Corner Mini Bar

Elegant and fully functional, a corner mini bar answers the question of where a great place to put a mini bar might be. If you have a room where wall space is limited, or putting it on a wall is not conducive to the use of the room, then the corner is perfect. And with numerous styles, door configurations and shelving set-ups, you are absolutely going to love hunting for your corner mini bar.

Best Products

Contemporary Corner Bar with Wine Storage

Contemporary Corner Bar with Wine Storage
If you are looking for the perfect bar to put up in your dining room to create a sophisticated conversational spot where you can sit down and have a drink with your friends and family but cannot spare the space of a full-fledged bar, you might be interested in getting this one instead. It not only sports a remarkable, contemporary style but also fits perfectly in a corner, conserving a lot of useful space.

Compact Floor Bar with Wine Storage and a Drawer

Compact Floor Bar with Wine Storage and a Drawer
Be prepared for family events and parties with this extremely space-efficient bar with wine storage. The thin and tall structure of the bar allows it to it in small spaces without sacrificing much storage capacity. The frame of the bar is constructed out of a combination of solid wood and manufactured wood, which ensures strength and durability, and the bar has an additional handful of shelves and a handy drawer.

Antique Italian Globe Mini Bar

Antique Italian Globe Mini Bar
Bring an old-fashioned, antique touch into your home with this globe-shaped mini bar, which looks just like those used in old movies. Feel like an evil mastermind with this seemingly innocent globe with a hidden functionality. The mini bar is hand-made from scratch and is crafted only out of solid wood, ensuring high quality of materials and durability, with ample storage space inside of it for bottles and glasses.

Ashfield Bar with Wine Storage

Ashfield Bar with Wine Storage
Turn your bar area into an artistic corner piece that takes up minimal space with this stunning rustic piece. This unit features an area to store your stemware glass, a serving table and a middle shelf for more storage. The bottom shelves are covered by elegant glass doors to keep your liquor and serving supplies secure. The 2-pane mirror adds depth to the corner of your room.

Hester Corner Bar Cabinet

Hester Corner Bar Cabinet
This minimalistic corner bar is perfect for a Scandavian style living or dining room. With dark tobacco wood grain finish and delicate black legs, it blends seamlessly with other modern decor. Use the shelf to display your best glassware while drawing the eye with the unique geometric shapes of the side panels.

Zeus Bar Cabinet

Zeus Bar Cabinet
If you have plenty of corner space and want to make a bold statement, consider this opulent bar cabinet. Made from solid and manufactured wood, this elegant gold finish will transform your room into a historical palace. Featuring a combination of wooden and glass open shelving you have plenty of room to display your best glassware and functionally store your bartending supplies.

Infinity S Webfoots Sports Bar Contemporary Media Room Portland

Infinity S Webfoots Sports Bar Contemporary Media Room Portland
The living room is the place where will be perfect for the mini bar corner. Beautiful performance based on furniture with wooden details, full glass shelves displaying liquors and beautiful bar. The whole is impressive and promises great fun.

Our advice Buying Guide

A corner mini bar can make entertaining easy. It can also take advantage of what is often waste space in a room because square or rectangular furniture often create a “pocket” of unused space in corner areas, or create a situation where part of a shelving unit or entertainment console is blocked by bulky furniture such as a couch. A corner mini bar can take advantage of that lost space and eliminate the need for further square-shaped items.

What are the most popular designs of corner mini bars?

A tall vertical unit

A tall, vertical unit with a mirror behind the hanging spaces for stemware provides attractive shelving for bottled spirits, as well as a closed cabinet for general accouterments. By using vertical space, it has a smaller footprint on the general layout of the room while moving the eye upward creates a feeling of spaciousness. Even in a small den or office area, this elegant cabinet will be a conversation piece. The black wood, chrome and glass design are distinctive and will go very well with modern or even Victorian smoking-room décor.

Corner cabinet

For a true Victorian feel, consider a corner cabinet – again with hanging spaces for stemware – with the rich, heavy feel of the Victorian era. No glass or chrome for this cabinet, and no mirror, but plenty of room for glasses, wine bottles and more. In front of it is an island dispensary, perfect for an impressively correct butler to hand out drinks to guests or a family member to imitate the perfectly correct butler, creating a little fun.

Simple Mission Cabinet

Not fancy or flamboyant – just a simple corner cabinet about three feet in height – and it gets the job done. Discretely store spirits or wine in a dedicated cabinet. No mirrors, no chrome, no glass, just a sturdy wood cabinet that conceals and protects your spirits collection. The top can serve as a place to put a plant or small bust, or it can be kept clear as a work surface.

What are the cheapest corner mini bars?

Try a teak wood shower bench. No, it isn’t really a bar, but it can easily serve as one – especially if you are a little strapped for cash when it comes to furnishings and the like. It can tuck neatly into a corner where a Saki or tea set can complete the ambient feel of the teak wood. Alternatively, if beverages are not required it can be used as a simple plant stand. No matter how you use it, it is an interesting addition to a small room that is used as a retreat.

What's the best corner mini bar for a small space?

Try an expandable bar wine cabinet if your den is a small one. A cabinet with a pull-out or expandable table area can provide a reasonable workspace or bar when needed but can fold away to create a smaller footprint when not required.

A corner mini bar can have a variety of configurations, but its primary purpose is to contain and organize your collection of wine or spirits, and to make dispensing them easy for your convenience and that of your guests.


Condo kitchen ideas

Condo kitchen ideas
This picture shows a very attractive kitchen stylization that saves a lot of space. It includes cabinets for glassess and other accessories. This stylization also includes a small fridge for drinks, etc.

Bar accessories

Bar accessories
Great space saver for the kitchen: the bar area, which features the small frig and wine fridge with the cabinet between. Smart idea if you want to have a home bar, but don't have a special place.

Classical Corner Home Bar with Storage in Dark Cherry

Traditional Corner Wine Cabinet with Mirrored Back

Space-Saving Contemporary Corner Bar with Glass Doors

Corner mini bar

This L-shaped layout for a small bar is a great feature of a living room or small room. Beautiful, functional wooden construction and numerous shelves and cabinets inside provide the perfect space to work behind the bar.

Mini bar in the house

Corner mini bar. Set is composed of case with alcohols and crockery, two classic barstools and elegant, minimalistic counter. This minibar is simple, but very stylish - it connects classic blackness with metal gloss.

Small corner bar


Modern and elegant mini bars for home 2

Modern and Elegant mini Bars for Home

Mnl yorkshire classical corner bar set with bar stand

MNL- YORKSHIRE Classical Corner Bar Set with Bar Stand

Small home bar corner

small home bar corner

Corner mini bar 1

Wine barrels provide a timeless inspiration for home bar furnishing. Here such a barrel was used to craft a corner mini bar that accommodates wine bottles and wine glasses inside. And of course one might use the top as an end table.

Colonial Classic Home Bar

Colonial Classic Home Bar

Small bar ideas

A beautiful mini bar for every home - smaller or larger one. Made of geometrically set bricks, the bar features a stylish curvature, a nice-polished top, and several compartments for storing all necessities.

Mini bar for living room

Setting up a home bar? Check out this little corner beauty. Sleek, shiny countertop gives it a lot of styles. It's spacious and is able to fit under your stairs or into any corner. And just look at that set of modern stools!

Corner curved mini bar for home with hanging wine glass

Corner Curved Mini Bar for Home with Hanging Wine Glass Rack

Loeks corner mini bar corner bar furniture with interior designs

LOEKS corner+Mini+bar | Corner Bar Furniture with Interior Designs ...

Corner bar unit

A cool inbuilt mini bar featuring clear glass shelves against a stone tiles backsplash in browns and yellows. It has a light countertop (like a wet bar has), a sink, drawers, door cabinets. Each of 3 hanging lamps has a simple yellowish glass shade.

Bars designs to portable bar units they serve a great

bars designs to portable bar units they serve a great functionalities ...

Turning the corner diy home bar 17 minibars to make

Turning the Corner - DIY Home Bar - 17 Minibars to Make at Home - Bob Vila

Small corner bar

If you like interesting details in the interior, this impressive corner mini bar is an excellent choice. The cabinets, the sink, the fridge and the dishwasher fit perfectly and are very functional. Ideal for small modern interiors.

Corner mini bar 2

Stylish wooden corner wine cupboard. Creative solution for wine lovers! Using such cupboard you can keep all your wines in the kitchen for the asking. Above cupboard, there is a little granite counter.

Deblois Home Bar

Deblois Home Bar

Mini bar ideas for small spaces

A space-saving corner mini bar that will fit your small kitchen, improving it with elegance and functionality. Crafted of wood and covered in black, the unit includes 2 open shelves, 1 glassware rack, 1 wine rack for 18 bottles of wine, and 1 small drawer.

25 truly amazing home bar designs

25 Truly Amazing Home Bar Designs

Stunning and simple design bar home mini


Summary for howard miller piedmont rustic cherry corner bar cabinet

... SUMMARY for Howard Miller Piedmont Rustic Cherry Corner Bar Cabinet

Clever use of a small space a renovated old flat

Clever use of a small space. A renovated old flat, opening up the old dingy small kitchen to a more open plan style with a dash of colour.

Mini bar for your basement

Mini Bar for Your Basement

Home bar small space

#BHG - Find the perfect kitchen color scheme: orange & green. I would totally do this if I thought I wouldn't get tired of it in 5 years and have to completely redecorate. How could I do this on a smaller, less trendy scale? Also, would the bright orange

Home mini bar counter

Contemporary design for an elegant mini bar with a hutch on top and a bunch of shelves for display and storage. The hutch provides a place to store wine bottles with a tiny compartment on the bottom for shot glasses.

Mini bar with stools

This tasteful wine rack is a perfect combination of stylish design and functionality. Excellent quality materials and subtle decorative details fascinate and make the decor takes on an interesting character. Holders for glasses and place for bottles.

Up with your own living room mini bar furniture design

... Up with Your Own Living Room Mini Bar Furniture Design : Home Mini Bar

Corner wet bar

Coastal Living Holiday Home - Sunbury, GA - traditional - basement - other metro - by Peacock Cabinetry, Inc. (for under the stairs)

Corner mini bar along with floating floor with spiral staircase

... Corner-Mini-Bar-Along-With-Floating-Floor-With-Spiral-Staircase-Ideas

Norcross Bar Cabinet

Amazing bar cabinet made of hardwood in cherry finish, features illuminated prep area, glass mirrored back, wine bottle storage for 15 bottles, and four panel doors for added protection. Gorgeous and functional piece of furniture.

Home mini bars

We have so many glasses, how to put them up without taking up space in the living room? A glass hanger can be attached to the ceiling. Hanging wine rack, together with wine buffet cabinet are made of dark wood, with metal finish.

Cabinet with fridge

Bar units like this one make your kitchen much more practical. In this bar you will find 1 storage drawer, 1 two-door cabinet with adjustable shelves, and 1 large enough top to make your favorite drinks.

Home mini bar ideas

A cool space-saving bar set. A standing unit of green-finished wooden materials features hexagonal both a moulding top and a base. It has 3 door cabinets. Two of three white wall-mounted racks for bottles of wine have metal hangers for wine glasses.

Kitchen corner bar ideas

Wine cabinets for residential and commercial premises. Frame is made of wood. Includes cabinets in various sizes, shelves for bottles of wine, wine cooler and more. Simple form and elegant design.

Corner bar ideas

Society Social at Redbook Magazine! Perfect beverage area for a small apartment #cheers

Corner bars

A beautiful mini bar with wood construction and cherry finish, perfect for smaller interiors. Includes 2 open compartments, 1 glassware rack, 1 bottom shelf, and 1 wine rack that accommodates up to 12 bottles of wine.

Getting ideas for john for the bar hes going to

Getting ideas for John for the bar he's going to build in our basement.