Glass Curio Cabinets


Your favorite collectables are probable three-dimensional, and need to be viewed from all sides to be properly admired. But standard curio cabinets only show the front and maybe the sized. Not our glass curio cabinets. Now your stuff can be showcased in all its glory and viewed in 360 degrees of admiration. Take a look in this collection for more.

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Our Picks

76"h Glass Curio Cabinet with 5 Height-Adjustable Glass Shelves, Side and Top Lighting, Hinged Door with Security Lock - Silver MDF Canopy and Base

This elegant glass curio cabinet with silver base does not overcrowd the space (it's rather clasically styled and all transparent) but it displays collectibles decently from every angle: your souvenirs and trophies will be lighted too.

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Ikea Detolf Glass Curio Display Cabinet Light Brown

This piece of furniture is a product that plays a storage and display role in the house. It is a display cabinet that has got shelves and doors made of glass. Its top and base areas are made of durable wood.

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Ikea Detolf Glass Curio Display Cabinet Black, Lockable, Light and Lock Included

It is a display cabinet that has got a black finish, glass door, light and lock. It is perfect to display your favorite accent pieces. You will be impressed how great it looks in your home.

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Glass curio cabinet ebay electronics cars fashion

glass curio cabinet | eBay – Electronics, Cars, Fashion

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Coaster Solid Wood Glass Corner China Curio Cabinet, Cherry Finish

Beautiful contemporary corner display unit with a 5-sided tall slim frame of real wood finished in mid-brown. It has a crown top and a full base. Door panels and 4 adjustable shelves are of clear tempered glass. Its back is mirrored.

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Glass curio cabinet in black uniquely shaped triangular glass curio

... glass curio cabinet in black uniquely shaped triangular glass curio

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Curio Cabinet with Mirrored Interior Finish: Silver

Curio Cabinet with Mirrored Interior Finish: Silver

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Hexagon Shaped Corner Display Cabinet, With Aluminum Extrusions And Black Laminate Base

Hexagon Shaped Corner Display Cabinet, With Aluminum Extrusions And Black Laminate Base

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Glass curio cabinets curio cabinet glass doors

Glass Curio Cabinets Curio Cabinet Glass Doors

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Oak glass curio cabinets with curved base

Oak glass curio cabinets with curved base

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Glass Curio Cabinets

Buying Guide

With glass panes surrounding every side, glass cabinets are the ideal way to store things while being able to show them off to your guests and see them easily yourself on a daily basis. Some of these items can be costly and time-consuming to get into your home, depending on the size and style you want. Here are some of the things you should consider.

Although it's called a glass cabinet, you don't need to have every single part of it made from glass. You can choose to have the top half of the cabinet made from glass, and the lower half opaque. This gives you extra storage space for private items that you may not want on display for everybody to see. If you have very specific requirements about how you want the cabinet to look, consider commissioning a carpenter and designer to lead the project for you.

Also, glass curio cabinets are not only available in one set shape. You can buy them to fit in a corner of your home, or spread out across an entire wall. You can also find lower cabinets and higher cabinets, so the size and shape you want is definitely something that is important to know beforehand.

With large pieces of furniture like this, it's a good idea to stay neutral. Bright colors will make the items difficult to sell if you want to get rid of them in the future, and it also means that you will be limited in terms of décor around your home. Wooden frames around the glass panels is a popular look for cabinets, while black, metal and grey works very well in many properties.

Cabinets can be used in the bedroom for keeping personal items, or they can be positioned in the living room to display some of your favorite ornaments and possessions. The kitchen is a great place for a glass cabinet if you have a lot of space in the kitchen or feel like many of the items you want to display are better suited here. They are also very popular in shops and small stores, where items on sale can be displayed to the public.

Bonus tip: A glass cabinet definitely isn't something that you can just open and close every now and then, shoving in your paperwork and pledging to sort it out another day. It will contain items that are easily viewed by anybody who walks past, and therefore you should have things such as ornaments, important displays, and sentimental items. You will need to know what's going in the cabinet before you start shopping for one, as your answer will determine several factors, including the size.

Best Ideas

Modern Contemporary Glass Curio Cabinet with Cappuccino Top and Bottom

Modern in style, this glass curio cabinet flaunts elegant simplicity that creates a nice backdrop for all the items you'd like to display. It has three clear glass shelves and additional one on bottom.

Caldwell Curio Cabinet

Caldwell Curio Cabinet

This cabinet assures plenty of display and storage space without taking so much space in the house. It is created for corner placement. Its wooden frame includes glass doors and walls. It also features solid glass shelves.

Pulaski Curio, 29 by 20 by 80-Inch, Black

This black and simple in its design curio is the perfect way to display your collection or china beautifully, while the three adjustable glass shelves proves utmost convenient, providing ample space.

Pulaski Two Way Sliding Door Curio, 30 by 20 by 80-Inch, Golden Oak II Finish, Medium Brown

This classic curio cabinet crafted with golden oak finish on oak solids and oak veneers. It features two way felt-lined sliding door and V-grooved front glass, so your favourite collectibles can be well displayed.

Pulaski Furniture Curio Cabinet

Pulaski Furniture Curio Cabinet

An aesthetic modern standing display unit with a tall rectilinear frame of silvery-finished materials. It has low truncated legs, glazed both a door and side walls, a mirrored back, a lighted interior. It's equipped with 4 rectangular glass shelves.

Oregon oak glass display cabinet

Oregon Oak Glass Display Cabinet

Antique curio cabinets

An authentic vintage china cabinet with a weathered white finish. It has 2 curved front legs, a full rear support, a white back, 3 shelves, glazed curved side panels and a hinged front door. Side panels are screened with ribboned flowery curtains.

Glass curio cabinets

Show off and protect your glassware or your favourite collection. The glass-door cabinet is designed to include lighting, so that you can also brighten up your display objects if you want. It measures 16.75W x 14.37D x 64.12H inches.

Curio cabinets ikea

Maple David wood - wood with an interesting and strong structure was used to create this traditional but contemporary corner curio cabinet. From top to toe, its semi-round front is made of tempered glass. The exhibition is possible on glass shelves.

Glass curio cabinets 1

A simple element of furniture with functional and decorative role in the room. This cabinet features a solid wooden frame with glass doors, walls and shelves. It perfectly stores and displays books, decorations, plants, etc.

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Curio Cabinet

This small curio cabinet is a perfect way to storage and show small items or collections. Its wooden construction is finished with birch wood veneer finish in warm brown. It has a glass doors and decorative handles.

Glass curio cabinet brushed silver w silver hardware

Glass Curio Cabinet - Brushed Silver w/ Silver Hardware

Curio Cabinet

It is a curio cabinet that has got a black and glass finish and solid construction. This is a perfect addition for your home to protect and display your favorite accent pieces. You need to have it.