Corner Bar Furniture


This is not just any corner bar. This corner bar furniture is well-constructed and capable of accenting any home in any decorative style. They hold plenty of liquor as well as accessories. So invite the friends over and make them a drink from your corner bar furniture. Take a look at this extensive collection for details .

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Piedmont corner home bar corner bar for dining room good

Piedmont Corner Home Bar-corner bar for dining room - good for a small apartment or home

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Corner bar furniture 4

house napa corner bar the napa corner bar is the perfect bar ...

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Estimated shipping on in stock JBM Miniature items is 1-4 weeks.

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Corner bar furniture

Elegant and functional game corner mini bar furniture is a dream for all connoisseurs of good alcohols. Classic rooms with beech wood cabinets, such as those with a mahogany finish, look good. The compact "L" shape and spaciousness owed to many shelves.

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Elite Corner Back Bar with Wine Storage

Elite Corner Back Bar with Wine Storage

Attractive modern bar suitable to place both in corners or along walls. It is made of fibreboard finished in dark-brown. It features glass both a countertop and 3 shelves, a mirrored back and built-in lighting. It has 3 drawers and 1 door cabinet.

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Corner Bar

Corner Bar

Corner cabinet with sink and wall-mounted cabinet above, with glass panel door. Diagonal tiles in tan brown create the backsplash. Both cabinets are colored tan brown too. The metal sink is incorporated into granite top.

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Mera Bar Corner

Mera Bar Corner

An elegant piece for contemporary living rooms, this Bar Corner in Finish features sturdy wood construction with angled sides. Includes a clear mirror back, 3 curved glass shelves, 3 front doors, and 2 halogen lights.

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Corner bar furniture with interior designs

Corner Bar Furniture with Interior Designs

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Corner bar unit

Victorian corner pub bar furniture~

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Corner Bar Furniture

Buying Guide

A good corner bar furniture should first of all feature ample storage space for a handful of liquor bottles, glasses, and other accessories. A model that comes with a built-in wine cooler is always a bonus.

Furthermore, you may want to look for a unit with built-in lighting if you enjoy winding down with a nightcap before bedtime.

Other features that make a functional and useful corner bar furniture are wine racks for organizing wine bottles, doors that can be locked, and a spacious countertop for preparing drinks.

Your corner bar furniture should be equipped with the essential liquor and tools most frequently used in your home bar. While there is a variety of liquor that you can stock, you should focus on what you will actually be drinking at home.

Some essential drinks for your home bar include vodka, gin, rum, tequilas and margaritas, as well as whiskey of your choosing. Adding some basic and secondary liqueurs like Amaretto and Chambord is recommended, while non-alcoholic mixers like ice and fruit juices are a must.

Consider stocking some garnishes like mint, olives, lemon, lime and oranges too. Some snazzy glassware and home bar accessories are also a must-have.

Typically not; when we see corner bar furniture, we tend to see a cabinet and perhaps a countertop that are devoted to storing and mixing fine drinks.

These corner cabinets in particular are engineered to fit in the corner of a small room, making for a very efficient bar. You can certainly purchase bar stools to place nearby, but any normal nearby seating (couches, dining room chairs) would likely pair nicely.

Best Ideas

Howard Miller 695-064 Sonoma Hide-A-Bar Wine Cabinet

The extreme solution - this hide-a-bar wine cabinet is huge, making it perfect if you need plenty of space to store your wine and liquor and still, the still is simply exquisite, simple yet traditional and classy.

Small corner bar

Amish Pine Corner Hutch. Great for a coffee bar/wine bar in kitchen

Corner bar hutch

This corner hutch will prove to be a simply amazing addition to your home decor, especially with the stunning, two-tone finish of dark, deep brown and the lighter, warmer shade of it. It sports a spacious design with a huge compartment to fit your belongings.

Distressed china hutch

A corner hutch in a contemporary design. There are two shelves with glass doors at the top and at the bottom and an open shelf in between. The bottom part features curtains so you can put there pieces you don't want to display.

Tall narrow cabinet with doors

Versatile and simply fun for decorating your interior, this home bar is designed for bachelor apartment and a family home, bringing plenty of space for wine and your glasses to serve to your guests' needs instantly.

Corner bar cabinet 14 corner bar cabinet 14 model vinc014

corner bar cabinet 14 corner bar cabinet 14 model vinc014

Corner bar furniture 2

Mini Bar: Small Scale Sideboards

Charles davies custom fine furniture built ins cabinets cabinetry

charles davies custom fine furniture built ins cabinets cabinetry

Corner bar furniture

This wonderfully crafted corner cabinet can be a glamorously-looking bar, adding style to your living room. It has considerable storage, both covered an uncovered, letting you present your collection.

Black corner curio cabinet

A stunning black corner cabinet that sports the distressed finish and looks like a piece of true elegance, making it much easier for you to display your china or decorative items and hide some of your belongings in the below cabinet as well.

Bedroom tv armoire

Made from the amazing old doors this corner cabinet is the perfect example of creating something truly sublime when it comes to style with its distressed finish and charming teal color, while the piece truly offers ample amounts of space.

Home mini bars

We have so many glasses, how to put them up without taking up space in the living room? A glass hanger can be attached to the ceiling. Hanging wine rack, together with wine buffet cabinet are made of dark wood, with metal finish.

Corner bar shelf

Photo of Mod atomic starburst wire corner shelf, mid-century modern vintage #2

Corner wine glass rack

An outstanding wooden home bar and a wine rack that features a graceful shape of a wine bottle. The unit doesn't need much space, but it can easily accommodate a few bottles and wine glasses. There is even a small top.