Chandelier Floor Lamps


Elegant, decorative, functional and quite tasteful, these chandelier floor lamps will add so much class to any home, regardless of its current value. Great to class up a mobile home, or accent a mansion, you can't go wrong when you decide to put one of these gorgeous lamps in your home. Take a long look at this extensive collection and pick the one that will complement your dwelling.

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Our Picks

Crystal Floor Lamp with Crystal-Like Shades

Crystal Floor Lamp with Crystal-Like Shades

Floor lamp with four separate arms. Each of the arms has chandelier-like shade which looks like it was made of crystals. Additionally, lights of the lamps can be dimmed in order to create original atmosphere.

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Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp

Elegant floor lamp with gold finish. It has 3 shades of glittering crystals made of plastic. It is very well appreciated by the customers. Sophisticated addition to any interior.

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Chandelier floor lamps 2

This beautiful standing lamp is stylised on chandelier. Silver-plated metal chandelier with four bulbs is hanged on metal tall kickstand. It is perfect decor's element to corridor in luxury apartment.

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Black chandelier floor lamp

High-quality chandelier floor lamp featuring a brass coated rounded base, neatly glossed for outstanding visual appeal. The lamp is then fitted with a superb chandelier top designed to deliver ambient and cozy light in all your spaces. You also get beautiful metal detailing at the base.

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Chandelier floor lamps

Elegant floor lamp with 6 lights. It is mounted on metal base. Lampshade is finished with crystals. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

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Crystal chandelier floor lamps

Superb chandelier floor lamp featuring a unique four-legged base finished in a recessed silver coat. The lamp also comes with a large Victorian-style chandelier capable of holding dozens of candles. The overall craftsmanship in this piece and elegant design makes it a must-have for your home.

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See our range of first class italian crystal floor lamps

See our range of first class Italian crystal floor lamps. Not a mere ...

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Chandelier floor lamps 1

If you can't decide whether you need a crystal chandelier or floor lamp, go for something that merges both of the mentioned: this tall floor lamp was artfully combined with glamorous crystal beads chandelier.

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Jewel chandelier 15 lt floor lamp

Jewel Chandelier 15 Lt Floor Lamp

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Crystal chandelier floor lamp

Whimsical chandelier floor lamp coated in pink and finished in additional intricate detailing. Designed for the kid’s room, this piece comes with a strong base for safety. Its spectacular glow, coupled with its vibrant colors, will bring a sense of life and elegance into any space.

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Chandelier Floor Lamps

Buying Guide

The best bulbs to use for chandelier floor lamps are incandescent or LED candle, globe, or flame-shaped bulbs. Chandeliers create a dramatic effect when hanging from a ceiling, and when they are placed in a floor lamp, they make a big style statement in  your room.

Today bulbs for chandelier floor lamps come in CFL, incandescent, and LED versions. If you prefer a dimmable option, go with a halogen incandescent bulb for a warm glow.

If you intend for your chandelier floor lamp to be both stylish and functional or serve as the main lighting in an area, consider stylish-looking CFL bulbs. These bulbs emit a larger number of lumens than bulbs of the same wattage, making them more energy efficient for illuminating a large area.

The number of lumens refers to the amount of light needed to adequately illuminate a space. You can calculate each bulb’s wattage by dividing the recommended number of lumens by the number of bulb sockets in the chandelier floor lamp.

Matching your chandelier floor lamps to your existing home’s decor is a great way to get a charming, cohesive look that will make you happy. Fortunately, chandelier floor lamps come in many styles, from Scandi, farmhouse, glam, modern, retro, industrial, and more. The main thing to look out for is materials.

For example, a farmhouse-chic or Scandi would likely be made from a light-toned or lightly-distressed wood, whereas an art deco, glam, or modern piece will likely feature shiny of matte metals. See if you can match metals or materials with pieces already in your home to make sure your new floor lamp fits well with what you already have!

As the name suggests, chandelier floor lamps are designed to stand on the floor and position light higher in any specific room. They are weighted and contain a tall pole to elevate them from the ground, and are usually equipped with one or more switches to operate the lamp. The primary function of floor lamps is to direct ambient light in any given space inside the room.

However, they are ideally suited to the corners or edges of a room.  Chandelier floor lamps also may be placed over your dining room table so the shade hangs over the table and you have enough light when you're serving meals.

While placing a floor lamp next to a TV is not the first thing that comes to mind, it may help to soften the contrast caused by the bright light from the screen and keep your eyes from straining.

Lastly, feel free to place them behind seating areas like your corner couches as they direct light to awkward spaces and help you get more use out of your furniture.

Best Ideas

Gothic floor lamp 1

Vintage style chandelier floor lamp with a small rounded base and a well-built wrought iron support stem. The piece also features beautiful craftsmanship and comes with a unique minimalist design that will blow you away. You’ll get a beautiful English lamp attached to the top.

Chandelier floor lamp

This amazing floor lamp sports a design with a chandelier on top and would make for one of the finest options for your interior, allowing it to shine with class and true charm. It offers the four candle-like lights that work smoothly with the crystals.

62"h Crystal Chandelier Floor Lamp White Shade on a Brush Silver Metal Body#ok5109f

Standing lamp chandelier

Modern Floor Lamps

ORE International 6866G Floor Lamp, Polished Brass

Artiva USA Micah, Modern 88-Inch 5 Arc Brushed Steel Floor Lamp w/ Dimmer Function, Heavy-duty Base, 360 Degree Rotatable Shades

Rain Crystal Floor Lamp

Rain Crystal Floor Lamp

Chandeliers lighting


Floor stand chandelier

Chandeliers – Shades of Light

Tiara 3 Light Floor Lamp

Tiara 3 Light Floor Lamp

Floor lamps 126

Floor Lamps

Crystal Chandelier Floor Lamp with Black Drum Shade in Satin Nickel

Concordia Crystal Floor Lamp

Diy floor lamps

MARIE COQUINE FLOOR LAMP Clear crystal and white lampshade by Philippe Starck Price $45,900.00 2608063 The Marie Coquine floor lamp is a brazen and innovative reinterpretation of Baccarat’s classic Zenith chandelier