Cordless Reading Lamp

No One likes cords. They get in the way, they present plenty of trip hazards, and then there is finding somewhere to plug them in. Not an issue with a cordless reading lamp. Take that cord out of the equation, sit comfortably, and read to your heart's content. In this impressive collection, we have plenty of options in cordless reading lamps to suit your needs.

Best Products

Skan Reading Floor Lamp

Skan Reading Floor Lamp
An aesthetic minimalist modern floor lamp with a metal base. It's built of a drop-like weighted foot and a very thin round section stem. A curved shade is made of plastic, accommodates 1 up to 8W LED bulb, is equipped with a dimmable touch switch.

Torchiere 71" Floor Lamp with Side Reading Lamp

Torchiere 71" Floor Lamp with Side Reading Lamp
This stylish lamp in a classic style is a beautiful addition to any interior. Stlowy upper cover and lower side light gives any interior a unique atmosphere. Solid metal base provides strength and durability.

1 Light Reading Floor Lamp

1 Light Reading Floor Lamp
Beautiful free standing cordless reading lamp designed for the modern living room. Sitting on a sturdy rounded base, the lamp is supported by slender but equally strong metal pipes. It also comes in a glossed gold plated finish that should add a dash of opulence to your home.

Cordless Mercury Glass Lily 9.75" H Table Lamp

Cordless Mercury Glass Lily 9.75" H Table Lamp
This marvelous table lamp in a bronze toned finish includes a beautifully crafted, metal base that holds as stylish and lovely, mercury glass bell shade. The lamp has an on/off switch, and accommodates LED bulbs.

Tolomeo Reading Floor Lamp I

Tolomeo Reading Floor Lamp I
It is the perfect floor lamp designed for reading. The lamp ideally suited to the living room or bookcase. It can be adjusted according to needs and expectations, and it is all thanks to a special arm that is movable. It is a combination of utility and decorative.

Cordless reading lamp

A stunning floor lamp in a simple, yet elegant form. A tall, slim piece fully made of metal with a golden, glossy finish. Placed near a sofa or an armchair, it will emit bright light, perfect for reading. It's cordless so you will easily move it.

Cordless reading lamp 4

Imagine the lack of cables tangling around the house-this will allow you for a wireless a floor lamp. Battery powered, has a modern character and is definitely maintained in minimalist design, cordless reading lamp has a small shade and a long, narrow base.

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Task lighting improved when LED lighting was introduced. Heat sensitive materials were no longer a problem and more energy efficient models became available. Further, adjustable heads make the reduction of glare a thing of the past.

A cordless reading lamp gives you the flexibility to perform your tasks almost anywhere. Dimmable lamps provide different levels of comfort for your eyes.

What are cordless reading lamps made of?

A cordless reading lamp can be purchased in standing floor models, desk type, wall mounted or clip on. Common materials include:

  • Plastic - Desk models and clip-on units come in a variety of styles, sizes and functions. Plastics work well for offering many colors, flexible arms and being lightweight. They can be shaped to fit modern decor or more subdued for contemporary and traditional styles.
  • Metal - Freestanding task lighting is better designed to bring aesthetic beauty to a room. Long poles that stretch above the reader can consist of brushed chrome, antique gold or modern black. Usually, with an option to raise or lower, the number of LED lights is higher than aluminum alloy desk models.

What additional features to look for in a cordless reading lamp?

In addition to being cordless, there are many other benefits that can be found on a cordless reading lamp.

  • Brightness Levels - Units are complete with switches that can change the amount of light by 2 or 3 levels.
  • Power Modes - Desktop and clip-on models offer technology ready attachments, like laptop, USB ports, phone chargers and power banks.
  • Lightweight - As portable as your phone, many models are small and lightweight for travel or camping.

How to position a cordless reading lamp?

As a rule of thumb, a reading lamp should be placed over your head and away from your eyes. If you have a glass top table nearby, beware of the glare that can occur. Position your lamp at a 30-degree angle, away from the glass for best results.

What are the standard measurements of cordless reading lamps?

There are different sizes of cordless reading lamps to select from. Lightweight clip-on lamps measure around 5" long and weigh a mere 2 ounces. Desk models are larger and have a platform to safe placement. With a base approximately 15", the neck can be 17" or more tall. 18 LED lights, more or less, can be found in these lamps. Floor lamps provide the widest light with 50 LED lights that stay charged for up to 10 hours. Reaching a height of nearly 6 feet, the pole is adjustable for lowering to more appropriate levels.

How to maintain a cordless reading lamp?

Batteries are rechargeable for keeping your light usable. LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours so replacement is seldom. Because LED lighting never gets hot to the touch, dusting the exterior is all that is needed. Another lighting may be available, such as CFL, incandescent or halogen, but LEDs are the most cost-effective, maintenance friendly and contain no hazardous materials to dispose of.


Cordless reading lamp 12

Make those reading nights fun and more convenient with this functional cordless reading lamp. The lamp is fitted with a strong rounded base for excellent support and comes in a beautiful silver finish that will easily blend into your living room décor.

Cordless reading lamp 1

This pedestal reading lamp is a fantastic device, which will enchant you with its convenience. It's cordless, therefore guaranteeing mobility. A perfect solution for example for the evenings in your garden or patio.

How to make any lamp cordless 2

Very useful cordless reading lamp for table or home office use. This kind of equipment features a durable metal frame in attractive gold finish. It includes a special arm that allows for different forms of regulation.

Cordless reading lamp

Cordless Reading Lamp

Classic Metal Reading Floor Lamp

Classic Metal Reading Floor Lamp

Wireless floor lamps

Extra-large cordless reading lamp with a beautiful brown colored lampshade and a superb neutral light blue base. The lamp is also fitted with a chrome-plated stand at the bottom for an amazing mix of colors. It should be a great option for your study.

Cordless led floor lamp

The Cordless Remote Control Bed Light - Hammacher Schlemmer

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Torchiere Reading Floor Lamp and Glass

Torchiere Reading Floor Lamp and Glass

Rechargeable floor lamp

I WANT THIS!!!!! Read in bed without disturbing others with a cordless overhead reading lampLighting fixture offers individual, dimmable light to either person in bedEach lamp slides along a 43-inch track and adjusts side-to-side http://ww

Cordless reading lamps

Walter’s Winners: The Read Anywhere Lamp provides bright light where ever you are sitting without having to stretch your electrical cords. The lamp just uses 6 AA batteries and you can have a lamp anywhere in the home.

Cordless reading lamp 3

Lifemax 250.1 Floor Standing High Vision Reading Light

Cordless floor lamps

A convenient table and LED task lamp combo that relies on induction charging and is cordless. A mix of 15 warm and cool LEDs provide optimal reading light that also cuts down on energy use.

Cordless table lamp 2

cordless table lamp

Cordless reading lamp 2

The Cordless Reading Lamp features a series of gears and cogs, along with a hanging weight system, that's continually moving. So you don't need an electricity to stay long night for reading. Cool and ecological.

Cordless reading lamp 15

Doubleflex LED Light Black

Battery powered floor lamp

Cordless Kinetic Lighting

George's Reading Room 19.5" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

George's Reading Room 19.5" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

The cordless desk lamp

The Cordless Desk Lamp

Cordless desk reading light dual function


George's Reading Room Floor Lamp

George's Reading Room Floor Lamp

Cordless reading lamp 2


Cordless floor lamp

Cordless lamps are getting more popular because houses do not have enough power outlets to meet your requirement of lighting.

Battery operated floor lamps

WAT – An LED Lamp Powered by Water. New Generation of Product Design Ideas. Read more at

Rechargeable reading lamp

Cordless lamps are getting more popular because houses do not have enough power outlets to meet your requirement of lighting.

Floor lamps reading lights on twiggy reading floor lamp hivemodern

Floor Lamps Reading Lights on Twiggy Reading Floor Lamp Hivemodern Com

Battery powered floor lamps

Cordless lamps are getting more popular because houses do not have enough power outlets to meet your requirement of lighting.

Tolomeo Reading Floor Lamp III

Tolomeo Reading Floor Lamp III

Cordless reading lamps floor

Cordless lamps are getting more popular because houses do not have enough power outlets to meet your requirement of lighting.

Cordless reading lamp 3

Cordless lamps are getting more popular because houses do not have enough power outlets to meet your requirement of lighting.

Cordless reading lamp 14

The Mush Lamp by Garay Studio is cordless and can be charged in 2 hours. Under the shade made of compressed wood shavings is an LED bulb that provides a warm, cozy light. Read more: The Best Green Designs from Salone Satellite at Milan Design Week | Inha

ShineMe® Dimmable Aluminum Alloy Blowing Control Lamp - USB Rechargeable Cordless Wireless LED Night Light Candle Lamp, Creative Innovative Kerosene Oil Lamp Design with Dimmer Control Key, for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Nightlight, Reading Lights, Romantic D

Cordless reading lamp 7

Cordless lamps are getting more popular because houses do not have enough power outlets to meet your requirement of lighting.

Wireless floor lamp

JA-1966 cordless rechargeable led reading lamp (JA-1966) - China rechargeable reading lamp, JA

Cordless reading lamp 5

Lantern Colour Changing Cordless Lamp by Smart & Green Nomad Lighting on

Portable Flexible 12 LED Desk Lamp Light Bulb Torch Battery Powered Cordless

Cordless reading lamp 17

Lumio Book Lamp © Max GUNAWAN (Designer. Indonesia-USA). Rechargeable, Cordless, LED. Available at links. Invest in a young man's future! [Do not remove caption. International copyright law requires you to credit the copyrigh

Overhead reading light

Look out there's an oddly colored monster in your room! This flexible monster lamp is a great gift for any kid with a strong imagination and adds personality to any bedroom or reading area. These Flexible Monster Lamp are a cool gift idea to decorate a ki

Cordless floor lamps home

- Smart and Green Ball 14" LED Cordless Lamp, $209.00

Cordless reading light

Cordless lamps are getting more popular because houses do not have enough power outlets to meet your requirement of lighting.

Cordless reading lamp 18

loft reading area

The cordless reading lamp hammacher schlemmer

The Cordless Reading Lamp - Hammacher Schlemmer