Corner Wall Lights


Your corners are the darkest parts of your home. And if you want to light them, what you need are some corner wall lights. They will help you eliminate shadows and illuminate those parts of your home that are already somewhat unused. They are a clever use of light. And these corner wall lights are beautiful and can be used as an accent piece to add to the aesthetic of your interior design scheme. See the collection for more details about our corner wall lights.

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Islands of Light Melos 1 Light Corner Wall Sconce

Islands of Light Melos 1 Light Corner Wall Sconce

This wall sconce is the perfect way to light up your interior with the true functionality, since the piece provides the ideal angle of lighting and the strong, durable structure, while the simple, modern styled design accentuates the setting.

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Quarter cone corner plaster wall light

Quarter Cone Corner Plaster Wall Light

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Islands of Light Gran Thera 1 Light Corner Wall Sconce

Islands of Light Gran Thera 1 Light Corner Wall Sconce

This neat corner wall lantern is the culmination of every tasteful decor. Beautiful warm glow of light will give any interior a cozy character. Its contemporary design is very impressive.

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Custom corner shelves

15 Awesome Accessories & Decor Ideas for Your Home

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Corner wall lights 22

Whoa! Light peeking in from out side // Peel Wall Light by YOY

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Corner wall light

To obtain the most perfect industrial interior - which can never be perfect, paradoxically, against a background of old shabby bright stones, you can hang a futuristic corner wall lights lamp with hanging veils finished with glass shades of warm light.

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Stiegel corner wall light kolarz lighting

Stiegel Corner Wall Light - Kolarz Lighting

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Vasily 1 Light Wall Sconce

Vasily 1 Light Wall Sconce

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Corner wall lights 17

This Reggio inspired corner wall light is a fantastic idea, which will enchant both your younger and older guests. Depicting small stars and moons, it will be a perfect proposition for children's bedroom.

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Velvet club chair

A collection of Dixon's new gold pendants hangs in the Bar Club. Courtesy of: Aravec Clarke

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Corner Wall Lights

Buying Guide

The type of corner wall light that gives you the most light are those that rely on LED bulbs: this is particularly important when it comes to corner wall lights since the spot where two walls meet is usually the darkest part of a room.

As for the style of the actual fixture, it depends on what type of effect you’re trying to achieve: uplights can create a bright accent, whereas downlights give you more light below for a more practical purpose.

If you want to amplify the lighting element even further, choose some corner wall lights with a pale or see-through shade that lets the light through.

Corner wall lights are available in a variety of types and styles to suit every personal preference and interior decor style. Wall lights are available with different power sources, which may affect where you place them and vice versa.

And whether you opt for hardwired, battery-operated, or plug-in corner wall lights will determine the overall look of the lights.

The hardwired option is most common as it offers a polished look. Plug-in lights offer the versatility of being place near any plug-point, and battery-operated wall lights are portable, while you are not limited to placing them near a power outlet, nor are you limited to the layout of your home's electrical system.

Once you've figured out the power source that is best for you, there are various styles of corner wall lights to choose from, such as contemporary, Scandinavian, and mid-century modern styles.

Corner wall lights may be used in any area of the home that is dark and requires additional lighting. Alternatively, they are a popular option for areas of the home that require unobtrusive lighting.

These corner wall lights are readily available in various styles and types to suit every interior decorating style and personal preference. So feel free to install them in your dim entryways, foyers, dining, and living areas or use them to light up decorative floating shelves in selected corners of your rooms.

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Corner wall lights

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Corner wall lights

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Corner wall lights 3

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Corner wall lights 1

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Corner wall lights 9

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Corner wall lights 4

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Corner wall lights

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Corner wall lights 10

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