L Shaped Bar


An L shaped bar will instantly elevate your decor and turn you into everyone’s favorite host. These designs are spacious and yet versatile. They often help you make the most of a small corner while still leaving you plenty of space to get creative with your cocktails. These bars are also ideal for more intimate conversations with a couple of friends while getting their drinks ready.

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Our Picks

Industrial L shaped bar

Industrial L shaped bar

This model allows you to bring commercial-grade quality to your home bar. It includes four built-in shelves for bottles, glassware, and accessories. Plus, it comes with some hardware to anchor it safely to a wall. Choose between a white and storm gray finish.

Designer Advice:

It’s important to look for an L shaped bar that works with the rest of your palette and decor. For example, this model is perfect for industrial interiors because it involves a neutral finish and a simple, streamlined design. You can then reinforce it even further by adding the right chairs for your specific interior style.

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L shaped bar table with storage

L shaped bar table with storage

Gracie Oaks

With its natural wood finish and barn cabinet door, this model is a divine match for farmhouse interiors. It’s also a flexible and space-saving option thanks to its moveable section. This will make it even easier to match your room’s layout!


Designer Advice:

Before choosing a specific bar model, run an inventory of everything you need to store in it. That way, you’ll be able to prioritize what matters to you instead of an alluring feature you wouldn’t actually make the most of. For instance, this L shaped bar includes a wine rack, too.

Premium L shaped bar set with stools

Premium L shaped bar set with stools

ECI Furniture

This bar boasts a sophisticated solid wood design with raised panels, and it’s packed full of features. A dry sink, condiment trays, drawers, a wine rack, three swivel leather stools… Basically, this set will make your room corner look just like a real bar. 

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L shaped outdoor bar

L shaped outdoor bar

Safavieh - Lawn & Garden - DROPSHIP

This L shaped bar measures just over 27” x 46” x 42”. It comes in two charming and versatile finishes: natural wood and gray. It consists of a timeless acacia wood design that’ll work both indoors and outdoors. 

Designer Advice:

Unless you’re placing your outdoor bar underneath a patio roof, you must take weather resistance into consideration! If opting for wooden designs, it’s safer to choose coated options. Aluminum is another practical choice that’ll last you for years without rusting.

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Handmade L shaped bar

Handmade L shaped bar

You can choose to have this L shaped bar in the size that works best for your own room. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can also add features like LEDs, shelving, and a bartender station. Definitely a stronger statement than mass-produced options! 

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Custom L shaped bar

Custom L shaped bar

If you don’t want to settle for anything less than the home bar of your dreams, this handmade model has you covered. You can customize pretty much everything. From size to shelves and different materials, it’s guaranteed to look just like you imagined. 

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L Shaped Bar

Buying Guide

An outdoor bar that is shaped like the capital letter L makes a handy place to keep all the things you need to serve a party or event. let's consider its benefits and look at some of the available designs.

The angled arms of an L-shaped bar create a protected space for people who are trying to work and help keep extra hands from making drinks in unauthorized ways. If your event involves charging a fee or collecting tokens for drinks, it is easy to stow a cash box under the top shelf.

The Folding L Shaped Outdoor Bar

A folding L shaped outdoor bar makes it easy to contain your equipment, cash box, and other things by stashing it all on the shelves and then closing the bar – literally. When the two sets of shelves meet, it is a simple matter to add a hasp and a padlock to keep your merchandise and cash box at least minimally protected. If your goal is simply to keep certain items protected so that they can be a surprise, this configuration works very well.

Built-In Bar

An L shaped built-in bar can contain several utility items that could be of great service if you have a crowd of guests. A small refrigerator and even a small sink can be installed, making just about any preparation easier. Although it won’t close, if it is next to a wall, a gate can be installed to use as crowd control. If the guests are impetuous youngsters, this is a big help toward keeping small fingers out of the cupcake icing.

Low Bar with Fire Pit

You can just as easily add a table-top fire pit to one leg of your bar, making a place to warm pots, toast marshmallows or wieners. Make the other leg of the L the place where drinks, plates, bread and condiments are located and you have got your party on a roll. Everything is conveniently placed for dispensing in a way that will allow you to interact with your guests while keeping those with an excessive sweet tooth from charring too many bits of fluffy goo into gastronomic insults. With a little coaxing, you might even be able to get some of them to try a few things off a veggie plate!

A well-tested rule of thumb is to allow 10 to 12 inches of space between the seat and the underside of the counter. Don't forget to leave enough room between each bar stool so people can sit comfortably and get up with ease. The space between two stools should be no less than 6 inches.

Think about your comfort as a bartender, too. No one wants to dispense goodies to a party or sell things all day long while continuously standing. Choose a stool with a comfortable padded seat and possibly with a backrest. A footrest goes a long way in helping you to relieve your feet.

There are many creative ways to use and L shaped outdoor bar to your advantage. You can use it for parties – large or small, and you can use it as a counter behind which to keep a cash box or other useful things.

Best Ideas

L shaped outdoor bar

A great idea to have your own mini bar made of L-shaped repurposed desk. The unit is durable and stable, and includes a solid wood top and a wooden plank frame - all covered in a natural finish.

L shaped outdoor bar 2

With this L-shaped island your outdoor decor is going to be as chic as never before. It features the rectangle fire pit, stone front with tile counter and bar ledge. Great set for outdoor parties with friends.



Slim, made on the brick outdoor kitchen is an excellent combination of functionality and unique style. The whole covered with a solid top is perfect for family grilling and outdoor parties. Beautiful styling captivates.

L shaped mexican equipale bar rustic bar tables phoenix

L shaped mexican equipale bar rustic bar tables phoenix

With this Mexican equipale bar with rustic charm to it your interior will not only gain on its practical side, creating a fun place for your friends to gather and enjoy a shared drink but will also beautifully complete the style of your decor.

How to build outdoor bar

A splendid solution for having quality time with your friends in your backyard. The L-shaped bar features a striking brick design with 3 stone counters and a built-in lighting system. Underneath its a plenty of free space to place multiple appliances.

Outdoor bar setting picture comprises 2 bar settings joined to

Outdoor bar setting - picture comprises 2 bar settings joined to make a u shape. Original bar setting is L-shaped. FALSODS19

Diy outdoor bar plans

Fully functional outdoor bar, L-shaped. It has everything you need – a sink, running water, oven and even a small fridge underneath. Stainless steel finish guarantees it doesn’t get damaged by the harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Outside bar plans

Kitchen island with barbecue is a perfect solution for a great venue for parties and family meetings outdoors. I shaped bar looks perfectly built of bricks and connected to an awesome bar. Ideal for the garden.

Build a outdoor bar

In most of the cases, L-shaped means practical, but this outdoor bar proves that L-shaped mean also stylish. Finished with a granite counter over a stone base. One of its ends is reserved for a built-in grill.

Pallet bar counter

Apart from its functional L-shape design, this outdoor bar catches the attention also with its refined appeal. resulting from the use of granite counters and beautiful stone base.

L shaped bar plans

The outdoor bar that doesn’t take much space at all. L-shape makes it perfect for throwing garden parties. From one side, you’re able to cook, while the other with a bar counter is perfect for your guests to lean against.

Outdoor breakfast bar

Unfortunately, loud and stuffy pubs are not conducive to rest, so make yourself your own stone l shapped outdoor bar. Combined with a metal grille with a cover, it has an "L" shape, which saves space and isolates the space for preparing meals and drinks.

Grilling 4


Maui Galley Home Bar

Maui Galley Home Bar

Build an outdoor bar

A great addition to outdoor areas such as sun decks, backyards, and patios. The L-shaped bar is made of geometrically placed stone bricks, with a granite top, stainless steel compartments, a grill and a built-in pergola trellis.

Free l shaped bar plans

Outdoor kitchen with bar. Granite countertop sits over a stone bar, and there are some metal bar stools for company. The whole employs traditional inspiration blended with relaxed French bistro ambiance.

L shaped bar counter

Addition of bar to grill area, but usenatural stone. Semi circle rather than 'L' shaped to not block access to pool

Outdoor bar countertop ideas

100s of Patio & Pool Design Ideas. Thanks to

Backyard bar plans

L shaped outdoor bar & barbecue area & galvanized steel kitchen. It's rather small in size, but still provides surface (concrete board) to serve a decent amount of freshly grilled food. The manfacturer offers custom counter and base finishes.

Custom built outdoor bars

Amazing outdoor kitchen space. Future outdoor party zone <3

L shaped outdoor bar 2

second picture shows a home bar with warmer atmosphere the home bar ...

L shaped bar table

Backyard Bar Plans | Huge! custom outdoor kitchen with built in dcs gas bbq grill and keg ...

L shape kitchen island with bar top backyard patio

L shape kitchen island with bar top | Backyard patio ...