Antique Hanging Oil Lamps


Some are gorgeous and elegant, some are simple and will give you that feeling of being in a mine searching for gold, or on the frontier, but whichever you choose, you are sure to admire and appreciate having one or more of these antique hanging oil lamps in your home. Take a gander at our collection and see what we mean. It's like a trip through the past.

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Our Picks

French Antique Bronze Chandelier Louis Xvi Style Hanging Oil Lamp W Cherubs

French Antique Bronze Chandelier Louis Xvi Style Hanging Oil Lamp W Cherubs

This up & down adjustable, counterweighted chandelier is equipped with an oil lamp that now is able to hold an electric bulb. Thanks to Louis XVI styling and exquisite bronzework, this lamp can as well be the highlight of your interior decor.

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Hanging oil lamp 1

This oil lamp is designed for ceiling mounting. It includes durable chains for stable hanging. The chandlier includes metal decorative elements and its main lamp area is finished in neutral white color.

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Antique victorian bradley and hubbard

Antique victorian bradley and hubbard

This vintage beauty from the 1800s is going to become one of the most refined decorations in your home. The lamp includes a 14" glass shade, and can be adjusted in the range from 30'' to 62''. The whole is hand-painted, and embellished with dazzling scrollwork.

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Ebay oil lamps

This functional and decorative item is a hanging lamp that features an old hurricane lamp stylization. Its durable metal construction includes a protection from rain and wind. Solid, transparent glass do not block light.

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Old kerosene lanterns for sale antiques antique lamps and lighting

Old Kerosene Lanterns For Sale | ... Antiques » Antique Lamps and Lighting » Antique Oil Lamps For Sale

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Antique hanging oil lamps

This chandelier is a hanging oil lamp that is converted into an electric one. Its wonderful shape and old stylization improve aesthetics of any room. This lamp also includes solid chains for ceiling mounting.

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Hanging antique oil lamps hanging and working oil lamp

Hanging Antique Oil Lamps Hanging and working oil lamp

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Love these antique hanging lamps

love these antique hanging lamps~

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Antique pittsburgh hanging oil lamp blue hobnail shade font

Antique pittsburgh hanging oil lamp blue hobnail shade font

Hanging oil lamp for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Frame is made of metal with gold finish and covered with colorful glass. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Vintage aladdin model 6 1915 16 hanging oil kerosene lamp

Vintage Aladdin Model 6 1915-16 Hanging Oil Kerosene Lamp Light ...

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Antique Hanging Oil Lamps

Buying Guide

Light has always been of interest to people. It extends working hours, it makes it easier to take care of things. Long before electric lamps, hanging oil lamps helped to provide quality light to larger areas than a handheld lamp or candle. These lamps come in various types and reflect the time, the people, and the materials they had on hand.

  • Hanging Brass Lamp

Brass is a durable substance – something that can be important if you are hanging flammable oil. More than that, it is beautiful. A polished brass lamp with a well-cleaned lamp chimney can create quality light, although not as steady or reliable an illumination and an electric lamp.

  • The Betty Lamp

Betty lamps did not have glass globes or chimneys. The flame was left open to the air. Betty lamps were made of iron or brass, and burned meat fat or fish oil. They are believed to have originated in Germany or the nearby area.

  • Ship Lamp

For many centuries, fire on a ship was a sailor’s worst nightmare. A ship lamp, therefore, is made of thick glass, protected by posts of brass or similarly hard metal. The thick glass also served to magnify the flame. A genuine ship lamp is quite expensive but amazingly elegant.

  • Edison Barn Lantern

An Edison barn lantern is the type rumored to have been kicked over by Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. Although both Mrs. O’Leary and the cow have been exonerated, the legend and song both persist. Today, it is more a bit of fun. Back then, it was acquiring a scapegoat for a huge tragedy.

  • The Classic Oil Lamp

Oil lamps have been around for a long time, they feature in antiquity, fairy tales and legend. The one most of us know and remember, however, is the lamp our great-grandmothers might have had. It had a clear, glass globe – heavy glass, to help prevent breakage, a brass fitting that screwed onto the glass and that held a wick that could be adjusted up or down by means of a screw, and a clear, glass chimney that fitted over the wick. The chimney was to keep breezes from blowing the flame out and to help the flame burn bright without burning too high or too hot. Replicas are often sold in stores as survival or preparedness gear.

  • Genie in the Lamp

It would hardly do to consider classic lamps without keeping in mind Aladdin’s lamp that could grant three wishes. That lamp was much more like a Betty lamp than the one that hung above Grandma’s kitchen table. Often made of brass, it held oil. A simple wick – probably made of a twist of sheep’s wool or perhaps linen – was fed down into the oil through a spout. It was filled through a hole at the top of the lamp, which had a small lid on it.

Best Ideas

Timeless beauty from antique hanging lamp antique hanging oil lamp

... Timeless Beauty From Antique Hanging Lamp : Antique Hanging Oil Lamp

Oil lamps ebay

This sophisticated chandelier features a cranberry glass shade, multiple sparkling crystals, and an oil lamp that is now holding an electric bulb. The whole piece is hanging on 3 decorative chains that are also embellished with crystals at the top.

Antique pittsburg hanging oil lamp ebay

Antique Pittsburg Hanging Oil Lamp | eBay

Oil lamp chandelier 3

A fine room lighting can be evenly achieved with a ceiling mounted hanging lamp. If you easily fall for an elaborate Victorian era inspired style, this oil lamp chandelier with a bounty of wrought metal motifs and crystal beads cascades might be your first choice.

Antique hanging oil lamp fancy black cast iron adjustable etched


Victorian hanging parlor lamp

Victorian Hanging Parlor Lamp

Miller lamp parts

Sale Antique Handpainted Glass Brass Hanging Oil Lamp Dragonflies | eBay

A 19th century miller hanging lamp hand painted yellow florals

A 19th century Miller hanging lamp, hand painted yellow florals on pink ground with lustre drops

Antique art nouveau era kosmos brenner hanging oil lamp

Antique ART NOUVEAU Era KOSMOS BRENNER hanging oil lamp

Miller lamps antique

Antique Hanging Lamps From

Schoolhouse hanging oil lamp 1

Schoolhouse Hanging Oil Lamp

Hanging oil lamp parts


Old kerosene lamp

old kerosene lamp

Hanging oil lamps

This, over 6 feet tall, massive, hanging, oil lamp is decorated with an intricate leaf-like pattern, a smoke bell, clear chimney and milk glass shade. It's also equipped with a brass duplex burner that generates twice more light than the standard wick.