Leather Swivel Bar Stools

Impress your guests with leather swivel barstools. They are a nice touch of style to the kitchen zone and a change from typical barstools. Leather upholstery is sure to enhance the space with a bit of polished luxury. You can count on that!

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Leather swivel counter stools

Swivel bar stool mounted on wooden base and reinforced with crossed supports. It is upholstered with high quality leather and finished with decorative nail heads. Tasteful accent for the kitchen, bar, restaurant and more.

Leather swivel bar stools 1

Robust bobbin construction in this sturdy stool bar with swivel seat covered with leather upholstery makes this furniture ideal for every interior. Comfortable backrests and armrests and footrest make the perfect unit.

Leather bar stools with arms

Swivel bar stool mounted on wooden base and reinforced with metal support ring. It is upholstered with high quality leather and finished with solid seams. Great addition for kitchens, bars, restaurants and more.

Leather swivel bar stools

A classic appearance of this 30'' barstool makes it excellent for contemporary home bars. It has a wood frame with slightly spread legs and a ring foot rest, and a seat and back upholstered in a red leather. It swivels, too.

Neptune off white leather swivel bar stool 1

Neptune Off White Leather Swivel Bar Stool
Swivel bar stool mounted on wooden frame. Seat and back are upholstered with leather and finished with solid seams. Received very good recommendations from customers for modern design and high quality.

Leather swivel bar stools with back

Splash your mini bar area with this timeless classic that swivels for extra comfort. The barstool has a wood frame in an espresso finish, with tapered legs and a ring footrest. The seat is upholstered in brown leather just as its streamlined back.

Black leather swivel bar stool 1

Black Leather Swivel Bar Stool

Our advice Buying Guide

Choosing leather swivel bar stools is often considered one of the final steps in completing the look of your home's bar. When you select the right bar stool, it's imperative this furniture piece blends seamlessly with your bar. Not only should it match the correct height of your counter, but it should also match its style. Above all, these stools must keep you and your guest comfortable so they'll spend plenty of time socializing in your home. There are limitless options regarding leather swivel bar stools so, before making your selection, consider these factors to help narrow your choices.

Have You Considered the Style?

When choosing bar stools that will fit in with the style of the rest of your home, it's essential you're ensuring it's a cohesive addition. Therefore, you must see that each room will flow naturally with the other. For example, if you choose bar stools made from wood, those are best suited for homes with a rustic theme. Those made from plastic or metal are most commonly found in households with a contemporary decorating theme.

What Features Are You Seeking?

When it comes to keeping your guests comfortable, simple features will make all the difference. Therefore, it's essential that you look for details like whether or not you can adjust the height of the barstool. When you look at the height of the barstool, the addition of a footrest is a nice touch so your guests can have a comfortable place for their feet. When you add leather swivel bar stools, guests can easily turn around and hold conversations with each other at your home bar.

Have You Considered Height?

For those who aren't looking at adjustable bar stools, it's vital that your stool matches the height of your counter or bar. The safest thing to do is measure your bar's height to ensure you're making the correct purchase. If you forget to do this, you can safely purchase a bar height stool for a standard bar. However, if you're buying bar stools for a kitchen counter, you're going to need counter stools. The average height of a barstool is between 30 and 36 inches high, while a counter barstool measures between 24 and 29 inches in height. Therefore, the perfect bar height for fitting a standard barstool comfortably is between 40 and 46 inches from the floor. You can use counter height stool comfortably with a standard kitchen counter or kitchen table.

Do You Want Backs?

In addition to the look you're attempting to achieve in your bar area, the back of the bar stool is also going to provide comfort and support. While backless bar stools are a popular choice, they offer little when it comes to back support for those who choose to sit on them for more extended periods. For those who would like to extend their guests some degree of support, choosing high-back or low-back stools are both excellent choices. Low-back stools are similar to backless stools in appearance, but high-back stools offer the most support.

Have You Considered Your Budget?

When making your selections, it’s critical that you consider your budget. While it’s essential to choose bar stools that fit in with your decorating style, you should also be selecting stools that will stand up to the test of time. If you purchase a barstool that costs less than $100, then expect to assemble them. While this decision may initially save you on your budget, prepare to continue tightening bolts throughout the lifetime of the barstool to prevent it from falling apart. Otherwise, you can expect to pay between $100 and $250 for a preassembled barstool for better quality stools or upwards of $400 and $600 for the highest quality barstools. Because you and your guests will be sitting on these stools regularly, it’s best to choose more top quality pieces because you’ll want them to last longer. Therefore, making a more significant investment is more beneficial than having to replace pieces in a couple of years.


Black leather swivel bar stools

Wooden chair with nice, blue upholstery. Black wood makes it elegant and timeless, while blue upholstery provides an interesting accent to underline the rest of your kitchen’s design.

Bar stools leather swivel

This set of Dublin leather swivel bar stools enchants with the high-quality and multiplicity of available finishes. Available in various shades of reds, browns and even yellows, they will be a cool accent in one's dining room decor.

Crocus walnut and black modern bar stool 1

Crocus Walnut And Black Modern Bar Stool
A small, but very comfortable seat with backrest and many regulation features (360-degree swivel and adjustable height). It is a great choice for bars that want to provide high level of comfort to their customers.

Augusta brown bonded leather swivel bar stool

Augusta Brown Bonded Leather Swivel Bar Stool
Swivel bar stool upholstered with high quality leather. Construction is made of wood and fitted with support ring. Elegant design for kitchen, bar, restaurant and others interiors according to taste.

Tribecca home verona cherry swivel 24 inch counter height stool

Tribecca Home Verona Cherry Swivel 24 Inch Counter Height Stool
This swivel seat high counter pub chair is crafted from solid wood combined with faux bi-cast leather upholstery in the back and the sitting parts. The chair has the ability for making 360-degree swivel and easy to clean surface.

Wenden tall 34 inch brown leather swivel bar stool

Wenden Tall 34 Inch Brown Leather Swivel Bar Stool
Swivel bar stool made of wood. Seat is upholstered with leather and finished with heads of nails. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. It is very well appreciated by customers for elegant design and careful workmanship.

Top grain leather swivel bar stool

Top Grain Leather Swivel Bar Stool

Leather swivel bar stools 7

Fall in love with presented here leather swivel bar stool with an upholstery made of cognac brown leather. Birchwood with a dark espresso finish was used here to create a stable base of the chair. The industrial trim was added with brass nails on the boards.

Vintage french leather swivel stool

Vintage French Leather Swivel Stool
Well designed and very practical leather swivel counter stool - perfect for stylized Loft spaces,a cozy apartment or even kitchen. Aged frames are solid and robust. Leather brown round seat is comfortable and ideal for regular use.

Leather swivel counter stools 2

Traditional swivel counter stool with dark oak frame, which gives it a stylish look, and a brown leather upholstered seat with a winged back. The dark leather finish gives the whole stool a vintage, retro vibe.

Sunpan modern hamlet swivel bonded leather stool

Sunpan Modern Hamlet Swivel Bonded Leather Stool
This vintage barstool, featuring a glamorous double row of silver-colored nail heads, is available in four colors: Black, brown, cream (depicted here) and grey. It has the size of 41 inches high x 21 inches wide x 19 inches deep.

Leather swivel bar stools 2

A Marguerite bar stool which is designed for use in the contemporary kitchen. It features the hand rushed seat with swivel mechanism. Choose your favorite finish between two options: aged driftwood oak and brown.

Leather swivel counter stools 1

Swivel bar stool for residential and commercial premises. Base is made of wood and reinforced with support ring. It is upholstered with high quality leather. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Sunpan vintage bonded leather swivel counter stool 4

Sunpan Vintage Bonded Leather Swivel Counter Stool
A comfortable piece of equipment that plays the role of a stool used in a home bar, kitchen island or dining room. This product has got a durable wooden frame with an espresso finish. It measures 37 inches high x 21 inches wide x 19 inches deep.

Brown leather swivel bar stools

If the kitchen island is simple, you can add a unique chair to it. Like styled in a bright shade, solid-brich hardwood stool. This bar stool has great leather trim, and linen upholstery. Wood base has ivory color and wheel elements.

Leather swivel bar stools 5

Finished in sleek, white leather, this elegant bar stool will be a great way to add some refinement to your dining room. Along with the black, wooden legs, it will be a smooth transition between the classic and modern design.

Leather swivel counter stools 10

The elegant swivel counter stool covered with the natural black leather. Will look perfect even if the elegant restaurant, bar or your living room. The frame made of oak is enough solid to carry the big sitting.

Glenwood 30 inch wood cream leather swivel counter stool

Glenwood 30 Inch Wood Cream Leather Swivel Counter Stool
This type of product is a counter stool designed for modern kitchen islands and home bars. The frame is made of wood that is resistant to wear and damage. The overall size of this stool with a swivel seat is 45 inches high x 18.375 inches wide x 22.25 inches deep.

Set of three leather swivel barstools maurice baily monteverde young

Set Of Three Leather Swivel Barstools Maurice Baily Monteverde Young
We found the set of three bar stools upholstered by the leather, and we decide to add them to our home bar. Now, it looks exclusive and inviting .

Leather swivel counter stools 4

An attractive traditional swivel counter stool having a woody frame in brown. It has quite tall angular legs and straight stretchers. A thick semi-oval seat and a quite tall back joined with short sloping arms are covered in elegant brown leather.

Carolina bicast leather swivel counter stools set of 2 1

Carolina Bicast Leather Swivel Counter Stools Set Of 2
A counter stool that features a solid wooden frame. It is an armless stool that offers a backrest and a comfortable seat filled with soft materials. This piece of equipment measures 43 inches high x 19.75 inches wide x 21.5 inches deep.

Tavern swivel barstool oxblood red 1

Tavern Swivel Barstool - Oxblood Red

Midcentury swivel bar stools on tapered

Midcentury Swivel Bar Stools On Tapered
The set of elegant swivel bar stools covered with the delicate beige leather. Each of them is basing on the mahogany legs binded with brass hoop. Even if look traditional, they should be used in the modern interior.

Sunpan vintage bonded leather swivel counter stool 3

Sunpan Vintage Bonded Leather Swivel Counter Stool
A high quality piece of furniture designed for people who are interested in the best level of comfort. This bar stool offers a soft seat and a durable backrest. The frame is made of solid materials. The size of this stool is 37 inches high x 21 inches wide x 19 inches deep.

Hillsdale Presque Isle Swivel Counter Stool

This lovely counter stool features a spindle design, and it swivels on a sturdy wood base with a slatted back, a ring footrest, and French-style curved legs. The round seat is padded, and upholstered in black vinyl.,

Leather swivel bar stools 9

The classic interior of the kitchen, with a dignified island kitchen, can appeal for an elegant addition in the form of a leather swivel bar kitchen stool - with upholstered comfortable backrest, white artificial leather and black high base.

Glenwood feher black 30 inch wood swivel bar stool 2

Glenwood Feher Black 30 Inch Wood Swivel Bar Stool
It is a very beautiful black swivel stool that is 45 inches high x 18.375 inches wide x 22.25 inches deep. This element is upholstered in a black leather. This colour can be used in different combinations and compositions in the interior design.

Rattan bar

Rattan bar stools in attractive brown finish. They feature comfortable, padded seats with multi-color pattern. The stool is equipped with swivel seat and with supportive backrest connected with durable arms.

Garr walnut and black modern adjustable bar stool

Garr Walnut And Black Modern Adjustable Bar Stool
This stylish, adjustable bar stool provides high level of comfort thanks to a special gas piston lift and 360-degree swivel functions that allow for easy adjustment. This product is made of solid materials and looks attractive in the kitchen or bar.

Leather rattan bar stool 2

Bar stools for kitchen island applications. This kind of stool is based on a durable wooden frame. It features a padded leather seat with rattan backrest. It looks very stylish and provides comfort and support.

Leather rattan bar stool 3

An elegant traditional barstool with a rattan frame in glossy browns built of bowed A-shaped legs, a double-footring, upturned U-stretchers. An arched backrest features an open wicker inset. A round padded swivel seat is covered in white fabric.

Brown lake village 26 inch swivel counter stool

Brown Lake Village 26 Inch Swivel Counter Stool
A stylish element that will enhance the stylization of a bar, kitchen or dining room. This chair has got a wooden frame that supports a weight of an adult user. It has also got a soft seat and backrest covered with black leather.

Leather rattan bar stool 2

Bar stool for residential and commercial use. It is mounted on wooden frame and reinforced with solid supports. Seat is made of rattan and covered with leather. Traditional form and elegant design.

Leather rattan bar stool 6

This sublime rattan bar stool sports a unique shape of its design that is simply sure to provide you with the needed comfort and sports the two-tone finish of its upholstery and frame in the contrasting cream of the leather and the rich, dark brown of the rattan.

Leather rattan bar stool 8

Leather upholstery - and very dark teak wood, finished with an espresso brush. Italian style - delicate roundings, hand carved in wood. Presented here rattan bar stool - is so dark, that it seems to be in black shades.

Cathedral 29" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

Cathedral 29" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion
Fantastic looking bar stool made of solid wood in durable finish. Features sturdy frame with full ring footrest, comfortable seat and back in durable upholstery, and frugal design making it an elegant and reliable item.

COZEE® Adjustable Rattan Garden Round Bistro Cocktail Wicker Bar Stool Set of 2

Beautiful modern barstool featuring shells and columns' upper parts with casing of brown woven artificial rattan. A round foot, an oval footring and a column with adjustable height are of chromed steel. A swivel seat is covered in blue fabric.

Cordes textured brown leather swivel counter stool

Cordes Textured Brown Leather Swivel Counter Stool
A counter stool that provides a transitional style that enhances any decor. This construction includes metal and bonded leather. The frame is solid and resistant to damage. The seat is filled with foam for increased comfort.

Verona espresso cross back swivel counter height chair 1

Verona Espresso Cross Back Swivel Counter Height Chair
A swivel chair made of solid and attractive Asian wood with a little bit of soft foam and leather. The height of this product is 29 inches and it has got a 360-degree swivel function for users who prefer simple regulation.

Tribecca home ali modern 24 inch counter height swivel stool

Tribecca Home Ali Modern 24 Inch Counter Height Swivel Stool
A high quality piece of furniture created for use in home bars, kitchen islands and dining rooms. It represents a classic style that looks very interesting in different decors. This stool features a solid hardwood construction.

Tifton cobalt black leather swivel counter stool

Tifton Cobalt Black Leather Swivel Counter Stool
A high quality counter stool that offers an armless construction. It features a soft, comfortable seat and a solid backrest. The seat also features a very convenient swivel mechanism. The size of this stool is 41 inches high x 16.5 inches wide x 20 inches deep.

Leather counter stools swivel

Aqua Bar Stools Trio on fab » These stools are AMAZING!

Leather swivel counter stools 3

A counter stool that features a comfortable, soft swivel seat that works in the range of 360 degrees. The frame of this product is made of hardwood and the seat is filled with high-density foam. The maximum weight capacity of this stool is 300 lbs.