceilings 9 feet of higher, a two-tiered chandelier be used to fill the space between the ceiling and the table. Try not to place the chandelier nearer than 48 inches from any wall or large piece of furniture.

Best Ideas

Rustic antler chandelier

Rustic antler chandelier

How amazing would this be in a restaurant tree chandelier

How amazing would this be in a restaurant? Tree chandelier Curated by Portraits of the #Blues Icons depicted on #reclaimed #wood

Wood beam chandelier

A generous choice of different types of chandelier lighting that is going to help you achieve your dreamy home decor. You can browse basing on their style, color, material and shape, to find the one (or couple) that suits you the most.

Vineyard orb 4 light chandelier

Vineyard orb 4 light chandelier

With its clean, open design, this fabulous chandelier is a splendid choice for those, who opt for modern home decor. It's in shape of a distressed wooden sphere, strengthened by metal hardware. Accommodates four bulbs and hangs on a strong chain.

Wood chandelier lighting 1

Wood chandeliers are the best lighting pick for rustic interiors. Usually the wood is matched with iron and/or frost glass elements. Sometimes wooden beds serve as additional decoration to an otherwise simplistic design.

Wood chandelier lighting

This wood Lenio 8 light chandelier is a beautifully designed lighting ...

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Distressed wood chandelier

An excellent enhancement for luxurious living rooms, this exquisite chandelier boasts of wood construction strengthened by a powder-coated metal ring with 6 holders. Flawlessly designed of wine barrel wood, the chandelier really stands out from the rest.

Wood chandelier lighting 3

This laser-cut wood cube projects wonderful shadow patterns on the surrounding gallery walls. A designer chandelier proposition, which can inspire some of you looking for eclectic solutions to your house.

And wood arcata 8 light chandelier is a beautifully designed

and wood Arcata 8 light chandelier is a beautifully designed lighting ...

Barn wood chandelier

The efficient design of this wooden chandelier is an excellent way to decorate beautiful and very stylish living room or bedroom. Nice construction made of wood beads creates a unique composition in the interior.

Savoy House 6-9540-3-196 Semi-Flush with No Shades, Reclaimed Wood Finish

Mac custom homes house of turquoise

MAC Custom Homes - House of Turquoise

French Country Wood Metal Wine Barrel Chandelier Pendant 5 Lights Rh 30" W 29" L 29"