Stained Glass Hanging Pendant Lamp

Stainless glass is beautiful, classically charming, and iconic. It has the ability to add color and life to any space, and can be a nice way to accent a room. Our stained glass, hanging pendant lamps are a fantastic decor item that you will appreciate every time you switch them on. Take a look in this extensive collection and see what we have for you.

Best Products

Byb 4 Lights Tiffany Style Stained Glass Hanging Pendant Ceiling Lamp Chandelier

Byb 4 Lights Tiffany Style Stained Glass Hanging Pendant Ceiling Lamp Chandelier
Tiffany lamps are very well known and are a symbol of luxury. Most often we think of a table lamp. This is Tiffany's giant pendant lamp that will illuminate the whole house. Ideal for dining. Did you have your Tiffany's breakfest already?

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Hand Crafted Parrot Bird Hanging Lamp Chandelier

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Hand Crafted Parrot Bird Hanging Lamp Chandelier
Ideal to add glamour and chic to one's interior, this lovely bird lamp represents the characteristic Tiffany style. Handmade, stained glass construction depicts a vibrant parrot. During the evenings, it effulges with a fullness of colours.

Byb Tiffany Style Stained Glass Hanging Pendant Ceiling Lamp Chandelier 4 Lights

Byb Tiffany Style Stained Glass Hanging Pendant Ceiling Lamp Chandelier 4 Lights
This large and colorful glass hanging pendant lamp would define your interior character. It will attract a lot of attention and look fancy. Made of high-quality glass and attached with a high-quality steel chain.

Dragonfly tiffany style stained glass hanging pendant lamp jewels

Dragonfly tiffany style stained glass hanging pendant lamp jewels
With the immensely detailed and well finished stained glass of its structure and a stylish design this Tiffany pendant lamp will make for a perfect addition to your household, brighting it up with utmost charm.

Roman 2 Light Hanging Pendant

Roman 2 Light Hanging Pendant
This is a very elegant and extremely impressive hanging chandelier. It is made in the form of stained glass. It is decorative and colorful. Its appearance arouses your interest and curiosity. It is not only practical but also a decorative piece of equipment.

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Retro 3 Parrots Shades Hanging Pendant Lamp

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Retro 3 Parrots Shades Hanging Pendant Lamp
You know exactly what is said about parrots - lovebirds. Today they are accompanied by a three-dimensional stained glass pendant lamp, colorful glass slides of these parrots meet in a romantic joint of the tips, on the iron shaft of the hanging lamp.

Long Hanging Capiz Pendant Lamp

Long Hanging Capiz Pendant Lamp
Original chandelier as main or additional source of light in any interior according to taste and need. Lampshade consists of pearly shells. Frame is made of metal. Traditional form and modern design.

Our advice Buying Guide

Lighting in any home is the perfect way to create ambiance. Different types of lights exist but not all will deliver the décor value that you are looking for. But stained glass hanging pendant lamps are perfect for this. They are classy, highly stylish, and will be the perfect accents to make your home seem cozier. Many stained glass hanging pendant lamp designs are available in the market. But as you begin your search, you may want to keep in mind a few things.

What styles of stained glass hanging pendant lamp are there?

Stained glass hanging pendant lamp styles cut across many options. Although the general categories may feature traditional, contemporary, and transitional styles, there are specific options you can choose from. For example, for traditional style lights, you may decide to choose a farmhouse design or vintage style options. As for the modern and contemporary options, Wrought iron designs and industrial lights would do.

What are the most attractive types of finishing on stained glass pendant lamps?

Stained glass hanging pendant lamps don’t just offer the lighting. They are perfect too in offering outstanding décor by just the way they look. In light of this, you may want to consider the finishing. There are three major types of finishing used on the lamps. You may go for an oil-rubbed bronze design. It’s simple, classy, and very easy on the eye. Polished chrome is also another popular option. Its shiny appeal makes it perfect for modern contemporary homes. Nickel is also used for finishing the lamps. Two types of nickel finishes exist. You can choose between brushed nickel and polished nickel. As for people who want a more vintage finish, try out black iron finishes.

What are the major types of pendant lights?

There are different types of pendant lights to choose from. However, in this guide, we will focus on three of the main ones in the market.

  • Mini Pendant Lights - These are the smallest sized lights. They are simple in design and are mostly used in smaller rooms. They are perfect above the sink or home office desk too. The mini lamps are known more for their accent value but they also give very good ambiance lighting.
  • Multi Light Pendant - In case you’re looking for the perfect ambiance, these are the lights to go for. They feature more than one pendant light attached into one holder. The number of lights attached varies from one design to another but it will always be a minimum of three. Most of the time, multi pendant lights are used as an alternative to chandeliers.
  • Inverted Pendant Lights - Inverted pendant lights are perfect in projecting light to every part of the home. They will be great in ambient lighting. The style is almost similar to the semi-flush-mount-light but its fixture simply hangs from a chain. The inverted lights are often used for the dining area. They can also be perfect in a foyer and a breakfast nook.

Stained glass hanging pendant lamps are created to deliver the best possible ambient lighting for your home. They are perfect for any room.


Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant

Large Rectangle Hanging Capiz Pendant
If you want to buy modern, but not simple and dull hanging lamp, this chandelier is intended for you. It has metal frame and it is hanged on metal ropes. Lampshade is made of little silk's pieces. It will be fit to your dining room.

Table Bedside Lamps

Table Bedside Lamps
This Capiz shell lamps not only adds light while turned on but is a great accent even when it is not glowing! Made from various little glass slides, coming from its inside, it is a beautiful mosaic construction.

Stained glass hanging pendant lamp

A chic chandelier made from small glass stained glass elements delights in this pendant hanging lamp. The whole is captivating in color and unusual form, and the solid steel base beautifully maintains the glass decoration.

Stained glass light fixtures dining room

Featuring multiple colorful glass elements, this pendant lighting fixture represents the glamorous Tiffany style. It will create a truly magical illumination in the evening. Measures 15" W x 20" H.

Stained glass hanging pendant lamp 1

With such gorgeous coastal glass pendant lamps, you can easily bring coziness and impeccable style into your interior design. Each lamp is made of opaline glass, and covered by a fishing net for a truly lovely effect.

Stained glass hanging pendant lamp 2

Created of floarl petal-like stained glass shards, this turquoise chandelier is very captivating and bursts with astonishing design. It's a well-shaped ball of numerous blooming flowers, that is suspended from a strong, silver-finished chain.

Stained glass ceiling light fixtures

Being a beautiful example of the stained glass art, this Tiffany lamp will help you create a magical atmosphere in your interiors. Its design refers to the impressionistic paintings, especially Van Gogh.

Stained glass hanging lights

A wonderful stylish hanging lamp having a ball-like lampshade made of hand-cut colourful stained glass tiles creating geometric motifs. A bottom cap with a finial and a round perforated top holder with 3 chains are of metal finished in bronze.

Stained glass light fixture

Delightful Tiffany style pendant lamp with inverted heart shade composed of stained glass pieces. Purple dominates here, and some light green elements have been added for visual interest. Beautiful ceiling fixture.

Stained cut glass pendant hanging ceiling light fixture tiffany

Stained Cut Glass Pendant Hanging Ceiling Light Fixture Tiffany ...

Stained glass with crystals pendant light fixture chandelier hanging

Stained Glass With Crystals Pendant Light Fixture Chandelier Hanging ...

Vintage stained glass hanging lamp

Pendant lamp with round shade finished with stained glass. It is mounted on adjustable chain. Frame is made of metal. Elegant style for living room, bedroom, dining room and more.

Stained glass pendant

Florence Stained Glass Hanging Pendant Lamp

1970 slag glass shade hanging pendant lamp by shopvintageeclectics 30

1970 Slag Glass Shade Hanging Pendant Lamp by shopvintageeclectics, $30.00

Stained glass light fixtures

A beautiful lamp shade that enhances interiors with its exquisite tulip shape. Designed of red stained glass and embedded in a brass-finished metal frame, the shade is wall-mounted and creates a truly magical ambiance.

Coloured glass lighting

Stunning Tiffany style stained glass hanging pendant lamp, laboriously soldered together by hand from many individual colored glass particles.

The lamp has a high-quality glass with violet, cobalt and sky-blue shades of flowers - irises and others.

Leadlight pendant lights

With its smooth, geometrical shape, this pendant lamp can be a perrfect proposition for a refined contemporary interior. Finished in stained glass, the lighting fixture contains three lights.

Hanging pendant lamp stained art glass light by cherryrevolver

Hanging Pendant Lamp Stained Art Glass Light by cherryREVOLVER

Stained glass hanging light

A chic hanging lamp having a lampshade like an upturned umbrella with a wavy edge. It's of stained glass tiles in light warm hues arranged in geometric motifs. A bottom cap with a finial, a bulbed holder and 4 decorative rods are of metal in bronze.

Stained glass ceiling light shades


Capiz pendant chandelier

Elegant chandelier with round lampshade. Frame is made of metal and finished with decorative crystals. Suitable as main or additional source of light. Adds freshness and modernity to each place.

Art deco hanging stained glass pendant lamp geometric dimensional

Art Deco hanging stained glass pendant lamp; geometric dimensional ...

Tiffany style stained glass hanging ceiling pendant light fixture

... Tiffany Style Stained Glass Hanging Ceiling Pendant Light Fixture

Stained glass ceiling light

Functional and decorative hanging pendant lamp with stained glass construction. Its glass shade is finished in multiple colors that look attractive in the house, so the lamp provides light at night and decorates rooms at day.

Stained glass kitchen lighting

... Lighting › Oaks Lighting Tiffany Camillo Stained Glass Pendant

Hanging stained glass light fixtures

Multicolor Murano Venetian glass shades chandelier. Stained glass shades in red, bright teal, blue and ocean green surround the gold colored center enveloped in clear glass. Graceful form hints to art nouveau style.

Tiffany iris violet flowers floral stained glass hanging pendant lamp


Stained glass lights

A charming hanging lamp with a domed lampshade of hand-cut stained glass tiles in prevalent vivid light colours with accents in greens and purples as well as floral motifs in a bottom part. Fixture - including a chain - is of bronze-finished metal.

Stained glass hanging lamp

Go Victorian during your next front room remodelling - a Tiffany style lamp with bowl shade and colorful stained glass is an accessory you can't go wrong with when you want to introduce a large amount of opulence to your interior.

Stained glass pendant light by nostalgianmore 135 00 gorgeous earth

Stained Glass Pendant Light by Nostalgianmore, $135.00 Gorgeous earth tones in a fabulous light!

Old tiffany hanging lamps

Another nearly steampunk caged light fixture made up of simple elements that work together oh so well. Love this.

Stained glass pendant lights

The most popular technique for making stained-glass lamps is to combine transparent and opalescent glasses with copper foil and soldering them with tin. This is seen in the example of this pendant lamp with a floral motif in a copper and amber shade.

Hanging stained glass lamp

Unique hanging lamp. This chandelier is made of metal frame and hanging piece of delicate wood. It looks very stylish, but it is modern and little bit sophisticated, so it doesn't fit to every type of interior.

Byb tiffany style stained glass hanging pendant ceiling lamp chandelier

BYB Tiffany Style Stained Glass Hanging Pendant Ceiling Lamp Chandelier Glass

Hanging glass lamps

Antique Stained Glass Brass Hanging Pendant Light 5 Panels Purple ...

Stained glass ceiling lights

A stylish hanging lamp having an upturned umbrella-like shade with a curved edge. It's of hand-cut stained glass tiles with beautiful floral motifs in prevalent blues and greens. Fixture (with curved arms, a bulb and a finial) is of metal in bronze.

Hanging stained glass tiffany lamp pendant lighting by bingobox 75

Hanging Stained Glass Tiffany Lamp Pendant Lighting by BingoBox, $75.00

Coloured glass pendant light

A modern interpreation of the cool mid-century design. This original pendant lighting fixture constitutes a solid and stylish, stained glass proposition. It features 5 square bricks, organized in various ways.

Stained glass dining room light fixtures

If you are not afraid of marine monsters there are many interesting lighting solutions related to them. For example pendanting jellyfish!

Medusa, and her friends are great idea for a hanging lamp. They are white and very light, and look like fluffy curtains.

Shell hanging lamp

A unique contemporary ceiling lamp featuring an unusual lampshade made of hundreds square tiles of mussel shells in beiges with pearly undertones. They hang on length-varied thin white fly lines attached to a grid backplate of black coated metal.

Capiz hanging lamp 7

Handmade hanging pendant lantern made out of a plentiful of little plastic disks around a ceiling lamp, which reflect the light around giving any room a unique appearance and a romantic, moody atmosphere.

Stained glass lamp 17

Stained glass lamp

Glass hanging lamps

Mosaic Glass Pendant Light Hanging Lamp Lighting Stained Glass