Corner Wine Glass Rack


Wine glasses are historically top heavy and so they're hard to store. And if you have trouble accidentally knocking over your wine glasses then what you need is a wine glass rack. And for that corner space near your wine refrigerator or in the kitchen, we have a corner wine glass rack that will fit perfectly. They come in many styles, but most will hold a significant number of wine glasses. Take a look and see what we have.

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Corner wine glass rack

An outstanding wooden home bar and a wine rack that features a graceful shape of a wine bottle. The unit doesn't need much space, but it can easily accommodate a few bottles and wine glasses. There is even a small top.

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Corner wine glass rack

An aesthetic contemporary wall-mountable corner rack for 5 bottles and 6 glasses. It has a quarter-circular body (with elevated edges - front ones have semi-round cutouts for bottles) of black-finished wood.

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Hanging Tabletop Wine Glass Rack

Hanging Tabletop Wine Glass Rack

Hang your wine glasses and save up plenty of space, while offering a stylish and functional solution for your household. This glass rack will hold up to 18 glasses and the chrome finish allows for an easy blend with any contemporary styled interior.

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Holman Entertaining Shelves

Holman Entertaining Shelves

An interesting storage and display element. It includes a shelf for six wine bottles, wine glasses and other items used in the kitchen or a dining room. It is important to mention that these shelves are space-saving solutions.

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Corner wine racks

For sunroom... Free Shipping Reclaimed wine rack

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Corner bar furniture for the home

This corner mini bar has exactly the size we needed for our kitchen, and the classic design of it is so breathtaking. These racks for glass and bottles have the unique shape and white finish.

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Corner wine glass rack 4

handmade Wine Rack | ... Rack Corner 21 Wine Glass Wood Stemware Rack Holder Unique Handmade

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Corner wine glass rack 2

Gardening rake wine glass holder

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Home mini bar ideas

A cool space-saving bar set. A standing unit of green-finished wooden materials features hexagonal both a moulding top and a base. It has 3 door cabinets. Two of three white wall-mounted racks for bottles of wine have metal hangers for wine glasses.

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Corner Wine Glass Rack

Buying Guide

A corner wine glass rack lets you keep stemware for your vino and, sometimes, wine bottles in a place where you have limited space. Sure, the wine could be for drinking, but maybe you're a cook who uses it in your favorite dishes.

With a corner wine glass rack, the wine glass and maybe even the wine bottle you need is just steps away. It can go in your kitchen, dining room or home bar. Other reasons a corner wine glass rack is valuable are that it allows you to put your glasses on display and frees up space in your kitchen or dining room cabinet

The materials that corner wine glass racks are made of include wood, metal, and stainless steel.

Wine glasses are kept in an inverted position because that way they remain cleaner than they would if they were stored upright. A corner wine glass rack also protects your wine glasses while keeping them in easier reach than they would be if they were stored in a cabinet.

Some units permit you to lay bottles on the shelf under which the wine glasses are suspended. A few bottles of wine is the max for some shelves whereas the capacity of other units is so great that they can hold more than a dozen bottles and the. have room for displaying photos or mementos.

While some wine glass racks are low, others soar high in a corner. A unit made of wrought iron can look sleek and sophisticated in a corner. You can add to its elegance by placing wrought-iron accent tables on either side of it in a dining room if you wish. A color-coordinated shelf in a contrasty tone completes the attractive look and functionality of this arrangement.

Some units are very simple. They hold just a handful of glasses. Mount one of them on either wall that flanks the corner. As your collection of wine glasses, champagne flutes and other stemware grows, buy another and attach it.

Another way to save space is to use floating shelves, which are also simple. Because they are staggered on either side of the corner of the walls, monotony is countered and interest is added. A more elaborate setup is a corner wine glass rack that’s part of a cabinet. The enclosed storage area of this unit is below the glass rack. This unit is a piece of furniture that can really make an otherwise naked corner the focal point of a room.

A corner wine glass rack may hang from underneath a kitchen cabinet. Another may hang at a corner from the ceiling by means of chains.

Just because you are short on space does not mean that you can’t display your beautiful wine glasses and have them at the ready. A corner wine glass rack is the answer.

Best Ideas

Corner wine glass rack 1

The perfect stillage for your wine collection. It contains enough place for a few bottle of wine, but also the glass collection. The glass is cleverly placed under the shelves using chrome under-counter stemracks.

Space saving wine rack

homemade cork wall in the basement bar...this would be so cool around the dart board....

Howard Miller 695-078 Cognac Wine & Bar Cabinet

With this dignified bar cabinet for indoors, your home will be oozing with functional solutions and timeless elegance. The cabinet is made of Cherry wood, offering a square top, a cubic compartment with a glassware rack and a pull-down door, 2 circular rotating shelves, and 2 drawers for storing bottles of wine.

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