Capiz Shell Lamps

In the anthology of exotic and beautiful lamps sold in these collections, the capiz shell lamps stand apart. They are so beautiful, so elegant, and some models look more like small chandeliers with all the hanging pieces, you will feel like you have invested in your own stake of personal luxury. See what we mean in this collection of capiz shell lamps.

Best Products

Capiz Shell Lamp Shade

Capiz Shell Lamp Shade
This unique Capiz shell lamp shade creates a wonderful glittering experience wherever it appears. It will add a specific, rustic charm and warmth to space. It matches well with a vintage surrounding.

Small round capiz pendant

Small round capiz pendant
Pendant lamp mounted on metal frame and fitted with natural capiz shells. Perfect as main or additional source of light. Traditional form and elegant design.

Vintage Mid Century Modern Capiz Shell Chandelier Hanging Lamp Panton Eames Era

Vintage Mid Century Modern Capiz Shell Chandelier Hanging Lamp Panton Eames Era
Elegant chandelier consisting of shells. Stylish accent for the living room, dining room and others interiors according to taste.

50 off shipping export quality modern

50 off shipping export quality modern
Beautiful ceiling lamp with a round, waterfall spiral design and a plentiful of little plastic discs in cream and white colors, which not only add a gorgeous detail to the lamp but also reflect the light creating a unique atmosphere.

Nautical of Seahorse and Shells 32" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Nautical of Seahorse and Shells 32" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Stunning and utmost stylish - this table lamp sports the amazing base design with the seahorse and comes in a light blue finish to create an attractive compliment to your living room or study, while you enjoy the obvious functionality.

Turtle Accent 4" H Table Lamp

Turtle Accent 4" H Table Lamp
The colorful, warm and at the same time intriguing lamp in the shape of a turtle. Perfect addition to rooms in the colonial style and oriental style. The lamp can also be a fairytale addition to the children's room.

Fillable Craft 19.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Fillable Craft 19.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This is a very original and certainly ingenious lamp. Its leg is fillable. You can throw pennies into it, pebbles or corks from wine. It is transparent, which means that you can see how it is filled. The shade is simple and unpretentious. Very interesting idea.

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How to clean a Capiz Shell Lampshade?

Capiz shell lamps are extremely delicate, which means they should only be cleaned with water and a soft cloth. Cleaning them regularly ensures these exotic lamps are free from dust and dirt, allowing their natural beauty to shine through.

If your Capiz shell lamp needs a more thorough clean, you can add a mild liquid soap to the water before submerging the cloth. Ensure you wring out the cloth to avoid excess water damaging the lamp before carefully wiping the shade. This solution will give capiz shell lamps a deeper clean, removing any residue, stains, dirt, and other deposits like pet hair.

Are capiz shell lamps bright?

Capiz shell lamps’ brightness partly depends on their color, but they are comparable to traditional fabric lampshades as a general rule. Darker shell colors, which are uncommon, may block out some light. Lighter colors like tan and pink are transparent enough to let light through the shells themselves in addition to the top and bottom of the lampshade.

Some capiz shell lamps even have small gaps between each shell to let more light through. These are the optimal option if you’re trying to balance brightness with the capiz shell aesthetic. However, they are not completely necessary for sufficient brightness, especially if you use a capiz shell lamp to accent existing light fixtures.


Capiz shell lamps 19

Extremely rare Victorian-style lampshade constructed from glass and supported by stunning gold-plated metal wires. The lampshade is finished in a creamy white shade that ensures enough light reaches all the corners of your home. It’s a super classic piece that works great in vintage-inspired homes.

Capiz shell chandelier 29

With its characteristic dangling shells, this round sea glass chandelier constitutes a great example of the characteristic Capiz chandelier. A DIY project, which will fit into both contemporary and traditional interiors, adding a glamorous appeal.

Vtg colourful scallop edge capiz lamp shade shell


Capiz shell chandelier 1

Chandelier with capiz shell lampshade. Frame is made of metal. Great as main or additional source of light in the kitchen, dining room, living room and more.

Capiz shell lamp

Bring immense elegance and style into your home anytime thanks to this top of the line chandelier. The piece is designed to deliver ambient light while offering the ultimate décor accessory in your living room. It’s also huge, making sure it grabs the attention of all who step into the room.

5 vintage mini capiz shell lamp shades

5 Vintage mini capiz shell lamp shades,

Capiz shell lamps 34

Large globe shaped lampshade featuring a beautiful neutral gray finish. The lampshade also comes with neat leaf-like detailing all over for that spring-inspired look. It’s designed to turn any ordinary lamp into a chandelier and works best if it’s hanging from the ceiling.

Vintage mid century capiz shell lamp shade by austinmetroretro 29

Vintage Mid Century Capiz Shell Lamp Shade by AustinMetroRetro, $29.00

Totally tiki capiz shell lamp shade

Totally Tiki Capiz Shell Lamp Shade

Brass capiz shell lamps pair

Brass & Capiz Shell Lamps, Pair

Hampton bay 27

Hampton Bay

Capiz shell lamps

On Trend: Capiz Shell Chandeliers

Capiz shell lamps 7

*** DIY Chandelier Designs

Capiz shell lamps 30

Mid Century Capiz Shell Lamp Chandelier Panton Era

Lighting set of 2 lauralie ivory capiz shell lamp

Lighting Set of 2 Lauralie Ivory Capiz Shell Lamp

Capiz shell lamp shade 2

DIY Faux Capiz Shell Flower Pendant Light Tutorial from Addicted 2 Decorating

Capiz shell lamps 9

Making one of these for my bedroom this weekend. Such a wonderful solution when you're renting and can't take the UGLY lighting down. There's DIY step-by-step instructions on this website where she used hot glue instead of sewing the circles together to a

Capiz shell lamp on 1

Capiz Shell Lamp on

Capiz shell lamps 33

Make your own capiz shell lamp knockoff

Capiz shell chandelier 31

Modern farmhouse stylization. This durable and decorative chandelier features a solid frame for ceiling mounting. This product not only provides illumination, but it also includes some decorative wooden accents.

Capiz shell chandelier lighting

Extraordinary Pair of Vintage Capiz Shell Lamps with Base Light Mid Century Modern 50's

Our climate is tropical so we love our ceiling fans

Our climate is tropical, so, we love our ceiling fans, but hate the lights, I have a lamp shade covering mine, but, love this ideas

Capiz shell lamps 21

Faux Capiz shell lamp shade

Capiz shell lamp shades

Great Ideas — Build It: 20 Home DIY Projects!!

Electric Luminary - Capiz Shell - Sea Turtle

Capiz lamp shades

Capiz Shell Lamp @etsy

Capiz shell lamp 3

capiz shell lamp

Hanging shell lamp

This little decorative holing pincer will be useful for you, if you likes art. It is intended to cutting little circles from thin paper. You can use this shapes to decorate Christmas cards or make wall adornment.

2 vintage genuine capiz shell lamps leaves shades tiffany stain

2 Vintage GENUINE CAPIZ SHELL Lamps "Leaves" Shades Tiffany/ Stain Glass Style

Dragonfly Wall Décor

Dragonfly Wall Décor

Capiz shell lamps 32

DIY Wood Bead Chandelier and 16 Beaded Chandelier Tutorials! But use capiz shells instead of beads!!!

Capiz shell chandelier 2

Beautiful contemporary ceiling chandeliers featuring shades of ovalish or quadrangularish tiles of mussel shells in pearl, beige or grey shades. They have metal frames and differ in shapes: conical, semi-oval, squarish, fountain-like or tiered.



Capiz shell lamps 22

Incredible exotic capiz shell lamp-basically is a metal frame, with the stylish gold finish and round shape-dowels with long strings of capiz shells. Interesting small round shells come from the Philippines regions-hand-decorated with delicate golden borders.

Vintage capiz shell lamp shade 1

Pink Capize Shells - My college roommate, Robin had Capize shell lamps. I'd forgotten...nice.

Capiz shell lamps 20

Capiz Shell Lamp by Verner Panton for Lüber Switzerland $2,030

Capiz shell lamps 27

Faux Capiz Shell Lamp

Capiz shell chandelier 35

Original illumination of home office. This chandelier is supported by a durable metal frame. It includes many white, round elements that increase its decorative value. Ceiling mounting fixture is round and made of metal.

Capiz shell lamps 12

yes. PB teen $179. It is a great idea to check on the baby and kids versions of the adult websites. Cute stuff and cheaper prices generally.

Love this grouping of one small one medium and one

Love. This grouping of one small, one medium, and one large is just right. Odd-numbered groupings offer balance. Capiz Orb Pendants #westelm

Capiz shell chandelier 26

Large chandelier with round windowpane oyster (capiz shell) cascade and nickel palted interior frame, supported by a chrome chain. Accommodates two 100w bulbs. Visually striking and glamorous ceiling fixture.

Capiz shell lamps 23

Wax paper chandelier diy

Glam capiz shell table lamp with brass detail 1970s for

Glam Capiz Shell Table Lamp with Brass Detail, 1970s For ...