Cocktail Bar Furniture

We've all been into a cocktail bar once or twice. there is something different about it over any other bar. Even the furniture is unique. And it is with that spirit in mind that we offer you cocktail bar furniture for your home or business. Our collection of cocktail bar furniture is very handsome and very well made. Take a look at what we have here and see if we have the cocktail bar furniture for you.

Best Products

Stunning Sideboard Cocktail Cabinet Bar Drawers Vintage Retro Danish Parker Era

Stunning Sideboard Cocktail Cabinet Bar Drawers Vintage Retro Danish Parker Era
This stunning sideboard cocktail bar offers constitutes a must-have for all vintage enthusiasts. It features 3 doors and 3 drawers, offering various storage space. Recommended for all who enjoy hosting parties.

1930s american art deco radio bar o radiobar glasses complete

1930s american art deco radio bar o radiobar glasses complete
Bar cabinet in the Art Deco style. It is made of wood and glass. It has a lot of compartments for storing bottles, glasses and others accessories. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Accent Bar

Accent Bar
Small wooden bar suitable for modern indoors. This piece of furniture features a durable frame finished in gray color. It includes two practical compartments and it is based on four straight and solid legs.

Jefferson Portable Bar Cabinet

Jefferson Portable Bar Cabinet
Neat bar cabinet with built-in wheels for easy movement. The construction is made of wood. Glass doors make it easy to identify the contents. It includes space for bottles, shelf and glass holder.

Vintage retro 50s 60s home cocktail drinks cabinet bar

Vintage retro 50s 60s home cocktail drinks cabinet bar
Such a beautiful 50s cocktail bar, the one that your grandma clearly remembers. Could be an old-fashioned home furniture, or even suits a very modern interior design. Made from wood, with brass accents. Opening bar is its best shot!

Vietti Bar Cabinet

Vietti Bar Cabinet
Become inspired by this stunning bar cabinet. It is ideal for mixing your favorite cocktail and the elegant metal handles with brushed nickel finish add classy and elegant look to it, while the spacious compartments allows you to store everything neatly.

Mini bar ikea

Phenomenal bar in vintage style. It is made of wood and glass. Includes shelves for bottles, glasses and others needed stuff. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Our advice Buying Guide

What storage features do I need in a home cocktail bar?

When it comes to creating an appealing yet functional home cocktail bar, you’ll need to ensure you have the storage features to keep it running smoothly, including a liquor cabinet, an ice bucket, and a glassware cupboard. Investing in a bar that allows you to hang glassware overhead can also help maximize your available storage.

Other areas where your cocktail bar will benefit from extra storage include a built-in wine rack, a mini fridge, and a fold-down shelf. A fold-down shelf provides extra serving space, while a mini fridge and wine rack allow you to keep your various cocktail ingredients organized and easily accessible.

These cocktail bar furniture features provide space for your essential drink-making items and give your bar a visually attractive edge.

Where should cocktail bar furniture be placed in the house?

Cocktail bar furniture is designed for entertainment areas like living rooms and patios but may also work in kitchens, dens, and even master bedrooms. The key is to tailor the style of your cocktail bar furniture to the space.

For a living room, den, or recreation room, a home bar set might be the perfect solution for entertaining friends and family. At the same time, in an office or study, you’ll more likely benefit from an aesthetically pleasing cocktail cabinet to display your most valuable bottles and glasses.  

When determining which room to place your cocktail bar furniture in, consider its size and how many people you frequently entertain in the space.


Cocktail bar furniture

A glam wooden retro cocktail bar finished in brown tones with a herringbone parquet design. It has Y-shaped heavily splayed spindle legs, 2 small cabinets with lockable doors and a large cabinet with a flip down door, a mirrored back, a glass shelf.

Art deco china cabinet

A cool retro cocktail cabinet with a radio built-in a bottom part. Its upper compartment has a mirrored interior, hinged doors and a top. Holders on doors and inside accommodate 28 pieces of barware. It's of wooden materials with veneers in browns.

Modern bar furniture 3

Well, that makes for a worthy solution for space-challenged home bars. Just use the room corner. This modern bar is not so big but it looks really fine. Rustic / vintage style. Black curved top, yellow/gold base.

Modern bar furniture 2

The retro blue cocktail bar in late fifties style. It will look perfect, when you decide to set up your interior in retro style. The bar's back is in a beautiful turquiose color. The marble black top is perfect for serving drinks.

Drinks cabinets furniture

Multifunctional old fashioned cabinet: liquor cabinet, household bar and jukebox in one sideboard. It is intended for storage alcohol and glasses, and confecting drinks. This type of cabinet will be ideal for living room in the sixties style.

Mini bar decor

Really modern cocktail bar furniture-seems to be from the vintage space! It was constructed of oak wood and of thick, well-finished glass - which forms the rounded top of the table.The base has low feet,subtle tone and all gives the pleasure of serving drinks.

Cocktail bar furniture

Perfect cocktail cabinet - stores literally EVERYTHING that has ANYTHING to do with drinks and liquers! Separate compartments store wine glass, bottles (horizontal wine rack) and decanters. Wheels ensure movability.

Cocktail bars

Cocktail Bars

Mini bar decorating ideas

Modern style mirrored mini bar with golden steel bottom is such a great coctail bar furniture. Could be also used as living room bar cabinet where you can store your favourite alcohol bottles. Looks especially nice against light colored wall.

Cocktail bar furniture

A stunning set of cocktail bar furniture. It consists of a cabinet with square, symmetrical, open shelves, which are just perfect for displaying bottles and glasses. There is also a bar with a beautiful, tufted front. It's a top-class set.

Cocktail bar furniture 3

Oak Cocktail Cabinet Bar by Old Charm - SOLD

Old liquor cabinet

A liquor bar cabinet suitable for home use. It features a solid wooden construction finished in brown color. Its storage area provides plenty of space for bottles, mixers and other home bar accessories.

Cocktail bar furniture 2

Old-fashioned cabinet which connect function of liquor cabinet and mini bar. In spite of its age (It is inspired of 1950's style), it looks very well - it will play its role perfectly in vintage pub or in your living room.

Cocktails 29


Drinks bar furniture

A cool retro bar set of wood (in green, white, black) and metal. A half-round stand has a protruding base, a moulding top, a shelf, a 2-door cabinet. A rectangular wall part has a mirrored back, 2 glass shelves. Both parts have lighting and outlets.

Art deco cocktail bar tile jpg


Cocktail bar furniture 1

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