Mini Bars For Home

There is something special about coming home after a hard day and going to your very own mini bar. Have it in your billiard room, or right off the den, but just having a mini bar for your home adds shows guest a swagger they may have never noticed. Whip up a martini or a rum and Coke, without leaving the room. Large and smaller sizes are available, and many styles to fit into your room groove. .

Best Products

Rolando Mini Bar

Rolando Mini Bar
Fans of minimal-style design will love this classy mini-bar. This innovative model comes with a 1-year company warranty and a heavy-duty duffel bag for extra portability. You’ll love the elegant, sturdy aluminum frame and the jet-black skirt cover that will make you feel as though you’re at an A-list party.

Yingst Mid-Century Mini Bar

Yingst Mid-Century Mini Bar
This 44.5'' H mini-bar complements a mid-century modern decor beautifully, with its symmetrical form and retro edge. The bronzed racks allow you to store your glassware upside down, while the three-tiered design features shelving and a wine rack, providing ample storage room for bottles, ice buckets, and cocktail-making equipment.

Ryals Mini Bar

Ryals Mini Bar
This quirky mini-bar contains four rustic-style wine compartments, dark wooden wine racks, and a pristine tabletop for cocktail shakers and drinks prep. Friends and family will enjoy the humorous quotes painted down the side of this unit, and fans of traditional, elegant design will appreciate the antique-style finish.

Colonial Classic Bar with Wine Storage

Colonial Classic Bar with Wine Storage
This is a classic bar in colonial style, made of wood in warm brown and featured solid, metal footrest and a wine storage space. It is a perfect piece of furniture to complement a living room and create a home bar.

Ladder Bar Set with Wine Storage

Ladder Bar Set with Wine Storage
This beautiful bar set in walnut finish features a pair of wood veneer legs, and practical shelving, designed of smoked glass. The top is made of glass, while the whole is reinforced by stainless steel hardware.

Classic Bar with Wine Storage

Classic Bar with Wine Storage
Does your home bar calls for a drop of classic design? How about a classic bar with wine storage? It's the elegantly contoured counter that draws attention on the first place. The dark finish also brings its own doze of sleekness.

Grady Home Bar with Wine Storage

Grady Home Bar with Wine Storage
It is a home bar with wine storage that is available in two finishes: cherry and oak. It is great for storing your bottles of alcohol and glasses. It looks very elegant and it is perfect for your home parties.

Our advice Buying Guide

All of us constantly make an effort at adding more comforts and convenience to our living spaces. Aside from the regular rooms, yards, patios, and home accessories, mini home bars make excellent add-ons to well-designed homes. Depending on the availability of space and size, the kind of mini bar, as well as its accessories, must be considered when choosing between different mini home bars.

What are the different kinds of mini bars?

  • Straight bars or front bars - On one side, these bars accommodate the host; while the guests are on the other. They're often paired with back bars, which consist of shelves that are used for displaying and storing liquor, storage cabinets, and countertops. Built-in back bars paired with front bars create that traditional clubhouse feel perfect for traditional homes or cabins.
  • Corner bars - Traditional back bars modified result to corner bars, which are made to sit in corners of rooms rather than being placed against walls. They're best used in rooms where floor space is limited. Because of their small size, they’re more of decorative features rather than complete mini home bar solutions.
  • Folding bars - Folding bars are great space-saving options for family rooms, which double as venues for parties and gatherings. The bar's sides open out to extend and create a home bar of the standard size. When it's not used, the sides are folded away to free up more space.
  • Hidden bars - They're your best choices if you have children. They're ornate, lockable cabinets, which safely conceal your home bar with shelves, racks, worktop counters, and drawers.

How much is a home bar?

The next thing you have to do is to set a budget when commissioning or purchasing a mini home bar. The exact price will depend on the size of your bar and the specific features that you choose. The average cost of a small custom made basemsnt bar with basic features starts at $2,000, while different mini bar units can be obtained for around $200.

Getting a home bar is an exciting process, so you can easily get tempted at buying a unit that's been equipped with the most elaborate designs and made using the finest materials. If money isn't an issue, you can go ahead and purchase any unit you desire. However, it's a good idea to set a realistic budget so there won't be any financial implications on your purchase.

How to pick the right size mini bar?

Another aspect that needs to be accounted for is the size of your new mini home bar. Different kinds of mini bars come in different dimensions. Measure the available space you have inside your home for a mini bar. A back bar that'll go against a wall will require an open space at the front. As for a front bar, it requires ample room so people can stand on each side. Take note: you need to account for the room that's needed for positioning stools, removing items, and opening doors. The regular height of a mini home bar is 40-42 inches. As soon as you've taken the measurements and you've ensured that they are all correct, you can begin the selection and buying process.


Home mini bar design

Ideal to add your dining space a bit of the contemporary refinement, this white home mini bar comprises a counter height along with 3 bar stools. Each of them features an Y-letter, wooden backrest and a functional, metal footrest.

If your mini bar is large enough you could even

if your mini bar is large enough you could even add in a mini ...

Home bars for small spaces

Embodying well the contemporary design, this semicircular glazed mini bar constitutes a smooth way to display your alcohol collection. It features a cleverly designed rack for glasses and stemware.

Mini bars for your home

An ideal entertainment spot for your time with friends or family. This traditionally designed, wooden, curved minibar can accommodate up to 3 people sitting next to it. It offers 3 tiers for displaying your alcohol collection.

Corner dining cabinet

Organize your home bar and create a special nook for it, even if you don't have too much space in your household. This set will work amazingly in your living room, with the small corner cabinet fitting your wine collection.

25 truly amazing home bar designs

25 Truly Amazing Home Bar Designs

Shelf with wine glass rack

An excellent mini bar for home or an entertainment room. It includes elegant, steel floating shelves with holders for wine glasses. The bar offers plenty of storage space for bottles and glasses and the top features a chess board.

Mini bars 1

Mini Bars

Mini bars for home

Modern home bar assembly with a cozy sofa exposed behind. Apparently, all the elements of the set have been crafted out of the same type of wood, with matching finish. So, we have a bar, backless stools, and a cabinet for wine.

Mini bar ideas for small spaces

Would you like to get some martini, in my house? Nothing easier! Minibar with design mini fridge for a home with metal structure and chrome finish contains also wine storage and lighted glass cabinetry.

Why having a home bar mini custom wooden home bar

Why Having a Home Bar: Mini Custom Wooden Home Bar Furniture 517×450

Mini bars for homes

Creating a small drinks station is as easy as using a small cupboard, a stylish console table, a sideboard or really, any flat surface available and creating a gorgeous entertaining space. Just add a stylish tray, your favourite tipple and mixers, a few

Mini bar design picture mini bar design picture mini bar

mini bar design picture mini bar design picture mini bar design ...

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Diposkan oleh Jermia Rimbon di 13.12

Santa Fe Bar Set with Wine Storage

Santa Fe Bar Set with Wine Storage

Mini bar cabinet design ideas with basement mini bar for

... Mini Bar Cabinet Design Ideas With Basement Mini Bar For Home With

Small bar ideas

A beautiful mini bar for every home - smaller or larger one. Made of geometrically set bricks, the bar features a stylish curvature, a nice-polished top, and several compartments for storing all necessities.

Ooh la la perfect idea for a mini bar in

Ooh la la!! Perfect idea for a mini bar in the small, unusable corner by the stairs"

Mini bars for home

Kitchen mini bar with mini fridge - when you want to avoid a big footprint, but still wouldn't mind a well organized beverage bar. See the details: black cabinet, mosaic tile backsplashh and wood panels floor that breaks up the monochrome layout a bit.

Mini bars for small spaces

If you like to create a cosy and stylish entertainment corner in your living room, this mini bar cabinet offers large functionality, packed in a small, space-saving silhouette.

Mini bar with stools

This tasteful wine rack is a perfect combination of stylish design and functionality. Excellent quality materials and subtle decorative details fascinate and make the decor takes on an interesting character. Holders for glasses and place for bottles.

Wine and liquor cabinet

An excellent organizer for glassware and alcohol, this wooden bar is suitable even for interiors with a smaller space. The bar includes 2 storage drawers, bottle rags, and enough hidden storage to accommodate bottle of wines, and smaller appliances.

Home wine bar furniture

It will grab your attention and make you wanna grab a drink. Uniquely designed, in a shape of guitar, this wooden wine bar offers a decent space for your bottle collection and special glass shelves for glasses.

Mini bar modern design

Such an elegant way to store your wine bottles and glasses, very handy for when you need a quick access to your alcohol during parties. A very traditional wine rack with a hanging glass holder. Beautiful design.

Coaster Contemporary Bar Black in Finish

Furnish your living room in stylish way with this solid, wooden, black bar in contemporary style. It provide a lot of storage space for alcohols, glasses and drinks. It has a half - oktagon shape and will last long.

Bringing a new meaning to b y o b

Bringing a New Meaning to B.Y.O.B.

Home wine bar furniture

the next four images including the greene and greene style

Home bar wet bar bar cabinets 2

Home bar. Wet bar. Bar cabinets.

Small bar in home

Contemporary home bar using mostly white and chrome, but mid-century inspired constrasts (note the modern bar stools sporting black plastic seats) are also present. Kitchen island - doubling as mini bar - features sleek and shiny black top.

Home bar ideas for small spaces

Utilitarian kitchen nook. Dark cabinetry with lots of rawers, wine cooler /small fridge / mini bar, and a spacious wine rack that houses the bottles horizontally. Additional horizontal rack harbours wine glasses.

Mini bar decorating ideas

Landscaping is tough, and sometimes you need to have a cold drink handy to keep up the hard work.

Contemporary liquor cabinet

This ergonomic home bar is great for anyone who likes to use every inch of free space available to him. Awesome for small apartments. The vintage finish will make it a superb focal point of any interior. Furthermore, its black colour will never go out of fashion.

Fabulous recessed wet bar with white base cabinetry hidden a

Fabulous recessed wet bar with white base cabinetry. Hidden: a pair of dishwasher drawers. The bar also features a small bar sink with gooseneck faucet. The cabinets pair with brushed nickel hardware and marble countertops. Above the cabinetry, recessed

Small wine bar for home

Space saving, classical designed in universal black color mini bar will be fantastic furniture in your living room. Many shelves and drawer offer a lot of space to storage and can be easy fold which is great option for small apartments.

Wine buffet bar

great for small spaces/apartment if in need of a mini bar/buffet table...

Small mini bar

It's nothing that you do not have a place in your home for another wardrobe - in this case, a bar. You do not need it if you put wooden shelves on the wall, a mini bar finished with espresso-colored veneer, which will easily accommodate alcohols and glasses.

Home bar designs to blow your mind

Home Bar Designs To Blow Your Mind

Mini bars for home

This project is an ingenuine idea how to use effectively your space. White finishing makes this minibar a neat and elegant proposition for your apartment. Multiplicity of various drawers and shelves provide great functionality and storage space.

Mini bar home

Great idea for outdoor storage and serving/bar. Turtles and Tails: It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

Home mini bars

Home Remodeling Ideas Basement Bars

Freestanding cabinets 2

Do you need a kitchen and have no place? This solution is perfect for you! This mid-sized traditional cabinetry integrates sink, taps, microwave, fridge, induction hob, granite top and quite a lot of storing space. Just look at this compact miracle!

Corner bar unit

Wine Please More efficient storage also means more entertainment in this friend and family hub of the home. Wine bars are becoming a popular feature that can easily fit among the kitchen pantry and other storage.