Tension Pole Lamp

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A somewhat retro idea, the pole lamp with adjustable lights aiming capability are an effective and useful throwback to the 80's. This collection takes it a step further, offering a floor to ceiling option, giving more light, and more stability. In many different materials and styles to fit your home, and your personality, a floor ceiling pole lamp will add an eclectic element to your home.

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Updated 08/03/2023
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Best Value
Vintage Tension Pole Lamp From The 60s

Vintage Tension Pole Lamp From The 60s

Perfect For: Vintage collectors

What We Like: 3-way switch

What We Don’t Like: Rust and scratch marks

This floor-to-ceiling lamp was made over 60 years ago, making it an authentic, long-lasting vintage item. The main eye-catchers are the three amber glass shades, designed with hobnail detailing on the outside and a frosted/clear glass chimney on the inside. Adding to its charming character, the pole shows off a gold-finished metal body with wooden accents.

Designer Advice:

This tension pole lamp would be best suited in a room with traditional furnishings. Our advice would be to tuck it into a corner, perhaps behind a bergère or wingback accent chair to turn that spot into a cozy, old-world reading nook. Don’t forget to adorn the surrounding walls with classic artwork to complete the look. 

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Best Cheap
Mid Century Tension Pole Lamp with Wooden Shades

Mid Century Tension Pole Lamp with Wooden Shades

Perfect For: Accent lighting in the living room

What We Like: Original yet budget-friendly

What We Don’t Like: Shows signs of wear and rust

Not So Good For: Tall ceilings

Here’s a rare find at an affordable price! Crafted from glass, metal, and wood, this tension pole lamp presents a peculiar Danish modern style. It features three chunky light shades that hang from a matte gold canopy with decorative chains. Each bulb is protected with a chimney and gives off a warm glow thanks to the frosted base. While the bottom part of the pole is stationary, the top part is adjustable to fit 87 to 90-inch ceilings.

Designer Advice:

We recommend setting this lamp in a bright neutral room (preferably with white walls) to highlight its distinctive features. Even better, pair it with organically shaped furniture—such as a round wooden coffee table or Camaleonda-style sofa— to create a sense of balance.

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Best Unique
Baroque Floor to Ceiling Pole Lamp

Baroque Floor to Ceiling Pole Lamp

Perfect For: A showy focal point

What We Like: Attention to detail

Not So Good For: Ceilings lower than 90 inches and higher than 107 inches

Dramatic and showstopping, this tension pole lamp perfectly captures the bold beauty of Baroque design. It is highly ornate, flaunting intricate carvings throughout the shades. In addition, the lamp has a slender twisted-style column, fitted with curving arms and sturdy chains. Finished in elegant tones of gold and brass, this floor-to-ceiling lamp is made to steal the spotlight.

Designer Advice:

Although unique and elaborate in appearance, this light fixture looks surprisingly good in a variety of interior design schemes. For instance, it adds an eclectic element to mid-century modern and contemporary spaces. On another note, it brings a glamorous finishing touch to Hollywood regency, Victorian, and gothic themes. Another favorite part – it offers three modes of lighting.

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Mid Century Tension Pole Lamp in Olive Green

Mid Century Tension Pole Lamp in Olive Green

What We Like: The retro green metal shades

What We Don’t Like: The shades hang out more than other tension lampshades

Not So Good For: Narrow spaces, downward lighting

Perfect For: Multi-directional lighting, lighting a room

This vintage pole lamp is sleek with its cone lamp shades made of metal and gold stem accents. All three shades can be adjusted to point up and down or side-to-side and they have set screws to lock them in place. Another awesome feature is each light has its own on/off switch to adjust how much light you want to put off at one time.

The green tone on this vintage floor-to-ceiling tension pole lamp looks best with white, eggshell, or light wall paints. Be careful when setting this lamp in rooms with green walls as it can clash with other green tones.

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Tension Pole Lamp With Fabric Shades

Tension Pole Lamp With Fabric Shades

What We Like: Fabric and wood combo is trendy

What We Don’t Like: Lamp shades sit at eye level when standing

Not So Good For: Lighting a whole room

Perfect For: Providing ambient light for mood lighting

This floor-to-ceiling tension pole lamp sports narrow drum shades in beige, a brass pole, and warm walnut wood accents. It comes with an eight-and-a-half-foot cord, fits ceilings eight feet high, and stands flat and wide against walls and corners.

Designer Advice:

Stand this beauty in the corner of a room over a couch for mood lighting or at the front entrance for a relaxing vibe. Its two-shade layout creates a symmetrical design in a room, great for folks who prefer even numbers and balance. The fabric shade softens the brightness of the light, so it’s best not to use this tension lamp as the primary light source.

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Floor to Ceiling Lamp With Ceramic Shades

Floor to Ceiling Lamp With Ceramic Shades

What We Like: Ultra unique ceramic shades with open holes

What We Don’t Like: The shades sit too close together

Not So Good For: Wide area lighting since the lights point downwards

Perfect For: Using as a reading light or lighting a narrow hallway

Made of metal, steel, and ceramic, this vintage tension pole lamp flaunts three twisted shades that throw a neat light show on nearby walls. Golds, browns, tans, and whites make up this floor-to-ceiling pole lamp harmonizing warm and cool hues. The top is spring-loaded and extends to fit standard ceiling heights.

Designer Advice:

It pairs nicely in homes with ceramic decor like delicate China in a wood and glass cabinet. Because all three shades point down, this tension lamp makes for the perfect reading light or accent light. To prevent it from looking too bland, use this pole lamp in homes with warm hue walls and floors.

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Tension Pole Lamp

Buying Guide

Whether you need more illumination or not, you'd find a floor-to-ceiling pole lamp a great room addition. It's stylish and fun, and it can be situated in any corner. Never shy away from matching a pole lamp with hanging fixtures and table lamps.

Here's how you can find the best pole lamp for your space:

How to determine the right size for a floor ceiling pole lamp?

Get the height of your floor to your ceiling before you start looking at your options. Choose a lamp that has a width which can fit your space comfortably. An adjustable height pole lamp will offer you with flexibility. Since it's adjustable, you'll be able to move the lamp from one room to the next as needed. Size represents an important factor that needs to be considered when choosing pole lamps. A pole lamp that won't be able to reach your ceiling will have no use. Also, a large pole lamp can easily take up valuable space inside your room. It is, therefore, essential that you get the right size.

What kind of floor ceiling pole lamp will meet my lighting needs?

Consider each pole lamp's configuration as you shop in order to find the fixture that meets all of your lighting needs. A torchiere-style lamp will project light that reaches your ceiling. It is a perfect light source if you are looking for some ambient lighting. On the downside, it's a poor light source if you're doing tasks.

An oversized shade will cast a wide glow and help brighten the entire room. Narrow shades, on the other hand, project direct light to a small area. A swing-arm lamp will offer you with control, which means it can be arranged as how you need it.

If the lamp's placement has a tricky configuration, check out gooseneck or arch pole lamps. They feature adjustable necks that will bring light to the area that you need illuminated. If you'll be installing the pole lamp next to your table or behind your couch, you would still be able to bring light to several other areas by repositioning the heads of the other lamps.

What control options are there for a floor ceiling pole lamp?

Pole lamps can feature touch-sensitive controls, making it easier for you to switch the lights on and off. There are units that have switches in their bases or on the poles. There are even lamps that have switches on their cords. Think about where you'll be placing your lamp. if you have easy access to it, then you don't have to worry about lamp controls. If access is limited or difficult, choose the control system that's best suited for your needs.

Are halogen pole lamps safe?

Traditional halogen pole lamps have been around for decades. However, the Chicago Tribune warned homeowners that halogen lamps come with serious safety issues. A halogen bulb can reach a temperature as high as 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a fire risk that you'll find to be bad news when it gets knocked over. As much as possible, avoid a halogen lamp. Look for a model that has a built-in guard to keep the bulb in place when it gets tipped over. If your lamp will be permanently installed in its position, then you don't have to worry about this.

Best Ideas

Mid century tension pole floor to ceiling lamp

Mid century tension pole floor to ceiling lamp

An amazing, floor-to-ceiling tension pole lamp, designed in mid century modern style. The pole is balanced and it firmly holds its position, accommodating 3 bullhorn-like shades - each made of perforated metal with walnut-finished wood accents.

Mid century modern 1960s floor to

Mid century modern 1960s floor to

Modern lamp with 3 lights. Designed for mounting on the floor and ceiling. Pole is made of metal. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and contemporary style.

Floor ceiling pole lamp 2

This original floor ceiling pole lamp constitutes a Scandinavian proposition for the mid-century design enthusiasts. Crafted contemporarily, it was inspired by the simplistic design of past decades.

Vintage pole lamp tension lamp floor to

Vintage pole lamp tension lamp floor to

Interestingly made floor lamp with several lampshades is an excellent way to original interior lighting. The beautiful form resembles the shape of the flowers so that the decor gains in lightness and freshness.

Vintage Pole Lamp Tension Lamp Floor To

Vintage Pole Lamp Tension Lamp Floor To

Drowning in illuminating elegance, this floor to ceiling lamp uses 3 cylindrical metal shades with swiss cheese holes and fiberglass inserts. The height of the lamp can be adjusted, making it suitable for ceilings up to 8' 8" tall.

Tension pole lamps retro

tension pole lamps retro

Danish modern pole lamp mid century

Danish modern pole lamp mid century

This lovely tension lamp is firmly attached to both floor and ceiling, so, you don't have to worry about tipping it over. And it has a Teak wood pole that accommodates a pair of stylish, stained glass panel shades.

Pole lamps vintage

An interesting modern lamp with 3 lampshades mounted on a floor-to-ceiling height tension rod of metal finished in gold. Cone-shaped regulated lampshades of silvery metal with brown narrower ends are attached to short thin round section holders.

1967 floor to ceiling italian floor lamp

1967 floor to ceiling italian floor lamp

Designed in the 1960's by Italian artisans, this floor-to-ceiling tension pole lamp is a beautiful mix of antique and modern appearance. It firmly holds its position, accommodating 5 sphere shades embedded in the metal rings.

Floor to ceiling tension pole lamp 3

Floor to ceiling tension pole lamp 3

A pole lamp with a length from floor to ceiling. It includes three globes that illuminate indoors and improve their aesthetics. These multi-color elements look very nice in any interior design. Their metal post provides long service life and support.

Vintage pole lamp tension lamp floor to ceiling lamp pole

Vintage pole lamp - tension lamp - floor to ceiling lamp - pole light ...

Mid century modern pole lamp

Atomic Tension Pole Lamp Floor to Ceiling w/ Retro Turquoise Fin Lucite Shades

Stiffel tension pole floor lamp light lampe lampara lampada image

Stiffel Tension Pole Floor Lamp Light Lampe Lampara Lampada image 3

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Floor to ceiling pole lamps

floor-to-ceiling pole lamps

Retro pole lamps

We don't have overhead lights in most of our rooms, and most floor lamps are awful. But this, this one I love.

Stiffel tension pole floor lamp light lampe lampara lampada image

Stiffel Tension Pole Floor Lamp Light Lampe Lampara Lampada image 5

Pole lamps ugly but effective floor to ceiling with tension

Pole lamps - Ugly, but effective. Floor to ceiling with tension rod.

Floor to ceiling lights

If you want to truly distinguish your space, a floor to ceiling lighting fixture would be a nice way to do it. This one enchants with original shades, referring to the oriental style.

Vtg 1960s Mid Century Danish Modern Floor To Ceiling Tension Pole Lamp 8

Vtg 1960s Mid Century Danish Modern Floor To Ceiling Tension Pole Lamp 8

I like mid century accents in home decor, because they creates the restful atmosphere. I purchased this Danish modern floor to ceiling tension pole lamp, and I am delighted.

Floor ceiling pole lamp

MID Century VTG Danish Style Tension Floor TO Ceiling Pole Lamp

Tension rod lamp

Ranging from the floor to ceiling, this mid-century lamp shall appeal to all, who look for cool, retro accents to their interiors. An ideal way to bring in a priceless transformation.

Pole lamps indoor

Phillip Lloyd Powell, Walnut Pole Lamp, 1960s.

1950 vintage floor lamps

teak tension pole lamp, wish Nana hadn't gotten rid of hers