Novelty Bar Stools

From stools that look like legs, to stools that look like kegs, your bar patrons will never get enough glee out of seeing these entertaining novelty bar stools. Get on with logos of your favorite drink, or one that looks like your legs have been replaced by an animals. Or maybe, sit on a huge spring. Whatever your pleasure, you will find it in the fun collection of novelty bar stools.

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Coca Cola Bottle Cap Bar Stool

Coca Cola Bottle Cap Bar Stool
Novelty bar stool giving a subtle nod to the 1950s soda bars style. Silver chrome pedestal base supports the unique & fun design seat mimicking the red Coca-Cola bottle cap. Highly welcome in retro-themed décor!

Vintage Wooden Novelty Kitchen Bar Stool Cow Utterly Delightful Country Decor

Vintage Wooden Novelty Kitchen Bar Stool Cow Utterly Delightful Country Decor
An interesting and amusing novelty bar stool with a cow-shaped motif and in black-and-white colors captivates. Vintage styling and beautiful details fascinate and bring an interesting character to the decor.

Sterling Industries 51 10078 Metal Novelty Stool W Cushion Contemporary Bar Stools And Counter Stools

Sterling Industries 51 10078 Metal Novelty Stool W Cushion Contemporary Bar Stools And Counter Stools
If you love unique decor, this piece of furniture will be very good choice. It is little stool with kickstand in a shape of big, leather shoe. It will play its role perfectly in corridor during putting shoes.

Vintage Retro Cocktail Bar Boat Ship Shaped Novelty Kitsch Matching Stool

Vintage Retro Cocktail Bar Boat Ship Shaped Novelty Kitsch Matching Stool
You do not have your yacht? What a problem. You can feel it by having drinks on novelty bar stool,as if you were there.Its vintage with comeback to the 50s.All made of metal, painted in various shades of beige and brown.

MLB 30" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

MLB 30" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion
A swivel bar stool with a chrome metal base that is not only sturdy and stable but also looks fancy and shiny. The stool features two footrests and is based on four curved legs. The seat is upholstered and soft.

West Palm 30" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

West Palm 30" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion
This extraordinary bar stool features a lot of great components that measure it as a high-quality product compared to other products of this type. These stools give the appearance of bamboo with the sturdy construction of metal with a burnished brown finish.

NFL Bar Stool with Cushion (Set of 2)

NFL Bar Stool with Cushion (Set of 2)
A contemporary and stylish bar stool which definitely looks like a luxurious product due to its upholstery and construction in general. The upholstery is made of high-quality synthetic leather. It also features a sturdy base for safety.

Our advice Buying Guide

As sitting around the dining table for a family dinner is slowly becoming extinct, and the houses are getting smaller, bar stools have grown in popularity. You might need just one bar stool, or you may need a few. You might even choose to abandon the dining table altogether to save space in your apartment. Whatever your needs, here is a handy buying guide to assist you in the purchasing process.

Should you get stools with or without backrest?

If you have a small kitchen, backless bar stools create the illusion of extra space. Also, backless bar stools are more convenient when it comes to storage because you can tuck them away under the counter when they are not in use. However, if you have the space, stools with a backrest and armrests provide additional support and comfort.

When making your purchase, you will need to take into consideration what you will use your bar stools for. This probably sounds like a no-brainer because the answer is obviously to sit on; however, you need to think about the length of time people will sit on these bar stools. If the bar stools are going to be your main seating area, you will benefit from back and armrests. Sitting for long periods on a backless seat is no fun no matter how good the chair looks. There are also bar stools with padded seating for additional luxury.

How many bar stools do you need?

You will also need to take into consideration the size of your bar or counter because that will determine how many bar stools you can fit behind it. We recommend 26" – 30" between the centers of each bar stool.

What are some popular designs of novelty bar stools?

Novelty bar stools might serve the same purpose as a regular bar stool, but they are noticeably different. Some most unique designs you might be interested in include a big red hand, a coca-cola top, sexy legs or a large boot.

What are the benefits of adjustable bar stools?

Adjustable stool height is not only about making sure your guests are comfortable, you never know when you will need to move home, and if the countertops are too big or small for your chairs, you will have to dig deep into your pockets and buy new ones. You won’t have this problem with adjustable bar stools.

Take away

The best novelty bar stools will meet several of the above factors; it will be comfortable as well as meet your style preferences to fit your existing countertop design.


Coca Cola Pub Table And 2 Stool Set Coke Gameroom Set

Coca Cola Pub Table And 2 Stool Set Coke Gameroom Set
Genius, madman, visionary - this is how Andy Warhol is described the most. Fascinated by pop culture and the American way of life, he was also inspired by this novelty bar stools set with the most popular white and red Coca-Cola logo on the metal table.

Wheel 17.3" Bar Stool

Wheel 17.3" Bar Stool
This bar stool is a piece of furniture that represents an industrial style. It has got an interesting design of worn product covered with rust. In fact it is very solid and assures comfort. It has got a round top.

Sem titulo funny bar stools

Sem título Funny Bar Stools

Novelty bar stools 16

Ideal for all cowboys - now you don't have to get off your horse to grab a beer or glass of whisky with your company. Imitating horse's legs, these novelty bar stools will be an ideal proposition for a western cafe or bar as well as private patio.

Novelty bar stools

OMG! The sexy legs bar stools are an extraordinary idea, especially for the commercial use in pubs or restaurants. If you want to make a grand impression, these bar stools are perfect for you.

Novelty bar stools 1

A unique way to create untypical barstools, excellent for bars, pubs, bachelor pads, and game rooms. The barstol has a base made of a repurposed beer keg, with a metal wheel footrest and a leather-upholstered round seat.

Novelty bar stools 2

The impressive and absorbing novelty bar stool is an unusual spring motif with solid seats. Made of steel are durable and attractive to present in any decor. Combined with the old kitchen island and the interesting details of the kitchen create a fantastic whole.

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Novelty bar stools 3

Maybe sitting on someone's hand, you do not associate you best-but when you look at this modern novelty bar stool, varnished in red, in the form of a folded hand - you will change your mind. The comfortable arrangement, temperamental color, and modern design.

Bar stool cecina bar stool cello bar stool congo bar

... bar stool cecina bar stool cello bar stool congo bar stool cosi bar

Funny bar stools

Why not bring a fun factor to a minimalist modern interior: these novelty bar stools will definitely grab comments during a meeting in this commercial interior. Their cylindrical seats are entirely covered with green fuzz that mimicks grass.

Fun bar stools

Original bar stools that look like champagne corks. They feature solid metal frames with round bases. Their sitting spaces feature the color of a champagne cork. These backless stools are soft and very comfortable.

Funny bar stool

Incredibly stylish and fashionable bar stools are an excellent way for the original and functional decor of the kitchen, dining room or living room. These charismatic chairs with seats as in bicycles and exciting color schemes delight.

Kitchen stools ebay

Stylish bar stool in vintage style. It is completely made of metal and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Carefully profiled seat provides support for the spine. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Giant champagne cork stool table wine enthusiast

Giant Champagne Cork Stool/Table - Wine Enthusiast

Novelty bar stools 3

Modern bar stool with seat in the shape of lips. It is mounted on metal base with height adjustment function and fitted with anti slip pad. Seat is covered with faux leather. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Retro bar stool 6

What's a kitschy retro bar stool. There is no chance that I will keep in in my apartment. If you would like to create a pastiche of African style restaurant or bar, such kind of furniture covered with the animal pattern is for you.

Jpeg novelty furniture novelty exhibition furniture novelty bar stools

... jpeg novelty furniture novelty exhibition furniture novelty bar stools

Novelty bar stools 5

What a strange foot stool. The main apply which I see for it is using it in the antechamber for holding the boots up. But I am not pretty sure if it is my kind of aesthetic - I will choose the classic ones.

Exclusive brava bar stool various colours

Exclusive Brava Bar Stool, various colours.

Exclusive alpha bar stool brown or cream

Exclusive Alpha Bar Stool, brown or cream.

Bar stools on ebay

Sparkling with a sleek silhouette and elegant design, this bar stool beautifully accentuates modern kitchen counters and indoor bars. It comes with a black leather seat and back, a gas lift for height adjustment, and a powder-coated metal frame with a fixed footrest and a circular base.

Novelty bar stools 7

Menu Afteroom Bar Stool, Black, by Afteroom

Bar stools for sale ebay

Powerful motorbike interiors, as strong as road impressions. You can make such a bar stool with a car parts, and chip in the black leather upholstery. It would be fantastic novelty bar stool, in the pub for automotive fans.

5 Piece Dallas Cowboys Logo Chrome Finish White Pub Table w/ 4 Bar Stools

Always make sure that you can seat your friends with comfort in your home bar or den with some help from this amazing pub table that comes with four matching bar stools and is packed with style and unassuming original appeal.

Bar stool ebay

A great piece for bachelor pads, game rooms, and indoor bars; this fine barstool comes with a round seat wrapped in a blue fabric adorned with a Batman sign and image. Rests on tubular chrome-finished metal legs with a ring footrest, and curved feet with non-marring caps.

Coca-Cola Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

Coca-Cola Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

Novelty bar stools 24

jays a tumblin'

Novelty bar stools 5

Not only does it have an unusually shimmering metal, chromium-plated base, which is also adapted to height and trailed in a metal circle. It also has an acrylic low backrest matched to the entire contemporary characteristics of this bar novelty stool.

Novelty bar stools 11

Picture of Road Sign Stools - click for step-by-step instructions on how to Do It Yourself!!

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Product Code = FGC09

Novelty bar stools 23

Bar stools are an offer not only for those who arrange a home bar. At the kitchen island in a traditional bright style, full of white perfectly contrast - steel novelty bar stools with a very fashionable retro shape with spread legs.

New Black JERSEY SEATING Leather Air Lift Swivel Counter Adjustable Bar Stool.

A handsome version of an upholstered bar stool, here inspired by mid century design. The item features: glossy chrome base, T shaped footrest, black PU leather upholstered body, straight armrests and button-tufted back.

Duo retro bar stool

duo retro bar stool

Square bar stool 2

Square Bar Stool

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To your kitchen or bar the coopola bar stool comes

... to your kitchen or bar the coopola bar stool comes in a set of 2

Product code bs viva croc bk

Product Code: BS-VIVA CROC BK

Novelty bar stool

Novelty Bar Stool:

Bar stools counter kitchen novelty stool adjustable swivel

Bar Stools Counter Kitchen Novelty Stool Adjustable Swivel ...

29 tall backless bar stool chrome finish swivel seat

29" Tall Backless Bar Stool Chrome Finish Swivel Seat ...

Bar stools counter kitchen novelty stool adjustable swivel 1

Bar Stools Counter Kitchen Novelty Stool Adjustable Swivel ...