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Turn your living room or your patio into the hottest place in town with a portable bar. If you love hosting wine nights, pool parties, and barbecue lunches, having a mobile bar will elevate that experience. The best thing about them is that you have the choice to keep them in place, store them in your garage, or easily wheel them to other areas of your house. Discover your options with these ten portable bar selections from our design experts.

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Updated 12/03/2022
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Multi Use Patio Bar

Multi Use Patio Bar

Winston Porter

What we like: Substantial storage capacity

What we don’t like: No ice compartment

Not so great for: People who only want to serve drinks

Perfect for: People who love entertaining and cooking on their patio

A portable outdoor bar that’s more than just a bar. This one features a metal countertop for meal prepping and entertaining. It also has a cabinet, made of manufactured wood and sits on casters, where you can store your plates, cooking tools, and beverage. There’s also an open shelf between the countertop and the closed storage. On the sides, you will find a spice rack as well as hanging hooks for your cooking implements.

It’s important to note that the cabinet does not have a built ice bucket or compartment. However, it’s big enough to hold one, to keep your drinks cold. Its weatherproof and UV-resistant body is designed for outdoor use, and it comes in two wood colors. 

$364.99 $379.99

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Wicker Bar

Wicker Bar

Latitude Run®

What we like: Tropical Look  

What we don’t like: Narrow side tables

Not so great for: Serving appetizers

Perfect for: Serving cold drinks

Keep your wine and beer cold while enjoying a hot summer day by the pool with this outdoor portable bar. Made of iron and wicker, it features a lift-top table that reveals deep zinc-plated metal storage to accommodate ice. Below it is open storage with a glass rack and a shelf where you can place food and other items.

The side wings are great for holding drinks, but they’re not big enough for plates if you’re serving snacks. We recommend pairing this with a patio table in a similar style to complement the functionalities of this outdoor bar. 


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Multi Tier Cart

Multi Tier Cart

What we like: Removable Tray

What we don’t like: Limited color option

Not so great for: Compact spaces

Perfect for: Contemporary and modern patios

Serve your drinks and snacks in style with this wicker portable bar. Its graceful silhouette exudes an attractive, tropical appeal, perfect for chic patios. The tabletop includes a removable tray, allowing you to double your serving capacity. Tall open storage below that can accommodate an ice bucket, drinks, and snacks. Meanwhile, the base also has another storage for plates and other small items.

This piece only comes in gray wicker, which can be limiting to some. However, it is a versatile color that fits coastal, tropical, transitional, contemporary, and modern patios with neutral color schemes.

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Serving Bar Cart

Serving Bar Cart

Bay Isle Home™

What we like: Airy design

What we don’t like: Limited storage

Not so great for: Large parties

Perfect for: Compact patios

These outdoor portable bars for sale are made of synthetic wicker and showcases two integrated trays for serving and storing food. A straightforward design for a bar cart, it has a metal frame covered in the same wicker material and a substantial handle for convenient lugging. Available in four wicker colors.

The top tray is removable, so you can also use it to carry drinks and snacks. It might be good to note that the top tray doesn’t have any lining, so it’s best to add a placemat or a thin glass on top, to level out glasses and avoid spillage when serving drinks. 

$133.99 $223

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Full Bar Set

Full Bar Set

Sol 72 Outdoor™

What we like: Multiple storage and seating included

What we don’t like: Price point

Not so great for: Compact outdoor spaces

Perfect for: Large patios

Bring a piece of your vacation in the comforts of your home with this seven-piece outdoor bar on wheels. The set comes with a bar table, four high back stools, and a bar shelf on casters. All surfaces are woven in synthetic wicker and supported by rust-resistant powder-coated aluminum framing.

A great addition to your patio setup. It also has a space-saving component as it allows the lower bar shelf to conveniently slide under the table when not in use. A minor thing to note is that it doesn’t have an integrated ice compartment, but the shelves are tall and durable enough to support an ice cooler. 


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Outdoor Bar Cabinet

Outdoor Bar Cabinet


What we like: Large storage space and organization

What we don’t like: Bulky appearance

Not so great for: People who like an airy, tropical design

Perfect for: People who value functionality

Made of high-quality resin, these portable outdoor bars on wheels are the ideal choice if you are constantly lugging around multiple items to your patio. A wide countertop with drop-leaf extensions provides substantial room for meal preparation and serving. Its tall body features a two-door cabinet with an integrated organizer tray on top and a large, empty space at the bottom.

Available in taupe grey, it might be important to note that it is made of plastic, and as such, it does not have a chic appearance compared to wicker and wood bars. However, it has a durable construction so if you’re looking for a functional piece with substantial storage, this is one of your best bets. 


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Globe Bar

Globe Bar

Astoria Grand

What we like: Unique Design

What we don’t like: Limited bottle space inside the globe

Not so great for: Sleek, modern interiors

Perfect for: Eclectic, Bohemian, Traditional interiors

Add a touch of whimsy and an element of surprise when serving friends and family with this quirky mobile bar design inspired by 16-th century nautical maps. The top of this globe bar lifts up to reveal your glassware, which can hold a maximum of eight wine glasses and a small bottle at the center. At the bottom, is a decorated shelf with holders to hold your bar essentials.

Featuring three turned legs with casters and central leg support. The entire piece is made of composite wood instead of solid wood, and thus it’s not ideal for outdoor spaces. However, this is a perfect piece to bring a regal look to your living room, private library, and entertainment den. 

$239.99 $295.26

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Bar with Umbrella

Bar with Umbrella

Rosecliff Heights

What we like: Casual look and durable materials

What we don’t like: No casters

Not so great for: Indoor use

Perfect for: Gardens and pool decks

Create a bar kiosk and make everyone feel like they’re on vacation with this set. Without casters, these portable bar ideas lean toward the folding type. Framed in commercial-grade steel, the body is covered in fabric with Velcro attachments. It also comes with plastic counters for the bar and the shelf below. What makes it interesting is its tall fabric umbrella. Interchangeable fabric covers are available in 20 solid colors.

With its foldable design, you can either set it up one time or expect to take it all down once the party is over. Installation is relatively easy and the set comes with a travel bag so you can store them easily when not in use. The set also includes a drop-in cooler and an ice bin.

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Folding Wooden Bar

Folding Wooden Bar

Millwood Pines

What we like: Foldable with casters

What we don’t like: No bar stools

Not so great for: Small patios

Perfect for: Large patios and pool decks where a designated bar fits

Attractive and convenient, this portable bar for outdoor spaces showcases a foldable design along with mobile casters. The beautifully-slatted front panels and curved countertop are made of premium acacia hardwood in dual stain finishes. Behind the bar are six shelves and three racks for your liquor and beverages.

With its Tiki and tropical look, this bar exudes a casual yet elegant vibe, perfect for your patio deck. It can comfortably accommodate four seated guests and two people standing on the sides. We recommend pairing this piece with stools or chairs in the same style to complete the look. 

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Mobile Ice Cart Bar

Mobile Ice Cart Bar

What we like: Designated bottle basket

What we don’t like: No integrated ice cooler

Not so great for: People looking for multi-shelving options

Perfect for: Small parties and securing drinks

Keep your drinks secured with this mobile outdoor bar with an integrated basket for your beverages. This piece is framed in aluminum and covered in gray wicker. The top part also has a countertop for serving drinks while the bottom part is equipped with a tray.

While its design will make you think that it has a zinc-lined ice bucket, the compartment is actually made entirely of wicker. As such, it’s recommended to place an ice bucket inside to keep your drinks cool. However, it’s also possible to place bottled drinks directly as the material is water-resistant. 

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Portable Bars

Buying Guide

The best materials for an outside portable bar are treated wood and aluminum.

Wood is the most classic and versatile option if you’re hoping to maintain a traditional or cozy look, but you can find models in different styles, including contemporary or even Tiki-inspired designs. The most important thing is to choose a wooden outside portable bar that was coated and treated to withstand the elements, as frequent rain and even direct sunlight could otherwise ruin it in the long run.

Aluminum is also weather-resistant and it’s particularly recommended for outside portable bars because it’s a lightweight alternative, making it even easier to move your bar around and store it away whenever you’re not using it.

When choosing an outside portable bar, you should look for:

  • Weather-resistant materials
  • A lightweight but reliable construction
  • The right amount of storage for your needs (for example, will you mainly store beers, wine bottles, or spirits? How many glasses do you usually bring out when entertaining guests?)
  • A style and finish that complement your outdoor furniture and decorative elements to maintain a consistent look

Ready to buy an outside portable bar? Excellent!

Before you do, consider the amount of room you have, the types of events you will have in your space, the usual weather conditions in your area and the amount of time that you’ll have in your schedule that you can devote to upkeep.

These practical, basic considerations will help inform your decisions regarding the material the bar should be made of, the storage you need, as well as where you’re able to put your bar once it arrives.

Best Ideas

Outside portable bar 2

This incredible and inventive piece of furniture is must-have in your garden during every grill party. It is composed of wooden bar and two barrels to alcohol (vine or beer) with dispenser. Due to little wheels it is portable.

How to make a mobile bar

Portable bar suitable for outdoor applications. Solid wheels provide good mobility on different surfaces. This bar features storage shelves and compartments for drinks, ingredients and bar accessories.

The charmed garden montego bay bar

The charmed garden montego bay bar

The adorable composition of this portable patio bar makes the family meeting on the terrace or patio are exceptional. Finished in an attractive design, it captivates the details and brings to the decor a comfortable and enjoyable style.

Mobile modular outdoor bars grills kitchens and service carts

Mobile, Modular Outdoor Bars, Grills, Kitchens and Service Carts

Spacious 5 straight bar portable

Spacious 5 Straight Bar Portable

Brandstand portable bars make it easy to get the party

BrandStand Portable Bars Make it Easy to Get the Party Rolling

Outside portable bar 5

Oh my god, it is the most incredible item, I have ever seen! It isn't only sidecar - it connects function of a place to sleep and movable minibar. This unique element will be play its role in your garden, especially if you often make parties.

Diy portable bar

Portable bar for outdoor use. Its durable construction is finished in neutral silver color with blue accent. It offers a top and practical compartments that allow for preparing different types of drinks.

7208 commercial bar

7208 Commercial Bar

Bar Set with Wine Storage

Bar Set with Wine Storage

This is a very interesting cabinet for wine, which is perfect for a modern living room. It was made in black. It is very simple, classic, yet elegant and very practical. This is an excellent piece of equipment.

Outside portable bar 12

An ingenuine designer construction, which uses the bicycle frame as a portable bar. With its well organized wooden surface, it can serve its role perfectly while on a picnic or any other outdoor activities.

Unbelievable transformer portable bar 1

Unbelievable Transformer Portable Bar 1

Outside portable bar 29

Official Budweiser Two Shelf Portable Bar. Bar features two shelves for drinks, glassware and accessories. Bar is constructed from metal and has four strong legs. This bar is collapsible for easy storage and includes a convenient carrying case for transpo

Hgtv home folding portable outdoor bar set at

HGTV HOME Folding Portable Outdoor Bar Set at

Outside portable bar 3

Love the outside bar

Outside portable bar 13

Trademark 2-Shelf 39 in. L x 36 in. H Hunt Camo Portable Bar with Case

Portable outdoor bar plans

Bar Cart no. One -

Moveable bar

Fold-up Patio Bar - Something like this would be neat on the outside wall at the patio!

Cambro bar650194 granite sand cambar 67 portable bar with

Cambro BAR650194 Granite Sand Cambar 67" Portable Bar with ...

Cambro bar650110 black cambar 67 portable bar with 7

Cambro BAR650110 Black Cambar 67" Portable Bar with 7 ...

Portable outdoor bar 2

Portable Outdoor Bar:

Standard portable bar portable bar portable bar table

Standard Portable Bar | Portable bar, Portable bar table ...

Rustic portable bar for use inside or outside 120 ex

Rustic portable bar for use inside or outside. $120 ex gst ...