Mid-Century Floor Lamps

There is something to be said about a truly creative and artistic floor lamp. Not only do they give light to the room, but they also make a statement about your style and personality. And this collection of mid century floor lamps will do that in spades because every single one is very unique but completely functional. Take a look at our extensive collection for more details.

Mid Century Floor Lamp With Frosted Lightbulb Cap

Mid Century Floor Lamp With Frosted Lightbulb Cap

$141.99 $267.11

Mid Century Floor Lamp With Frosted Lightbulb Cap


$141.99 $267.11

What We Like: Bright light that focuses both up and down

What We Don't Like: Black cord is hard to hide

Not So Good For: Studio apartments and rooms with a lack of space

Perfect For: Low-lit rooms needing a statement piece 

This mcm floor lamp is one of the most popular mid-century floor lamps on the market because of its crisp lighting and neat tripod stand. It is elegant and minimalistic with its thin legs and a cotton drum shade with brass gold accents.

The tripod design is eye-catching in living rooms, but the base is wide, taking up a lot of space and making it bad for small spaces. It is chic, trendy, and has a feminine nature that complements hanging art pieces and stands out the most with a white or neutral backdrop.

Mid century Atomic Floor Lamp

Mid century Atomic Floor Lamp

$93.99 $159.99

Mid century Atomic Floor Lamp

Mercury Row®

$93.99 $159.99

What We Like: Singularity, soft light, and friendly vibe

What We Don't Like: Globe is made of plastic

Not So Good For: Families with small children and pets

Perfect For: Small rooms, playrooms, and nurseries

This mid-century modern floor lamp uses LED bulbs and has a milky white shade in the shape of a globe. The foot switch on the cord turns it on and off, and the stems come in three hues: brass, blackened bronze, and brushed nickel.

Its large round globe top helps soften sharp edges in a room for a more welcoming, relaxing, and friendly feel. If you are looking for more drastic lines, go with a torchiere or a floor lamp with a straight swing arm. For greater emphasis and style, place it by itself with more space around it, and don't place it too close to the couch.

Vintage Mid century Floor Lamp With Wire Cage

Vintage Mid century Floor Lamp With Wire Cage

$127.99 $199.99

Vintage Mid century Floor Lamp With Wire Cage

George Oliver

$127.99 $199.99

What We Like: Round cage design

What We Don't Like: The screws are visible

Not So Good For: Sitting next to tall furniture

Perfect For: Living rooms with low platform couches and short coffee tables

Finished with a black metal base and capped with an antique brass cage, this mcm lamp illuminates a room with neat up and down shadows. It has a rocker switch and clear cord with an adjustable height up to sixty-nine inches that looks great above low couches.

Desks and tables with black legs and accents complement the black finish on the legs of this mid-century floor lamp. Although the cord is clear, it isn't routed through one of the tripod legs, so it dangles from the center. Fix this minor design element by taping the cord to one of the tripod legs with black or clear tape.

Mid century Modern Lamp With Flat Drum Shade

Mid century Modern Lamp With Flat Drum Shade

$91.99 $119.99

Mid century Modern Lamp With Flat Drum Shade

Wade Logan®

$91.99 $119.99

What We Like: Ten color options to choose from

What We Don't Like: Lamp shade is a bit small

Not So Good For: Sitting close to a reading chair

Perfect For: Large dining and living rooms

Easy to assemble, this lovely mcm floor lamp gives you ten colors to choose from, making it easier to match your home's color scheme. It has two light sockets, each with its turn knob switch, giving you more control over how much light is emitted.

The drum shade is made of white linen fabric and emits upward and area lighting covering a much larger room area than other drum shades. The small shade can be a problem if you're planning on using this lamp next to a chair because it sits at eye level.

Atomic Floor Lamp With Frosted Globes

Atomic Floor Lamp With Frosted Globes

Atomic Floor Lamp With Frosted Globes


What We Like: Easy to assemble and takes up little space

What We Don't Like: The lightbulb it comes with is too bright

Not So Good For: living rooms because the lack of shade causes glare

Perfect For: A small space, like an office or study

Gold-plated and topped with two glass spheres, this mid-century floor lamp diffuses a sharp light into a mere soft glow. The spheres are frosted to prevent glare and sit perched on metal bars like graceful birds. Their round shape offers 360-degree lighting and comes with two LED bulbs saving you a trip to the store.

It's a unique floor lamp and is best to use in low-lit reading corners and office spaces. Because the bulbs don't come with shade, they can be hard on the eyes, so place this lamp away from your seating area.

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Mid-Century Floor Lamps

Buying Guide

If you're wondering what you need to think about before buying a floor lamp for your home or office, you've landed at the right place. Every home needs a beautiful lamp somewhere to brighten up the darkest of days. Here are some considerations you'll need to make before you go out shopping for something to brighten your space.

How much light do you need?

This depends on what you're going to use the lamp for, so determine this before you begin your search for the perfect floor lamp. If you intend to use the lamp for studying, you should buy a lamp which is adjustable so that you can turn it downwards or upwards depending on how much light you require. It's not a good idea to have a bright lamp constantly shining down when you're studying, particularly if you are reading or using a screen. You can either buy a lamp which you can physically move so that the light is facing elsewhere, or you can buy a floor lamp which has adjustable settings so you can dim the light if you wish.

Do mid-century floor lamps come with storage shelves?

Many mid-century floor lamps come with a shelf halfway down the post so that you can put your cup and other items on it. This extra space means that you can move small coffee tables elsewhere if you like, or you can put the lamp wherever you want and still have somewhere to keep your things while using it.

How to easily adjust the amount of light?

If you want to have the liberty to choose exactly how much light you want in your home, buy a lamp which has more than one bulb. Some lamps will enable you to turn on just one of them, so switching one switch doesn't necessarily turn all of the lights on. This means that you can easily 'layer up' the amount of light that you have in the room, creating the perfect way to customize how your home looks.

How to style with mid-century floor lamps?

Buying mid century floor lamps that have removable lamp shades means that you can change the colors and designs whenever you like. While the lamp will remain the same, you can make people think you've bought an entirely new one every single time they visit you! If, like many lamps, there are several light bulbs attached, you can experiment with different colors of glass lamp shades to see what beautiful effects you can create. This often brings a lovely warm light to your home which is ideal for cold winter nights or early mornings.

Apart from all the great benefits of a good floor lamp, you should consider the type of character and mood that you want to create for your room. Mid-century lamps are very characterful and can often form the centerpiece of the room without being too much. The style of lamp you choose eventually will depend on the theme of your room and the atmosphere that you would like to create.

Best Ideas

Gorgeous 5 foot mid century modern eames

Gorgeous 5 foot mid century modern eames

A truly unique piece of shining masterpiece that will probably put to the shame every other light in your home. The lamp features a graceful silhouette, including a round base for balance and a brass-finished metal rod with an on / off switch, holding an elongated, tapered white shade.

Extraordinary mid century modern teak 3 legged floor lamp incredible

Extraordinary Mid-century modern teak 3 legged floor lamp - incredible ...

Mid Century Tension Pole Floor To Ceiling Lamp

Mid Century Tension Pole Floor To Ceiling Lamp

This standing, recycled lamp is dedicated to everyone, who loves modern design. This unique lamp has stillage made of wooden and brass pipe and few lampshades made of metal funnels with wooden finishing.

French mid century danish rispal praying

French mid century danish rispal praying

Original floor lamp in the Art Deco style. Base is made of wood. Round lampshade is covered with paper and gives warm tone of light. Sophisticated accessory for the living room, dining room and more.

Zurn design introduced me to their modern wood furniture and

State-of-the-art midcentury floor lamp featuring a sturdy three-legged base and a strong wooden design. The lamp has a unique shape and design too. It also delivers a beautiful combination of tones thanks to its dominant dark brown base and a touch of white at the top.

Mid century floor lamps 3

1950s Italian Lamp Light Stilnovo Mid Century by ANTICLOPEDIA

Mid Century Floor Lamp

Mid Century Floor Lamp

Being a modern interpretation of the cool mid-century style, this stylish floor lamp will embellish not only traditional, but also modern interiors, being an eye-catching accent wherever appears.

Mid century floor lamps

Made in id century style floor lamp are a perfect combination of unique style and interesting details of the mold. Unusual base construction made of wood and subtle suspended lampshade are phenomenal.

Atomic lamps for sale

Modern, artsy floor lamps. Two colours of the shades available. If you’re looking for extravagant furniture to create an awe-inspiring interior, such futuristic lamps are certainly the way to go.

1955 gerald thurston lightolier floor lamp by mad modern via

1955 Gerald Thurston Lightolier floor lamp by Mad Modern, via Flickr

Mid century atomic lamp

A magnificent piece for improving indoor areas, that represents a mid-century modern design. This sculptural floor lamp with a cylindrical off-white shade is integrated with a built-in table with oval top - made of cherry-finished hardwood.

Vanguard Floor Lamp with Glass Tray Table

Mid century floor lamps 13

Brass and Enameled Metal Floor Lamp| 1950s

Mid century modern wood floors

Presented on the photo - mid century floor lamp is a tripod solution with very modern trim. Legs are made of walnut wood and they resemble giraffe legs! The most intresting is the lamp shade - created with many orange trims, in orderly mess.

Vintage retro floor lamp

Bring a touch of mid-century flair into your living room with this beautiful free-standing pole lamp. Featuring a strong metal design, the pole is finished in shiny brass for outstanding elegance. It also comes fitted with up to three lamps, making sure you get lots of ambient light in your spaces.

Twigs Floor Lamp, Red

Retro floor lamps melbourne

Made in the style of midcentury floor lamp is a perfect combination of unique stylistics and interesting details. The whole, based on a solid brass base, has a glass lampshade which is light and stylish.

1stdibs italian mid century floor lamp with ivory shades

1stdibs | Italian+Mid-century+Floor+Lamp+With+Ivory+Shades

Get a mid century modern style with floor lamps

Get a Mid-Century Modern Style with Floor Lamps

Mansion decor mid century danish teak bow floor lamp

Mansion Decor: Mid Century Danish teak Bow Floor Lamp

25 mid century modern lamps to light up your life

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Mid century danish modern floor lamp

Mid Century Danish Modern Floor Lamp

Rhan vintage mid century modern blog incredible mid

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Mid century modern danish style teak wood floor lamp at

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