Rustic Wine Cabinets

Even if you live in the city sometimes it tastes of the country is all you need to disconnect from the hustle and bustle. rustic wine cabinets will give you just that sensation of being out in the sticks out of cell service with your nearest and dearest enjoying nature. Take a look and see what we mean in this extensive collection.

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Refined rustic rivington wine cabinet 2

Refined & Rustic Rivington Wine Cabinet
Crafted from weathered wood, this wine cabinet with two drawers and a side door constitutes a functional proposition for all wine enthusiasts. Includes one glass rack and three bottom racks, which can comprise twelve bottles.

Rustic wine cabinets

Have ever dreamt about a holiday in French village near vineyard? This rustic cabinet intended to storage vine and chalices give you second best of this dream in your home! Wooden cabinet is a little bit worn-out, so it looks more realistic!

World market wine cabinet

The beautiful and beautifully made old world cabinet is a perfect combination of interesting details in a rustic atmosphere. The combination of wood and iron delights and brings to the room a unique style.

Rustic wine cabinets

Made in the rustic style of the wine cabinet are a great combination of unique style and interesting decorative details. A practical place for bottles and metal cabinet doors fascinate to create a unique whole.

Pulaski dune wine cabinet

Pulaski Dune Wine Cabinet
Stylishly weathered and crafted of hardwood, this aged wine cabinet oozes with rustic accents and practical usage. Includes 1 top drawer with brass pull-knobs, 1 open shelf with a glassware rack, and 1 wine rack for storing up to 15 bottles of wine.

Rustic wine table

The rustic wine cabinet in a beautiful finish is a perfect combination of solid wood construction and beautiful details. Practical drawers, a bottle of wine and a solid countertop that will serve you when serving.

Our advice Buying Guide

Rustic wine cabinets come in all sorts and sizes. Rustic means a lot of different things. It can mean down-home, making-do kinds of carpentry, or it can mean a landed gentry retreat in the country. There are, of course, a wide range of styles in between these two extremes. Therefore, a wine cabinet could be a simple shelf, a nest of pigeon holes for bottles, or it could mean a wine dispensary worthy of a Scottish Laird in his remote retreat. Here are a few ideas for wine cabinets.

What are the most popular designs of rustic wine cabinets?

The Simple Kitchen Shelf

A neat rack that is just the right size for a wine bottle or six, with a hanger beneath it for stemware can be mounted on the wall in a small kitchen or in a modest den. The wine placed on it will reflect the owner’s taste in vintages, and the stemware might range from department store plastic to second best-inherited glassware. (The best glassware is probably put away in a cabinet to avoid breakage.) Add a proper corkscrew, and you are ready to entertain.

Distressed Wood Cabinets

A cabinet made of distressed wood can certainly give that rustic feel to your kitchen or den. Barn wood has been a popular building material for some years now but finding a barn that is fair game for scavenging wood is quite a trick these days. Modern barns are often made of metal because of its increased durability. You can easily distress an unfinished cabinet or milled lumber to create the same effect without the side order of wondering just what kinds of things helped distress that barn wood. Or you can purchase lovely cabinets that look as if they were made from that proverbial old barn but were crafted by skilled carpenters.

Antique or Shabby Chic Cabinets

If you are skilled at searching through antique shops or vintage furniture stores, you might be fortunate enough to come across a cabinet with chipped paint and battered surface. Such cabinets look as if they’ve been hauled across the plains and then passed through the hands of several generations of rough children. Their real provenance might be a little different.

How to DIY a rustic wine cabinet?

It is easy to create that shabby chic look using an unfinished wine cabinet. First paint prime the cabinet with a sealer. Next, paint it with a dark color. Red or green will do nicely. Let it dry, and paint it again with a different color. Repeat for four or five layers of paint, ending with the color you want to keep. Next, sand the corners and some of the detailing of the cabinet until the under coats of paint begin to show through. You could even ding it gently with a hammer, or give it a rasp or two with a wire brush. The idea is to make it look as if it is aged. You then have the advantage of having the looks of an antique without worrying about whether a child or pet might nibble lead-based paint off your cabinet.


Wine rack buffet table 2

Save that scrap lumber from remodeling or adding on to your home. With a little creative sawing and staining, you can put together a scrap wood sideboard that rivals far more expensive furnishings in appearance. Add collectible bottles or decanters for boho effect.

Rustic wine cabinets 1

This rustic wine cabinet is pure furnished wood. It has a flat top that’s thick and has a reddish-brown color. It allows for an array of activities on it. The cabinet also has a mini wine cellar, a shelf, cup or bottle holders and it has a wooden stand with elegant curve designs.

Floor Wine Cabinet

Floor Wine Cabinet
Rustic wine cabinet that comes in an antique-inspired distressed look. The cabinet is also super tall, giving you space for your vintage wine collection. It’s constructed from metal so it should last for years plus you also get beautiful crown moldings at the top for excellent style.

Pulaski Warren Wine Cabinet, 40 by 48 by 16-Inch, White/Natural

Wine Cabinet

Wine Cabinet
Fantastic looking wine cabinet made of solid wood in beautiful light finish. Offers sturdy frame providing ample storage space, functional drawer, and gorgeous, classy design with decorative metals details.

Handmade rustic wine rack

Handmade Rustic Wine Rack
Wow! I am so delighted how adorable and unique this wine cabinet is. The rustic look, wooden natural construction and two drawers create the extraordinary and stylish piece of furniture to any home bar and kitchen.

Rustic wine cabinets

Tree Branch Privacy Screen - 40 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself

Rustic wine cabinet

A fine solution for improving your home with country charm and functionality. This rustic wine cabinet is made of recycled wood pallets, including 1 glassware rack, and 2 wood shelves for storing your liquor bottles.

Wine chests

A contemporary liquor cabinet with a built-in wine rack on the side, made out of reclaimed wood with an unfinished, natural look. The cabinet has a compartment with shelves on the side and an additional drawer.

Fremont ca 24

Fremont, CA

Pretty rustic wine cabinet i dont believe you can have

Pretty rustic wine cabinet, I don't believe you can have too much wine ...

Metal wine cabinet


Rustic double door wine cabinet

Rustic Double Door Wine Cabinet

Wine bar decorating ideas home

This smoothly designed wine corner delights with its cool and clean finishing, as well as functionality. Covering the wall with shining wooden pallets gave the place a contemporary character. Combining it with marble top represent style and prestige.

Rustic liquor cabinet

The stylish and rustic wine cabinet is an excellent piece of furniture for every connoisseur of wine. Beautiful craft, attractive finishing details and a lot of storage space creates a unique piece of furniture.

Rustic wine cabinets 2

I like this space-saving idea! Gut an indoor wall on one side, put in some shelves, doors to enclose it... and then you get an awesome liquor cabinet that takes up zero floor space.

Reclaimed wood wine cabinet

Wine rack in rustic style. Construction is made of wood and fitted with glass doors. Includes 2 shelves for storing bottles of wine, glasses and more. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Elegant design with antique finish.

Arles 28 Bottle Wine Cabinet

Arles 28 Bottle Wine Cabinet

Rustic wine storage

Practical rustic buffet with wine cabinets. It includes two large compartments, space for 15 wine bottles and two storage drawers with metal hardware. Durable wooden construction represents a barn style.

Rustic wine cabinets 2

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Wine Cabinet

Rustic wine cabinets 5

James Plamondon pallet works in furniture pallets 2 with Upcycled Furniture Repurposed pallet arizona

Stunning dark cherry stained wall

Stunning Dark Cherry Stained Wall
This wall mounted wine rack includes shelves and decorative Mesh, wine and liquor shelf and cabinet. The wine rack does not need much space, and it can be mounted on the wall with 2 hanging brackets installed on back.

Bar buffet wine rack

A stunning bar cabinet in a farmhouse style. It's a sturdy piece made of high quality wood in a beautiful, dark hue. It features an open shelf in the centre with a special rack for wine bottles. There are also two closed storage units.

Madison mccord interiors rustic wine cabinet livermore ca united

Madison McCord Interiors - Rustic WIne Cabinet - Livermore, CA, United ...

Rustic wine cabinets furniture

Full of rustic charm and elegance, this wine cabinet is crafted of sturdy wood and covered in distressed oak and espresso finish. Includes a rectangular top, 8 open cubic compartments, and 1 cabinet with a pair of clear glass panel doors.

Jackson 7 Bottle Wine Cabinet

Jackson 7 Bottle Wine Cabinet

15 Bottle Wine Cabinet

15 Bottle Wine Cabinet
If you looking for perfect bottle wine cabinet you need to buy this one. It is tall and perfect for storing 15 bottles of wine. It is an attractive addition to your dining room. You need to have it.

Bar built in cabinets

Wine cabinet for kitchen, dining room, bar, restaurant and more. It is completely made of wood. It consists of cabinet, 3 drawers and a lot of shelves for bottles of wine. Classic form and elegant design.

Rustic wine cabinets

You don't have to be a sommelier to love wine, do you? The older, the better... so you have to have some space to store this phenomenal drink. This antique wooden wine box will definitely fulfil your requirements.

12 Bottle Wine Cabinet

12 Bottle Wine Cabinet
A wine cabinet that will easily accommodate up to twelve bottles and bring you just the right amount of class and elegance to the room with the walnut finish and three rows of stem glass storage, while the sturdy construction ensures years of use.

Audra 12 Bottle Wine Cabinet

Audra 12 Bottle Wine Cabinet
It is very practical and extremely useful cabinet for wine. In the central part there are special compartments for bottles. Around it, there are drawers of different sizes. This is a practical piece of furniture.

Rustic hanging liquor cabinet murphy bar

Rustic Hanging Liquor Cabinet Murphy Bar
With this hanging wine cabinet, you are getting a space-saving and functional addition for your kitchen, dining room, or living room. Its frame is crafted of sturdy wood with metal sheet panels, offering 2 small compartments covered by a matching door that can be used as a convenient tray.

Reclaimed wood wine rack pallet wall

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack Pallet Wall
Characterized by reclaimed wood pallet construction and rustic finish, this wall-mount bottle rack is sturdy, capacious, and space-saving. Includes 1 shelf open shelf on top, 1 shelf for shot-glasses, and 1 shelf for bottles of liquor.

Other cabinet outstanding rustic wine rack cabinet with walnut cabinet

other cabinet outstanding rustic wine rack cabinet with walnut cabinet ...

Rustic wine cabinets

Described the countertops as being zinc, though these look like big, rustic tiles. Love the wine storage too.

Rustic wine cabinets 4

Rustic wine cabinet (Country Log Collection)

Metal wine cabinet 7

Nice! Dark brown kitchen cabinetry suits light gray walls surprisingly well. I bet a wine cabinet can be organized here - do I see a metal wine rack down there? This or that way, this kitchen furniture collection is very good-looking.

Rustic wine cabinets 4

hot damn, lets go collecting pallets (skids for you canadians). reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets

Metal wine cabinet 1

Kitchen cabinet fitted with wine rack. Frame is made of wood and covered with clear glass. Designed for mounting on the wall. Modern accent for each home.

Request a custom order and have something made just for

Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

Rustic wine cabinets

Brown colors create an excellent place for your wines. This wine basement by Philip Gorrivan is absolutely impressive and stunning. There are many shelves and drawers.

Red storage cabinet

Tall cabinet for the kitchen, dining room and others interiors as needed. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. Perfect solution for space saving in each home.

Kitchen island with casters

Straight from the vintage vault of functional furniture, this lovely island can be a great booster for your kitchen. Constructed of sturdy wood and covered in black and cherry, it features beautifully turned legs, 1 open shelf, 1 widened top, and caster wheels for easy motion.