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You can't have a backyard barbeque without three things: Good friends, water fun, and a bar. And these outside portable bars are terrific for the application. They can hold all your liquor needs for the event, keep them cool, and even have space for bottle openers or corkscrews. And they come in many fetching styles. Pick one from this collection for your backyard.

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Our Picks

The charmed garden montego bay bar

The charmed garden montego bay bar

The adorable composition of this portable patio bar makes the family meeting on the terrace or patio are exceptional. Finished in an attractive design, it captivates the details and brings to the decor a comfortable and enjoyable style.

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Bar Set with Wine Storage

Bar Set with Wine Storage

This is a very interesting cabinet for wine, which is perfect for a modern living room. It was made in black. It is very simple, classic, yet elegant and very practical. This is an excellent piece of equipment.

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Outside portable bar 2

This incredible and inventive piece of furniture is must-have in your garden during every grill party. It is composed of wooden bar and two barrels to alcohol (vine or beer) with dispenser. Due to little wheels it is portable.

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Portable patio bar

Let's have a drink! Also outside, without any problem - because we have a outside portable bar. Perfect for garden party. White, notched plate is connected with teak wood. The deck is solid. It can be overflowing with good champagne glasses!

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Mobile modular outdoor bars grills kitchens and service carts

Mobile, Modular Outdoor Bars, Grills, Kitchens and Service Carts

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Outside portable bar 1

You do not have the ability to place a bar on a regular basis in your yard. But you can think of an outdoor portable wooden bar - ideal for special occasions. Made of pine wood, very simple - without unnecessary decor.

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Mobile bar designs

Beautiful outdoor portable bar designed from old wooden liquor drums. The piece also comes with incredible plumbing and a sink as well at the top for excellent functionality. It also has a big enough top to take care of your serving and a stable base to keep it glued in place.

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Outside portable bar 4

Outside bar constructed smartly of reclaimed pallet wood. It naturally has this specific handmade item vibe to it, but personally I couldn't care less -it's functional and looks fun! Note the smart inner shelves and fairy lights lining!

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How to make a mobile bar

Portable bar suitable for outdoor applications. Solid wheels provide good mobility on different surfaces. This bar features storage shelves and compartments for drinks, ingredients and bar accessories.

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Outside Portable Bar

Buying Guide

The best materials for an outside portable bar are treated wood and aluminum.

Wood is the most classic and versatile option if you’re hoping to maintain a traditional or cozy look, but you can find models in different styles, including contemporary or even Tiki-inspired designs. The most important thing is to choose a wooden outside portable bar that was coated and treated to withstand the elements, as frequent rain and even direct sunlight could otherwise ruin it in the long run.

Aluminum is also weather-resistant and it’s particularly recommended for outside portable bars because it’s a lightweight alternative, making it even easier to move your bar around and store it away whenever you’re not using it.

When choosing an outside portable bar, you should look for:

  • Weather-resistant materials
  • A lightweight but reliable construction
  • The right amount of storage for your needs (for example, will you mainly store beers, wine bottles, or spirits? How many glasses do you usually bring out when entertaining guests?)
  • A style and finish that complement your outdoor furniture and decorative elements to maintain a consistent look

Ready to buy an outside portable bar? Excellent!

Before you do, consider the amount of room you have, the types of events you will have in your space, the usual weather conditions in your area and the amount of time that you’ll have in your schedule that you can devote to upkeep.

These practical, basic considerations will help inform your decisions regarding the material the bar should be made of, the storage you need, as well as where you’re able to put your bar once it arrives.

Best Ideas

Diy portable bar

Portable bar for outdoor use. Its durable construction is finished in neutral silver color with blue accent. It offers a top and practical compartments that allow for preparing different types of drinks.

Outside portable bar 5

Oh my god, it is the most incredible item, I have ever seen! It isn't only sidecar - it connects function of a place to sleep and movable minibar. This unique element will be play its role in your garden, especially if you often make parties.

Rustic country bar perfect for an outdoor wedding

rustic country bar, perfect for an outdoor wedding

Outside portable bar 12

An ingenuine designer construction, which uses the bicycle frame as a portable bar. With its well organized wooden surface, it can serve its role perfectly while on a picnic or any other outdoor activities.

Unbelievable transformer portable bar 1

Unbelievable Transformer Portable Bar 1

Outside portable bar 29

Official Budweiser Two Shelf Portable Bar. Bar features two shelves for drinks, glassware and accessories. Bar is constructed from metal and has four strong legs. This bar is collapsible for easy storage and includes a convenient carrying case for transpo

Outside portable bar

Outdoor bar mounted on wheels for easy movement. It is made of wood and finished with interesting pattern. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Portable outdoor bar portable bars

Portable Outdoor Bar Portable bars

Trolleys shelving trolleys cambro portable indoor outdoor bar

... Trolleys & Shelving / Trolleys / Cambro Portable Indoor Outdoor Bar

7208 commercial bar

7208 Commercial Bar

Outside portable bar 1

Ideal for outdoors, easy to move, this wheel-based modular bar constitutes a solid combination of wood and steel. The project features a fridge, a drier and a considerable storage space for the bottles.

Brandstand portable bars make it easy to get the party

BrandStand Portable Bars Make it Easy to Get the Party Rolling

Spacious 5 straight bar portable

Spacious 5 Straight Bar Portable

Hgtv home folding portable outdoor bar set at

HGTV HOME Folding Portable Outdoor Bar Set at