Meditation Stools


Common in Buddhist culture, a meditation stool is a way to find enlightenment without your legs falling asleep. They are always made of high-quality materials so they will last an incredibly long time, usually the lifetime of the person using it. Seeking enlightenment doesn't necessarily require a stool but it certainly doesn't hurt. Take a look at our collection of meditation stools and find your center.

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Our Picks

Meditation stool

The small, wooden and incredibly resistant meditation stool is an exceptionally practical piece of equipment for those who value meditation, yoga and other relaxation. The whole made in attractive shape is a small work of art.

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Yoga meditation stool bench seiza bench

Yoga meditation stool bench seiza bench

A gorgeous meditation bench that will bring to your home soothing accents and detailed craftsmanship. Made of solid wood in a two-toned natural and espresso finish, the bench is well-balanced, and adorned with OM symbol on top.

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Meditation kneeling stool

The meditation chair has specially designed recesses on the knees and feet, allowing everyone to freely position the body in the lotus position. The chair is made of wood and is available in a flesh-colored color that does not distract the meditator.

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Yoga stools

Looking for a meditation stool? This one here can be folded, which makes it easy to store and move around your house. The wooden construction is pleasant in touch and elegant.

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Pi meditation bench

Pi Meditation Bench

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Meditation stools 4

Designed by talented Japanese artisans, this beautiful meditation bench can also be successfully used as a convenient shower stool. Crafted of waterproof teak, the bench comes with a shapely seat, and spread legs with a stretcher.

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Meditation stool 3

Meditation Stool

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Meditation stools 9

Black Dragon Meditation Stool

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Home meditation stools wooden meditation stool mushroom style 1

Home / Meditation Stools / Wooden Meditation Stool – Mushroom Style

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Meditation stools 1

A lovely set of 2 meditation stools that will, surely, come in handy around your house. Each stool is crafted of hardwood, offering a functional design consisted of an adjustable top, allowing you to easily set your favorite angle.

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Meditation Stools

Buying Guide

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been rediscovered by the modern world. It's a big help for relaxation and relieving stress. Since meditation practice requires you to sit for a good amount of time, comfort and support are paramount. After all, it would require extra effort if you are not in a comfortable position.

For many, a meditation stool is a perfect companion. Keep in mind that meditation stools come in many varieties. If you are not sure what to look for, you'll likely end up confused. To help you with that, this article is going to be a buying guide for meditation stools.

There are three basic categories for meditation stools including the standard, folding, and toadstool.

  • The standard comes with a platform and two supporting legs. It's the basic type, and it's straightforward to use.
  • The folding meditation stool is similar to the standard except the legs can collapse. This allows the meditation stool to have a thinner profile when folded, making it easier to store and more portable. It's an excellent choice if you are fond of going to a different place to meditate.
  • The toadstool has a different look as it comes with a platform and only one supporting leg. It's an excellent choice if your preferred meditation position is kneeling.

When choosing a cushion for your meditation stool, the most significant factor to consider is the filling. Below are some of the popular meditation stool cushion fillings:

  • Buckwheat Hulls - For many experienced practitioners, this type of filling is perhaps the most popular. As the name suggests, the filling comes from the hull of a buckwheat grain. The reason why it's prevalent is it features a distinct feel. It's as if you are sitting on sand. The filling also allows the cushion to conform to the shape of your body. However, it may be a bit firm compared to other types of fillings for meditation stools.
  • Kapok Fiber - This type of filling is a bit firmer than buckwheat hulls. Nevertheless, it's a natural fiber, it’s mildew resistant, mold resistant, and hypoallergenic. On the downside, Kapok fiber tends to compress over time.
  • Wool - This type of filling does not compress, and it's also lightweight. It's durable while being comfortable. Since it's softer, it may allow for blood to flow even as you sit and meditate. However, some practitioners find wool as too soft.
  • Cotton - A filling that is perhaps the most economical choice. It's also soft and comfortable. On the downside, it's not a very environmentally friendly material. It also clumps and flattens after a while.
  • Inflatable - This type of cushion requires air. You can either blow the air in or use a pump. This type of cushion has the advantage of being very portable.

Best Ideas

Pedicurist stool

An aesthetic traditional low-profile meditation chair with a dark brown-finished wooden frame. It has tiny square feet and a back with a cylindrical thick padded top rail. Upholstery is of quality red fabric with a bit lighter floral design.

Home meditation stools wooden meditation stool mushroom style 2

Home / Meditation Stools / Wooden Meditation Stool – Mushroom Style

African inspired benchstool

African inspired benchstool

A handy wooden stool for meditation is African inspired furniture is perfect for lovers of all kinds of relaxation. All in a stylish form delights, making the bench is outside the functionality also a beautiful decorative accent.

Posted 11 january 2012 09 30 am

Posted 11 January 2012 - 09:30 AM

Meditaion bench or stool designed to be compact lightweight and

Meditaion bench or stool designed to be compact, lightweight and comfortable

Spalted maple and yellow cedar meditation stool

Spalted Maple and Yellow Cedar Meditation Stool

The emperor seat recycled oak wine

The emperor seat recycled oak wine

Stool made of wood in two shades. Base is reinforced with solid supports and fitted with carefully profiled seat. Ideal as footstool or extra seating in any interior. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Meditation stools 18

Black Marble Meditation Stool

Meditation stools seats handmade

Meditation Stools / Seats - Handmade

Meditation stools 23

Plans to build your own stool to sit on and be in the now.

Folding meditation stool 3

Meditation stools 15

Meditation not only sharpens the senses, soothes but improves health and concentration. For it you may need a wooden stool for meditation, of course, made of ecological bamboo wood. For those who have a problem with cross-legged seating.

Meditation stools

Meditation Everyday, a seating option inspired by the levitating yogi and his meditation capabilities :)

Folding meditation stool 3

Folding Meditation Stool