Milk Glass Lamp Shade


The soft lighting that is provided by a milk glass shaded lamp can be soothing as it baths the room in soft light. This selection features a variety for you to choose from. Take a few moments and consider the possibilities while you look through it.

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Our Picks

Vintage large hobnail milk glass lamp

Vintage large hobnail milk glass lamp

A pretty large vintage lampshade manufactured of quality opal glass. It looks like a squabby vase, has a wide textured bottom part with a hobnail pattern, a short neck with a collar and a flared top part with a wavy edge.

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White milk glass student table lamp shade 7 melon new

White Milk Glass Student Table Lamp Shade 7" Melon New Kerosene Oil ...

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Milk glass lamp shade 6

Vintage lamp shade: bulky and round, just like a typical shade of a traditional hurricane lamp, subtly textured, crafted of white milky glass, can probably work well with pendant fixtures, correct me if I'm wrong.

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Small antique milk glass lamp shade

Small antique milk glass lamp shade

Being a great example of antique design, this small milk glass lamp shade will help you create a refined classic decor. Comes in a good condition with light surface wear and has a few chips on the edge of the fitting that goes in the lamp.

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Old 1894 Mini Miniature Maltese Cross Milk Glass Oil Lamp W Matching Shade

Old 1894 Mini Miniature Maltese Cross Milk Glass Oil Lamp W Matching Shade

This is a milk glass Maltese Cross oil lamp with nice scrolled detailing and brownish - gold accent trim. It comes complete with matching shade, brass burner & wick. Excellent addition to any miniature oil lamp collection!

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Milk glass lamp shade 25

Downton Abbey Style Vintage Industrial Style Medium size Milk Glass Lamp Shade Tiny Square Hatching

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Vintage metal lamp with eagle milk glass lamp shade gwtw

Vintage metal lamp with eagle milk glass lamp shade gwtw

What a wonderful way to bring the beautiful designs of the past right into your home. Just look at this amazing, very vintage metal lamp with an eagle pattern on the shade. Gives off a nice, antique vibe.

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Antique art deco skyscraper hanging

Antique art deco skyscraper hanging

Antique art deco hanging lamp with unique skyscraper motives on milk glass. This extraordinary lamp is a restored item from the 1920s. French Art Deco ceiling fixture in mint condition, comes with cloth wire.

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Two vintage satin milk glass lamp shades 2 1 4

Two Vintage Satin Milk Glass Lamp Shades 2 1 4" Fitter End | eBay

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Chevron milk glass torchier floor lamp light shade globe diffuser

... Chevron Milk Glass Torchier Floor Lamp Light Shade Globe Diffuser

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Milk Glass Lamp Shade

Buying Guide

Yes! A milk glass lamp shade does give good light; however, it does depend on what kind of light you need in the particular space that you’re lighting. A milk glass shaded lamp tends to give off a lovely soft light, perfect for ambiance and winding down in the evening. It might not be the perfect type of lighting for a more utilitarian office area, or as the only source of light in a large room with no windows. Ultimately, milk glass lamp shades are a great tool to light a room in a specific way, but shouldn’t be the only option you consider based on the purpose of your specific room.

You should use a LED type of bulb with your milk glass lamp shade. LED lights produce a white light that brings out the true color of the lampshade.

Best Ideas

Milk glass lamp shade 23

Milk Glass Lamp Shade Wind Chime

Milk shade

Milk Glass Lamp. I have one but it has the top to it also.

Milk glass shades

This milk glass lamp shade makes for a fine option for your interior, allowing you to add a splash of charm and visual appeal to it and ensuring that the interior is perfectly illuminated at all times.

Hobnail milk glass lamp shade lamp globe ring fitting shades

Hobnail Milk Glass Lamp Shade Lamp Globe Ring Fitting Shades Bedside Lamp White Cottage Chic Decor

Hobnail milk glass lamp shade

Hobnail Milk Glass Lamp Shade

Vintage_milk_glass__lamp_shade_hobnail_white_5_x_4_x_8_001 jpg


Vintage milk glass lamp shade currier and ives white with

vintage? milk glass lamp shade Currier and Ives white with pastoral scene

Vintage gwtw styl ball banquet oil blown out cherub milk

Vintage GWTW Styl Ball Banquet Oil Blown Out Cherub Milk Glass Lamp Shade 10" | eBay

Milk glass hobnail lamp

Milk Glass Hobnail Lamp

Diamond quilted puffy milk glass gwtw student lamp light shade

... Diamond Quilted Puffy Milk Glass GWTW Student Lamp Light Shade Globe

Victorian 12 pink cased ribbed swirled student lamp shade

Victorian 12" Pink Cased Ribbed Swirled Student Lamp Shade ...

White milk glass hobnail 10 student lamp shade 1

White Milk Glass Hobnail 10 Student Lamp Shade

Vintage white milk glass lamp shade lampshade globe shades 1

Vintage White Milk Glass Lamp Shade Lampshade Globe - Shades

Vintage white milk glass hobnail lamp 12 inches high 1

Vintage White Milk Glass Hobnail Lamp 12 inches high