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A lack of space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the party. With a modern mini bar, you can live out your bartender dreams without losing any room. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or more of an experimenter, a mini bar gives you a place to practice new and old drinks alike. Our design experts have picked out some of the best modern mini bar ideas so you can find your perfect match.

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Our Picks

Hairpin Leg Modern Mini Bar Design
Concord Mini Bar
Concord Mini Bar
Concord Mini Bar
Concord Mini Bar
Concord Mini Bar

Hairpin Leg Modern Mini Bar Design


Available in brown oak, natural wood, or walnut, this bar features a unique mid-century modern design. Accentuated by black metal hairpin legs, the frame is made of woodgrain laminated MDF and particleboard. For storage, one drawer and 12 wine cubbies are available. 

$164.99 $299.99

Designer Advice:

The mid-century modern design of this bar would match well with both modern and more retro furniture silhouettes. The neutral color choices available would pair well with anything from a mustard accent wall to an all-white room. Plus, the drawer at the top gives you a place to store odd bits and bobs away and prevent any mess.

Natural Wood Modern Mini Bar for Small Spaces

Natural Wood Modern Mini Bar for Small Spaces

Designed especially for narrow spaces, this mini bar is made from manufactured wood and laminate. It has a light brown finish and stands on four short silver legs. There is one shelf above with a guardrail and two below for glasses.

Designer Advice:

A perfect choice for an unused corner, this mini bar is understated yet chic. Its two shelves have plenty of room between them so you can store taller bottles and spirits. Plus, the guardrail on the top shelf will stop smaller objects like bottle openers from rolling off. This bar would also be a good option for a studio apartment.

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Smooth Contemporary Mini Bar

Smooth Contemporary Mini Bar

Crafted from manufactured wood with a laminate veneer, this minibar has solid wood feet. It features a clean gray finish. As for storage, two drawers can hold eight wine bottles. A shelf in the middle and a stemware rack complete the look.

Designer Advice:

We love the open middle section of this bar, which will give the illusion of more room no matter the size of your space. The pull-out wine bottle storage will give you extra space on the shelf for glasses or accessories without sacrificing any room for the bottles themselves. The smooth finish will also blend in seamlessly with existing décor. 

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Clean Lined Modern Minibar
Deanna Mini Bar
Deanna Mini Bar
Deanna Mini Bar
Deanna Mini Bar
Deanna Mini Bar

Clean Lined Modern Minibar

Zipcode Design™

Featuring a sleek white outline, this minibar is available in cappuccino or distressed gray. Although small, it opens up to reveal a stemware rack, a wine rack, and two shelves for storage. A drawer is also included, as well as side storage.

Designer Advice:

This modern minbar would look amazing in a room with a darker décor scheme. It would also really complement a kitchen that has marble accents due to its dark, clean-lined finish. However, lighter colors would bring out the white strip detail even more if your room doesn’t get much natural light.

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Modern Mini Bar

Buying Guide

A modern mini bar can be just the thing for your den or entertainment area. If you want one for an area that will be frequented by the underage crowd, you can easily stock it with soft drinks and non-alcoholic drink mixes. A mini bar can be something as simple as a table with a couple of shelves for storage, and much fun as the hidden mini bar globe, or as complex as a wine and dine center.

Simple Bench Style Bar

A simple bench style bar with end shelves is the perfect way to decorate a family room or meal break nook in the dining room or kitchen. The narrow table top makes it easy to fit in beneath a window or next to an entertainment area. The dark stained wood and the simple design will go with almost any décor but will blend especially well with rustic, country or western styles.

The Globe Hidden Mini Bar

Perfect for a library or other formally designed area of the house, only those who are “in the know” will suspect that inside this sedate, old-world globe is a stash of fine beverages. When the lid is lifted, you go from a view of the 16th century known world to a view of the “heavens.” This is a fun way to add a little scholarly charm as well as a chance for some relaxation to your workspace. The globe rests on three lathe turned legs that are braced by a bottom shelf that can hold three more bottles. The only drawback is that the globe does not spin.

Modern Chrome Martini Bar

Unabashedly intended for over 21 entertainment, a modern chrome martini bar combines the bright shine of silvery metal with thin black shelves of tempered glass guarded by wire racks. Light and portable, it is perfect for a bachelor bash or patio soirée. Place it where it is needed for a feel of understated elegance. It’s perfect for modern settings for that feeling of streamlined elegance.

Zin Bar

This one is a little something different. The Zin bar is made in the shape of a Z. The bottom leg balances the unit, while the thick central body is a wine rack. Wine glasses hang by their stems from under the top leg of the Z. This leaves the top shelf of the Z ready to be used for mixing or serving drinks.

Brand Name Beer Bar

Maybe your drink runs more to beer than wine, and you are especially into mixed drinks. You can display your preference with a mini bar that proclaims the name of your favorite beverage while housing your favorite drinks.

Best Ideas

Modern mini bar for home

modern mini bar for home

Wine and liquor cabinet

An excellent organizer for glassware and alcohol, this wooden bar is suitable even for interiors with a smaller space. The bar includes 2 storage drawers, bottle rags, and enough hidden storage to accommodate bottle of wines, and smaller appliances.

You are here home zin modern white mini bar

You are here: Home → Zin ~ Modern White Mini Bar

Contemporary liquor cabinet

This ergonomic home bar is great for anyone who likes to use every inch of free space available to him. Awesome for small apartments. The vintage finish will make it a superb focal point of any interior. Furthermore, its black colour will never go out of fashion.

Small bars for home designs

Bar table in modern style. Frame is made of wood and metal. It is fitted with 2 open shelves covered with clear glass and glasses holders. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Great solution for the kitchen, dining room and more.

Home mini bar 0 home mini bar

home mini bar 0 Home Mini Bar

Kitchen mini bar designs

Marti & Jarrod's Graphic Modern Home

Mini bar for bedroom

mini bar 3

Mini bar decor

Really modern cocktail bar furniture-seems to be from the vintage space! It was constructed of oak wood and of thick, well-finished glass - which forms the rounded top of the table.The base has low feet,subtle tone and all gives the pleasure of serving drinks.

Details about mid century modern ebonized mini cocktail bar

Details about Mid Century Modern Ebonized Mini Cocktail Bar

Modern mini bar

A modern home bar that will give your room a chic look! It features a quilted bottom and a solid countertop. There is a shelf for glasses or decorations between the top and the bottom of it. It should be accompanied by fancy bar stools.

Condo kitchen ideas

Condo kitchen ideas

This picture shows a very attractive kitchen stylization that saves a lot of space. It includes cabinets for glassess and other accessories. This stylization also includes a small fridge for drinks, etc.

Dry bar ideas for small spaces

The Steamer Bar Cabinet and Wine Storage by Crate » Furniture Fashion Modern Interior Home Decorating Magazine

Space saving bar ideas

Inspired by touring road crews – the Roadie collection. By Hong Kong-based boutique Tree

Modern mini bar

Although not in the traditional edition this barrel is still full of wine! Only bottled wine - because this barrel is the rack for your rarity. Modern mini bar for your home, have a steel construction inside that hold carefuly about 30 bottles of wine.

Modern portable bar

A chic mini bar in a modern design. The furniture set is a funky combination of red and black with a high gloss finish. There is a functional, open space for glasses on the wall and a small bar island with simple bar stools.

Crosley Furniture Newport Expandable Bar Cabinet in Vintage Mahogany Finish

This gorgeous cabinet bar is a wonderful addition to any living room. A classic design and multi-tasking useful for not just one party at home. Made of solid hardwood and veneer is stable and reliable.

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All Rooms / Living Photos / Living Room

Modern mini bar

Either you have your own restaurant or you are looking for a modern furniture for restoring bar equipment. This modern acrylic mini bar will suit every lounge. Because of the acrylic material, the mini bar is transparent, which makes it even more gorgeous.

Modern mini bar 1

Gold makes its way to the walls with this modern floral wall paper used by Emily Henderson.

Modern mini bar unit back view shown wine rack shelving

Modern Mini Bar Unit Back View Shown Wine Rack & Shelving

16 amazing contemporary home bars for the best parties

16 Amazing Contemporary Home Bars For The Best Parties

Mid century modern ebonized mini cocktail bar mr10378 ebay 2

Mid Century Modern Ebonized Mini Cocktail Bar (MR10378) | eBay

Wrought studio lipford modern mobile mini bar minibar

Wrought Studio Lipford Modern Mobile Mini Bar: minibar ...