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Learning a musical instrument can bring lifelong joy, helping to keep your brain active as well as honing coordination and memory skills. One of the most popular instruments around is the guitar, as it’s ideal for all ages and can be used in many different settings.

In this article we are going to be sharing the best guitar stools around, to help you find the perfect one for you. While you don’t need a guitar stool to play the instrument, a classic guitar chair is super comfortable and can be a great aesthetic addition to your home.

Usually found in music venues and bars, a guitar stool adds an edgy look and is a perfect place for beginners and experienced musicians to practice. We have scoured the internet and found ten of the coolest guitar player stools to brighten up your home, bar, or theatre.

Fender Classic Bar Stool

Fender Classic Bar Stool

For guitar players, few names have the resonance and credibility as Fender – one of the world’s leading guitar manufacturers which has been the instrument of choice for some of the best-loved musicians of the last 70 years.

The Fender guitar stool has the effortlessly cool and style that you would expect from such a prestigious brand. Featuring classic shiny chrome legs and a sleek black and red seat featuring the famous ‘Fender’ name, this is a stool that will instantly add a flash of color and make a fantastic centerpiece for your kitchen, bar, or practice room. Comfortable to sit on, not just for guitar practice or performing but also as extra seating for entertaining.


●    Stylish design

●    Top seat swivel option

●    Looks fabulous


●    Not as robust as some other stools on the market

Backless Wooden Guitar Stool

Backless Wooden Guitar Stool

For classical and flamenco guitar players who want to evoke traditional Catalan vibes while they perform, this simple rustic design could be the perfect option.

We love the textured circular seat made from woven natural fibers. Overall, this stool has the feel of a Mediterranean beach bar and a second-hand shop bargain rolled into one, but without worries about the quality. Perfect for casually serenading your guests inside or outside.


●    No back so can fit underneath a bench or breakfast bar

●    Natural wood grain finish

●    Stylish Mediterranean style design


●    Not height adjustable

Classic Guitar Chair

Classic Guitar Chair

This highly fashionable guitar stool has a real grunge feel that will fit perfectly in a bar, performing venue, or recording or rehearsal space. It offers perfect support for seating and supporting your instrument as you play. This stylish stool combines classic chrome with a vintage-style brown leather seat.

With an embossed logo, if you are looking to add some rock and roll sensibilities to your practice or perming space this chair is well worth considering. Easy to assemble and the swivel function will be welcome for those who like to adjust their position when playing.


●    Swivel function

●    Edgy design

●    Very sturdy


●    The chrome foot rail is high, so not ideal for shorter players.

Adjustable Height Bar Style Guitar Stool

Adjustable Height Bar Style Guitar Stool

We love the combination of bright-colored leather and chrome in this guitar chair. The bistro bar look makes it comfortable and easy to fit into your home when not in use. This stool could also be used for seating at a kitchen island or breakfast bar, as well as for practicing your instrument, making it a versatile addition to your home.

This stylish guitar stool is easy to assemble, and thanks to its PU leather cushion it’s completely waterproof and easy to wipe clean.


●    Height adjustable seat

●    Comfortable padding

●    Non-scratch for flooring.


●    A little wobbly compared to rivals

Simple Wooden Guitar Stool

Simple Wooden Guitar Stool

For fans of the classic acoustic guitar, what could be better than a timeless wooden guitar stool. Manufactured by a famous instrument manufacturer, this stool will add style and credibility to your performances either at home, in a venue, or on the road.

Easy to transport and made from light-colored pine wood, this chair will fit with most home or business aesthetics. The size is perfect for jamming and even includes a bottom rung to rest your feet. Sturdy, but small enough that it can be tucked under a table when not in use.


●    Built from solid material and can bear large weight loads

●    Compact and comfortable

●    Timeless design


●    The footrest is only a few inches from the ground so harder to rest your full foot for those over 6 feet.

Tall Yellow Adjustable Guitar Stool with Footrest

Tall Yellow Adjustable Guitar Stool with Footrest

Durable and stable, this New York bar-style stool adds a flash of color with its bright yellow seat with waterproof leather and short backrest. The rubber ring prevents scratching on wooden or tiled flooring and is perfect for a range of seating options in commercial spaces or in your home.

It has a 360-degree swivel feature which makes it easy to change angles without having to move the whole chair, and since the height can be adjusted, it’s ideal for most people to use.


●    Colorful and kitsch

●    Easy to assemble

●    Comfortable seat


●    No break on the swivel feature

Guitar Seat with Padded Cushion

Guitar Seat with Padded Cushion

Constructed from alloy steel, this guitar seat with folded guitar stand can support both acoustic and electric guitars. It features a collapsible design so that it can be instantly folded for storage.

This is a durable and professional quality guitar stool, which includes a padded seat cushion and a removable ergonomic backrest for comfort while you are practicing or performing. Even players over 6 feet will find the chair perfect for settling in. Designed primarily for musicians who are looking for a guitar stool to bring to events, or venues to provide for performers.


●    Up to 300-pound weight capacity

●    Rubber, non-slip feet for stability

●    Easy to fold up to move around or store


●    Initial assembly can take some time

Short Classic Guitar Stool

Short Classic Guitar Stool

This short classic guitar stool can be enjoyed by both adult and child guitar players alike. The stool is well-constructed and comfortable to sit on, and thanks to the swivel seat it’s easy for users to change to a different angle while playing the guitar as needed.

 This stool can also be used for other instruments, such as doubling up as a piano stool if required. It’s very easy to fold up and put away in a cupboard or tuck away when not in use.


●    Comfortable

●    Can be folded up and stored away

●    Easy to assemble


●    Although the height can be adjusted, there isn’t much range.

Adjustable Height, Solid Wood Guitar Stool

Adjustable Height, Solid Wood Guitar Stool

While not manufactured specifically for guitar players, this tall stool will definitely do the job! Constructed from solid pine wood and metal, this stylish wooden stool is perfect for those looking to add an industrial, low-key style to their musicianship.

This stool can double as a regular piece of furniture at a bar or café bench. It would work well with most industrial and modern decor styles, adding something unique to the space!


●    Sturdy material

●    Easy to assemble

●    Stylish industrial design


●    This stool is quite wide, so needs space and the position is more difficult to adjust.

Upholstered Modernist Guitar Stool

Upholstered Modernist Guitar Stool

Inspired by classic 1950’s design, this guitar stool has a bold and minimalist look. It would suit a home that is focused on function and practicality but without compromising style. The sleek shape and features four angled legs and a fully padded seat and backrest.

If you are looking for a wooden guitar stool for a simple interior but that does not compromise on comfort, this chair is well worth considering. It’s versatile enough to be used for other purposes, as well as guitar playing.


●    Beautiful design

●    Quality upholstery, including vegan leather

●    Footrest for additional support


●    Not adjustable, so size-dependent.

Our advice Buying Guide

Contrary to what a lot of amateur musicians think, the guitar stool you pick absolutely matters. If you pick the wrong stool, you can actually do a lot of damage to your body, including your spine. Also, it can have a negative impact on how you play the guitar, so it’s vital to make sure you pick a stool that’s a good fit for you.

What features to look for in guitar stools?

  • You should always look for a guitar stool that can be adjusted to find the height you’re comfortable playing at. Stools that are adjusted too high beyond your comfort level are the ones that actually do damage to your back.
  • Unlike a regular chair, a good guitar stool will have no arms and no distractions that will get in the way of you playing guitar. It’ll be very basic in nature and simply just a stool. Some of them come with a backrest though.
  • The cushioning of the chair will always be soft to sit on and really comfortable as well. An uncomfortable seat makes for an inefficient guitar session.

Does a good guitar stool come with a back rest?

One of the most popular questions is if you should get a guitar stool with a backrest or no backrest. There are great guitar stools with no backrest and with a backrest, so it really depends on the pricing, the brand, and your personal preferences. Your overall comfort level is what should be taken into consideration when you’re playing. Some people prefer to have a backrest to lean back on and some people don’t mind not having a backrest at all.

What things to take into consideration when selecting a guitar stool?

  • Some guitar stools will have a padded footrest attached to them which some people need to keep comfortable but it’s not a deal breaker for most people if they don’t have one
  • The amount of weight that the chair can withstand because people come in different sizes and you don’t want the chair moving around or buckling under you if you’re over the manufacturer’s weight limit
  • Some of these chairs will also have a built-in guitar holder for people who need somewhere to place the guitar when it’s not in use and they exit the chair
  • The pricing of these different chairs can greatly vary, whether you’re looking for a budget guitar stool, an ergonomic stool or one that has the most features available


Guitar Stool Guitar Stand

Guitar Stool Guitar Stand
My husband is a guitarist so I found a special guitar stool for him. It looks like a guitar stand with wooden construction, footrest and a bar height. We've got a lot of compliments on it.

Guitar Stool Guitar Stand

Guitar Stool Guitar Stand
Functional furniture is a great solution for practical people. This sturdy bar stool is a guitar stand, so you can have your favorite instrument at hand when you're with family and friends. The whole has a beautiful form and a warm hue.

The Steampunk Lounge C.g. Sparks Crank Stool

The Steampunk Lounge C.g. Sparks Crank Stool
An industrial approach to a funky barstool with an adjustable height. The frame of the barstool is made out of wrought iron with a wooden, distressed seat and a hand crank to adjust the height, which provides a unique addition.

Guitar stool tiger maple dark vintage 18

Guitar stool tiger maple dark vintage 18
Vintage approach to a guitar stool with a frame made out of dark-painted oak wood with a minimalistic design. The seat of the stool is made out of unique tiger maple wood, which provides a sophisticated finish.

Guitar chairs and stools

Why didn't anybody think of this sooner? This special guitar stool is a very sturdy "A-Frame" type of stool that folds up compact for easy transport and has an adjustable foot rest so you can find. Must-have in every musician's house.

Guitar stools 2

This stunning piece was designed perfectly for allowing you to play your favorite instrument - it offers a footrest for supporting your feet when you play the guitar and the original shape to better support your body.

Fender guitar stool

For every guitar enthusiast out there, we have this chic and durable wooden stool, perfect for practicing your music talents. The whole is crafted from sturdy wood, with fixed stretchers, straight legs, and a round seat with a "Fender" sign on the top.

Guitar playing stool

This enjoyable guitar playing stool boasts sturdy wooden construction and comfort-boosting features: a footrest, a guitar side stand and a smooth waterfall seat profile. Maple wood has been utilized to build it.

Guitar chair with back

Durable and comfortable guitar stool with adjustable construction suitable for different users. This stool features a very durable metal frame in black color. It also offers a soft seat cushion supported by a backrest.

Quik lok d749 musicians stool

Quik Lok D749 Musicians Stool

Guitar stools 3

Unique stool with 2 steps. It is completely made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Great as additional place to sit in all kinds of interiors. Modern design and careful execution.

Fender Electro Lounge 30" Barstool with Back Black

This type of product is a stool created especially for use in commercial bars. It has got a comfortable, round seat with an Electro Lounge logo on it. This seat is supported by a comfortable and relaxing backrest.

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Home main accessories stools thrones

Home > Main > Accessories > Stools & Thrones

Guitar stool 7

Guitar Stool

Tour tough guitar stool

Tour Tough Guitar Stool

Gibson guitar stool

3 Legged Cherry Wood Chair Guitar Stool

My guitar stool

My guitar stool

Garny designs tiger maple tripod stool

GARNY DESIGNS | Tiger Maple Tripod Stool

Chair for a guitar player gs 1

Chair for a guitar player GS-1

Musicians stool

Triangular stool. Designed to fit flush small nooks - better than circular stool in these terms. Recommended for guitar players and workshop use. A garage stool crafted out of good-looking engineered wood.

ProLine 24" Faux Leather Guitar Stool

This stool is a very practical and useful piece of equipment. Stołeko can be used both as an element of kitchen equipment, but also as a place to sit while playing the guitar. It is convenient and useful seat.

Guitar stoola guitar players stool that doubles as a guitar

Guitar Stoola guitar players stool that doubles as a guitar stand.

Guitar stool 11

Guitar Stool

Industrial bar stool with round top 1

Industrial Bar Stool With Round Top

Stagg foldable guitar stool and stand dawsons music

Stagg Foldable Guitar Stool And Stand | Dawsons Music

Fender® 30" Custom Shop Pinstripe Bar Stool

Classically styled bar stool standing on heavy gauge steel tubing base. It has a Fender logo on its round revolving seat (padded black and cushioned for comfort), so it provides a perfect addition for a guitar room!

Music stool

Funny contemporary swivel barstool featuring an unusual seat looking like a classic guitar! It's made of plywood in brown shades. A steel height-adjustable base consists of a round column, a plate-like foot and an oval footrest.

Stage stool

Guitar stool made of wood in two shades. It is made of wood in two shades. Carefully profiled seat provides support for the spine. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Fender "American" Padded Swivel Bar Stool with Back

This 25-inch height swivel bar stool features a tubular chrome-plated double-rung frame with curvy legs. The round seat is upholstered in black vinyl, and decorated with white trim and officially licensed logo.

Save 40 00 on 24 inch guitar stool professional guitarists

Save $40.00 on 24 Inch Guitar Stool - Professional Guitarist`s Stage Stool; only $39.95

Gibraltar GGS10T Tall 27" Stool with Round Seat, Fold Up Tripod with Foot Rest

This stool is the perfect solution for anyone seeking practical solutions. The stool is supported on three legs. It has a round and soft seat and a special bar on foot. You can also adjust its height.

Guitar stool 6

Connect with your music on a whole different level with this music amp stool. The combination of red and black colours of this stool gives a nice, fashionable outcome, while the wooden legs provide proper stability and quality.

Fender 30 Inch Guitarist Stool 2-Pack

It is a set that includes two stools with Fender logo, black padded vinyl seats, for enhanced comfort of use and solid steel frame construction. They are perfect for your home and great as a gift.

Barefoot guitar stool

Barefoot Guitar Stool

Ergonomic bar stools 18

An ergonomic chair, which will fit into any home office. Its solid, five-wheeled construction has a regulated seat height and backrest tilt adjustment. Comfortable also for the guitar players i.e.

View child bass classical guitar stool with 15 round seat

View child bass/classical guitar stool with 15" round seat.

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share facebook twitter pinterest £ 152 95 £ 6 00 delivery in stock ...

Magellan Swivel Stool 24"/Brandy

This classic 24-inch height stool in a brandy finish is crafted from solid hardwood, and provides a 360-degree swivel. The round seat is padded with high-density foam, and upholstered in black PVC. The frame features 4 curvy legs reinforced by a ring footrest.

Guitar stool tiger maple dark vintage 18 1

Guitar Stool - Tiger Maple - Dark Vintage - 18"

Gretsch 24" 1883 Barstool

For a vintage feel that can enhance a decor, this classic barstool is unrivaled. Its base is constructed of commercial-grade stainless steel tubing, so the stool is sure to last many years, even when it's intensively used.

Trademark Global Fender Rock N Roll Padded Bar Stool

This swivel bar stool is a perfect addition for bars, pubs, and game rooms. The barstool rests on a tubular chrome-plated double-rung frame, and holds a round seat that is upholstered in durable vinyl and padded with luxurious foam.



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