Star Light Fixture

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Adding a star light fixture to your home can not only help add ample light to the room, but can also add a splash of decorative whimsy and elegance with the unique and eye-catching shape. If that wasn’t enough, many star shaped light fixtures add a starburst pattern of shadow on the ceiling or wall where they are installed. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites star lamps below.

10 Recommendations and 148 Ideas

Updated 18/02/2022
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Large Globe Bulb and Star Ceiling Light Fixture

Large Globe Bulb and Star Ceiling Light Fixture

Latitude Run®

This light offers a unique and modern style to your home. It features a 9 inch, 8-point starburst fixture that holds a stylish large globe type bulb. If you want a light that is more elegant and less whimsical and childish, this ceiling fixture may fit the bill.

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Starburst Shadow Star Ceiling Light

Starburst Shadow Star Ceiling Light

Wrought Studio™

This striking ceiling light offers a whimsical and industrial flare to any room in your home. It makes a unique statement piece and can draw the eye of your visitors instantly. Additionally, it casts a starburst shadow design on the ceiling and wall around it.

Designer Advice:

We love how this light looks installed above a narrow entryway or foyer. When turned on, the shadowed starburst pattern it creates is both unique and eye-catching. Your visitors will quickly notice the ceiling light as soon as they enter your home making it a fascinating conversation piece too.

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Whimsical Moon and Star Flush Mount Light

Whimsical Moon and Star Flush Mount Light

Isabelle & Max™

Pure white central star shaped white halfway circled by a moon shaped light. If you love celestial shapes and a whimsical design, this ceiling mounted light is a perfect addition to your home. It not only provides ample light, but also an eye-catching decor addition.

Designer Advice:

The design of this light lends itself well to placement in any room. It works great in a children’s room, but can also be a unique conversation piece in a kitchen, dining area, or entry foyer. Since it features a moon design as well, it’s great for anyone that loves celestial shapes.

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6 Pointed Star Light Fixture for the Ceiling

6 Pointed Star Light Fixture for the Ceiling

Orren Ellis

This uniquely shaped 24 inch ceiling light is made as a 6-point star. For science lovers, it can also be likened to the shape of an atom. It lies flush against your ceiling fixture making it a unique yet discreet option for any room in your home.


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Modern Globe Style Star Shaped Ceiling Lights

Modern Globe Style Star Shaped Ceiling Lights


This unique ceiling light measures 12 inches and makes a highly eye-catching addition to your home, as well as a great conversation starter for visitors. It features a modern style and brass construction with shaded glass panels on each of the multiple star points.

$159.99 $169.99

Designer Advice:

The design of this ceiling light lends itself to modern and rustic style homes. It looks great in an entryway or foyer just inside your main door, and can also be installed on a covered porch for a true statement piece for your home.

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Child Friendly Star Light Fitting for Ceiling

Child Friendly Star Light Fitting for Ceiling

Orren Ellis

This large and stylish star shaped light is perfect for children’s rooms as well as general gathering spots in your home. It’s large and noticeable, provides ample amounts of light for any room in your house, and can make a great conversation piece with visitors.

$111.99 $140

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Nursery Friendly Cloud Shaped Star Light Fixtures

Nursery Friendly Cloud Shaped Star Light Fixtures

Isabelle & Max™

While this light is star shaped, it features rounded corners which also gives it a cloud-like shape as well. It’s great for children’s rooms, nurseries, or any other room where you would like to have a whimsical and effective light feature on the ceiling or wall.

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Multi Colored Moroccan Hanging Star Light Chandelier

Multi Colored Moroccan Hanging Star Light Chandelier

This Moroccan style light makes a stunning centerpiece in any room where you install it. Each of the muted, earth-toned glass panels are colored and textured giving it an overall eye-catching look. Visitors and family alike will love seeing this hanging chandelier.

Designer Advice:

While this chandelier looks great year round, it really shines during the festive holidays and looks great as part of the decorations in the room. The multicolor panels give it a unique look and can really make it stand out as a statement piece in your home.

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Large and Stunning Star Light Fitting

Large and Stunning Star Light Fitting

Corbett Lighting

This massive 30 inch star light fixture is a stunning eye-catching piece for your room. Made in a highly unique geometric design with rustic metal construction, each of the small holes in the design will let light through to shine on the ceiling, walls and floor nearby.


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Paper Lantern Star Shaped Light Fixture

Paper Lantern Star Shaped Light Fixture

Hometown Evolution, Inc.

For those who are searching for the true 5-point star design, this paper lantern light is great for homes that value simplicity and style. It works great for year-round display in a window or hanging on a wall, but is uniquely fitting for holiday decoration as well.


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Star Light Fixture

Buying Guide

Why have a humdrum central light when you can have a star ceiling light fixture? A light fixture in the shape of a Moravian star is a beautiful item, whether the light is on or off. Other light fixture arrangements with a star theme can also add beauty and interest to your ceiling. They can be especially effective when teamed with glow-in-the-dark constellation ceilings, or other night sky treatments.

The Moravian Star

The Moravian star is considered to be an advent symbol, originating with the Church of Moravia. It was made famous by Peter Verbeek, an alumnus of the Niesky Paedagogium (a church school for boys) where the star was a geometry lesson, began selling the 110-point stars and their instructions in his bookstore. Translated into metal and glass, this star makes an amazing light fixture for any time of the year but is particularly poignant during religious festivals that focus on stars.

Star Shaped Base Fixtures

Star-shaped lamp bases that fit flush to the ceiling can be made from brushed bronze or other decorative material to good effect. The bulb is screwed into a socket in the center of the fixture, and the rays of the starbase can catch the light from it. While perhaps not so impressive as the Moravian star, this can still be a beautiful effect.

Star and Moon Bowl Globe for Ceiling Lights

Beautiful both night and day, a simple bowl globe that fits over three light bulbs can be made beautiful with a soft brushed moon, stars and fluffy clouds. It can easily blend with a faux sky ceiling effect, helping create an illusion of space even for small rooms. Add glow-in-the-dark stick-on star points to complete the illusion. The star points can charge during the day or while the light is on, then create soft constellations on your ceiling when the light is out – perfect for your star-gazer, young or old.

Surreal Hanging Bulb Star

White wires form the shape of a star and in the center of it floats the light. Use a soft white LED light for brilliance and long-term energy saving, and to create the illusion that the light is floating in the center of the starshape. Less elaborate than the Moravian Star and not as simplistic as the bowl globe or light fixture starbase, this light fixture would go well with stark modernism or a primitive décor.

Turkish Mosaic Star Lamp

Nothing quite keeps up with cut glass as a light bulb cover. A Turkish cut glass mosaic with a star shape on each side of the lamp will wow guests and lift your heart on even the gloomiest days. The soft blue can tint the light almost like a stage light set to create false moonlight.

Night-time light pollution, overcast heavens, and all – you can have stars in your night every evening with these star ceiling light fixtures. All you need is a beautiful star-shaped light fixture to light up your world – at least until you flip the “off” switch.

Best Ideas

Star ceiling light fixture

It's the one of the most beautiful light installation ever! It will be an excellent addition to the wall next to my porch. These light look like falling stars. They will help to create the romantic atmosphere.

Star ceiling light fixture 1

The beautiful combination of star ceiling light fixture with an attractive form makes the interior design takes on the character and coziness. The whole made of solid steel with lovely stars is perfect for any modern decor.

Moravian star ceiling light 1

Add a sophisticated look into your home and choose this star ceiling light fixture with the star ceiling light. It is made of glass and has two finish options to choose: blackened bronze and nickel.

Moroccan flush mount ceiling light fixture

With such a lovely Moroccan craftsmanship, your room will be shining with warmth and coziness. The ceiling-mounted star lamp is embellished with distinctive patterns, creating a stunning light effect across the whole room.

1 Light Star Pendant

1 Light Star Pendant

Thanks to this star pendant, your room will be bursting with geometric style and timeless elegance. it's hand crafted of sparkling clear art glass that's embedded in a mahogany bronze hand applied finish frame and suspended from a matching chain.

Star light fixtures ceiling

An interesting trendy ceiling chandelier looking like a 3-dimension star. It's constructed of a dozen or so pyramid-shaped elements with frames of bronze-finished metal rods with insets of tinted glass in orange, brownish and beige tones.

Star ceiling light fixture 13

This star ceiling light fixture will be a fabulous addition to one's bedroom, creating an inimitable illumination. A great option for both children and adults' bedrooms.

Star ceiling light fixture 8

Bailey McCarthy feature in February Matchbook Magazine | Ralph Lauren constellation wallpaper, chandelier, wallpapered ceiling

Moravian star flush mount ceiling light

With this ceiling light fixture, your home will be sparkling with breathtaking effects. Made of premium metal, this shiny decoration features a beautifully cut out design and a drum shape, ensuring an eye-catching piece of modern art even when the light is off.

Led metal ceiling lamp fontana by metal spot design orazio

LED metal Ceiling lamp FONTANA by Metal Spot | #Design Orazio Spada (2001)

Starfish light fixture

Ceiling lamp in the shape of star. It is mounted on brass frame with gold finish. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Traditional form and modern design.

Certainly too expensive and heavy but i like the idea

Certainly too expensive and heavy, but I like the idea of moravian stars in a nusery

Star ceiling mount lighting ballard designs hmmm wonder if this

Star Ceiling Mount | Lighting | Ballard Designs Hmmm, wonder if this could be a DIY project using the metal stars you can find in stores...will have to investigate this further....

Antique brass ceiling light 7

Glass star, antique brass light with gold finish will make your living room looks like a ballroom. Giving interesting light will create a magic atmosphere during many parties, dinners and everyday routine.

Glass star ceiling light

I like this because it's different and would cast cool shadows... but I'm worried I'd get tired of it or would want something brighter. It's under consideration for replacing the three upstairs flush mounts. $179

Star ceiling light fixture 16

moravian star light fixture....

Metal star light fixture

Pendant lamp with lampshade in the shape of star. It is made of metal and glass. Suitable as main or additional light source in any place according to taste and need. Simple form and modern design.

Mi sueno evens architects

Mi Sueño | Evens Architects

Star ceiling light fixture 12

star pendant • moulding • artwork headboard • beautiful window

Star ceiling light fixture 7

Outdoor decoration for holiday time garden party. Beautiful glow-in-the-dark stars garland. Starlights lanterns do great outside, but might serve as star ceiling light fixutre as well. Multiple colors boost the look.

Moravian star ceiling mount

This unique element of equipment and decoration is a ceiling light with a durable metal frame in a bronze finish. This frame features some hand-cut forms and it looks like a starfish, so it decorates indoors.

Space and starship themed kids and teen lighting

Space and Starship Themed Kids and Teen Lighting

Star ceiling light fixture 21

No link, but would be pretty easy to diy. Sparkle star lights, metal hoop, some chain or twine, done.

Fun colorful painting by teil duncan purchased as a 7th

Fun, colorful painting by Teil Duncan purchased as a 7th Anniversary gift to one another from the couple at Young House Love. Wonderful idea and painting in their beautiful re-done foyer. ~Deborah Anniversary Art | Young House Love