Asian Hanging Lamps

This compilation will provide you with a wide range of possibilities as far as Asian style hanging lamps are concerned. What do you think about all these shapes, sizes and designs? We can assure you that there are a lot of people who have been satisfied with their choices made here.

Best Products

Vintage pagoda lantern tole chandelier

Vintage pagoda lantern tole chandelier
Attractive touch of Asian stylization in the house. This hanging lamp is a vintage pagoda chandelier finished in white color. It not only provides light, but also complements any kind of interior stylization.

Newbury 3 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern/Pendant

Newbury 3 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern/Pendant
It is a hanging lantern, which is designed to be mounted on the outside, away from home. Perfect for the patio or on the terrace. The lamp is designed for three light bulbs. It has a very interesting and original shape.

High Power LED Floor Lamp

High Power LED Floor Lamp
LED floor lamp which is very powerful even with small source of light is still shine bright. This lamp easy fits to any decor. Nine LED bulbs are installed permanently so there is no possibility to change them.

Mainstays 18295 000 mainstays paper shade floor lamp

Mainstays 18295 000 mainstays paper shade floor lamp
Why not add some soft illumination to your room decor with this amazing floor lamp? It offers the rice paper structure and comes with the black metal stick base that contrasts with the cylindrical white textured paper shade.

Japanese hanging lamps

japanese hanging lamps ideas japanese hanging lamps ideas

Asian hanging lamps 1

Hanging lamp in oriental style. Lampshade is finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Great as main or additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Asian hanging lamps

Origami V Medium Pendant Light - indoor lighting - Photo

Our advice Buying Guide

For those who are looking for innovative ways to express themselves with their home decor, the addition of Asian hanging lamps could be the solution. While these lamps aren't a new trend, they're one that will not go out of style anytime soon. Not only will they add a touch of charm to your spaces while wrapping interiors with warmth, but these lamps also provide a unique character as soon as they're installed. Because there's such a broad selection from which to choose, we're going to explore the many options and considerations here.

How to clean Asian hanging lamps?

Under most circumstances, you'll find that Asian hanging lamps have a delicate design and construction. Therefore, it's essential that you use extreme care when handling and maintaining them. Before you begin cleaning, removal of the shade is critical to ensure damage doesn't occur. When wiping the lens clean, use a dry microfiber cloth.

How to measure for Asian hanging lights?

For those who would like to place Asian hanging lights over their table, the standard measurement is for the lamp to be at least 72" from the floor. In doing so, you'll find that the lamp will then be around 38" above the table's surface. The same holds true for placement above an island's surface whereby it should be at least 38".

How to style and decorate with Asian hanging lamps?

When styling and decorating with these hanging lamps, the recommendation is to use multiple lamps when working with a space that's larger than four feet. Therefore, if you have plans to utilize multiple Asian hanging lamps in your space, consider selecting an odd number rather than an even for a more visually appealing appearance. Under some circumstances, it may be appropriate to utilize an even number of lamps. However, working with an odd number offers a sense of balance in many spaces.

When you’re working with Asian hanging lights, one of the most significant benefits to their design aspect is you can cluster them together at varying heights. This kind of design not only works successfully for indoor applications but outdoor designs as well. Pick out lamps that are all the same, or that feature similar styles to achieve a unique display. In addition to these clusters of lights looking beautiful in an exotic outdoor retreat, they also create an elegant and sophisticated focal point in traditional or contemporary rooms.

What are Asian hanging lamps typically crafted from?

One of the most beautiful things about an Asian hanging lamp is how differently their designs are from one another. In addition to finding a myriad of designs, you'll also find their material combinations are also varying. Some designs feature a combination of metal and glass while others are wood and rice paper. You'll also find some made from fabric, and others made entirely from milk glass. When making your selections, you'll need to take into consideration the shape, design, materials, and how much light you'd like cast from these lamps. Some are made for function while others are purely for decorative purposes.


Hanging lamp pagode jw style

hanging lamp Pagode JW-style

Asian style light fixtures

Two World Arts Light Fixture - Do you like to keep up with the latest trend? Add bright colors and Asian motifs to your home's decor!

Asian hanging lamps

A lovely pagoda lantern, embodying what's best in Asian design. Big attention to details, along with high-quality materials created a beautiful piece of furniture, that will embellish both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Asian hanging lamps 20

Here is a hanging miniature of a Chinese cottage, from a Chinese province. It's not just about traditional decorative features and Chinese folklore - but it's a asian hanging lamp. It was made with great precision in brass and glass and finished with gold.

Asian inspired lamps

Original table lamp in oriental style. Frame is made of wood. Lampshade is covered with glass. Elegant accessory for any interior according to taste and need.

Gold pagoda fixture

gold pagoda fixture

Asian hanging lamps 8

Pagoda Lantern,, comes in patina green or red. $225

Asian inspired lamps 3

Hanging Japanese lanterns bring an immediate vibe of orient to their vicinity; love them in a garden or indoors. An Asian inspired lamp is usually crafted of natural wood, and that's the design I appreciate the most.

Asian light fixtures

A magical outdoor gathering area in an Asian style. It features beautiful hanging lantern-like lamps in soft colors and with Asian signs. The table is ornamented with colorful, exotic accessories an there is also a statue of Buddha.

Asian hanging lamps 1


Asian inspired floor lamp 17

An attractive traditional Asian style electric floor lamp having a rectilinear wooden frame with a warm brown finish. It has 4 sturdy straight angular legs. A lampshade has rectangular panels in cream hues with a labyrinth-style wooden onlays.

Asian ceiling lights


Japanese lantern lamp lighting hanging light asian


Wealth lantern red this classic looking red hanging lantern makes

Wealth Lantern - Red This classic looking red hanging lantern makes superb Oriental decoration in any setting. The red tassels hanging from this regal Asian lantern accentuate the beauty and symmetry of this amazing piece.

Asian style pendant lights

Have a variety of lanterns hanging in one corner, casting a variety of light tones throughout the room

Corner hanging lamps

Lotus and lamp by Nev Cross on Flickr

Antique chinese lamp spec pl 08 size click 1758 post

Antique Chinese Lamp Spec: PL-08 Size: Click: 1758 Post date: 2011-07 ...

Oriental hanging lamps

Oriental Asian Pagoda shaped hanging lamps, to bring Chinosiere chic through your door. For anyone who's keen on Asia inspired interior design. The lanterns (two finishes: gray with silver, red with gold) hang on metal chains.

Vintage asian chinese hanging lamp mid century modern

vintage asian chinese hanging lamp mid century modern

Asian hanging lamps 16

LCD8048 Hanging light fixture. Fun for a beach house :)

Chinese hanging lights

A gorgeous creation, this flowering lotus silk hanging lamp typifies the convergence of Asian culture and Western panache. This 1-light fixture combines a modern and Deco feel with a traditional Asian

Asian inspired floor lamp 4

Asian stylization in the house. This floor lamp features a simple construction with four wooden legs that provide stability on the floor. These legs also provide support for a high shade in classic finish.

Asian hanging lamps 2

Need an instant and budget-friendly tip to lend an Asian feel to your home out of hand? How about an Orient inspired hanging lamp? Such lamps - crafted of thick, tear-proof white paper - do well in ecletic interiors too.

Asian hanging lamps 4

leaded glass lantern - collaboration between Theodore Ellison and Old California Lantern Company.

Asian inspired floor lamp 1

This simple floor lamp connected Asian tradition with modernity - it similar to Chinese lantern. It has glass lampshade in shape of prism and five kickstands - four are made of wood, last (center) is metal

Baby Blue Hanging Paper Lantern- 12in

Oriental hanging light spec pl 05 size click 1224 post

Oriental Hanging Light Spec: PL-05 Size: Click: 1224 Post date: 2011 ...

Asian hanging lamps 22

Oriental Furniture Unique Asian Design Overhead Lighting, 15-Inch Honey Stain Kata Design Japanese Style Hanging Ceiling Lantern/Lamp by Oriental Furniture. $111.00. Beautiful japanese design electric hanging lanterns, convenient "swag lamp" style, ready

Lotus lamps

Lotus lamps

Asian hanging lamps 18

AMERICAN HOME LIGHTING - Kevin Reilly Collection, Lucerne Hanging Light

Fortuny yellow ochre classico silk lamp wow handmade to boot

Fortuny-Yellow Ochre classico - Silk lamp WOW Handmade to boot!

Asian floor lamp

Keen on Asian inspired accessories? I don't go for all of them, but oriental themed lighting is my fav. Take a peek at this Japanese floor lamp - as for me, it's gorgeous with its lattice design and vertical form.

Asian hanging lamps 10

Love the shape and colour of these gorgeous lamps.

Shoji foyer lantern from corbett lighting

Shoji Foyer Lantern from Corbett Lighting

Berkreasi dengan lampu gantung hanging lamp jepang buatan sendiri

Berkreasi dengan Lampu Gantung (Hanging Lamp) Jepang Buatan Sendiri

Lamp akida hanging shoji lamp kata hanging lamp kirosawa hanging

... lamp akida hanging shoji lamp kata hanging lamp kirosawa hanging

Iron works hanging outdoor lamp 18 9 5 frosted cream

Iron Works Hanging Outdoor Lamp 18" 9.5" frosted cream glass walnut bronze finish

Asian lighting fixtures

Add these Asian hanging lamps to your household to enjoy a fine boost of contemporary lighting with the stunning and delicate accents coming from the beautifully painted inside of the round shades.

Recycled cardboard pendant lamps the scraplights by graypants

Recycled Cardboard Pendant Lamps, the Scraplights by Graypants

Asian hanging lamps 15

Favorite things pendant lamp by chen karlsson lets you showcase

‘Favorite Things’ Pendant Lamp by Chen Karlsson, Lets You Showcase Adored Mementos

Newbury 3 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Newbury 3 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Decorative Openwork Floral Design Metal Tea Light Lamp / Hanging Candle Lantern w/ Stand, Black - MyGift®