Mini Lamp Shades Clip On

For smaller lamps we offer smaller lampshades. But sometimes they smaller lampshades do not quite fit because of how they are designed and screw on won't work. But clip-on will. And we have a tremendous selection of mini lamp shades that clip on and do so beautifully and with the style and design you are looking for for your home. See collection for more.

Best Ideas

Vintage mini lamp shades set of 3 empire clip on

Vintage Mini Lamp Shades Set Of 3 Empire Clip On Pleated
Set of 3 empire lampshades for table lamp or chandelier. It is mounted on metal frame and covered with fabric. Finish with decorative ruffles gives elegant effect. It is compatible with standard bulb.

Crystal chandelier lamp shade mini clip on shade candle cover

Crystal Chandelier Lamp Shade Mini Clip on Shade Candle Cover Clear

Capiz shell lampshade clip on

Capiz Shell Lampshade Clip On
Simple element that plays practical and decorative roles indoors. This lamp shade features a stylish glass construction with durable metal frame in gold finish. It provides appropriate light level and decorates indoors at day.

Black parchment chandelier mini lamp shade with gold paper liner

Black Parchment Chandelier Mini Lamp Shade With Gold Paper Liner Clip On 3 Sizes
Lampshade for chandelier or table lamp. Frame is made of metal and covered with parchment and foil. Neutral and functional accent for each room as needed.

Light bulb covers for ceiling lights

Refresh your home decor with this adorable and glamour set of six chandelier lamp shades. They have got the crystal finish with candle gold cover. They add a luxury touch into any interior.

Fabric lamp shade mini half bell clip on shade buy

fabric lamp shade mini half bell clip on shade buy details bp00684e $ ...

Chandelier shade sconce clip on lamp

Chandelier Shade Sconce Clip On Lamp
Classic lamp shade for chandelier or wall sconce. It is mounted on metal frame and covered with styrene. Received many positive recommendations from clients for high quality and neutral design.

Linen chandelier mini lamp shades clip on hardback oatmeal 3x6x5

Linen Chandelier Mini Lamp Shades Clip On Hardback Oatmeal 3x6x5 Set Of 6
A fashionable set of 6 clip on shades that are designed for mini lamps. Made of a beige linen fabric, the shades are stylishly trimmed, and supported by a steel wire frame. Measurements: 3" x 6" x 5''.

Clip on lamp shades for ceiling fixtures

Drum lampshade covered with fabric. Standard size for table lamp or chandelier as needed. Designed for indoor use. Natural color gives warm tone of light.

Clip on lamp shades for chandeliers

Chandelier mini lamp shade clip on, they resemble truncated cones. They have assemblies that slide over bulbs and are attached to the shade which is colored white. This color goes with almost any color and makes it very aesthetic, they also come in different sizes and can be used in several places.

Lamp shades for chandeliers clip on

Lamp Shades For Chandeliers Clip On

Set of 6 pea and teal drum lamp shades 5x5x4

Set of 6 Pea And Teal Drum Lamp Shades 5x5x4.5 (Clip-On) - #3N898 |

New french inspired cottage chic style

New French Inspired Cottage Chic Style
An exquisite, clip on lamp shade that boasts of chicness and cottage charm. It's beautifully decorated with pink rose accents and sparkling teardrop pearls, making the whole excellent for cozy bedrooms.

French inspired cottage chic pink shabby

French Inspired Cottage Chic Pink Shabby
A gorgeous clip-on lamp shade that bursts with chicness and cottage accents. The bell shade is beautified by lovely pink rose pattern, white pearls and stylish embroidery, creating a truly magical ambiance.

Burlap chandelier lamp shades clip on bell with jute braid

Burlap Chandelier Lamp Shades Clip On Bell with Jute Braid Trim 3x5x4.5"Set of 5 #UrbanestLiving #softbackbell

Mini drum chandelier shades

The mini chandelier lamp shades are useful mostly in the limited space interiors where you don't need the big lights. Made of cotton, could be easy washed. It protect it against being a dustcatcher, what is very important when you are allergic.

Mini drum shades

With this sublime, natural linen drum shade your interior will instantly gain on that country, shabby chic style and will become a much more welcoming and warmer space. It comes with a mini clip for easier installation.

Clip on lamp shade 17

It is awful to use the natural crocodile skin - but you can get it by putting a graphic imitation on a glamor lamp shade. Glowing in silver, it embellishes the crocodile's inspiration. Clip on lampshade is definitely a glamour addition to your interior.

Clip on lamp shade 12

Silken, bell-shaped chandelier lamp shade with hanging crystals, sure to give your ceiling light an elegant, delightful look. The shade fits on most ceiling lamps, as it is installed with a handy, easy to use clip.

Mini chandelier shades clip on

Swirl-Twist-Pleated-Chandelier-Mini-Lamp-Shade-Clip-On-Bell-Softback-3 ...

Vintage french lampshades clip on

Vintage French Lampshades Clip On
With the romantic aura to them and a truly charming design these lampshades will complete the look of any traditionally styled interior, making for a nice addition to your master suite or living room.

27 free shipping we can trim these with black ribbon

This element is a decorative and functional shade for lamps. It features a very convenient and reliable clip on mechanism. Each shade is finished in simple colors and its shape is also traditional, so it matches any room design.

Mini drum lamp shades

Urbanest 1100468 Chandelier Mini Lamp Shade 5-inch, Bell, Clip On, Taupe Urbanest

Vtg lot of 5 capiz shell clip on lamp chandelier

Vtg Lot Of 5 Capiz Shell Clip On Lamp Chandelier Or Sconce Mini Shades Set
Cool small traditional lampshades with metal wire frames. A 6-sided lampshade is a bit wider at the bottom, has a cover of pearl colour material and decorative golden edges and corners. It's clip-on attachable and suits up to 40W bulbs.

Vintage french lampshades clip on 1

Vintage French Lampshades Clip On
Vintage French stylization indoors. These lampshades feature a very simple shape suitable for chandeliers and other lights. They are finished in yellow colors and they provide good level of illumination indoors.

Small candle shades

Then you kid is interested in geography, he will catch you decorational idea for sure. If he is also a Coldplay fan, he will have in his mind the phrase from one of their most beautiful songs "Lights will guide you home"...

Mini lamp shade

Woven mini lamp shade with clip function is an excellent way to quickly decorate the interior. Beautiful finish in the creamy shade is universal and very stylish so that it will work in any interior. The whole fits into the bedroom or living room.

Pair of antique venetian gilt bronze and

Pair Of Antique Venetian Gilt Bronze And
We return straight from the Venice carnival offering a pair of beautiful antique Venetian gilded mini lamp shades clip-on, with crystal elements, dignified embroidery and shades of brown. The silk fabric that surrounds them has been hand-woven.

Linen chandelier mini lamp shades clip on hardback white 3x6x5

Linen Chandelier Mini Lamp Shades Clip On Hardback White 3x6x5 Set 9
These brand new hardback shape chandelier lamp shades will help you create a unique illumination. Clip on to Candelabra bulbs of max wattage of 40 Watts. Each of the mini shades measures: 3" top ring , 6" bottom ring and 5" slanted height.

Black candle lamp shades

Eggshell Mini Chandelier Lamp Shade Clip On

Mini lamp shades clip on

A small shade lamp with clip on fixing is an excellent way to quickly decorate the interior. Beautiful colors in beige and brown and attractive decorative brooch delight and beautifully present in the interior.

Mini lamp shades clip on 1

A fashionable set of five 6'' clip on lamp shades for contemporary interiors. The bell shades are made of gray-finished faux silk with off-white liner, supported by a steel wire frame. Each uses 40 Watts max candelabra bulb.

Clip on lamp

A cool practical clip-on desk lamp in the industrial style. It has a clip, which enables attaching the lamp to any edge, made of durable black plastic, a gooseneck-type adjustable flexible stem with a metal casing and a lampshade of polished metal.

Clip on mini chandelier shades

Linen Chandelier Mini Lamp Shades, Clip On, hardback, Oatmeal, 3x6x5

Clip on glass lamp shades


Scallop chandelier lamp mini shade softback clip on 3 x6

Scallop Chandelier Lamp Mini Shade, Softback, Clip On, 3"x6"x5", White, Set of 5

Urbanest Cotton Chandelier Lamp Shades, 4-inch, Hardback,Off White, Clip On(set of 5)

Gooseneck clip on lamp brushed nickel

Gooseneck Clip On Lamp Brushed Nickel
Inexpensive & practical clip on lamp with flexible gooseneck, allowing for directing light at any spot of a work desk or reading armchair. Finished brushed nickel, steel construction with turn-knob on/off switch.

Pleated light bronze faux silk mini shade 3x6x5 clip on

Pleated Light Bronze Faux Silk Mini Shade 3x6x5 (Clip-On)

Lamp shade clip on

Faux Leather Mini Chandelier Lamp Shades(Set of 6)Bell Softback Clip On 3"x6"x5" #UrbanestLiving #Lodge

6" Suede Bell Candelabra Shade

6" Suede Bell Candelabra Shade
Warm, retro appeal of this bell candelabra shade will accentuate your space with cozy allure. It is crafted from durable materials and will surely ward off the gloominess in your home. It attaches with simple clip-on mechanism.

Mica large clip on shade

Mica Large Clip-On Shade

Mini shades

This shell shade is made for diffusing the light on a bulb that's placed close against the wall and it cannot use a full shade. It's designed of beige shantung silk with white fabric lining, and includes a clip-on fitter.

Shades accessories

Shades Accessories
Clip-on fabric lamp shade in navy, with metal inner frame, tapered drum shade. The textile used to make the shade is textured, looks like burlap or similar. Fine in a contemporary decor, especially with nautical hints.

Clip on lamps

Clip on lamp mounted on metal frame with bronze finish. Great addition for teenager's room and others interiors as needed.

Westinghouse Lighting Corp Clip on Bulb Lampshade Adapter Lamp Parts

This lap shade adapter is clever solution for holdin the shade of your lamp. It matches standard lighr bulsb. Rhis piece is easy for mounting,and using. Having this one eliminates the need of using 2 piece lamp harp for holding the shade

Candle clip shades

Urbanest Cream Chandelier Mini Lamp Shades Set of 6, Soft Bell 3"x6"x5" Clip on #urbanest #Traditional

Taupe linen and cotton rosettes bell shade 3x5x6 clip on

Taupe Linen and Cotton Rosettes Bell Shade 3x5x6 (Clip-On) |

Clip on lampshade 16

Empire lampshade decorated with stars theme and gloss finish. Suitable for each standard table lamp. Great addition to all kinds of interiors according to taste. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

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