Rotating Bathroom Cabinet


Not unlike a lazy Susan, a rotating bathroom cabinet there's a fun and interesting way to store items without having to add more cabinets to that limited space. They are made of the finest materials and will Mount easily into any bathroom. We have tons of styles and options for you and everyone is in this collection of rotating bathroom cabinets. Take a look and see.

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Our Picks

Claire 73" x 13.75" Rotating Wall Mounted Cabinet

Claire 73" x 13.75" Rotating Wall Mounted Cabinet

Bathroom cabinet designed for mounting on the wall and floor. Construction is made of wood. Includes 2 shelves and towel. It has very good recommendations from customers.

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Rotating bathroom cabinet

This rotating bathroom cabinet is a clever and stylish piece of furniture, which will enhance your bathroom space with its functional design. Cool and clean, minimalistic design shall fit well into modern apartments.

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Rotating bathroom cabinet 1

A smart idea for a bathroom cabinet, ideal choice for small spaces. The front of the unit features a narrow, frameless mirror, but when you rotate it, you will find four shelves for all the bathroom necessities.

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Rotating bathroom cabinet 7

A simple and exquisite design. This rotating bathroom cabinet will help keep all your toiletries ad still take up very little space. It has a door which prevents your toiletries and other materials from falling out.

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Rotating bathroom cabinet 3

Cleverly designed, this bathroom cabinet features a rotative mechanism, allowing not only to save space on your floors but also facilitating the access to your items. Sleek modern design will add some smooth contemporary chic to your bathroonm.

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Revolving bathroom cabinet

This venetian rotating mirror comes with a spacious shelf and sports the natural finish, making organization for every room in the house instantly much easier. It is made from the wood veneer of the highest quality and comes with a full size mirror.

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Rotating mirror storage

This is a bathroom cabinet that comes with a mirror on the side of the door. It’s a multipurpose drawer that will definitely make your bathroom look more sophisticated. The cabinet has a vertical pole that comes with it about which it rotates.

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Revolving bathroom cabinet freestanding revolving cabinet in white

revolving bathroom cabinet freestanding revolving cabinet in white ...

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Madison Avenue Bathroom Cabinet Set

Madison Avenue Bathroom Cabinet Set

This contemporary styled,elegant bathroom set is a perfect choice to furnish bathroom completely. This set is made of highest quality materials in soft white, resistant to water and is very easy to keep clean.

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Pika rotating cabinet 16cm a rotating mirrored bathroom cabinet for

pika rotating cabinet 16cm a rotating mirrored bathroom cabinet for ...

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Rotating Bathroom Cabinet

Buying Guide

A rotating bathroom cabinet is a multifunctional piece of cabinetry. With a storage space on one side and a plethora of choices on the opposite side, it can help you maximize the space in your bathroom.

Perhaps you already know about the many advantages of a rotating bathroom cabinet, and that's why you are shopping for one. Keep in mind that this kind of cabinet comes with many different features and in several different types.

If you are a bit inexperienced when filtering your options, then it's likely you'll end up confused. To help you with that, this article is going to be a buying guide for rotating bathroom cabinets.

Perhaps the most important thing you need to consider when buying a rotating bathroom cabinet is the size. Thankfully, obtaining the right size is not that difficult to do.

First, you'll need to be standing in the bathroom door looking in. The next step is to visualize where you want to place the cabinet. By doing so, you'll have a better idea of the size of the area that you'll be allocating for the cabinet.

Also, you need to make sure that the cabinet won't hit anything as it rotates. Then, just measure this allocated space. When shopping, make sure the dimensions of the cabinet will fit into your measured allotted area.

The primary material of the cabinet is going to play a significant role in its longevity. Hence, you need to carefully consider your options. Your choices typically fall into wood, metal, and plastic.

  • Wood has the advantage of being the most luxurious and arguably the most beautiful material for a cabinet. Hence, it's an excellent option if the budget is not a limiting factor. Remember that wood does not play well with moisture and water. Hence, stick to solid wood and a coating finish. This ensures that your cabinet will be able to resist water and moisture damage.
  • Metal is another popular material for a rotating bathroom cabinet, and it usually comes in the form of stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel and aluminum have the advantage of being very resistant to rust, which is something you want in a bathroom setting. Aluminum is more economical, but it's not as durable as stainless steel. On the other hand, stainless steel is very durable.
  • Plastic is not as popular compared to wood and metal when it comes to crafting a rotating bathroom cabinet. Hence, your options might be limited. On the upside, it's the most economical choice when compared to metal and wood.

On one side of the cabinet is the storage space. On the other side, you have plenty of options. The most common ones are mirrors and hanging space.

  • A mirror is always a good option in a bathroom setting. However, if you already have a large vanity mirror, then this feature may become redundant.
  • A hanging space allows you to dry your towels and other wet items. It's a desirable feature as most bathrooms are lacking ample space for hanging.

Best Ideas

Home bamboo revolving mirror and storage cabinet 1

Home / Bamboo revolving mirror and storage cabinet

Rotating bathroom cabinet 14

This is a rotating bathroom cabinet with a simple and sleek finish. It has a plain white color giving it that royal look. It has six shelf spaces which should comfortably store all your toiletries and bathroom materials. It also comes with a metal rod in front of each shelf space to prevent objects from falling.

Rotating bathroom cabinet 5

Now £79. Revolving bathroom cabinet

Cute multi use organization

Cute, multi-use organization

Revolving bathroom cabinets 3

Revolving Bathroom Cabinets

Rotating mirrored floor cabinet

Rotating mirrored floor cabinet

Rotating bathroom cabinet 3

This tall rotating bathroom cabinet gives you a mirror and plenty of storage in stainless steel and mirrored glass. The cabinet fits easily to wall and rotates to give easy access to the ample storage at the rear.

Swivel bathroom cabinets

Very unique and practical bathroom cabinet that features a practical rotating function. White metal construction of its frame provides stability, support and reliable work even in case of frequent use.

Artiva USA Bella, 71-Inch Home Deluxe, Accent, Sturdy Rotating System, Mirror and Swivel Floor Cabinet Organizer with 4 Shelves and 1 Drawer

Rotating bathroom cabinet 2

Crafted from stainless steel, this mirrored cabinet will delight you with its functionality. Featuring a rotation mechanism, it will smoothly adapt to your current needs.

Rotating mirror storage tower

Elongated rectangle served as a form for a sleek bathroom wall cabinet. Mounted on two chrome bars, it stays close to wall, but it rotates, so you can access the mirror (because it's mirrored all over) from all sides.

Rotating mirror cabinet

Igma Mirrored Rotating Bathroom/Shoe storage Cabinet, 1189-156

Pika Bathroom Storage Rotating Cabinet w Mirrored Door

Rotating bathroom cabinet 4

Wireworks Coffee Bamboo Arena Revolve 1400 Bathroom Cabinet, lead time: 2-4 weeks, £389