Aqua Pendant Lamp

Aqua pendant lamps are lovely and decorative, capable of accenting any style. they have a quality and beauty you will appreciate in your home. And we have plenty of them for you in our extensive collection of Aqua pendant lamps. Take a look through all of our options and see if we have the Aqua pendant lamp you need for your home to take your style up another notch.

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Aqua pendant lamp 4

I could admire this multitone pendant lamp for hours. Inverted tulip glass shade starts with aqua blue that changes to amber and ends as sand brown on top. My gosh, this design's just breathtaking.

Aqua pendant lamp

This beautifully made glass lamp is a perfect combination of aqua glass with subtle light. The beautiful finish captivates and introduces to the decor a pleasant atmosphere for the eye. The perfect solution for kitchen or dining room.

Sea glass pendant lights

An amazing addition to make your room brighter and more appealing. This beautiful pendant light is designed of mouth-blown, blue glass beads and hand cut radiating lines around its exterior - all hanging on black cords for extra appearance.

Aqua pendant lamp 5

Coastal Pendant Lamps inspired by Fishing Glass Floats in Aqua Blue. DIY inspiration since Pottery Barn Teen no longer sells them

Aqua pendant lamp 2

Who wouldn't love a turquoise shade to compliment their lighting choices in the household and provide the space with the perfect color of the light to disperse in the room and make it gain a lot on visual appeal.

Turquoise blue glass pendant lights

This aqua pendant lamp embodies the Scandinavian way of design. Simplistic, modern, yet reflecting the mid-century roots. Designed in Denmark, this lamp will match perfectly contemporary apartments.

Turquoise light fixture

I love this aqua pendant lamp shade, which is made of glass and has the modern design. Add it to your bedroom, living room or kitchen space and enjoy the beautiful accent piece.

Our advice Buying Guide

An aqua pendant lamp is a stylish lighting solution. Not only is the aqua color capable of inducing a relaxing vibe, but the fixture also serves an essential function of providing light. Keep in mind that an aqua pendant lamp comes in many different styles and types.

If you haven't shopped for this kind of lighting before, it's likely that you'll run into a state of confusion because of the many choices. Like almost everything else, the best solution is a bit of knowledge. Hence, this article is going to be an aqua pendant lamp buying guide.

What types of pendants are there?

One of the first things you need to decide is the type of pendant you want. Pendant lights are often categorized into a drum, bowl, bell, and mini type.

  • Drum Pendants - This type of pendant comes with drum-shaped shades. The shades are typically made from metal, glass or fabric. Metal shades allow for subdued lighting. The glass shades maximize the amount of light output. The fabric softens the light. It's common for drum pendants to feature a couple of bulbs, and it's typically as bright compared to traditional chandeliers.
  • Bowl Pendants - A type of pendant lighting that comes with a light diffuser shaped in a bowl. It's also common for the shape to have a broad base with an open top. The form allows light to spread better, which makes this type ideal for illuminating large spaces. Bowl pendants are often used above the kitchen tables or entryway. You can also choose a bowl that concentrates the light upwards or downwards.
  • Bell Pendants - A pendant type that comes with an unmistakable bell-shaped glass. Typically, this type of pendant is used for kitchen islands, entryways, and foyers.
  • Mini Pendants - This type of pendants are slender and small. Thus, it's common for homeowners to use this type in multiples. Mini comes in a lot of styles, shapes, and finishes. Whatever you are looking for, there's typically a mini pendant that will meet your needs. Mini pendants are also versatile which is why its commonly used for bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen islands to name a few.

What are the styling options with aqua pendant lamps?

While a pendant light may come in many different styles, but the most common ones are traditional, transitional, and contemporary. Before shopping, determine first the style of the room. This is important as you'd want the style of the pendant lamp and the room to match.

  • Traditional style is recognizable because of the decorative flourishes. It's a style that is geared towards showcasing elegance and sophistication.
  • Transitional style features a more streamlined aesthetics, and it typically comes with lesser adornments. Transitional is a style that’s versatile and it can be suitable for various settings.
  • Contemporary is all about being very streamlined and minimal. It's on the opposite end compared to the traditional in a way that it leans towards elegance through simplicity.

The key to avoiding confusion is knowing how to filter your choices. The factors mentioned above are excellent starting points for evaluating and filtering your selections. If you are still left with too many options, feel free to add some of your own.


Turquoise feather glass pendant light pendant lighting

Turquoise Feather Glass Pendant Light pendant-lighting

Banded orb aqua pendant by siemon salazar

Banded Orb Aqua Pendant by Siemon & Salazar

Sea glass ceiling light

There is a funky music and there is a funky pendant aqua lamp! The blue color is a color of the truth and fun, so was used here for those silicone sticks that look a bit like hair trolls or algae from the bottom of the sea.

Aqua pendant lamp 17

This lamp is dedicated for everyone, who loves modern design and who doesn't afraid of experiments in his house. This hanging lamp is inspired of aqua style. Lampshade is made of translucent glass and filled off blue plasm.

Pendant lamp in aqua turquoise glass by luxello led modern

Pendant Lamp in Aqua Turquoise Glass By Luxello LED modern-pendant ...

David trubridge coral 600 pendant lamp clean design

David Trubridge Coral 600 Pendant Lamp | Clean Design

Lights nordlux nordlux funk turquoise pendant light shade

... Lights › Nordlux › Nordlux FUNK turquoise pendant light shade

Aqua glass pendant light

Industrial style electric hanging lamps converted from authentic restored old gas lamps. A lamp has a metal chain and a lighthouse-like lampshade with a bit distressed greenish finish. It fits most large bulbs.

Threshold industrial pendant

An eye-catching contemporary hanging lamp featuring a unique lampshade of hundreds greenish oyster shells attached to a metal frame and arranged in the form of a large spherical flower. It hangs on a metal chain and requires 1 up to 60W bulb.

Kichler 65408 Crystal Ball Single-Bulb Indoor Pendant with Teardrop Glass Shade,

Featuring an exquisite Aqua crackled art glass and sleek Brushed Nickel finished hardware, this pendant Crystal Ball lighting fixture will add a magical illumination in one's kitchen or dining room. It is 12.75" high.

Aqua pendant lamp 3

This set of aqua pendant lamps constitutes a proposition for contemporary, eclectic interiors. Their glazed, tall silhouettes will provide a magnificent glittering experience.

Teal glass light shade

Modern pendant lamp mounted on metal frame and covered with glass. Perfect solution for kitchen island and others interiors according to taste. Pastel colors adds freshness and elegance.

Turquoise pendant light 1

Turquoise Pendant Light.

Aqua pendant lamp 1

Sporting the truly beautiful finish of the shade with the turquoise colors this contemporary styled mini-pendant light will surely let you complete the look of your household and ensure a significant boost of visual appeal, while aiding the practical side.

Aqua pendant lamp 18

Topan Pendant

Teal pendant light

A wonderful lamp for any type of interior, this triangle pendant light is created of opaline glass that really stands out from the rest. The shade hangs on a durable chrome chain that beautifully contrasts with the turquoise design.

Aqua pendant light fixture

Gorgeous colored prisms... (via specksofglitterandgold)

Symbolizing purity while providing pure brilliance our daisy capiz pendant

Symbolizing purity while providing pure brilliance, our Daisy Capiz Pendant Lamp is a shimmering natural. The source of its beautiful blue glow? Capiz shells painted aqua and teal then hand-formed into floral blooms. You know where to hang it—over your

Aqua pendant lamp 22

Why not opt for a truly fun and colorful dining room that simply oozes originality and style? This dining table offers the blue finish corresponding with the fun lamp and is beautifully accented with two types of chairs.

Turquoise pendant light

These stylish barn light styled lamps are a unique way to decorate any contemporary interior. Attractive colors, solid steel construction, and stylish and very versatile designs captivate you. Perfect for any interior.

Sea glass globe lights

An illuminating decoration for most types of home decor, great for offices, dens, and reading rooms. The mini pendant features a hammered fixture with oiled bronze finish, and a shapely shade made of stained aqua glass.

Aqua pendant lamp 15

my blue opaline cinderella coach style chandy

Aqua glass pendant firstlight lighting

Aqua Glass Pendant - Firstlight Lighting

Elk Lighting 10243/6FA Synthesis - Six Light Pendant, Satin Nickel Finish with Frosted Aqua Glass

Turquoise glass pendant light

Cool contemporary pendant lamps having cylindrical shades of vivid colourful plastic. Each shade has a quite wide white bottom edge. Pendants have metal frames and hang on cords with colourful casings.

Elk Lighting 10431/3HAQ Hammered Glass - Three Light Pendant, Satin Nickel Finish with Hammered Aqua Glass

Hand blown elegant turquoise pendant lamp lighting

Hand blown elegant turquoise pendant lamp lighting

Glass aqua pendant light beach house decor kitchen island lighting

Glass Aqua Pendant Light - Beach House Decor - Kitchen Island Lighting on Etsy, $125.00

All products kitchen kitchen cabinet lighting pendant lighting 45

All Products / Kitchen / Kitchen & Cabinet Lighting / Pendant Lighting

Bobo II 1 Light Globe Pendant

Bobo II 1 Light Globe Pendant

Barn light pendant

Barn Light Pendant

Aqua pendant lamp 6

Crisscross Pendant Light by Emissary on Gilt Home

Jamie Young Company 5CURV-LGCL Large Curved Pendant, Clear Seeded Glass

Aqua pendant light

Aqua pendant light

Farm feel to hang 3 of them over the light

Farm feel - to hang 3 of them over the light colored dining table

Oilo pendant lighting solid aqua cylinder double laylagrayce lighting

Oilo Pendant Lighting Solid Aqua Cylinder Double. #laylagrayce #lighting

Witten 1 light soft aqua colored glass pendant lamp

Witten 1-Light Soft Aqua Colored Glass Pendant Lamp ...

Aqua mosaic giclee glow mini pendant light 25a07

Aqua Mosaic Giclee Glow Mini Pendant Light - #25A07 ...

Jamie young 10 wide aqua glass bowl pendant light

Jamie Young 10" Wide Aqua Glass Bowl Pendant Light ...

Clark collection 10 wide aqua jamie young glass pendant

Clark Collection 10" Wide Aqua Jamie Young Glass Pendant ...

Mineral pendants in 2020 blown glass pendant light

Mineral Pendants in 2020 | Blown glass pendant light ...

Clark collection 10 wide aqua jamie young glass pendant 1

Clark Collection 10" Wide Aqua Jamie Young Glass Pendant ...

Italian cage art glass pendant lamp by seugso in aqua

Italian Cage Art Glass Pendant Lamp by Seugso in Aqua Blue ...