Chinese Curio Cabinets

Chinese curio cabinets or an ornate and lovely way to showcase your favorite collectables in style and giving them their appropriate respect. These pieces are always very well made by master Chinese furniture makers and come in plenty of styles and sizes to match your space constraints and the vastness of your collection. If you are looking for an elegant way to accent your home a Chinese curio cabinet is a good choice.

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Vintage chinese rosewood table top curio display shelf cabinet etagere

Vintage chinese rosewood table top curio display shelf cabinet etagere
An aesthetic vintage (1950's) Chinese shelving unit of warm brown-finished rosewood. It has a sturdy all-open frame with a cutout base and low legs. A rectangular top and a few length-varied shelves in several irregular tiers have raised edges.

Antique Chinese Rosewood Wall Mount Curio Cabinet 37 5in H X 23in L X 4 5in D

Antique Chinese Rosewood Wall Mount Curio Cabinet 37 5in H X 23in L X 4 5in D
This beautifully made rosewood Chinese cabinet is a beautiful combination of stylish design and beautiful materials. Glazed cabinet doors beautifully display the interior. The whole is perfectly integrated into the living room.

Rosewood wall curio display cabinet asian accessories and decor

Rosewood wall curio display cabinet asian accessories and decor
Rosewood Chinese curio cabiet: wall display shelving, floor standing. Couldn't pick a curio cabinet that'd be more perfect to show off Asian decor accessories and precious antique collectibles. Glass door protects them from dust.

Beautiful vintage chinese curio cabinet with beautiful carvings

Beautiful vintage chinese curio cabinet with beautiful carvings
Made in the style of vintage Chinese curio cabinet with mirror is a perfect combination of beautiful style and functionality. The whole is presented thanks to beautiful ornamental details, practical shelves and glass phenomenally.

Chinese Rosewood 8 Treasure Curio Display Cabinet Asian Furniture Other Metro

Chinese Rosewood 8 Treasure Curio Display Cabinet Asian Furniture Other Metro
Feel the climate of the Far East without leaving your home. A stately curio cabinet made of rosewood is a classic example inspired by Chinese tradition - called the "eight treasure cabinet". Asymmetrical distribution of shelves, a reddish shade of wine finish.

Antique Chinese Curio Cabinet Qing Dynasty Dragon Design

Antique Chinese Curio Cabinet Qing Dynasty Dragon Design
With this sublime and antique styled Chinese curio cabinet your interior will gain plenty on visual appeal, while the piece itself sports the perfectly detailed and truly sublime front carved with utmost precision.

Chinese curio cabinets 1

Beautiful tall hanging curio cabinet made of light Asian wood - symbolizes Chinese tradition thanks to its form. The color of the frame falls into a cherry color, and you can see the whole chinese culture in its mirror center.

Our advice Buying Guide

For those who love Asian style, decorating with Chinese curio cabinets is the optimal way of showcasing collectibles, dinnerware, and other items worth preserving in a beautiful area. When there are blank walls available in the dining room or living room, the addition of the cabinets like these is an excellent way of housing your most prized possessions, memorabilia, and souvenirs. Because there is such a broad range of choices available, we’re going to help narrow your focus here.

What are the standard measurements of Chinese curio cabinets?

Under most circumstances, you'll find the following standard measurements for older, more traditionally-styled Chinese curio cabinets:

  • two-glass cabinets: 36" wide and 16" deep
  • three glass cabinets: 45" wide and 17" deep

Because Chinese curio cabinets are available in a plethora of styles, shapes, and sizes, these two options are meant merely as a guideline. When looking at the space you’re going to place the cabinet, be sure to measure the cabinet, the area it will go in, as well as the areas it will move through.

What are Chinese curio cabinets typically made of?

Chinese curio cabinets are generally constructed of wood with glass, mirror, and (or) metal accents and (or) ornamentation. For example, a cabinet may have a wooden construction, feature glass shelving, a mirrored backing, and metal hardware for handles, knobs, and corner ornaments.

  • Wood: not only is this material easy to maintain, but its durability will last a lifetime because these cabinets are typically made from hardwoods like ash, maple, and walnut. If the cabinet features intricate painting or carving, you'll need to take extra care to ensure chipping doesn't occur.
  • Glass: older Chinese curio cabinets will not feature tempered glass, so be sure you're extra careful when placing items on these shelves and during cleaning.
  • Metal: the cabinets featuring metal accents, knobs, handles, and bases add a modern appeal to the piece while simultaneously strengthening the construction.

How to style with Chinese curio cabinets?

One of the best things about adding Chinese curio cabinets to your home’s décor is they’re available in a variety of styles. Ranging from cabinets featuring sleek lines, modern finishes, and underplayed features, it's possible to successfully add them to modern and contemporary rooms without the cabinet becoming obtrusive. For rooms that feature a traditional style, select a cabinet with a mirrored back, glass shelves, and doors on the bottom depicting ornamental carvings. If you're going for a bohemian style, opt for a Chinese curio cabinet featuring intricately carved details, curving arches, and sliding doors.

What additional features to look for in Chinese curio cabinets?

Some curio cabinets have additional features that help showcase your collectibles and memorabilia. For example, would you like the addition of a light to help make your possessions more visible? Some Chinese curio cabinets are also available with adjustable shelves to help accommodate the size of various items. It may also become necessary for you to purchase a curio cabinet that locks to help protect your most precious possessions. Remember that, in addition to being a functional piece of furniture in your home, your Chinese curio cabinet is also serving as a piece of art.


Chinese curio cabinets 1

A magnificent pair of curio cabinets with bold design and intricate construction. The inside features numerous glass shelves that create a striking geometric structure raising over a two-door cabinet with decorative pulls.

Chinese round two half open curio display cabinet houzz

Chinese Round Two Half Open Curio Display Cabinet - Houzz

Chinese curio cabinets 12

This Chinese inlaid curio cabinet enchants with its ornate character, particularly visible at the base and the top of the construction. Hand-tooling creates intricate adornments, that will only emphasize the inimitable character of the item.

Chinese cabinet

With this impressive set of 2 curio cabinets, your collectibles will be now displayed on geometrically designed glass shelves. You will also get 2 two-door cabinets with gold-finished pulls, and 1 small bottom drawer.

011307 chinese curio cabinet 9 stone accessories


Solid rosewood curio display cabinet long life design chinese style

Solid Rosewood Curio Display Cabinet, long life design, Chinese Style

Rosewood ming curio cabinet

Rosewood Ming Curio Cabinet

Rosewood ming curio cabinet 3

Rosewood Ming Curio Cabinet

Chinese curio cabinets 16

$2200 Pair Brown Chinese Treasure Curio Display Cabinet - Golden Lotus Antiques

287 henredon modern chinese curio cabinet electrified


Details about asian rosewood hallway curio cabinet

Details about Asian Rosewood Hallway Curio Cabinet

Mother of pearl pagoda style curio cabinet

Mother-of-Pearl Pagoda Style Curio Cabinet

Chinese curio cabinets


Black lacquer mother of pearl curio cabinet

Black Lacquer Mother of Pearl Curio Cabinet

Oriental black lacquer display cabinet bookcase curio divider

Oriental Black Lacquer Display Cabinet Bookcase Curio Divider ...

Curio china cabinets corner curios wall mounted curio

Curio & China Cabinets, Corner Curios, Wall Mounted Curio

6109708_1_m jpg


Chinese lacquer

Chinese Lacquer

Chinese curio cabinets 5

Embodying the charm and elegance of classic furniture, this Chinese curio cabinet will be a marvelous accent in any traditionally-designed living room. Its 4-tiered construction can be a perfect display for one's dinnerware of vases collection.

Chinese curio cabinets 5

$2380 Chinese Chicken Feather Wood Bookshelf Display Curio Cabinet

239 1930s china cabinet curio display


Chinese curio cabinets 3

We have here two elements inspired by Asian travels. The first is closed, with a glass front, a traditional Chinese curio cabinet, with a dark finish in cherry wood. The second one is an open rag with bamboo wood.

1280 on sale vintage chinese stack curio kitchen cabinet golden

$1280 on SALE Vintage Chinese Stack Curio Kitchen Cabinet - Golden Lotus Antiques Chinese furniture interior

Chinese china cabinet

Fan shape display cabinet with irregular shelves: a trendy alternative for classic Chinese curio cabinets, more fitting for contemporary interior design. Made of natural elm wood, showing therefore natural marks and lines of genuine wood.

L1000 jpg 2040


Chinese curio cabinets 8

This stunning vintage antique curio cabinet offers a structure that will easily allow for an elevated boost of visual appeal and is a great display spot for your decorative objects and knick knacks.

Curio wall cabinet

A storage set: classic chinese curio cabinet w/ glass front door, wall-mounted, with decorous carvings, versus simple floor-standing bookcase constructed of natural bamboo. Two takes on orient inspirations: simplicity versus elaborateness.

Rosewood carved oriental china curio cabinet

Rosewood Carved Oriental China Curio Cabinet

China display shelf

This Chinese curio cabinet will be a perfect display spot for one's collections. Placed in the living room, it will catch attention with its ornately adorned fronts and characteristic, red-painted interior.

China curio cabinet

This cabinet introduces attractive Chinese stylization into the house. Its six solid and decorative legs provide stability and support. Upper part includes spacious and functional compartments with glass doors.

Chinese medium brown fan shape display curio cabinet cs479

Chinese Medium Brown Fan Shape Display Curio Cabinet cs479

Asian curio cabinet

An attractive antique Chinese display unit of wood with a bit worn green painted finish. It has low curved legs, a curved apron, a rectangular moulding top, an open front, lots of size-varied niches, 3 drawers. It features intricate floral reliefs.

Tips on choosing a curio or china cabinet for your

Tips On Choosing a Curio or China Cabinet For Your Formal Living Room

Chinese curio

Oh so many lovelies - especially antique chinese blue/white bowls/jars, pops of pink, shells ETCETERA!

Voyage china curio cabinet 1

Voyage China Curio Cabinet

Chinese curio cabinets 6

Antique Oak Bowfront Curio China Cabinet

Oriental curio cabinets

A chic traditional Chinese style display unit of gloss lacquered rosewood. It has low legs, a rectangular moulding top with a carved apron, 4 full door cabinets with Tai Chi symbols on fronts, 4 drawers, 2 glass door cabinets with mirrored backs.

Narrow china cabinet

HGTV Home Voyage China Curio Cabinet

Chinese oriental curio cabinet

Chinese Oriental Curio Cabinet

Chinese ivory carving chinese an assembled group of three carved

CHINESE IVORY CARVING | Chinese, an assembled group of three carved ivory towers, two with ...

Oriental furniture china curio cabinet a truly distinctive setting to

Oriental Furniture China Curio Cabinet A truly distinctive setting to ...

Two curio china cabinets

Two Curio China Cabinets

China curio cabinet

China Curio Cabinet