Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp


If you want a tall lamp, a torchiere lamp is the way to go. But, most of them aren't very bright? We have fixed that problem by adding a halogen bulb. Take a look at these halogen torchiere floor lamps. They will light your home, and you don't have to fret the glare of a direct light in your eyes. They are attractive, as well as very functional. Get one, or more, for your home.

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Our Picks

2521 Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp Modern Floor Lamps

2521 Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp Modern Floor Lamps

Blending elegance and style this torchiere floor lamp combines venetian glass with the hand-brushed brass to achieve a striking look, while the two halogen bulbs ensure more than enough light for your interior.

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Basic II Torchiere Floor Lamp

Basic II Torchiere Floor Lamp

It is very pretty, interesting and modern floor lamp. It is very tall and slender. Perfect for an elegant and exclusive modern interior. It is an excellent feature, which combines decoration and usability.

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Ormond Tochiere Floor Lamp

Ormond Tochiere Floor Lamp

Aesthetic traditional floor lamp having a round foot and a tall sleek round section stem of glossy black-coated metal. It has a basic bowl-shade for halogen bulbs. It's equipped with a rotary switch.

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Torchiere Floor Lamp and Reading Light Combination

Torchiere Floor Lamp and Reading Light Combination

This modern and well thought out in every detail floor lamp is a combination ideal for demanding users. The additional light helps illuminate the evening reading a book, and the overhead light gives subteny warm atmosphere to any room. Steel finish makes it very elegant.

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In stock this product normally leaves our warehouse within 1

In stock. This product normally leaves our warehouse within 1-2 ...

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Halogen floor lamp with dimmer

Fitting well into contemporary decor, this 70 1/2 inch high halogen torchiere floor lamp enchants with its solid, quality finishing. It has the power of 300 W, effectively enlighting the space.

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Halogen torchiere floor lamps

Halogen torchiere floor lamps are one of the most classic indoor accessories, but somehow I haven't come up with an idea of having them in different colors. Just for a slight color variegation that pops here and there.

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Satin white contemporary modern dual light torchiere floor lamp in

Satin White Contemporary / Modern Dual Light Torchiere Floor Lamp In ...

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Best halogen floor lamp

$99.99 Flourish Steel Glass Cap Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp -

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300 watt halogen floor lamps

Product Code: B00BNI0XH8 Rating: 4.5/5 stars List Price: $ 39.00 Discount: Save $ 10 Spe

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Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp

Buying Guide

When you’re choosing a halogen torchiere floor lamp, you’ll want to consider its height, the type of shade it has, whether it’s adjustable, and the material it’s made out of. Typically, when looking for a good-sized floor lamp, you’ll want to target one that’s about 68 inches tall. Measure your space and see what works - and, if you’re able to purchase an adjustable one to give yourself a little bit of versatility, that’s always a good call.

Lamps are always one of the focal points in any room. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that your lamp matches your room to some extent. As you’re looking for lamps, think about the shades of wood and types of metal you already have. Selecting a floor lamp made out of a similar material will help you achieve a more cohesive look.

To change a halogen torchiere floor lamp bulb, first unplug your lamp and let the bulb cool. Once cool, unscrew the covering, remove the bulb slowly, and insert a new one.

Halogen lamp bulbs burn bright and become extremely hot. They can also retain heat even after switching the lamp off.

Avoid handling the hot bulb with bare hands. Don a pair of cotton gloves or use a towel to remove the bulb. Unscrew the glass cover and set it aside. Push gently on the halogen bulb and slowly unscrew it in a counterclockwise direction. If your bulb is held in place by pins, carefully push on these until the bulb can easily be extracted.

Glance at the removed bulb and locate the ANSI code printed on it. Your replacement bulb should match this code and also its wattage. Screw in the new bulb in a clockwise direction. Replace the covering and plug your lamp back in.

Best Ideas

Torchiere Floor Lamp

Torchiere Floor Lamp

Very tall, single bulb floor lamp with torchiere shaped alabaster glass shade in warm honey coloring, affixed on top of a straight pole. The lamp stands firmly on the ground thanks to thick, round base.

Torchiere floor lamp halogen

ORE International 3030BK 190W Halogen Torchiere, Black ORE

Halogen torchiere floor lamp 4

halogen torchiere floor lamp

300 watt halogen floor lamp with dimmer

Basic Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp Information

300 watts halogen torchiere floor lamp

Nice Halogen torchiere floor lamp

Lamp torchiere halogen convert to fluorescent

lamp torchiere halogen convert to fluorescent

300 watt floor lamp

Lite Source Module II Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp - $245.81 @ LampsPlus

2517 torchiere with glass floorlamp modern floor lamps

2517 #Torchiere with #glass #floorlamp modern floor lamps

Floor lamps halogen 500 watt

190 Watt halogen torchiere floor lamp 71" H Black. Other colors also available separately. Dimmer switch and Free bulb included, some assembly required. This has replaced the 300 watt halogen floor lamps as the UL standards do not allow our import

Halogen floor lamps 300w

Buy it now Replacement Dimmer Control For Floor Lamps and Halogen Torchieres. 500-Watt

300 watt halogen torchiere

Black Halogen 175 Watt Torchiere Floor Lamp by Universal Lighting and Decor. $89.99. This torchiere-style floor lamp features a black finish for a sleek, contemporary look. This lamp is perfect for a bedroom where extra light is needed, or for seating are

Halogen torchiere floor lamp with dimmer 1

Halogen Three Light Torchiere and Reading Floor Lamp

Modern black halogen 70 1 2 inch h torchiere floor

Modern Black Halogen 70 1/2-Inch-H Torchiere Floor Lamp

Hallogen floor lamp

Brushed Steel 71 1/2-Inch-H Task Reading Floor Lamp -