Folding Benches

For quick and easy seating, a bench is always the way to go. And they are even better when, after your done with them, they can be put away until next time. Folding benches fit that bill to a T. And they aren't just functional, but rather stylish. Just bring them out, unfold for the need, them put away. What could be easier. Peruse this collection and see if you might need one or two.

Best Products

Yorktown Wood Folding Bench

Yorktown Wood Folding Bench
This is a simple shape folding bench, which can be easy storage when is not in use. It was hand crafted from a durable yet lightweight bamboo wood and has a natural finish. It was designed as a kitchen bench.

Portable Folding Bench

Portable Folding Bench
To gain flexibility for your outdoor furniture set, get a bench that folds and is easy to carry around. This folding bench has a polyester top and integrated handles for your comfort. It's finished all-beige.

Commercialite Plastic Folding Bench (Set of 5)

Commercialite Plastic Folding Bench (Set of 5)
It is a set that includes five plastic folding benches for commercial use and parties. This set is perfect for wedding, birthday and other. These benches are easy to clean and have got a solid plastic construction.

Japanese Bamboo Folding Bench

Japanese Bamboo Folding Bench
This folding bench can be use both indoor and outdoor and fold flat for easy storage when is not in use. It has a sturdy bamboo construction, lightweight yet durable. It has a natural - look finish and require low maintenance.

Woven Cowhide Leather Folding Bench

Woven Cowhide Leather Folding Bench
This small folding bench is portable and easy to fold flat and storage when is not in use. Its comfortable and durable seat is made of vowed leather in sof, beige color. X - shaped silver frame is made of metal.

Upholstered Bedroom Bench

Upholstered Bedroom Bench
This bedroom bench fits perfectly to any style and décor. It has got a neutral fabric upholstery and plywood panel construction. It is classic, elegant and stylish. You will be impressed how comfortable this bench is.

Santa Fe Long Birch Kitchen Bench

Santa Fe Long Birch Kitchen Bench
Elegant traditional bench of birch wood with a brown finish. It features a long rectangular top with a stone tiles design. An apron has dark metal cornerpieces with studs. A base consists of 2 vase-like supports with feet and a straight crossbar.

Our advice Buying Guide

When you need a seating solution that can be moved for different configurations, folding benches are your best options. They can also be stored when they’re not in use to free up valuable space within your home. As they are foldable thus portable, they make cleaning easy. Folding benches also make setting up seats and tearing them down simple and straightforward.

They are invaluable additions to homes, most especially gardens. For this reason and more, the market carries a wide selection of incredible folding benches, making it hard for you to pick the best one. Fortunately, you’ve come across this article. Keep on reading as we have a folding bench buying guide prepared for you.

How to select the most durable folding bench?

For maximum support, most folding benches are made of steel, tubular framing. A 14-gauge steel is the standard frame, but you can also find units with 20-gauge steel frames. If you’re after a heavyduty folding bench, go for the lower gauge number. The lower the number is, the more “heavyduty” it is. Most manufacturers use powder-coating or chrome as the finish. We suggest you opt for chrome as it resists chips and scratches better. However, it’s more expensive compared to powder-coat. If your folding bench won’t be used daily, your better option would be a powder-coat finish. It can hold up to residential use.

What different styles of folding benches are there?

While considering a folding bench’s style, pay close attention to the décor and personality of your home. Wooden folding benches with carved features such as arms and backs are great for both contemporary- and traditional-styled homes. As they’re made of wood, they can last long and retain their appeal. Of course, there are other styles like modern, industrial, and cottage.

A folding bench that makes use of both metal and wood is more modern or on-trend. It incorporates a fusion of high-end aesthetics and utility to evoke a certain style that’s the desire of thousands of homeowners. Consider getting one as it will transform your home. It will also make it look even more luxurious.

Your other material options are wicker and plastic. Where the bench will be placed will determine the best material for your furniture’s construction. Plastic and wicker are best materials for benches that are to be placed outdoors. They're designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

All-metal folding benches suit garages and workshops while benches with upholstery are intended for indoor use like entryways and living rooms.

What's the weight capacity of a folding bench?

Folding benches have different weight capacities or limits. The weight limit of a folding bench will depend largely on its material. Units for residential use can’t carry as much weight compared to more advanced models. A commercial folding bench is a lot stronger compared to consumer or residential benches. It is built to withstand constant abuse. As for reinforced folding benches, they’re your most durable options. They hold the most weight. They are, however, not made for large people as they aren’t sturdy.


Folding benches

A folding bench that has got the decorative and functional role in the interior and exterior. It features the fold-flat design, fabric hinges and plywood construction. It's an interesting and intriguing addition.

Anglo indian antique folding army navy bench circa 1890

Anglo-Indian Antique Folding Army & Navy Bench, Circa 1890

Folding benches 1

With this wonderful bench you will have a chance to easily store or transport it, thanks to its functional frame that is foldable and relatively lightweight. The bench has tapered legs and a slatted seat and back, and it folds out to a 3-piece seater.

Foldable bench

What and brilliant idea for the porch! The hideaway folding bench, that can be used as a table too. It features the wooden long rectangular top and stainless steel construction. Everyone will tell you how cool this product is.

Folding benches

Folding benches are an excellent way to develop a functional interior space. The simple wooden construction attached to the wall is solid and durable, yet very versatile. The perfect solution for any interior design.

Collapsable bench

This folding bench enchants with its functional design, enabling to fold the part of the bench you want, creating a practical side table for laptop or book and coffee. An ideal proposition for small space design.

Lotus design comfort travel 19cm folding meditation bench

Lotus Design Comfort Travel 19cm Folding Meditation Bench

Wooden folding benches

Folding bench intended to the garden. It is made of bright, oak wood and in spite of its simplicity, it is comfortable and stylish. After folding, this bench doesn't stake a lot of place - it is smaller than chair.

Collapsible bench

A practical space-saving portable table base of sturdy natural-finished wood solids. It's foldable in half and has folding supports. One can easy screw a worktop at the pinch and then remove. It has hook-and-eye catches for stability and 4 wheels.

Fold bench

Maximise your outdoor space with this minimalistic and foldable bright wooden bench. It adds a warm and charming traditional appeal to the space. Ideal solution for a porch or veranda.

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Collapsible benches

Lightweight, yet durable. This Poly Weave outdoor folding bench will be a nice, practical addition to your patio, porch or garden, allowing to fold it, whenever you need some space back.

Fold up bench seat

The attractive design of this folding bench makes this furniture perfect for any decor. Solid wooden base and elegant finish add all the interesting expression. Ideal for a terrace, garden or patio.

Redwood folding picnic table benches 3

Redwood Folding Picnic Table & Benches

Like this folding bench from home depot about 35 this

like this folding bench from Home Depot (about $35). This bench can ...

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Folding garden bench with table

Folding Garden Bench with Table

Plastic folding bench seat

This fantastic, designer set of folding chairs has been crafted in a Spanish design studio. While not in use, they form a larger bench. An inimitable project, which will catch attention both indoors and outdoors.

Folding wood bench

Easy, Cheap Folding Workbench!

Folding benches 1

Folding Benches

Folding teak shower bench teak wood shower bench

folding teak shower bench , teak wood shower bench

63 degrees folding bench_616 jpg


Folding bench and picnic table combo free plans

Folding set of garden furniture designed for mounting on the wall.Construction is made of wood. Base is reinforced with crossed supports. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Folding dining bench

Add this charming folding bench to your patio and ensure that you not only get enough comfortable seating space but can easily elevate the look of the decor, since it sports the all-wood structure and the slatted back and seat.

Foldable benches

A cleverly-designed, unique piece of outdoor furniture, which thanks to its multifunctionality can quickly transform and adapt to your current needs. Normally a folding bench, can be turned into a picnic table within few moves.

Ronin Meditation Bench, Teak (Portable, Folding, Teak)

Com oda wood tattoo on folding chairs 1

com oda wood tattoo on folding chairs

Folding bench plans

No idea for picnic setting? A sturdy table is always a good start. Get some plans to construct a picnic table with folding bench. Simple instructions provide you with all information needed to craft a durable picnic bench.

Industrial Grade 12F618 Bench, Center Folding, Blow Molded, White

This long bench can be easily folded for transport or space-saving storage. The functional frame is made of strong steel tubes covered in a black finish, while the seat is designed of blow molded polypropylene. Easy to clean.

Edwardian folding benches photo angle 5

edwardian folding benches - photo angle #5

Lifetime Glider Bench, Faux Wood Construction, # 60055

Glider bench made from combining faux wood. Designed for outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. It offers 2 places to sit. Tasteful accent for the garden, patio and more.

View large image of folding bamboo bench

View Large Image of Folding Bamboo Bench

Oriental Furniture Simple Rustic Unique Coffee Table, 4-Feet Japanese Style Split Bamboo Pole Folding Legs Bench, Dark

This type of bench is a piece of furniture that brings an oriental, simple and rustic style into any decor. It is made of kiln dried bamboo pole and it features folding legs for enhanced transportation and space-saving storage.

Fold up benches

Folding Picnic Table Bench,China Wholesale,Homecare and Houseware ...

Teak folding garden bench

Teak Folding Garden Bench

Ottoman for end of bed

Attractive long backless benches. Traditional benches feature wooden frames with turned legs, contemporary ones - simple metal bases. Some of them have lifted seats. Upholstery varies from faux fur through simple cushions to button tufted fabrics.

Trademark Innovations Portable Folding Sports Seater Bench - Sideline Collapsible Bench - 4 or 6 Seats

This seater bench is lightweight and portable, offering you an excellent piece for sport events. Includes up to 6 seats - each with a tubular black-finished metal frame, and a comfy seat designed of durable materials.

Wooden folding bench

Folding outdoor garden bench chair; I'm not 100% sure if it's constructed out of bamboo, but it looks pretty like that. Seats 2 people at a time. Slat design with straight armrests - lots of contemporary chic in it!

Fold up bench

An excellent bench for outdoors, that will give your little ones a comfy place to relax. It can be a great addition for birthdays and picnics. Plus, it's made of natural-finished sturdy wood, so it can withstand years of usage.

Lifetime 22123 6-Person Folding Picnic Table, Hunter Green

This product is a picnic table created for an outdoor use. It is able to seat up to six people. Its frame is made of powder coated steel. It has got a top and two benches that are resistant to a large weight and many negative outdoor factors.

7" Bench Brush

A simple, but very functional accessory created for use with benches. This type of brush is perfect for cleaning benches. It works very well on dust and heavier debris. This brush has got long, synthetic bristles that assure effective cleaning.

Convenience Concepts Double Bamboo Ottoman, Beige Finish

Cool traditional storage ottoman in full made of natural bamboo and featuring openwork across slatted sides. Its removable top serves as a seat on one side and as a tray (with oval cutout grips) on other side. A padded cushion is of beige fabric.

Home Source Industries 12607 Extra Large Folding Ottoman with Storage, Coffee

Pretty modern folding ottoman having a sturdy large rectilineal wooden frame. A rectangular moulding padded seat can serve as a coffee table or a bench for 2 persons and hides a spacious interior. Upholstery is of brown material with black accents.