Glass Metal Curio Cabinets

Your collectables need to be showcased, if for no one else than you. And if you have a more modern home, metal and glass are a marriage of the futuristic home ideal. So to show off your stuff, we give you glass and metal curio cabinets. Now your favorite items can be displayed with a forward thinking case that will echo your personality.

Best Products

Vintage mirror glass and metal curio

Vintage mirror glass and metal curio
Vintage curio cabinet for jewelry and trinkets, dark silver metal frame plus glass shelving, also clear glass on front and sides. Mirrored, so the content is decently displayed. Manufactured in the 1980s.

Curious Curio Cabinet

Curious Curio Cabinet
Glamorous curio cabinet with two inner sections, each offering two glass shelves and one fixed metal shelf. The sides are made of tempered glass. The back is mirrored and lighted to beautifully expose the content.

Rare mid century metal curio cabinet 1950s

Rare mid century metal curio cabinet 1950s
The combination of glass and metal stands behind the awesome, industrial appeal of this curio cabinet. Its 5-tiered construction features enough space to display your various stuff.

Outer Banks Curio Cabinet

Outer Banks Curio Cabinet
It is very simple and extremely stylish thanks cabinet. Ideal for dresser. He is white. It has a glass door that allow for interesting and also decorative exposing its contents. It is perfect for kitchen.


Elegant curio cabinet mounted on wooden frame and fitted with glass doors. It contains 3 shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for storing books or display decorations. Stylish accent for all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Floor Standing Curio Cabinet

Floor Standing Curio Cabinet
This beautiful floor cabinet, is the perfect place for exhibitions of their biggest skarbw. Lovingly glass shelves allow the graceful way to emphasize the beauty of your favorite dishes, glasses and other trinkets.

Curio Cabinet

Curio Cabinet
A beautiful cabinet made of solid wood and finished in white. Adjustable interior shelves, glass doors and two drawers. The cabinet is lighted, it has three levels of brightness. Traditional design.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are you searching for a new glass metal curio cabinet? With all the incredible options you have online, picking the right curio cabinet can easily become a chore. But, you can make the buying process a fun experience if you know what to look for in a glass curio cabinet with metal framing.

All the aspects that we'll be discussing below will help you find the best way to display or showcase your prized possessions and collectibles. Let's start!

What types of glass and metal curio cabinets are there?

There are four kinds of glass curio cabinets with metal framing: the wall mount type, corner display cabinet, centerpiece cabinet, and the shelf type.

  • Wall Mount - A wall mount glass metal curio cabinet is handy as it doesn't take a lot of space. It can be used in displaying almost anything under the sun. One of the favorite uses for the wall mount type is a rack for long items such as rifles and fishing rods. But, it can be used for the display of certain items in rows like books, rocks, vases, and other items of the same size.
  • Shelf Type - The shelf type has a heavier frame that's made of a sturdy metal. It is used similar to that of wall mount units but it is larger and more capable of holding heavier and bulkier items. One aspect that sets a shelf type glass curio cabinet apart from a wall mount unit is its door, which consists of two sliding glass panels. The glass is lockable to keep any displayed items safe and secure. Of course, the lock won't be enough in deterring a determined burglar as the glass can simply be smashed. But, the sliding panels will ensure your children and snoopy relatives aren't pawing at your collection.
  • Corner Curio - The corner type is our personal favorite as it is designed to fit any corner, so it's unobtrusive. Since it takes little floor and wall space, you'll still have ample space to fit your room's furnishings. Its biggest drawback, however, is the fact that it doesn't offer space for the display of bulky items. If you'll just be showcasing small curiosities, then this type of glass curio cabinet is a good option for you.
  • Centerpiece - A centerpiece glass curio cabinet comes with a metal shaft that surrounds the unit's cabinet layers made of glass. As its name implies, a centerpiece is designed to stand alone and be placed in an area where the displayed collection can be viewed from every angle. A centerpiece is rarely a simple square in shape.

What type of curio cabinet framing should you choose?

The frame of a glass curio cabinet is also an important element that will determine the quality of this type of furniture. A metal framing is often made from aluminum to give a sleek and clean look. The material is more durable compared to its counterparts, so it can be used in a high-traffic area.

The finish of a glass-metal curio display can either be matte or glossy. For a modern, contemporary look, your best choice would be a metallic finish with a bronze, silver or gold tone.


Notting Hill Curio Cabinet

Notting Hill Curio Cabinet
A beautiful cabinet with a dark, distressed finish that will allow you to achieve a stylish and classy look in your home, while providing the necessary space for your items. It is made entirely of solid wood and offers a sturdy and durable life.

Melange Celeste Display Cabinet

Melange Celeste Display Cabinet
It is a very narrow, tall cabinet, sideboard, which excels in a specific, warm, country kitchen. The cabinet has a glass door. On glas, there was designed very nice decorative motif, braids. The whole thing is very familiar.

Glass metal curio cabinets 3

Combining metal and glass, this curio cabinet display enchants with its cool and clean design, fitting perfectly well into contemporary interiors. 4 tiered construction provides enough storage space for one's stuff.

Metal glass display cabinet

Metal and glass are the perfect combinations that make this curio cabinet unique. Beautiful design with long slender legs and impressive finishes make it a perfect vintage style furniture and more.

Glass metal curio cabinets

The combination of glass and metal in this stylish curio cabinet is the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates unique furnishings. The shelves and the glass door beautifully display the contents.

Glass metal curio cabinets

Furnish your apartment with this beautiful and well made curio cabinet. It features the old style, grey finish, glass doors and solid metal construction. It fits perfectly to any style and decor.

Metal curio cabinet

Display purposes need possibly neutral background: this metal curio cabinet provides this desirable feature. Chic industrial character is guaranteed thanks to natural rubbed metal finish and lucid glass panels.

Glass metal curio cabinets 1

Designed of durable metal, this medical state of art is as vintage as it gets. Beautifully accentuated with a bit weathered finish, it comes with 1 bottom cabinet with a key lock, 1 drawer with decorative handle, and 1 glass panel door cabinet with 3 glass shelves and also a key lock.

Metal display cabinet

A rather simple contemporary standing display unit having a rectilinear frame of metal and low tapered angular legs. A top and a bottom are of metal. Sides, 3 rectangular shelves and 2 doors (with a T-handle) are of clear glass.

Distressed metal cabinet

A pretty curio cabinets for displaying your knick-knacks and keeping them properly secured. The cabinet is made of stainless steel, with glass panel front doors, and 5 adjustable glass shelves inside.

Welcome to metal line cabinets

Welcome to Metal Line Cabinets

Metal cabinet with glass doors

With its stunning distressed finish and the glass display this amazing cabinet will prove to be a nice choice for when you want to make your china collection or decorative objects stand out in your interior.

1930s glass display cabinet

Thanks to this fine curio cabinet, you don't have to worry anymore, that your gorgeous knick-knacks will be poorly displayed. The cabinet is made of a premium steel frame, with clear glass panels and 5 matching shelves.

Laboratory stainless steel and glass cabinet glass cabinets for a

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Stockholm glass door cabinet ikea glass door cabinet in durable

STOCKHOLM Glass-door cabinet IKEA Glass-door cabinet in durable ...

Metal pharmacy cabinet

Ideal for those, who want to achieve an industrial or urban appeal in their bathrooms, this metal curio cabinet with glass fronts from IKEA creates a smooth combination of style and solidnesss.

Glass curio cabinets 1

Small curio cabinet with a durable metal construction suitable for corner placement. It also includes glass shelves and doors, so it serves for display purposes and can be used in different home and commercial applications.

Ikea Fabrikor Glass Door Cabinet , Dark Gray, Lockable , Industrial Design

Vintage metal wall cabinet

Piet Hein Eek

Curio cabinets 23

Curio Cabinets

Glass metal curio cabinets 4

This glass and metal curio cabinet constitute a perfect way to add your living room a smooth, contemporary and industrial appeal. It will look brilliant in lofts or modern apartments. Features 4 tiers for storage.

Glass metal curio cabinets 6

The old French tall medical cabinet, which had been turned intro the curio cabinet to present the toys in a museum. I know that's a piece of exhibition, so it have to be it its natural condition, but if you would like to have it at home, you have to renew it.

Gilt metal curio cabinet


Glass metal curio cabinets

Contemporary curio cabinets collection with toughened glass shelving, down lights, glass doors and metal framing. Box type bottom cabinets were covered with opaque veneers in white, medium oak or black.

Magnussen D2596 Adler Curio Cabinet

Free standing glass display case 60 x 38 x 23

Free-Standing Glass Display Case, 60 x 38 x 23-3/4-Inch, Framed In ...

Glass metal curio cabinets 1

Curio Cabinet

Metal glass cabinet

The color of the cabinet associated with the color of the accessories inside of it is an interesting idea. This glass metal curio cabinet has a beautiful light-turquoise color, like the dyed glass inside of it of which are made the shelves.

Steel and glass cabinet

Bring vintage charm into your bathroom or kitchen with our Distressed White Metal Apothecary Cabinet. A stunning piece all by itself, our antique style cabinet is great for displaying your favorite treasures. Use as a nightstand, a bathroom cabinet or cur

Glass metal curio cabinets 3

Actually I didn't expect that I'd like displaying clear glass in silver metal curio so much. It blends together just perfectly, especially with the mirror backing and clear glass shelves. I'm into contemporary curio cabinet style, it seems.

Bar glass cabinet

Set apart from the main cooking areas of the kitchen, but adjacent to the dining room. This small entertainment zone can be used as both buffet and drinks area. Finished in sleek white with glazed surfaces, it creates a stylish, contemporary proposition.

Metal display cabinets

On Display: 10 Sleek Curio Cabinet Designs

Bar glass cabinet

Decorative and functional design for versatile applications - especially for displaying wine glasses, saving space on the surface. Flying glasses are safe in a wooden bar glass cabinet made of black oak.

Sold metal and glass curio cabinet 75

SOLD - Metal and Glass Curio Cabinet - $75

Modern Contemporary Glass Curio Cabinet with Cappuccino Top and Bottom

Modern in style, this glass curio cabinet flaunts elegant simplicity that creates a nice backdrop for all the items you'd like to display. It has three clear glass shelves and additional one on bottom.

Glass shelf curio cabinet glass curio cabinets with lights

Glass Shelf Curio Cabinet ~ Glass Curio Cabinets with Lights

Steel display cabinet

This wooden cabinet features a solid wooden construction finished in white color. The cabinet includes glass doors, walls and shelves. Its lower area features an additional open shelf made of wood. Four legs provide support and stability.

Stainless steel display cabinet

Constructed of durable metal, this curio cabinet is made to last and to splash your home with a touch of industrial elegance. It has 1 cabinet with glass panel doors and 2 glass shelves, 1 glass top, 1 open metal shelf, 3 drawers with stylish pulls, and curvy legs with non-marring caps.

Metal cabinet glass doors

Curio cabinet consisting of 3 open shelves for storing books, display decorations and more. Frame is made of metal and reinforced with solid supports. Elegant design for the living room and others interiors according to taste.

Glass metal curio cabinets 2

Vintage Metal & Glass Curio Display Case by CherryValleyVintage, $29.99

Hanging display shelves 1

If I knew anyone that collects cups, I'd absolutely recommend this storage solution to him or her. White shelving unit (wall hanging) has multiple cubic compartments, each single one showing off another cup!

Floor to ceiling cupboards

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors. Frame is made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Perfect for storing dinnerware, tableware and more.

Metal and glass half circle eriksen curio cabinet world

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