Luxury Bar Stools

If you want to appear like a queen or king, then you need the furniture to prove it. An extravagant way to elevate your home or business is with luxury bar stools. The most luxurious materials to use in a counter stool are either metal or wood. Metal provides a shiny luster and wood grain conveys a stunning and robust presence.

Luxury doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. You can easily find high wingback chairs upholstered with the softest polyester, or leather bucket seats that hug you like gloves. Whatever your definition of luxury is, we have ten of the best luxury bar stool ideas for you here.

Upholstered Luxury Swivel Bar Stools with Backs

Upholstered Luxury Swivel Bar Stools with Backs

Both cozy and extravagant are the upholstered luxury swivel bar stools with backs. Choose between several types of fabrics and fabric colors to place on top of one of these solid wood-built stools.

The swivel lets you easily sit in and stand up from your chair and the high back provides everlasting comfort during long conversations. Nailhead trim and uniquely devised backings will assist your luxury bar stools spotlight. 

Most Expensive Bar Stools Made with Tapered Legs

Most Expensive Bar Stools Made with Tapered Legs

The most expensive bar stools are made with top-of-the-line fabrics and materials like leather and polished iron metals. They are intricately designed to perfection.

Combine expensive bar stools with other metal and glass furnishings to tip your interior décor from simply gorgeous to astonishingly luxurious. The glossier the metal, the more lavish it will be. These types of stools are best in a glam setting.

Luxurious Bar Stools with Genuine Leather Bucket Seats

Luxurious Bar Stools with Genuine Leather Bucket Seats

On the industrial business luxury side, you have luxurious bar stools with genuine leather bucket seats. These seats can have high or low backs and the leather can be found in many complexities of brown, black, and tan hues.

Add them flawlessly to your business bar counters or your industrial-themed home. Select sled-style legging for a boxier and masculine influence. 

Curvy Luxury Bar Stool with Arms

Curvy Luxury Bar Stool with Arms

Luxury bar stools with curvy designs change the ambiance in a room instantaneously. These curvy designer bar stools are sculpted with wood, metal, or wicker materials. They are created with low or high backs.

Curved lines draw focus much easier than straight lines. So, if you want your chair to be your main attraction, then choose a luxury counter stool with curves. The curvy luxury bar stools with arms add extra comfort that many bar stools lack. 

Luxury Counter Height Bar Stools with Wingbacks

Luxury Counter Height Bar Stools with Wingbacks

The magnificent wingback! Luxury counter height bar stools with wingbacks come in leather with tufted backings, fabric with crisp lining, or with Nailhead trim decal.

High wingbacks are more grandeur than mid-height wingbacks. If you are aiming for comfort luxury, then pick a fabric upholstered seat with wood legs. For a wealthier luster, choose leather seating with leg pigments matching the stool. 

Upholstered Wicker Rattan Barrel blanketed Luxury Bar Stools

Upholstered Wicker Rattan Barrel blanketed Luxury Bar Stools

Barrel-blanketed luxury bar stools are distinctive in design and therefore, they effortlessly stand above the crowd. The bar stool legs are hidden beneath the rattan material giving your bar stool a full and graceful completion.

Coastal interior decorators love these luxury bar stools. Place them outdoors on your covered patio, or indoors beneath your marbled countertops.

Transparent Plastic Acrylic Metal Luxury Barstools

Transparent Plastic Acrylic Metal Luxury Barstools

Although metal, wood, and leathers steal the limelight, translucent acrylic luxury barstools have a way of their own. These types of luxurious bar stools are manufactured with high-backs, low-backs, or backless.

For added comfort, place seat cushions that match the rest of your home décor. Go for a rounded back to add an interesting and artistic dimension. 

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Backless Saddle Seat Luxury Counter Stools

Backless Saddle Seat Luxury Counter Stools

Most luxurious bar stools come with backs, though you can find some extravagant stools made backless. Backless saddle seats and other rounded backless stools can be just as gorgeous! Find ones with leather and wood mixtures.

These types of luxury counter stools will not obstruct kitchen islands or countertops. Clear lines add a more minimalistic luxury element to your kitchen.

Swivel Adjustable Height Expensive Bar Stools on Pedestal Bases

Swivel Adjustable Height Expensive Bar Stools on Pedestal Bases

Singular pedestal bases take your focus off the leg work and redirect it to the seat’s construction. Look for a swivel adjustable seat made of leather or one with added decals for the most affluent lacquer.

These types of expensive bar stools come fashionably designed with many seat shapes like square, rectangle, round, bucket, and barrel styles. Swivel and adjustable features make these bar stools suitable for most countertops. 

Abstract designed Posh Luxury Bar Stools with Backs

Abstract designed Posh Luxury Bar Stools with Backs

Artistic home designers enjoy the rarity they get from abstract-designed luxury bar stools with backs. These types of stools are sculpted in all sorts of shapes and can be made with all sorts of textiles.

Abstract-designed posh stools look stunning when melded with contemporary style. They are also fabulous in futuristic designed interior home décor.

Our advice Buying Guide

Complete your dining space or kitchen in style with luxury bar stools. From elegantly luxurious to super contemporary, there's a piece for any space whether you're furnishing a home bar, kitchen or dining room.

With hundreds of choices in luxury bar stools, you'd want to ensure that you get the perfect units for your space. Our guide will address the key decisions that'll help you narrow all your choices. Keep everything we'll say in mind to hone in on luxury bar stools which possess all the features you're after. Let us start!

How to determine the right size for a bar stool?

  • Width - The width of your luxury bar stools should provide you with space and comfort. If you're looking for comfortable seats for your family and guests, choose 17- to 21-inch stools. If comfort isn't a priority, you can opt for small seats as they'll allow you to fit more people at your counter or bar. Whichever you choose, you need to make sure that there's at least six inches of space in between each stool. Measure accordingly so you'll know the number of stools that will fit your space comfortably.
  • Height - Space and comfort are key elements when choosing the perfect height for your luxury bar stools. At least 10-12 inches must be the amount of space in between your seats and the table or counter's underside. If you'll be measuring from your flooring to your counter's underside, consider the rule of thumb we just gave you as it'll allow you to pick the right seat height. To give you a concrete example, pretend your counter to floor clearance measures at 43 inches. The right seat height for you is 30-32 inches.

What are the most common types of luxury bar stools?

  • Commercial - Commercial luxury bar stools are created to handle constant and rough usage associated with bars, restaurants, and other spaces in public. Luxury bar stools that are commercial-grade come in different varieties in terms of the upholstery, padding, swivel, and backrest. If your intent is to use the bar stools for commercial use, make sure you only choose commercial-grade stools as they're more durable. Also, make sure the warranty from the manufacturer lasts more than a year.
  • Residential – Residential luxury bar stools are easier to purchase as they can be commercial or residential-grade stools.
  • Wood vs. Metal - Most luxurious bar stools are made of either wood or metal. Metal bar stools can have rustic bronze finishes or modern-looking chromed steel finishes. As for wooden luxury bar stools, they offer a traditional look. These stools come in a variety of finishes, but they're mostly crafted from select types of wood. They also feature backrest and swivel options. Decide on what style you want and you'll be able to narrow your options.

What are the most comfortable luxury bar stools?

Many people prefer well-cushioned seats as well as comfortable backrests when relaxing for drinks or meals. For the comfort-minded, choose the ones with incredible backrests and upholstery made of modern microfiber or luxurious leather.

By now, you should have a good idea of what your preferences are when it comes to luxury bar stools. Go ahead and check the market for available units!


Cherry and Mahogany Wood Swivel Barstool

Cherry and Mahogany Wood Swivel Barstool
Antique and sophisticated, this swivel barstool is made in a classic fashion to provide style and class to your kitchen or bar. The barstool is about thirty inches high, making it a great fit for taller countertops and kitchen islands, and it is crafted with marvelous veneers made out of mahogany and cherry wood. The four cabriole-style curved legs have hand-carved details, which add to the elegance of the barstool.

Woven Padding Barstool

Woven Padding Barstool
With its rustic, chic style, this barstool is a great fit in a home bar, standing next to a pub table or a long bar island. The barstool is made out of solid wood to ensure durability and stability, and it has a rubberwood base which gives it a little bit of flexibility. The seat of the barstool is padded in a woven upholstery, made out of a combination of linen, polyester, and velvet, making it strong and nice to the touch.

Dark Brown Barstool With Faux Leather Padding

Dark Brown Barstool With Faux Leather Padding
Being a more minimalist choice of furniture, this barstool is a good choice for more simplistic arrangements with a vintage feel to it. The barstool itself has a quite vintage appearance and is upholstered in a faux leather material which comes in a variety of different colors. It also features a quilted seat and a nailhead trim along the arms, spreading from the top to the very bottom of the sides.

Solid Mahogany Wood Swivel Barstool

Solid Mahogany Wood Swivel Barstool
If you’re searching for a piece of furniture to finish an outdoor conversational area arranged in a backyard patio, this antique-style barstool might be just what you need. The barstool proves to be a stylish element in all kinds of setups, whether indoor or outdoor and works perfectly well with a kitchen island which acts as an impromptu bar during parties. The barstool even has a comfy pillow to make sitting on it as relaxing as possible.

Modern Chrome Finished Barstool

Modern Chrome Finished Barstool
A contemporary approach to a stylish barstool made in a futuristic fashion, proving a well-fitting addition to more modern interior arrangements. The barstool has a frame constructed out of chrome-finished metal, which gives it a high-polish, reflective look. It also sports a smooth and slim silhouette and is upholstered with linen fabric in a charcoal color, which is sure to look great with wooden floor panels.

Steven favreau contemporary kitchen san francisco

Steven favreau contemporary kitchen san francisco
Splash your bar area with a touch of modern elegance by choosing those sophisticated barstools. They have chrome-finished poles with matching round bases and matching footrests, while holding streamlined seats and backs, padded and upholstered in off-white leather.

Otus 24" Counter Stool

Otus 24" Counter Stool
It is a contemporary bar stool that has got a cushion and four colors to choose: gray, white, black and navy. It has got a brushed stainless steel frame and faux leather upholstery. You need to have it.

High end bar stools 1

An elegant contemporary barstool with sleek wooden tapered legs finished in black. Its side stretchers and round front footrest are of metal. A semi-oval seat, a low rounded back joined with small arms are foam-padded and covered in greyish fabric.

Luxury furniture swivel bar or counter stool 1

Luxury Furniture, Swivel bar or counter stool

Luxury kitchen stools

These bar stools have the counter height so they are great for kitchen island and home bar. The nail heads and creamy cover makes them luxury and elegant. They fit to classic style.

Luxury swivel bar stools

A pair of traditional barstools that is going to make your kitchen even more glamorous. Each of those beauties has a wood frame with a ring foot rest and non-marring legs, and a stylish round seat with white upholstery and brass nail head trim.

Cowhide stools

Two-toned brown rubber wood bar stool with custom padding (here: snake skin patterned green for backrest and brown leather for seat), round cushioned seat, scrolled armrests and old gold nailheads trim accent.

Bar stools counter height bar stools luxury bar stool frontgate

Bar Stools - Counter Height Bar Stools - Luxury Bar Stool - Frontgate

Expensive bar stools

Interesting bar stools. The black colour of their wooden frame makes them elegant and versatile, while the interesting crate on the upholstery keeps them safe from being boring. A great addition to introducing the eclectic vibe to your kitchen.

Luxury bar stools

Even a sober person would sit at this bar. Exquisite, luxurious in shades of gold bar stools are also perfect solution for a kitchen.

You could use few of them to create an extraordinary character of a simple space.

Luxury leather bar stools 1

These modern bar chairs are upholstered of the soft velvet with many color options to choose. They have got the solid legs with footrest. They add a luxury touch to any interior.

Upscale bar stools 1

This beautiful living room with kitchenette is a wonderful combination of modern design and functionality. The effective lighting of the kitchen island, beautiful lounge chairs and a lovely corner sofa with table make a great place for the whole family.

Bar stools counter height bar stools luxury bar stool frontgate

Bar Stools - Counter Height Bar Stools - Luxury Bar Stool - Frontgate

Luxury bar stools

This stylish decor is a beautiful rustic detail in a modern setting. The whole is spectacularly beautiful thanks to nice bar stools, decorative bricks on the walls, sensational countertops, and original lamps.

Rutenberg lakeland luxury designer home rustic kitchen with dark ceiling

Rutenberg Lakeland Luxury Designer Home - Rustic kitchen with dark ceiling beams - island with counter seating

Luxury bar stools leather 1

Made in comfortable design bar stools with luxurious leather upholstery make the decor takes on a unique expression. The whole, based on wooden consolation, is robust and stable. Perfect set for the living room.

LexMod Two 50's Diner Bar Stools in White

Contemporary bar stools with retro, 50's appeal. They feature thick cushions and upholstered back rests for maximum comfort as well as sturdy base with elegant shiny chrome finish. These pieces have sleek modern look that evokes classic designs.

Luxury bar stools

Bright coastal kitchen with white cabinetry and extra large kitchen island, topped with marble and surrounded by transitional bar stools. I especially like the subtle blue tiles running the whole length of the back wall.

Why hello dream home decor kitchen

why hello dream #Home #Decor #kitchen

Luxury bar stool

Splash your kitchen counter with a touch of snow white luxury by choosing those elegant barstools. With a wood frame in a cappuccino finish, stylish nail head trim and white leather upholstery; those beauties provide the highest level of pure aesthetics.

Gold bar stools

Elegant and sophisticated approach to a classy home bar with a metal, golden theme and a marble countertop on the kitchen island. The glassed and mirrored floating cabinets in the back provide a handy way to store glasses.

Luxury bar stools swivel

Contemporary setup for a bright and colorful dining room, furnished with a long kitchen island made out of white-painted, polished wood fitted with a variety of barstools with backs, upholstered in different-colored faux leather.

Brown classic bar stools

Maintaining the harmony of the interior - especially the kitchen - is of great importance. You can add the interesting classic but luxury bar stools, whose back and a seat is made of woven leather of the highest quality, in deep chocolate color.

Luxury barstools

Pretty comfy traditional barstools with wooden frames finished in dark brown. A barstool has quite tall angular legs and simple straight footrests. Its deep rectangular seat and quite tall fullback are foam-padded and covered in creamy pleather.

Luxury bar stools uk

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Luxurious bar stools

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Luxury bar stools 3

Luxury Bar Stools

Interesting chair designs and designer bar stools by casprini_image

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Luxury bar stools 8

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The luxurious kitchen with elegant golden accesories. Even if some of them looks like taken from the discotheque, the effect is amazing. With toned silver fronts of furniture it makes a perfect whole.

Luxury bar stools 2

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