Metal Floor Standing Wine Racks

Equal parts elegant and functional, these metal floor standing wine racks are clever, and have an element of artistry to them that will complement your home. They are available in many sizes, with some units capable of not only holding plenty of wine bottles, but also wine glasses, or stems. Take a look and see what we have in metal floor standing wine racks in this collection.

Best Products

Napa Home And Garden Middleton 12 Bottle Floor Standing Wine Rack Traditional Wine Racks

Napa Home And Garden Middleton 12 Bottle Floor Standing Wine Rack Traditional Wine Racks
Statement wine rack: floor standing, entirely metal (wrought iron construction with natural powder coat), with decorative grape and leaf design. Holds up to 12 bottles of wine. Comes fully assembled.

15 Bottle Wine Rack

15 Bottle Wine Rack
Store your bottles of wine in a safe place. This wine rack can accommodate up to 15 positions. It is made of metal and features two shelves which can be used for displaying your little goodies. It has an one year warranty.

Scaffovino 18 Bottle Floor Wine Rack

Scaffovino 18 Bottle Floor Wine Rack
Sturdy make of this wine rack was accomplished with usage of high quality materials and thanks to well-designed metal construction. The rack is simple, but functional, and it is able to store eighteen wine bottles at a time.

18 Bottle Free Standing Outdoor Wine Rack

18 Bottle Free Standing Outdoor Wine Rack
A free standing wine rack. Made of metal in black rustic style, with glass top. Eighteen bottles of wine may be stored and the rack may be used outdoors so it's perfect for your summer parties or other gatherings on your patio.

Vintage Wine Rack 40 Bottle Holder Floor Stand Mid Century Mod Black Metal

Vintage Wine Rack 40 Bottle Holder Floor Stand Mid Century Mod Black Metal
Vintage metal wire wine rack holding effortlessly up to 40 (!) bottles. Floor standing, it boasts heavy duty, but lightweight design, not hard to move around (as long as it's empt - I wouldn't risk moving it with 40 wine bottles inside!).

Floor standing wine rack

A metal floor standing wine rack not only for connoisseurs of a good drink but also connoisseurs of stylish interiors. Four legs, made of cold-cast metal, has a powdered finish and beautiful amber, metal ornaments climbing up.

Free standing wine rack wood

Finished in polished steel, this unique wine rack constitutes a great proposition for those, who want to add some contemporary chic to their interiors. Minimalistic, metal construction will create a great display for one's collections.

Our advice Buying Guide

How many bottles of wine to put in a floor standing wine rack?

As a general rule of thumb, you want to keep your metal floor standing wine racks approximately 60-80% full at all times for the most aesthetic or visual benefit.

In order to figure out how many bottles of wine you should put in your rack, keep a count of the amount of wine bottles your rack can hold when full (e.g., 20) and keep 14-16 bottles of wine in it at all times. This is best for stability as well.

Where should I place a floor standing wine rack?

The best spot to place a metal floor standing wine rack is, of course, your cellar, if you have one.

Alternatively, to maintain the best conditions for your wine, you could consider a large closet or other sheltered areas like the section underneath the stairs.

If you were hoping to display your metal floor standing wine rack in one of your main rooms, just be sure to keep it away from kitchen appliances and direct sunlight.

How high a floor standing wine rack should I get?

How high a floor standing wine rack should get depends on the amount of wine you want to store, the types of wine and the space you have available for the rack. First, measure the height of the space where the rack will be located so you can ascertain the maximum height your wine rack can be.

A wine rack for just four bottles is likely to be of much lower height than one holding 180 bottles. Also, some wine racks are designed to hold bottles at a more horizontal-leaning angle than a vertical-leaning one which will be a factor in overall rack height. So for a six-feet high rack that stretches 12-feet wide, you could accommodate about 570 standard size wine bottles.



Free standing wine racks

Designed to accommodate 9 bottles, this original heaving metal rack will add a designer, eclectic appeal to any space. Its silver finish will work out perfectly with contemporary interiors.

Standing wine rack

Good wines must be honored with a suitable resting place.The Cantabria Branch Floor Wine Rack is a simple exemple of this.It is made of metal but finished with rustic bronze.The floral element seems to hold the wine with the force of nature,braided with leaves.

Silver seduction metal floor wine rack

Silver Seduction Metal Floor Wine Rack

Floor wine racks they are more versatile than you think

Floor Wine Racks: They Are More Versatile Than You Think | Wine Deluxe

Metal floor standing wine racks

The floor standing Wine Bush, from #Delia is the cutest of the #Wine #Tree family.

Floor wine racks

Looking for a durable rack for your wine bottles? Check out this metal one right here. It’s durable, it’s stable and it gets the job done. What’s not to like? With such a rack, all your bottles will be perfectly safe.

Howard Miller 655-147 Wine Storage Butler

This elegant Wine Storage Butler is able to accommodate up to 21 bottles of wine. The bottles are stored horizontally to prevent oxidation. Manufactured of wrought iron, the rack is durable, and functional, embellished in a beautifully intricate design.

Concept Housewares Metal Wine and Glass Floor Rack, Matte Black

Made of durable metal, this Wine & Glass Floor Rack in Matte Black Finish is characterized by a beautifully intricate design. The rack accommodates up to 12 bottles of wine and 12 wine glasses, and offers to glass shelves.

Floor wine rack metal

They say wine is conducive to philosophizing. The wine is as old as our civilization, so it is worth taking care of its storage, eg in this metal floor standing wine rack with shelves. The whole is made of wrought iron, wrapped in a traditional French way.

Wine racks 46

Wine Racks

Wine Rack - "Bellagio" Wine Rack - 12 Bottle Metal Wine Rack - Floor Standing Wine Rack - Wine Stand

Looking for unique ans striking wine rack? This floor standing "Bellagio" wine rack has the twelve spaces for twelve bottles of wine. All construction is metal with amazing details.

96-Bottle Antiqued Steel Wine Jail

Functional and solid solution for people who love wine. This metal floor standing wine rack features beautiful steel scrollwork in antique bronze finish. It also includes a padlock with key for securing bottles.

Maison 28-Bottle Floor Wine Rack - World Market

Spice up your modern home with this geometric wine rack, with durable construction and eye-catchy metalwork. The base is made of powder-coated metal, with a natural-finished wood top and ability to accommodate up to 28 bottles of wine at the same time.

Free Standing Black Metal Scrolled 8 Bottle Wine Rack Holder with 4 Glass Stemware Holder

A functional and elegant accessory for contemporary interiors. This Tall rack is made of durable metal, with 3 round metal shelves, 1 round walnut-finished wood shelf, 12-bottle wine rack, 1 stemware rack, and lovely scrollowrk on top.

Wine racks wonderful black metal orbital floor standing wine racks

... Wine Racks : Wonderful Black Metal Orbital Floor Standing Wine Racks

Floor wine racks buy kitchen storage online

Floor Wine Racks Buy Kitchen Storage Online

Monticello single row wine rack or wine holder part number

monticello single row wine rack or wine holder part number wr026 s

Beautiful wine rack metal wine rack

beautiful wine rack,metal wine rack

And dining room using black wrought iron floor standing wine

... And Dining Room Using Black Wrought Iron Floor Standing Wine Racks

X wine rack

Store your wine easily and conveniently with this stunning x-shaped wine rack that is just a really clever way of both saving up plenty of space and keeping everything neat and tidy, while the design is simple enough to blend with the rest of the decor.

X wine rack

Made from organic wooden cubes, this cleverly designed wine rack is a delightful proposition for all wine enthusiasts. Made from 4, juxtaposed cubics, the whole item enchants with its x-cross construction. 24 bottle capacity. Has the size of: 20"x 20" x 9".

Metal floor standing wine racks 1

Standing wine rack holding up to 50 bottles. Airy open design was executed at no cost to sturdiness, as the piece is well balanced and crafted from heavy duty metal. Screw holes are provided - the rack may be affixed to a wall.

Sku bt w058 k

SKU: BT-W058-K

Montana 16 Bottle Wine Rack

Montana 16 Bottle Wine Rack

20 Bottle Wine Rack

20 Bottle Wine Rack

Nested Fish 34 Bottle Wine Rack (Set of 3)

Practical and original construction makes this metal floor standing wine rack very functional and decorative. Its solid frame in the form of fish provides space for many wine bottles and decorates indoors.

Rockferry free standing wine and bottle rack

Rockferry” Free Standing Wine and Bottle Rack

12 Bottle Wine Rack

12 Bottle Wine Rack

Bronze wine rack 5

Just look at this wonderful, beautiful little wine rack with a nice, antique design, as if taken straight from the Baroque period! A perfect addition for a dining room, bar or a kitchen, makes storing wine so much easier.

12 Bottle Wine Rack

TRINITY EcoStorage 4-Tier NSF Wine Rack

Stylish and durable addition for bars and kitchens, this 4-Tier NSF Wine Rack in Silver Finish is designed of non-toxic materials offering only an eco-friendly design. The rack accommodates up to 36 bottles of wine, and is equipped in adjustable feet levelers for proper stability.

Stack free standing 6 bottle metal wine rack silver

STACK - Free Standing 6 Bottle Metal Wine Rack - Silver

Bronze wine rack 10

An extraordinary wine rack which will also be a nice decoration of the room. It's a sculpture made of bronze and it looks like tree twigs. The piece features a golden, weathered finish. You can display it on the floor or on a table.

Metal floor standing wine racks

Made of metal floor standing wine rack is an unusual and very stylish furnishings for attractive interior design. Elegant tree-like form beautifully exposes bottles to create a unique composition.

12 Bottle Wine Rack

12 Bottle Wine Rack

IMAX Wine Rack

This wine rack not only look simply exquisite with the beautiful and charming decorative accents but also helps you hold up to twelve bottles of wine and is entirely made from premium quality wrought iron and comes with a bronze iron finish.

Metal spring wine rack stand model fwd017 categories wine rack

metal spring wine rack stand model fwd017 categories wine rack floor ...

Woodland Imports Woodland Imports Gala Metal 6 Bottle Cage Wine Rack, Metal

With the metal structure and iron cast look this wine rack will easily fit up to six bottles and will bring a stylish touch to your decor since it sports the lovely floral accents on the top to complete the look.

Spectrum 48510 Trellis Wine Rack, 21-Bottle, Black

Oenophilia Bordeaux Chateau Wine Rack- 23 Bottle

This stylish and very elegant wine rack is an excellent solution for any type of decor. Made of wrought iron in brass finish. It is extremely elegant and well-suited to the home pantry or restaurant.

Wine gifts metal wine bottle standing wine rack evergreen bswr


Bronze wine rack

Wine rack for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of metal. Includes 4 handles for bottles of wine. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and elegant design.

Vintage View 24-Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack

For all wine enthusiasts out there – this 36-Bottle Wall-Mounted Wine Rack in Black & Chrome Finish is inspired by a gorgeous vintage style. The rack offers three rows for storing bottles of wine, with each row holding up to 12 bottles. The whole rack is made of premium steel.