Sofa Table With Wine Rack


As we have said, a sofa table is essentially just a console table with storage. For this sofa table takes it a step further by having an installed wine rack giving it a little bit more class. These sofa tables are well made with metal legs and wood shelving. They come in plenty of lengths and widths and the wine rack feature is available with plenty of orientations to accommodate the size of your wine collection. Take a look here for more.

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Our Picks

Autumn entertaining courtland console table

Autumn entertaining courtland console table

Weathered finish of wood is the flawless pick for cottage chic style. Accordingly, this console table with two drawers and two bottom tiers serving as wine rack matches farmhouse style without effort.

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Modular Bar Buffet With 2 Wine Bases 2 Cabinets

Modular Bar Buffet With 2 Wine Bases 2 Cabinets

The stylish combination of solid wood construction with functionality in this beautiful wine rack buffet table makes the decor a unique atmosphere. The whole has a lot of storage space and is elegantly presented in every living room or dining room.

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Holman Entertaining Shelves

Holman Entertaining Shelves

For all gourmets of wine - it's a good place for wine to get old. The main point is quality, not only of wine.

This wine buffet has wood glides that allow glasses to slip in and out smoothly. Extremely functional are handles for glasses.

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Sofa table with wine rack

Create the bar nook with this sofa console table, which features the wine rack, three drawers and wooden construction. You will be impressed how solid and nicely finished this piece of furniture is.

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Wine rack table sofa table console table

Wine rack table sofa table console table

Console table that can be used as a sofa table. It features a narrow rectangular top with simple, straight lines without unnecessary decorations. Lower parts include a small shelf and a rack for bottles of wine.

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Norfolk Buffet

Norfolk Buffet

A very interesting, functional and decorative piece of furniture. This buffet is ideal for use in the kitchen or dining room. It features a spacious top, two storage drawers and 20 shelves for wine bottles.

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Sofa table wine rack

An aesthetic contemporary standing unit for dining rooms. It's of natural-finished wood. It has straight square legs and 2 low supports in the middle under a rack for 20 bottles. It also has 2 open niches on sides, 3 drawers up, a rectangular top.

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Wine rack side table

Instead of going on a trip to Provence, you can find such a piece of furniture. White stylized wood is an essential element of this console table with a little whine rack. It contains also three drawers.

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Wine rack coffee table

A functional console table that brings clean lines and graceful look to contemporary homes. Includes espresso-finished wood construction, 2 clear glass panel cabinets with shelves, and 2 X-shaped racks for storing bottles of wine.

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Wine holder table

If you are looking for a simple wine storage solution, this beautifully made sofa table with wine rack will be perfect. A simple wood form will hold several bottles, and the top will be served for serving.

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Sofa Table With Wine Rack

Buying Guide

Home entertaining for those who love collecting and enjoying wine is taken to a new level when decorating with a sofa table with wine rack. Not only are these furniture pieces a convenient way of storing bottles but they're done so beautifully. Because they feature a plethora of styles, materials, and accents, it's possible to match them up with any decor ranging from contemporary to traditional.

For those who have an interest in displaying their wine collection, there are many different kinds of wine racks and storage tables from which to choose. Before you begin, it's essential to make some decisions regarding the sofa table with wine rack. Ask yourself the following:

  • How many bottles does it need to accommodate? For those who enjoy occasional glasses of wine, capacities of eight to sixteen bottles could be ideal. However, avid collectors may need to accommodate up to fifty bottles.
  • Why are you making this purchase? If you're purchasing this is a display piece for a collection or storing bottles you intend to use, answering this question will help with your ultimate buying decision.
  • Do you need further accommodations? In addition to holding the bottles, do you need drawers or cupboard space in this sofa table with wine rack?

Some wine racks are strictly utilitarian while others have gorgeous design features. In the case of a sofa table with wine rack, you'll find they'll compliment your living room decor well depending on your style. Here are some examples:

  • Cottage Style: these wine racks feature weathered wood finishes coupled with two drawers and a farmhouse style.
  • Contemporary: rich, dark tones in conjunction with bright metal accents and clean lines are optimal for the graceful look of contemporary design.
  • Rustic: an all-wood construction featuring a chunky style gives this wine rack a custom look for homes featuring rustic style.
  • Industrial: a thick wood slab compliments the all-metal construction of the wine rack bottom giving this console an industrial appeal.

These wine racks work optimally as a multi-functioning accent table. Because they have placement behind the sofa, you can place lamps on them or other decorative elements. You can also place them against walls opposite your sofa and use them as a console table. There are a number of other applications for these tables including developing them into sideboards for food service, creating small bistro tables out of them, and using them as portable wet bars.

Ideally, to ensure your sofa table with wine rack will last for years, it should feature a hardwood frame construction coupled with metal for the rack. Under some circumstances, you’ll find the rack’s construction made from wood as well. However, it’s most commonly made from black iron. Many wine racks are made from MDF, which is a material made from gluing recycled wood fibers together. It's just as durable as hardwood but, under most circumstances, more affordable.

Best Ideas

Belmont buffet

Belmont buffet

Useful sofa table that plays the role of a practical buffet. It includes small shelves for wine bottles. This buffet also includes two large storage drawers for different accessories, items and products.

Sofa table with wine storage

Being a functional and stylish addition to one's living room decor, this sofa table features a nicely designed spot to store your wine bottles and hide your bits and pieces.

McFall 15 Bottle Wine Rack

McFall 15 Bottle Wine Rack

Metal (iron) wine rack for 15 bottles, finished in black, with round top. Excellent way of stacking your valuable wine bottles and expose them on this beautiful rack, instead of hiding them in your cellar.

Brand New 22.4" x 14.24" x 38.6"H Dark Espresso Wood Finish Wine Rack

Premium quality wine rack offering three capacious slatted shelves and two storage drawers with round, silvery metal pull handles. The rack is engineered of sturdy wood. Dark espresso finish completes the compact, classic style.

Griffin metal wood slab console table

Griffin metal wood slab console table

This console table adds a little bit of an industrial and rustic style into the living room. Its solid steel frame makes the whole construction very stable and durable. A wooden top is able to support even very large weight.


Add a touch of the traditional style to your interior with this astonishing wooden wine rack. Interesting piece o furnishings to every fan of elegance.

Espresso Finish Wood Wine Rack Console Sideboard Table with Drawers Shelves & Storage

Elegance and practicality are the main features in this Wood Wine Rack/Sideboard Table with Drawers and Storage in Black Finish. The piece offers solid wood construction, glass doors, steel hardware, and very attractive appearance.

Table sofa with wine rack wine steward console table napastyle

table sofa with wine rACK | Wine Steward Console Table - NapaStyle ...

Details about rustic oak console table with wine rack oslo031

Details about Rustic Oak Console Table with Wine Rack oslo031

Wine rack barnwood sideboard with inlaid wood metal with wine

... wine rack barnwood sideboard with inlaid wood metal with wine rack

Bordeaux rustic oak wine rack for console table 2

Bordeaux Rustic Oak Wine Rack for Console Table

Decided the walnut s natural ash hue has been warmed

decided the walnut s natural ash hue has been warmed up with amber dye ...

Wine rack buffet table

This kitchen table features a solid wooden table with wine racks and open shelves. It also offers some storage space in its compartments and drawers. Drawers and compartments include durable metal handles.

Brand New 25.4" x 15" x 42.2"H Dark Espresso Wood Finish Wine Rack Cabinet