Decorative Night Lights With Shades

Your child really wants a decorative night light but sometimes they are just too bright. instead why don't you take a look at our collection of decorative Night Lights with shades. we have tons of options to choose from that will perfectly accent your child's imagination or style, and keep them safe in the night. Take a look at this collection for details.

Best Products

Toile Night Light

Toile Night Light
Decorative night lights that will add coziness and romance into your empty spaces. The lights also come with their own unique fabric shades, finished in stunning plant-based imprints. The shades are great in accessorizing your décor, especially in a modern home.

Ring of Roses Night Light

Ring of Roses Night Light
Add that cozy and romantic ambiance into your home with this breathtaking ring of rose inspired night lights. The piece comes with two tiers of beautiful pink roses, neatly attached to a plain white lampshade for a great balance of colors.

Decor Bird Night Light

Decor Bird Night Light
This small but very charming lamp is a great way to calm a child who is afraid of the dark. Cute bird theme will add charm to the whole décor, pleases the eye and Provides subtle lighting at night.

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Decorative night lights with shades

Interesting take on a decorative lamp shade – these ones are battery-powered and revolving, spinning around all the time which gives your lamps a one-of-a-kind look that provides a cozy, homely detail for your home.

Opulent crystal purple green nightlight bead butterfly night light new

Opulent Crystal PURPLE GREEN Nightlight Bead BUTTERFLY Night Light NEW

Of 2 camellia flower antique style lamp shade ceramic night

... of 2 Camellia Flower Antique-Style Lamp Shade Ceramic Night Lights

Our advice Buying Guide

What type of decorative night lights to choose for your bedroom?

If you’re constantly tired of changing your decorative night light batteries, consider plug-in versions instead. These types of decorative night lights can stay illuminated all night without raising your electricity bill.

On the other hand, a battery-powered night light can prove to be useful when you don’t have an outlet nearby. Keep in mind that regularly replacing batteries can be quite expensive in the long run.

When it comes to designs, there are attention-grabbing shades that include antique embroidery, colorful prints, and gothic fringes as well as more subtle pieces with lighter color palettes and delicate patterns. The design you choose will depend on whether you want to give your bedroom a touch of style or a cozy appeal.

What are the best decorative night lights with shades made of?

Decorative night lights with shades are typically made out of light, durable materials such as plastic, vinyl, and canvas. This allows you to plug them in wherever you need without worrying too much about their weight. We’d recommend looking for a durable vinyl version with a canvas shade, as this will be the most likely to last for years to come.

What color shades to choose for decorative night lights for your bedroom?

Decorative night lights with shades that are white (or light-toned, such as cream or pink) will do a more efficient job of lighting your bedroom.

However, that may not be the point of your nightlight. If you’re looking for something to match your room, go for a darker color in a tone that’s already present in the space.

This will provide a subdued light and a dramatic effect that’s perfect for sleeping, but still having that comforting glow.


Decorative night lights with shades

Turn your boring table lamp into exemplary décor accessories thanks to these well-constructed lace lampshades. Available in different shapes and sizes, the shades come in bright white lace fabrics neatly attached around them for incredible accent value. They should work great for the master bedroom.

Night Light with Paper Shade Can Be Decorated With Your Personal Touch (Pkg/3)

Ikat shade night light personalized by baby milano

Ikat Shade Night Light (Personalized) by Baby Milano

Decorative lamp shade night lights

Transform the ambience in your home into a cozy more romantic spectacle with these amazing decorative lights. Featuring an Arabian inspired design, the lights glow with different shades, giving your home that extraordinary feeling of elegance and cozy appeal that you’ve been looking for.

GE Metal Shade With Flower Design Incandescent Night Light 51386

AmerTac 71142 Pleated Sconce Night Light

Decor Cat Night Light

Decor Cat Night Light

Hand Embroidered Night Light

Hand Embroidered Night Light

Decorative night lights with shades 2

Elegance, mystery and solemn atmosphere - that presents a gothic style, one of the achievements of medieval Europe. Decorative night lights with shades are one of example. Gothic fringes, spiders and skulls -all made of black lace.

Southern Suntan Night Light

Southern Suntan Night Light

Bathroom night light 10

Seashell Night-Light Substitute the usual plastic shade of a night-light with a shapely beach treasure. Look for shells with a flat surface that you can glue by Martha

Decorative night lights with shades 15

“Not everything is supposed to become something beautiful and long-lasting. Sometimes people come into your life to show you what is right and what is wrong, to show you who you can be, to teach you to love yourself, to make you feel better for a little

Decorative night lights with shades 13

Set of three lamps intended to decorate your corridor. Set is composed of chandelier and two lamps mounted to the wall next to front door. They have luxurious frames covered with gold and classic silk lampshades.

Lava lamp night light 2

Decorative and practical lava lamp that provides some interior illumination at night. This element of equipment features a multi-color design and a durable frame, so it is resistant to wear and damage.

Lamp shade night light

Victorian Lampshade with Antique French Embroidery

Amertac 75055 Art Shade Flowers Nite Lite Manual

Night light lamp shade 6

If you like unique lamp shades, this Lego night light lamp shade shall appeal to you. It can be a great idea for your child's room. An adorable, DIY blue and green construction.