Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are perfect for saving floor space while storing away your bathroom supplies. You can easily find them anywhere, though you are searching for a unique one that serves a stylish purpose.

Easily install cabinets over counters, toilets, sinks, and other commonly found appliances in bathrooms. Another option is a tall narrow cabinet and mounting it fifty-four inches above the floor.

Keep in mind, the standard distance between bathroom cabinets and counters is eighteen inches. It is okay to go higher in inches, just try not to go lower. Look no further because we have ten trendy bathroom wall cabinets that serve a well-meaning purpose.

Unique Bathroom Wall Cabinets with Attached Open Shelves

Unique Bathroom Wall Cabinets with Attached Open Shelves

Unique and minimalistic, these bathroom wall cabinets come with open shelves and without handles. Take your pick between an off-centered singular door with short-width shelves or two doors centered on longer-width open shelves.

Add this type of cabinet to minimalist-style homes. These types also go well with contemporary and Scandinavian designs. 

Mirrored Stainless steel Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Mirrored Stainless steel Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Modern and contemporary artists enjoy a mirrored stainless steel bathroom wall cabinet. These types are most often used as medicine cabinets, though storing other small items is perfectly fine as well.

Their stainless-steel construction withstands moisture in moisture making these types suitable for the humid bathroom environment. Curvier frames fit best in contemporary design while straight-edged cabinets appeal better to modernists. 

Standard Double door Custom Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Standard Double door Custom Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Traditional custom bathroom wall cabinets come in solid wood builds or MDF particleboard assembly. These types can be found with double doors or single doors. Some come with an added display hub on top or a towel bar beneath.

Standard bathroom wall cabinets are beautiful in all types of décor styles. These types are extremely versatile and easily manipulated into what you need. They also come with deep shelves and large storage space to keep your items unseen.

Frameless Aluminum Mirror Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

Frameless Aluminum Mirror Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets

Frameless wall-mounted bathroom cabinets come with mirror facings, no handles, and can sometimes have etched mirror glass patterns in the corners. These types are wonderful in modern and minimalist decorating styles.

The drawback to these types is keeping up with maintenance. With aluminum mirror facings, it is easy to see fingerprints on the fronts and sides. This one is probably not the best choice for a young child’s bathroom.

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet Ideas with Cubbies

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet Ideas with Cubbies

Cubby combos make terrific wall-mounted bathroom cabinet ideas. Hideaway your smaller and flamboyant items behind doors and use the cubbies for easy access to commonly used objects.

This type of bathroom wall cabinet can be customized with mosaic or clear glass window doors, reflective mirrors, or solid wood options. Choose grid-patterned or cathedral wood and glass door combinations for a dash of farmhouse charm.

Solid Wood Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet with Drawers

Solid Wood Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet with Drawers

These types can come with one long drawer or multiple small drawers. If you are looking for a solid wall-mounted bathroom cabinet with drawers, then you need your drawers to be solidly built too.

The bottom of your bathroom wall cabinet drawers should be a minimum of a half to three-fourth inches thick. Solid drawers prevent warping or cracking from constant handling.

Corner designed Mounted Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Corner designed Mounted Bathroom Wall Cabinets

The ultimate space-savers are the mounted bathroom wall cabinets that squeeze into the corner of walls like puzzle pieces. Pick from Victorian crown molding trims to industrial stainless steel locker styles.

For a farmhouse finesse, opt for a corner bathroom wall cabinet with white-painted, wood-slatted doors and top it off with a tin pail with cheerful yellow sunflowers. Add a delicate vase and blush pink flowers for a shabby chic twist. 

$98.99 $158.99

Stacked Vertically Aligned Custom Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Stacked Vertically Aligned Custom Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Cleverly designed for narrow bathrooms is the stacked vertically aligned bathroom wall cabinet. When you don’t have the width to work with, opt for a vertically stacked cabinet instead.

These types of wall-mounted bathroom cabinets come in a variety of colors and wood grains. For a rustic allure, go with an unfinished, raw wood cabinet without handles. 

Tall Narrow Storage Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Tall Narrow Storage Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Tall narrow bathroom wall cabinets are ideal for storing larger bathroom supplies and most of them come with adjustable shelving options. These types of cabinets are constructed with single or stacked double doors.

They are perfect for storing tall perfumes, hairsprays, and other taller items. Parallel these tall narrow wall mounted bathroom cabinets beside full-body mirrors. 

Solid Wood Bathroom Wall Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door

Solid Wood Bathroom Wall Cabinet with Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barnyard door-styled bathroom wall cabinets were specifically designed for farmhouse and rustic decorating styles. If you come across a solid oak bathroom wall cabinet, hold onto it, as they are exceedingly rare to find.

You get the choice between two sliding barn doors with open shelving in the center, or one sliding barn door with one side always remaining open. For a traditional farmhouse flair, go for two sliding doors for finer symmetry. 

Our advice Buying Guide

A great way to save space in your bathroom, wall mounted cabinets can provide plenty of storage space while looking very stylish. There are various sizes, styles, and colors for a bathroom cabinet, so it's definitely not an easy decision to make. Even if you think you know exactly what you're looking for, other styles and ideas can get in the way and give you more of a challenge than you bargained for. We'll consider some of the factors that come into play when buying wall-mounted cabinets for your bathroom.

What are the most popular colors for bathroom wall mounted cabinets?

Here are some popular colors for bathroom wall mounted cabinets:

  • White: By far one of the most popular colors for bathroom cabinets, white is clean, tidy and can work alongside any other color. Apart from the fact that white can get dirty more easily than other colors, it is a versatile option which you will see very often.
  • Blue: Since blue is such a popular bathroom color, you are likely to see many bathroom wall-mounted cabinets in this color. The most common is a soft blue which almost resembles blue water. A very light shade of blue will work alongside a predominantly white bathroom.
  • Black: With increasing numbers of modern bathrooms now being designed in black, it's no surprise to see black wall mounted cabinets also on the rise. The complete opposite of white, you won't notice marks very easily, but this could, in turn, make it more difficult to clean and spot the marks. However, similarly to white, black will work alongside many other colors, although you should choose mainly dark colors in order for black to really shine.

To decide which color you should choose, you should first look at the color scheme of your bathroom. If you're renovating and your bathroom is currently being refurbished, think about the color you intend to use for the bathroom. If you haven't decided which colors you want to use yet, you can add this into your planning and maybe even use your shopping experiences to get some inspiration.

What are the most important features of wall-mounted bathroom cabinets?

The features of any wall mounted bathroom cabinet are essential in order for you to fully utilize your bathroom furniture. Here are some of the features and things you should take into consideration:

  • Mirror: Not all wall mounted bathroom cabinets have a mirror, but many of them do. This is down to personal preference and the location of the bathroom cabinet. If it is positioned above or near to the sink, it could be useful to have mirrors on the drawers. However, if it is in the corner of the bathroom, a mirror might not be very useful.
  • Shelves: Choosing the right amount of shelving is important if you want to make the most of your bathroom space. Inside a wall mounted bathroom cabinet, you will normally find 3-4 shelves, although there may be more if the cabinet is larger than standard (approximately 28-30 inches by 15-20 inches).


34 wall bathroom cabinet

34 wall bathroom cabinet
This amazing bathroom cabinet offers plenty of space for organization purposes with its three shelves and will make for a truly fitting addition to your vintage styled home, since it is made out of rustic-looking wood and sports the pastel finish.

Wall Mount Cabinet

Wall Mount Cabinet
It is the perfect combination of utility and elegance. Cabinet looks almost perfectly. It is made from painted in dark wood. This way has the class and style. At the same time, it is so designed that perfectly meets their practical functions.

Ellsworth 23.82" x 25" Wall Mounted Cabinet

Ellsworth 23.82" x 25" Wall Mounted Cabinet
This wall mounted cabinet has a hardware made of stainless steal and is finished with durable, painted MDF, available in white or espresso finish. This cabinet features a top shelf and a solid, wide towel bar.

Cherry bathroom wall cabinet

This bathroom, wall-mounted cabinet enchants with its functional finishing, providing multiple storage spots. Divided between drawers and shelves, its considerable space will conceal all your cosmetics.

Foremost COCW2125 Cherry Columbia Columbia Bathroom Wall Cabinet

This piece of furniture is a special wall cabinet designed for use in bathrooms. It has got a solid wooden construction that is resistant to moisture, wear and damage. The storage space is ideal for different bathroom items.

Wyndham Collection WCV8000WCWH Acclaim Wall Mount Bathroom Cabinet with Brushed Chrome Hardware, White

This bathroom cabinet is extremely durable, crafted from eco-friendly, zero emissions, solid Oak hardwood., and finished in white. Includes one 2-door cabinet with brushed chrome hardware, and 1 open shelf at the bottom.

Foremost WROW2125  Worthington Oak Bathroom Wall Cabinet

The beauty of this bathroom wall cabinet is in its simplicity. It comes in oak finish, with satin nickel hardware and is pre-assembled. Includes 2 doors with 2 adjustable interior shelves. It is versatile and convenient way to store.

Design House 531962 21-Inch by 26-Inch Claremont Ready-To-Assemble 2 Door Bathroom Wall Cabinet, Honey Oak

It is a two door bathroom wall cabinet that has got a honey oak finish, classic and simple design and solid wood frame. This product fits perfectly to any style and décor in your bathroom.

Dexter 23"w Wall Cabinet With Wood Doors, 23.5"W, BLACK

It is a very elegant szfka wall, which acts both as space for various household items, but also decorative. The cabinet is black, wood. It is closed and very elegant decorative door. It also has two drawers for small items.

Bathroom wall hanging cabinets

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets)

Bathroom wall mounted cabinets 1

In the bathroom saving space is essential. They provide you bathroom wall-mounted cabinets instead of standing ones. Made of wood can take the form of a white wide, or narrower also full shelves in a dark finish of espresso. Resistant to moisture.

Bathroom cabinets bathroom vanities

Bathroom Cabinets & Bathroom Vanities

Wall mounted bathroom cabinets modern 1

Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinets Modern

Aspen Wall Cabinet By Little Red Crane

A stylish cabinet for bathrooms that will work, especially, well with smaller interiors. It's crafted of wood and bathed in a white finish, offering 1 two-door cabinet with 1 shelf, and 3 open compartments underneath.

Fairmont Bathroom Wall Cabinet

This wall Mounted Cabinet will instantly add a valuable storage to any bathroom. Made of moisture-resistant and durable MDF engineered wood, features 3 storage shelves (1 open, 2 behind closed doors).

Pegasus TREW2428 Haven Wall Cabinet, Espresso

It is a wall cabinet, which is finished by the espresso and has two doors with spaces for bathroom items or kitchen accessories. Great for any interior. It fits excellent to any style and decor.

Elegant Home Fashions Stanley Wall Cabinet with 2 Doors, Dark Espresso

It is an elegant wall cabinet that has got two doors and dark espresso finish. It is a fantastic addition to any bathroom, kitchen and other. It adds beauty and style to any home. It is a great choice.

Provence Wall Cabinet, 23Hx24Wx8D, BLACK

This astonishing wall cabinet is a way to provide extra storage space with style. It features two small drawers and locker with shelves, all with silver, metal hardware. Base of this cabinet is black and top is in natural wooden finish.

Design House 538587 23.75-Inch by 10 3/8-Inch Montclair Fully Assembled 1 Door/1 Open Shelf Bathroom Wall Cabinet, Chestnut

This bathroom wall cabinet has got one door and one open shelf with chestnut finish and solid wood construction. It fits perfectly to classic and traditional style and décor. You need to have it.

Kyoto Medicine Bathroom Wall Cabinet Bamboo Wood Front

This wall cabinet is crafted from MDF and bamboo, offering you a durable and capacious piece for your contemporary home. The cabinet includes a natural bamboo door that conceal a spacious storage compartment.

About white 2 door wall mounted bathroom cabinet with glass

... about White 2 Door Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet with Glass Doors

White wall mounted cabinet

Hanging bathroom wall-mounted cabinets are a great way to save space in the bathroom, where there is no standing furniture. A small cabinet with shelves and double doors in white can be hung over the bathtub and store less used cosmetics in it.

Elegant Home Fashions Elegant Home Fashions Slone Corner Wall Cabinet with 1 Shutter Door

A practical, clever addition to any bathroom. Elegant and convenient, this corner wall cabinet with 1 shutter door conceals a 2-tiered storage space for your towels or bath accessories.

Elegant 2-Door Bathroom Wall Cabinet w/ Storage Shelf in White