Recycled Glass Chandelier

If you are trying to lower your carbon footprint, it is entirely possible that you do a lot of things that involve recycled products but you still want to have a glass chandelier in your home for decorative purposes. Well, here is another opportunity to go green because we have recycled glass chandeliers that will fit into your personality and your ecofriendly standards. Take a look at our collection for details.

Best Products

Emery recycled glass chandelier

Emery recycled glass chandelier
A handcrafted recycled glass chandelier is a unique lighting solution for the living room, kitchen or dining room. Beautiful composition of the circles of a metal-filled glass circular element and impresses beautifully reflected glare light.

Repurposed recycled vintage teacup and

Repurposed recycled vintage teacup and
Interesting ingeniuos attention-grabbing chandelier for 5 bulbs in 2 tiers. It's DIY-created from different vintage teacups of clear crystal glass and silverware attached to a tray and a pot and adorned with lines of beads.

Recycled glass chandelier 16

Colorful and beautifully designed chandelier constructed from recycled glass for incredible style. The chandelier also comes loaded with dozens of colors, including a light combination of green and purple. You also get dozens of lamps to provide perfect lighting for your home.

Recycled glass chandelier 12

Surely somewhere in the world there is the land where are all the lost pair of glasses. There is also a chandelier shade, with an iron frame - which contains a whole lot of recycled glasses, and that is their decorative glass dimension.

Recycled glass chandelier 36

Beautiful chandelier with a superb farmhouse-inspired look. This chandelier is also designed from a series of reclaimed glass pieces, all neatly attached to a sturdy metal frame featuring a rounded design at the top and a vintage dark brown finish.

Shot glass chandelier

These pictures show attractive ideas for suspended light sources. Aesthetic rope chandeliers, ships or fish. These original pattern are very unique and iconic. Their glass elements allow for providing good level of light.

Recycled glass chandelier 29

Excellent and high-quality chandelier offering dozens of lamps for all your lighting needs. The chandelier is built from recycled glass and can either be hung from the ceiling or affixed on walls for the best results. It can be used indoors and outdoors as well.

Our advice Buying Guide

What other decor elements can I match with a recycled glass chandelier?

If you're wondering about what other decor elements you can match with a recycled glass chandelier, then stay tuned. You'll first need to decide whether you want your chandelier to flow with your decor style or balance it out.

If your room is highly ornate, then opt for a simpler chandelier to avoid over-decorating and if it has a rustic theme, complement that design with a matching chandelier.

If you don't want to redecorate the entire room so it compliments your chandelier, simply bring the chandelier home and see how it looks in the space.

A busy chandelier should preferably be complemented with simple decor elements, while a simple chandelier should be combined with stunning pieces of decor to enhance the overall aesthetics of the room.

How do you hang a chandelier?

When it comes to hanging a recycled glass chandelier, it should be done carefully. Start by turning off the power and using a circuit tester to make sure that it is off. Ensure you have the right mounting box to support your chandelier. If not, remove it and have an adequate mounting box installed.

Then assemble your chandelier base, but leave the light bulbs out for now. Then, shorten the chain if necessary and install a mounting strip to your mounting box. Now, thread the chandelier wires through each section of the chandelier and mount your chandelier.


Steuart haygarth tide chandelier made from found objects

Steuart Haygarth-- tide chandelier made from found objects.

Diy glass bottle chandelier

This breathtaking chandelier is characterized by a repurposed old spectacle lens design, forming a truly captivating piece for luxurious interiors. Shaped like a large sparkling ball, the chandelier emanates with its exquisite appearance even when the light is off.

Diy glass chandelier

Beautiful glass chandelier that looks like a mini skirt. It is totally ecological - made out of recycled broken glass. An effect is enormous and gorgeous. Such chandelier makes a real impression.

100 recycled glass 5 tier chandelier 80cm wide and wieghed

100% recycled glass 5 tier chandelier. 80cm wide and wieghed 5st ...

Etsy find of the week recycled glass chandelier

Etsy Find of the Week – Recycled Glass Chandelier

Recycled bottle chandelier

This chandelier will make your home stylish and eco-friendly. Made from colorful, plastic bottles is great idea of recycling. It will encourage other people to think about protecting environment and ecology.

Recycled vintage beach glass chandeliers

Recycled Vintage Beach Glass Chandeliers

Recycled glass fixture

recycled glass fixture

Tide chandelier made bij stuart haygarth made out of things

Tide chandelier, made bij Stuart Haygarth. Made out of things found on the beach!

Recycled glass chandelier 31

Sea Glass Chandelier FLUSH MOUNT Coastal Decor Beach Glass Ceiling Fixture Ambers and Greens on Etsy, $215.00

Collection andil suspension in marbles of glass beads of glass

Collection ANDIL - Suspension in marbles of glass & beads of glass - ArchiExpo

Assorted glass punch cups used for lighting fixture

assorted glass punch cups used for lighting fixture

Recycled glass chandelier 9

The reflective chandelier made from recycled glass is a unique combination of untypical design and beautiful details that have been treated with great care. The whole beautifully reflects the light, and the phenomenon is presented in the interior.

Glass bottle chandelier diy

Ingeniuos and undoubtedly eye-catching contemporary chandeliers created from size and shape-varied recycled bottles of clear and tinted glass. Chandeliers differ in shape and usually have metal frames.

Recycled glass chandelier 18

love me these lamps! Emery Recycled Indoor/Outdoor Glass Chandelier | Pottery Barn

Recycled glass chandelier 27

Medicine glass bottle chandelier from Ethos in Hobart.

Wow plastic bottle chandalier

WOW! Plastic Bottle Chandalier

Recycled glass chandelier 33

I like this style better than others I have seen. 8 Light Spanish Vase Chandelier

Chandelier 61


Recycled glass chandelier 10

A DIY funky and chic chandelier. It's been made of repurposed punch cups, which were randomly combined with one another. Different colors and shades of the cups will give deep, vibrant light. It will suit unconventional interiors.

Charcoal and recycled glass disk chandelier 83cm x 105cm h

Charcoal-and-recycled-glass-disk-chandelier-83cm-x-105cm-h-POA ...

Recycled glass chandelier 38

can you guess what this is made of? if you said eye glasses, you are correct!!

Tulip recycled glass pendant multicolored recycled glass barrette

... tulip recycled glass pendant multicolored recycled glass barrette

With a lisa king online recycled glass chandelier

... with a Lisa King Online Recycled Glass Chandelier -

Recycled glass chandelier 30

44 Simple DIY Wine Bottles Crafts And (14)

Recycled chandelier

The incredibly glittering chandelier of recycled glass elements is astonishing and looks phenomenal. The whole finished in the pink shade makes a fantastic impression and delights in every detail. The perfect solution for the living room.

Recycled glass chandelier by kathleen plate of smart glass and

... recycled glass chandelier by kathleen plate of smart glass and

Recycled glass chandelier 14

i think i already repinned this? but i still love it and i'm not 100% sure, so i'll re-repin it.

Recycled glass chandelier 26

ilginc avize tasarimlari degsik malzemeler sise fincan plastik zincir agac rende dikenli tel el feneri (12)

Recycled glass chandelier 17

A beautiful and unusual chandelier - The installations come in all shapes and sizes, from rigs containing multiple bulbs, to more simple, single bulb lamps as seen below, reflecting the calm tranquility of growing drops of water. However, with Liquid Li

9 Light Chandelier with Umber Glass Shades

9 Light Chandelier with Umber Glass Shades

Recycled glass chandelier 13

Chandelier - 10 Most Unusual Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles

Recycled glass chandelier 35

Chandelier-Lighting- Pendant-Custom Order-Recycled Glass Beads-Eco ...

Recycled glass chandelier 43

Madeleine Boulesteix started making chandeliers after finding about 40 facetted glass drops in a pile of rubbish. The artist searches things to make a structure with in charity shops, car boot sales and scrap metal yards. A piece begins with a really sim

Recycled glass chandelier 37

Very pretty. Love the old wood with the purple. And chandeliers only make things better :)

Recycled glass chandelier 32

Recycled Gin Bottle Chandelier - Black Friar's Distillery

Recycled glass chandelier 15

Outdoor chandelier made with cut glass bottles and recycled bicycle parts. Beautiful!

Diy chandeliers 9 600x936 diy chandelier not into the jars

diy chandeliers 9 600x936 DIY Chandelier Not into the Jars, but could substitute some other colored glass for a gorgeous effect.

Recycled glass chandeliers 5

Modern lampshade made from recycled glasses. It is mounted on metal base. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Recycled glass chandelier 1

recycled glass chandelier

Recycled wine bottle chandelier

This beautiful crystal chandelier is one of the spectacular examples of upcycling. Simple, handmade construction based on faucet handle and wire on some prisms looks brilliantly in this new edition.

Chandelier lighting empire chandelier recycled glass glazed

Chandelier-Lighting-Empire Chandelier-Recycled Glass & Glazed ...

Shanon pendant chandelier lighting recycled glass beads eco friendly

Shanon Pendant-Chandelier-Lighting- Recycled Glass Beads-Eco Friendly