Stained Glass Ceiling Fan

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Traditional fans might be primarily utilitarian, but when you add some colorful glass, you’re guaranteed to make a decorative statement, too! A stained glass ceiling fan is both functional and ornamental. It’ll allow you to introduce an accent color, match your palette, and reinforce your decor style… all while keeping cool, of course. At the same time, don’t forget to look for one that includes the features you actually need.

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Updated 22/08/2022
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Tiffany stain glass ceiling fan

Tiffany stain glass ceiling fan

This fan’s lighting fixture consists of 334 glass cuts soldered together through Tiffany’s iconic copper foil method. The blades showcase a mahogany finish on one side and black on the other, so you can choose the best match for your palette and decor.

Designer Advice:

Most stained glass ceiling fans involve more than one color. However, to keep a cohesive feel in your room, try and look for a design that includes at least one of your palette’s main hues. In most cases, this will be a colorful accent, such as the shade of your sofa cushions or vases.

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Stained glass ceiling fan with remote

Stained glass ceiling fan with remote

This Tiffany model pairs up some early 20th-century charm with contemporary perks. It displays a teal and light-blue body that’s perfect for cold palettes. The five blades match the antique bronze finish of the hanging bracket and rod.

Designer Advice:

Traditional stained glass ceiling fan globes with pull chains are still an extremely popular option. In some cases, though, it might be worth investing in a model with a remote control. For example, if you have kids who might be tempted to climb up a chair to reach it, or if some members of your family are fairly short. Plus, it’s just nice to not have to get up whenever you wish to change its speed!

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Art deco stained glass ceiling fan

Art deco stained glass ceiling fan

Millwood Pines

With the geometrical shapes of its amber, green, and red stained glass, this fan is ideal for interiors inspired by early 20th-century trends. It has reversible blades and a pull chain that let you choose among three speed settings.

$142.99 $249.99

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Ornate stained glass ceiling fan

Ornate stained glass ceiling fan

August Grove®

This ceiling fan with stained glass lights comes in a blue and spice finish, both showcasing a sophisticated vintage touch. The adjustable downrod makes it a breeze to find the right height for your room. It has three speeds, and the light is dimmable.

$207.99 $265.99

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Stained glass ceiling fan in different hues

Stained glass ceiling fan in different hues

Astoria Grand

This 52” stained glass ceiling fan comes in three finishes: spice, teal, and violet. They all boast hypnotizing designs and excellent attention to detail. This fan comes with three speed settings, a dimmable light, and reversible blades.

$276.99 $273.99

Designer Advice:

Look for the right ceiling fan size in relation to your room. If it’s around 8’ high, it’s wiser to stick to a low-profile fan rather than a downrod. A wingspan of around 30” is a good option in small rooms (less than 50 sq. ft.). 36” is more suitable for 75 sq. ft., 42” for 100, 52” for 200-300, and 56” for particularly large settings.

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Classy stained glass ceiling fan

Classy stained glass ceiling fan

Alcott Hill®

This eye-catching ceiling fan in a Tiffany design comes with reversible wooden blades. It spoils you with a super silent motor and functions for both summer and winter. Thanks to its colors, it can work in rooms with cold palettes as well as with warmer hues.

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Stained Glass Ceiling Fan

Buying Guide

The incredible thing about stained glass ceiling fan light shades is that they feature eye-popping aesthetics while providing a vital functionality. It's one of the reasons why these types of ceiling fan light shades are growing in popularity. Since you are reading this article, you are probably thinking of getting one for your home.

Before you do that, here are a few essential factors that you need to consider:

How to measure for a ceiling fan light shade?

When purchasing stained glass ceiling fan light shades, your first task is to do a bit of measuring. The most important thing is to measure the height of the ceiling. Although the width of the room is not as important, it doesn't mean you can ignore it. You don't want a ceiling fan light shade that is too wide for the room.

Once you have the height of the ceiling, you can then find the appropriate fan with the stained glass light shade that you love. Your choices are typically categorized into flush mount, standard, extended downrod, and sloped.

Flush mount is a low-profile type of fan with a small-sized light shade. Hence, it's recommended if the ceiling's height is less than eight feet.

If the height of the ceiling is between eight to ten feet, then a standard is advisable.

An extended downrod means that there's an "extended pole" between the fan and the ceiling. Hence, this type of fan with stained glass light shade is advisable if the ceiling is more than ten feet.

Sloped is primary used if the ceiling slants at an angle of more than 32 degrees.

Your primary concern here is the color. To choose the right color, it's best that you know the style of the room (e.g. contemporary, modern, minimalistic, Scandinavian, traditional, coastal). Once you know the style, dig deeper and determine the dominantly used colors for the room's theme. For example, Scandinavian styles typically make use of white and shades of gray.

From then on, it's just a matter of finding the right stained glass colors that match the style of the room. Don't make the mistake of falling in love with a certain stained glass ceiling fan light shade without relating it to the rest of the room. If done right, this piece of home accessory can unify the theme of the room. Choose the wrong one, and it can look awkward and out of place.

If you will purchase a stained glass light shade that already comes with a ceiling fan, then you also need to know what to look for in such an appliance. Where you are going to place the fan will affect your choices. Ceiling fans are often rated in terms of Dry, Damp, and Wet.

  • If you are going to place the ceiling fan in a dry location (e.g. living room, bedroom), then a dry-rate lamp is what you are looking for.
  • Damp-rated ceiling fans are designed for areas with moisture, but not in direct contact with water (e.g. laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchen).
  • If you are planning to place the fan in a room where it's likely to be in contact with water (e.g. outdoors), then what you are looking for is a wet-rated ceiling fan.

Best Ideas

Dragonfly tiffany style stained glass ceiling fan shade

Dragonfly tiffany style stained glass ceiling fan shade

Unique stained glass lampshade in Tiffany style. This lampshade is intended to table lamp and has base made of bronze. Stained glass work has original natural pattern with flowers and dragonfly with metal wings.

Ceiling fan light lamp shades set of 4 stained glass

Ceiling-Fan-Light-Lamp-Shades-Set-of-4-Stained-Glass-Shades-Grapes ...

Stained glass fan lamp

Ceiling mounted light shade suitable for use with a fan. This glass shade features many attractive colors, so it is able to decorate different indoors. Attractive construction of this shade is also resistant to excessive wear.

Stained glass shades for ceiling fans

This is one beautiful expensive looking piece that won't break your decorating budget. The ceiling fan which is made of blue and green stained glass with Iris flower shape.

Fan vanity light shade fan vanity light shades ceiling fan

-fan-vanity-light-shade-fan-vanity-light-shades-ceiling-fan-lighting ...

Southwest tiffany style stained glass ceiling fan shade

Southwest tiffany style stained glass ceiling fan shade

If you are looking for an artistic and, at the same time, functional solutions, then this Tiffany Style ceiling fan shade may be something for you. Stained glass provides unique design experience, which will enhance any interior it will appear in.

Stained glass ceiling fan light shades 1

This 48'' ceiling fan shade can be a great move towards making your room much more colorful and fashionable. The shade is designed of multicolored stained glass, offering you a dazzling decoration for your living room, or bedroom.

Meyda tiffany tiffany hanginghead dragonfly fan light shade

Meyda tiffany tiffany hanginghead dragonfly fan light shade

A solid and decorative shade used with a light mounted on a ceiling fan. It includes glass elements finished in different colors, so it not only provides light at night, but it also decorates rooms at day.

Stained glass ceiling fan light shades

If you would like to decorate your home with colorful details, you may want to take a look on this Tiffany ceiling fan shade. The shade is embellished by black beads, it gives very soothing light, and it's quite easy to mount.

Stained glass ceiling fan

This light shade is a very attractive and durable ceiling or fan mounted element. It includes a durable and decorative glass surface finished in colors that match different types of interior design. The shade provides aesthetics at day and night.

Stained glass ceiling fan shades 10

Wow, would you just look at this amazing, stained glass lamp shade? I love the flowery pattern, very colourful and invigorating design. Gives off a stunning, traditional vibe. Perfect for any living room!

Mix n match tiffany style ceiling fan glass shade by

... Mix-N-Match Tiffany-Style Ceiling Fan Glass Shade by ELK Lighting

Tiffany Fishscale 3 Light Ceiling Fan Light

Tiffany Fishscale 3 Light Ceiling Fan Light

This is an excellent piece of equipment each apartment. This is the cover for the three bulbs, which is also connected to the fan. It is decorated with motif of fish scales. It is very elegant and at the same time practical.

Stained glass ceiling fan light shades

Stained Glass Ceiling Fan Light Shades

Inch w wisteria fanlite shade ceiling fixture set of 3

Inch W Wisteria Fanlite Shade Ceiling Fixture - Set of 3

Coloured glass ceiling light shades

Traditional design for a classic ceiling fan/lamp combo with an elegant style, made with three lights all covered in lampshades made out of stained glass, providing a colorful detail and a sophisticated finish.

Ceiling fan stained glass

Traditional design for an old-fashioned ceiling fan with a light shade made out of black-painted aluminium with a stained glass decal on the top and bottom, which nicely matches with the wooden fan blades.

Glass ceiling fan shades 1

Glass Ceiling Fan Shades

Ceiling fan this stained glass magnolia ceiling fan three speed

ceiling fan this stained glass magnolia ceiling fan three speed fan ...

Details about scrolls 3 light tiffany style stained glass ceiling

Details about Scrolls 3-Light Tiffany Style Stained Glass Ceiling Fan

Shades for ceiling fan lights

Stained Glass Lighting, Lamps, Pendant Lights, Island Lights, Sconces ...

Stained glass ceiling fan shades 3

73124m - 17W Tiffany Nuevo Mission Fan Light Fixture

Fan light shades

An attractive lamp shade suitable for ceiling mounting. This glass element includes a multi-color floral design and a solid frame. It provides light at night and decorates different stylizations of rooms at day.

Ceiling fan light shade

Ceiling fan in Tiffany style. It is mounted on metal frame with gold finish. Lampshades are covered with colorful glass. Great as main or additional source of light. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.