Rustic Curio Cabinets

Not all curio cabinets have to be modern. For your rustic collectables why not put them in a rustic curio cabinet? This curio cabinets are very well made but look like they would be perfectly comfortable in a farmhouse setting. They're built of the finest materials and we have plenty of them for you in this collection.

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82 H Large Display Curio Cabinet Sun Rustic Finish Solid Reclaimed Wood

82 H Large Display Curio Cabinet Sun Rustic Finish Solid Reclaimed Wood
An antique-looking display cabinet for curios and family photos. The frame of the display cabinet is made out of rustic reclaimed wood with a distressed finish and has four tiers of shelves which give it a lot of room.

Rustic Traditions Curio Cabinet

Rustic Traditions Curio Cabinet
Pretty rustic style display unit crafted of wood with a mid-brown finish. It has a crown top, bun feet and a finished back. Two glazed doors have small round brass knobs. It's equipped with 4 adjustable shelves and touch lighting.

Design Toscano Wall Curio Cabinet

Design Toscano Wall Curio Cabinet
This impressive and very tasteful cabinet is made from high quality materials. Beautiful glass removable shelves and glass door, allow you to expose all the trinkets and souvenirs.

Rhapsody Bunching Curio Cabinet

Rhapsody Bunching Curio Cabinet
This is a very nice, stylish and extremely shaped cabinet with glass doors. The upper part of the cabinet is finished in an arc. Glass door make it ideally suited as a dresser. It is very stylish and classy.

Vintage painted cottage aqua chic

Vintage painted cottage aqua chic
Such an elaborate vintage curio cabinet could transform any room to a French mansion interior out of hand. A bounty of meticulous carvings comes with light robin egg's blue finish and mirrored backing.

Caldwell Curio Cabinet

Caldwell Curio Cabinet
This cabinet assures plenty of display and storage space without taking so much space in the house. It is created for corner placement. Its wooden frame includes glass doors and walls. It also features solid glass shelves.

Rustic curio cabinets

The unique and very impressive curio cabinet in rustic style is a perfect combination of interesting details and beautiful finish. Beautiful internal illumination adds character to the whole, and massive fittings and attractive decorative elements fascinate.

Our advice Buying Guide

Many believe a curio and China cabinet are the same piece of furniture. While they have some similarities, there are differences between the two consumers should know. For example, China cabinets have specific designs for the display of dishes, glassware, and they typically have enclosed sides. However, a curio cabinet has a mirrored back and glass sides. That way, it's possible to see the decorative elements and details of pieces from every angle. You can use rustic curio cabinets to display and showcase a myriad of items. They're available in a broad range of types, sizes, and styles. Therefore, we've put together this guide to help inspire your buying decisions.

What Things to Consider Before Selecting a Rustic Curio Cabinet?

Do you know the purpose for the rustic curio cabinet? Is it going to be used for displaying your grandmother's collection of antique perfume bottles? Are you going to use it for showcasing your collection of vintage salt and pepper shakers? No matter what its use, it's critical for you to make this decision beforehand so you can determine the optimal size.

Because a rustic curio cabinet is typically a tall piece of furniture, the widths are going to vary. Therefore, you're going to need to take measurements of your available space. For example, if you would like this piece to go into a corner, a tall curio cabinet with a square base is optimal. However, if you have negative space along a wall you would like to fill, a long and slender style is best.

If you would like to display tall items inside the cabinet, it may be best to select one with adjustable shelves. That way, if you change your mind in the future, you can change their configuration. Under some circumstances, it's also possible to find these furniture pieces with lighting underneath the shelves as well. In that case, you'll have to make sure the furniture is near a power source.

What are the Popular Styles of Rustic Curio Cabinets?

You'll find there are many types of rustic curio cabinets. Here are some examples:

  • Clock curios: the charm of a grandfather clock and beauty of a curio cabinet are combined in this rustic curio cabinet.
  • Corner cabinets: this style of cabinet nestles snuggly into the corner.
  • Standard curios: these are typically freestanding pieces of furniture available in a broad range of styles.
  • Wall-Mounted: rather than taking up floor space, these curio cabinets mount on the wall.

What are the Most Durable Materials for Rustic Curio Cabinets?

Rustic curio cabinets can be found made from solid wood construction from varieties including mahogany, oak, and pine. While these pieces feature a higher cost in comparison to engineered wood, they're higher quality. It isn't uncommon to find curios featuring rich finishes including cherry, as well as casual tones like oak. When furniture pieces are constructed from high-quality wood, they’ll last longer, and they’re more durable. Maintaining them requires frequent dusting and spot cleaning. If a thorough cleaning is needed, use a damp cloth that’s been dipped in warm water mixed with a mild detergent.


Rustic curio cabinets 3

Are you looking for a vintage truly antique-looking display cabinet to showcase your family photos and curios in style? Look no further than this rustic curio cabinet. It is made from rustic repurposed wood with distressed finish. It features 4 tiers of shelves for ample storage.

Rustic curio cabinets

A rustic curio cabinet for displaying your collectibles with elegance and class. The frame is made of hardwood in a walnut finish, also offering a front door and sides designed of clear glass panels, and 5 wood shelves inside.

Rustic kitchen hutch

Display your stoneware or dinnerware with class and unique style. This multi-tiered rustic curio cabinet will add inimitable charm and a down-home character to your dining room.

Rustic curio cabinet

Crafted of sturdy Pine wood and splashed with a natural finish, this curio cabinet will bring forest accents into your country-looking home. Features 1 main cabinet with 2 wood shelves and 1 hollowed door, and 1 cubic cabinet at the bottom.

Rustic curio cabinets 5

Ideal to embellish some rustic interiors, this curio cabinet will display your favourite belongings in an inimitable way. Adorned with tree branches, it can also appeal to all who love the boho chic style.

82 h large display curio cabinet sun rustic finish solid

82 H Large Display Curio Cabinet Sun Rustic Finish Solid Reclaimed Wood

Sd 2253ac savanna rustic walnut curio pier

SD-2253AC - Savanna Rustic Walnut Curio Pier

Rustic curio cabinets 2

Bring immense shelving space and a splash of vintage French style into your home with this stunning floor to ceiling curio cabinet. The piece is designed with a distressed all-natural wooden frame and features stunning glass doors to deliver the perfect display.

Rustic curio cabinets 2

love the displays in the curio cabinet

Rustic display cabinet

I've seen quite a few rustic curio cabinets, but this one is kind of uber-rustic. The raw, all-natural wooden hickory logs frame is really an eye-drawing accent. The shelving is glass. The background is natural wooden board.

Rustic curio cabinets 4

screen door cupboard, classic county look, with a bonus peek at what you have "in-store"! a must have in the home!

Gray modern rustic display curio cabinet storage units and cabinets

... Gray Modern Rustic Display Curio Cabinet storage units and cabinets

Rustic curio cabinets 1

Beautiful rustic furniture, which was born from old wooden pallets and aged window. This curio cabinet is a second life of salvaged barn wood, contains also electric knobs as handles.If you have some old windows, now you know what to do with them.

Rustic curio cabinets 2

Million Dollar Rustic Mansion Gun Curio Cabinet - 05-1-10-22

Antique curio cabinet for sale

The lovely rustic curio cabinet with glass doors is a perfect combination of beautiful style and interesting details. The whole is based on wheels is mobile. The vintage styling adds all the charm and chic.

Rustic cupboard

Curio cabinet in neutral form. It is made of wood and fitted with double glass doors. Includes 6 shelves stacked vertically. Suitable for storing book, display decoration and more. Great addition for each home.

Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Curio Cabinet

Rustic curio cabinets

Stylishly weathered and vintage-looking, this small curio cabinet is crafted of solid wood in distressed finish. It offers 2 square shelves - surrounded by clear glass panels and concealed behind a clear glass door with a rustic metal lock.

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Rustic display case

The unique and very stylish curio cabinet made of wood is a perfect combination of attractive looks and functionality. The glazed doors beautifully display the contents, and the rustic styling captivates and brings to the decor a very pleasing atmosphere.

Ikea glass cabinet

Distressed sky blue painted curio cabinet for an unpretentious beach style that presents cool attitude. Inner shelves are distressed too, painted off-white, exposed beneath glass panel doors on white boards backdrop.

Adirondack rustic curio cabinet with carvings

Adirondack Rustic curio cabinet with carvings.

Rustic Display Cabinet

Rustic curio cabinets 1

Made from rustic oak, this Sedona curio cabinet delights with its traditional appeal. Its 4 storage tiers create a great display for your books collections, while the bottom drawer will allow you to hide your valuable treasures.

Rustic curio cabinets 13

thegildedwoods: Merv Johnstone / Pinterest on We Heart It -

Montana Woodworks Curio Cabinet

Cielo french gray modern rustic display curio cabinet 2

Cielo French Gray Modern Rustic Display Curio Cabinet

Corner china closet

Universal Furniture Paula Deen Home Paula Deen Corner Cupboard in Sea Oat

Exposed brick untreated wood floors and curios

Exposed brick, untreated. Wood floors and curios.

Home interior decorator dallas interior decorating dining rooms wesley wayne

Home Interior Decorator Dallas | Interior Decorating Dining Rooms | Wesley-Wayne Interiors

Black furniture

This cabinet perfectly matches different indoors thanks to its neutral black finish. It also brings some antique accents into the house. Its upper area includes shelves with glass doors and the lower part features storage compartments.

Rustic curio cabinets

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Rustic curio cabinets 4

Rustic Traditions Curio Cabinet

Vintage curio cabinets

This extraordinary Victorian-style cabinet is an exceptionally stylish piece of furniture for a stylish interior. Beautifully glazed doors, various shelves, and subtle decorations are all captivating details.

Rustic curio cabinets 3

We commissioned and approved the new lighting plan incorporating discrete halogen spots. We sourced appropriate vintage, antique and contemporary fabrics for soft furnishings, curtains and floor coverings. We designed the curtains and commissioned curtain

Rustic cupboards

Curio cabinet in rustic style. It consists of a lot of open shelves in various sizes. Suitable for display decoration or storing needed items. Simple form and elegant style.

Rustic curio cabinets 14

Ironstone is my thing!! The starfish aren bad either! British Homes & Garden ~ Feb. 09

Table top curio cabinet

4cdeb1dd715fdddf96cd7fc0fd15c402.jpg 400×599 pixels Recycled display case Boutique display Old windows nightstand small table

Rustic mesquite curio or cd cabinet

Rustic Mesquite Curio or CD Cabinet

Rustic curio cabinets

I always see SO many of these types of pieces at garage sales for super cheap! It's such a neat idea to refurbish them and add a little bit of flare to give them new life!

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Love this rustic curio cabinet could also serve as a

Love this rustic curio cabinet. Could also serve as a dining buffet/china cabinet.

Pine hill rustic pine wood curio cabinet d3561 04

Pine Hill Rustic Pine Wood Curio Cabinet, D3561-04 ...